Chapter Six: Sparks of Humanity

That night, Tara walked home with a busy mind, thinking about everything Willow had said. Asking herself the same question Willow had brought up. What would make a good witch turn so bad she wanted to end the world?

The question haunted Tara as she walked home, trying to understand what had caused Willow to go dark. It was something that she had never thought about before and now that Willow questioned her on it, Tara wanted to know. She needed to understand how someone could turn to evil.

Tara frowned the question consumed her thoughts. Walking into her house, Tara walked into the living room and saw her mother sitting on the couch looking worried.

"Where were you?" Paige asked, frowning at her daughter.

"I went to P3 and talked to Faith for a little bit. Why?"

"Tara, there is a dark force rising right now, and I'd prefer it if you weren't out alone at night."

"Okay, I'm sorry. I'll make sure I let you know next time," Tara snapped, irritation flowing through her. "Sorry Mom. My thoughts are elsewhere right now. I didn't mean to snap."

Paige nodded and walked over to cup her daughter's cheek. "What's going on?"

"I ran into Willow at P3. She said to ask you about what happened two years ago and the reason she turned to dark magicks?"

Paige frowned and looked at her daughter. "I can't tell you that, Tara."

"How bad was it, Mom? Was it something you could have stopped?"

When Paige didn't answer, Tara frowned. "It was. That's why she made the comment about us being such a helpful family," Tara muttered, looking into her mother's eyes. "Mom, I deserve to know."

"No, Tara, you don't. This is something that the Elders have forbiddened to be spoken of," Paige said, searching her daughter's eyes for acceptance at the words.

"Screw the Elders. What happened to her?"

"Tara..." Paige started, but the sight of blue orbs stopped Paige's words as Leo orbed in.

"We have a problem," he told them, as he came to full form. "Where are Piper and Phoebe?"

"Upstairs. Why?"

"Go get them," Leo said to Paige, watching as she orbed out. "You're conversation with Willow has shown us the first spark of humanity in her since she turned to the darkness. It has given the other Elder's hope that you might save her."

"But you don't think so?" Tara asked, already knowing her uncle's thoughts before he voiced them.

"I don't know what to think. Your dreams are a warning of some kind."

Tara nodded and watched as her mother orbed back in with her aunts. "What's going on?" Piper asked, looked at her husband.

"The darkness that we feared is getting stronger, but I think we have less to worry about," Leo began.

"Less? If its getting stronger how is that less to worry about?" Paige asked, looking at Leo like he grew two heads.

"Yes. Tara managed to reach Willow's humanity when they were talking tonight. It wasn't much, but it was a brief moment of grief. We think that if we can get Willow back, then we might be able to stop the evil," Leo explained.

"Leo, you said might. That's not a definitely, that's a possibility," Phoebe pointed out, not liking this.

"I can't guarantee anything. You know that," Leo defended, looking at his family. "I have faith in you. You've defeated great evils, this time shouldn't be any different."

The three sister's nodded and then looked at Tara. "What were you and Willow talking about?" Piper asked, looking at her niece.

Tara started to comment, but Paige looked at Leo. "It's alright," Leo told his sister-in-law, before looking at his niece. "The other Elders agree with me that if Tara is to help, then she needs to know the story of what took away Willow's light."

Paige nodded and looked back to her daughter. "You should sit down," she said, leading her daughter to the couch with her sisters not far behind. "Piper, Phoebe, you might want to as well."

They nodded and sat down on the couch sitting near Paige and Tara and looked at her. "What are you and Leo talking about?" Phoebe asked, looking between the two of them. "Willow turned evil because of the allure of the dark magicks."

"That's the memories that we had to give you so that you wouldn't know what really happened. Willow didn't turn evil because of the magicks. She turned evil because we made a mistake," Leo told them, looking at Piper. "I'm sorry, but the other Elders decided to wipe your memories of the incident and give you false ones. I was able to fight to allow Chris and Paige to keep their memories of what had happened."

"What happened?" Tara asked, looking at her mom and uncle.

"Paige, I think you should tell her this."

Paige nodded and took her daughter's hand in hers. "Willow was right to scoff at the idea of us being helpful. What happened two years ago, made helpfulness seem like the last word to describe our family in her eyes."

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