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The call of his name didn't have him glancing up, even though it was her voice calling out to him, "Tony, what have you been doing?! I haven't seen you for three days!"

Tony smirked, but his eyes didn't glance up from the screen, "Aww, I'm so flattered that you missed me so much~" He could practically hear her blush, never mind seeing it, "Does that mean you finally accept my offer, my little Minx?"

Kagome still couldn't believe that Stark still got to her with all his suggestive comments, even though she was used to such perverted behaviour courtesy Miroku.

"No, I'm not going to have office sex with you," She said with a twitch of her brow, "I came because you haven't shown yourself in public in three days! What have you been doing?! Even Steve is worried!"

Tony finally whirled his chair around so that he was fully facing his fellow teammate, but kept his eye on his lap and Kagome could see the muscles of his arms moving from beneath his shirt, "You know, been busy doing this and that..."

Kagome suddenly looked at him with a sudden horror, "Please, please don't tell me there is a woman under your desk." She looked as if she wanted to leave the room that instant and only concern kept her from hightailing it out of there.

"Nope," Tony's smirk grew more mischievous, but she only noticed that he never once looked up at her from his lap, "But if that's an offer, then I'm more than willing to oblige you."

Kagome didn't bother to grace that with an answer and moved forward to his desk instead, "What are you doing?" She asked with exasperation, unsure if she wanted to even know.

"My life's work," Tony hummed and Kagome raised a brow, clearly not knowing what he meant by that, "This even beats the public's adoration of me."

She knew she would regret it if she walked out of his office without knowing what he was doing. So, she swallowed nervously and finally leaned over his desk and her eyes widened at the sight, "I-is that...?"

"The one and only," Tony grinned, "Your little bro gave it to me the last time I followed you to Japan." He said, finally looking up so their eyes could meet.

Tony was playing Pokémon for the last three days.




Tony was playing Pokémon for the last three days!

"I– we were worried about you!" Kagome collapsed over his desk and buried her face in his paperwork so he couldn't see her cheeks rapidly turn red from both anger and embarrassment, "And you were playing a video game this entire time!"

"You say that like it's a bad thing," Tony put the game down, leaning forward until his elbows were resting on his desk and watched Kagome with interest, "Have you seen Eevee's new evolution form? I want some Sylveon cosplay from you. The more skin showing, the better."

"I. Hate. You."