Brought Together in Chaos

By ArtikGato

The third story in my Brought Together series

Disclaimer: I own Yukyuu and Chaomon. They are creations of my own demented mind and no-one else's. Although, I got the idea for what Chaomon Rookie form looks like from Calumon/Culumon. So, really, all I own is the name and Yukyuu. Oh yeah, and I own Sui from last chapter, and Michiru, that annoying TK fangirl. As for Digimon, I don't own it. But you knew that. *tosses a gagged and bound Veemon into a steel jail cell and locks it*

Author's Notes: Gomen gomen gomen gomen GOMEN!!! I am SOOOO sorry that this took so long to get out! Here are my pitiful excuses: I had a major case of Digimon-related writer's block for a good long while, up until apparently I did this chapter. Go me! I also have countless other stories that I'm working on right now (go check them out if you have the time). But those are indeed pitiful excuses. Oh well. At least I wrote something! For those of you who were expecting what I wrote for the preview...I've sorta ditched that idea entirely. I mean, not entirely, but kinda...

Well anyway, as warned in the original prologue, there are the following pairs: Sorato (grr...I might have to do something about that soon...), Daimi (^__^), Kenari (Ken + Kari), and Kouyako/Izzlei. I've also paired Joe with Jun (yes, Motomiya), Cody up with Noreiko (that weird dark spore girl), and I have Tai with Sui, one of my made up characters. Finally, there's the main couple in the story, TK and Yukyuu, another made up character.

If you haven't read Brought Together in Darkness and its sequel Brought Together in the Aftermath, then you won't understand a lot of this story. Unfortunately, I have lost the storyid's for them, but you can easily find them by either going to the find area and typing in my pen name (ArtikGato) or the title.

Now that I'm done ranting, on with the show!

Chapter One: A Blast From the Past (I know, I know, lame overused title)

            TK had an overwhelming sense of deja-vous. Despite the fact that he felt as if this was all new to him, he also felt as if he had lived through it before. But how could he have? TK shook those thoughts from his head.

            'I'm just nervous' he decided. He had every reason to be nervous, after all. Today was his ninth birthday. He looked around. He was at a park somewhere in downtown Tokyo. His mother and father were sitting at a nearby picnic table, talking, and his older brother, Matt, was leaning up against a tree nearby. A few of his friends from school had shown up, as well. There was one person that was missing, though.

            "Yukyuu!! Get back here!!" exclaimed a woman behind him. He turned around just in time to be tackled to the ground by a very hyper girl with teal colored hair, worn in pigtails. Yukyuu Morou, his best friend. An older woman, also with teal hair, jogged up, and put her hands on her hips, as TK climbed to his feet painstakingly.

            "Oww! Yuki!" TK exclaimed, rubbing his side where she had tackled him. Yukyuu just grinned and giggled in her usual, 'always hyper' manner, and bounced up and down next to him.

            "Happy birthday!!!" she shouted, excitedly. The woman, Yukyuu's mother, shook her head, and walked off, toward TK's parents. TK silently began to wonder how in the world Yukyuu could be so hyper all of the time, but his thoughts were interrupted, as he ducked, a soccer ball barely missing his head.

            "C'mon, TK! Let's play!!!" Yukyuu yelled, from across the park. He sighed, picked up the ball, and punted it as far toward her as he could. The next thing he knew, everyone was singing 'Happy Birthday' to him, and eating cake. Matt had ruffled his hair and said that now that he was nine he was the 'man of the house', since he lived with his mother now. After gulping down her cake, Yukyuu had dragged TK off to some remote area of the park to play 'Top Secret Spy Games'. After a while of 'spying' on a group of elderly people feeding birds, Yukyuu grew bored with the spy routine.

            "Hey, TK, guess what! Mom says that we might have to move soon. What's moving?" Yukyuu asked, running her words together into one jumbled up blob of hyperness. TK took a few moments to decipher what she had said, and then answered.

            "Moving is where you put all of your stuff in boxes, put the boxes on a big truck, and move across town to a smaller place called an 'aparmet' and you don't get to see any of your old friends or your family for a long time," TK answered, picking up a rock and chucking it into a flock of birds. The birds closest to the rock took off, and the rest just ignored what had happened.

            "Really? That sounds pretty cool!" Yukyuu exclaimed.

            "It's not, though. I had to move away from my dad, and my brother Matt, and all of my friends!" TK explained to her.

            "Oh. That's too bad! So, does that mean when I move I'll have to leave my big brother and my dad and all of my friends behind too?" Yukyuu asked.

            "I don't know. I know you'll have to leave all of your friends behind," TK answered. Yukyuu looked kind of sad.

            "Aww man! That means I'll have to move away from you and Sasuke and Kino!" she yelled.

            "Yeah. Bummer, huh?" TK asked. She looked even sadder.

            "I'll miss you guys! What will I do without you?" she pondered. TK shrugged.        

            "You'll have to make new friends wherever you move to, I guess," he answered.

            "But I don't wanna make new friends!" Yukyuu cried.

            "Well, I don't guess that you HAVE to, but I did. You can still stay friends with your old friends, though!" TK exclaimed.

            "Really? You can?" Yukyuu asked. TK nodded.

            "Uh huh! There's this one girl that lives where I used to live named Kari, and every time I go to visit Matt we go meet her and her older brother Tai," TK said.

            "So if I move, you'll still be my friend?" Yukyuu asked. TK nodded again.

            "Of course! We'll always be friends, no matter where you live!" he exclaimed.

            "Promise?" she asked. TK grinned.

            "Yeah! I swear on the frog we found yesterday in the library!" Tk replied. Suddenly, a loud ringing shot through the area. Sat up, swearing in several different languages, and hit at the alarm clock beside his bed until the loud ringing sound stopped. He sighed, and shook his head.

            "Whoa, what a weird dream," he said. Patamon yawned, and blinked.

            "What did you dream about, TK?" he asked.

            "I dreamed about my ninth birthday party, and about this friend that I used to have back then," he said, yawning and vowing in his head to destroy that alarm clock later.

            "Your ninth birthday party? Wow, that was a long time ago. That was before you met me, right?" Patamon asked, attempting to figure out how many years had passed since his partner had been nine years old.

            "That was five years ago, Patamon," TK told the batpig.

            "Yeah, I would have figured that out sooner or later!" Patamon replied. TK shook his head and laughed slightly at his Digimon. Then, his thoughts returned to his dream.

            "I wonder what ever happened to Yukyuu, anyway?" he asked.

            "So, TK, what are we gonna do before the party? We have four hours," Patamon asked his partner. TK shrugged.

            "I was planning on sleeping...but I guess that was too much to hope for," replied TK, who yawned. He looked out of his window, and saw the basketball court. He eyed his new basketball.

            "Why don't we go play some basketball, Angemon," TK said, mischievously. Patamon grinned, evilly.

            "I'm gonna BEAT you this time!" the batpig exclaimed.

            "Nah uh! I CAN'T be beaten!" TK exclaimed, pulling on a pair of shorts and a jersey, and grabbing his basketball. He dashed out of his room, with Patamon in hot pursuit, laughing all the way.

            'TK sure is acting a lot happier than he had been. I guess he's finally gotten over the whole mess with Kari and that weird lawnmower movie,' Patamon mused, as he waited patiently for his partner to pull on his basketball shoes.

            "TK! Where are you going? Breakfast will be ready in twenty minutes!" TK's mother called from the kitchen.

            "I'm just gonna go play some basketball with Patamon! Don't worry, I wouldn't miss your breakfast for the world!" the blonde haired boy replied, cheerily.

            "I'm glad you're feeling better now, TK. You certainly sound like your normal self!" she stated what Patamon had been thinking.

            'Maybe it's the spirit of Christmas, or maybe he's just thinking about how he can finally have a normal Christmas with no fighting evil monsters from another dimension,' Patamon thought. Little did the batpig know how wrong he was.

            Patamon Digivolve to...Angemon!

            With a flash of light, the little Patamon turned into the tall winged Angemon.

            "Watch out, TK, I'll beat you this time!" Angemon challenged, dribbling the ball between his gloved hands expertly.

            "Bring it, Angel Boy. Oh, but no flying this time," TK replied, playfully. Angemon started off with a reverse cross-over (I'm no expert at basketball so don't flame me if I get these terms wrong...), surprising TK. When he made it within respectable distance of his hoop, he shot the ball, and it bounced off of the rim. However, he jumped and caught it, and literally flew over to the hoop, slam dunking the ball.

            "I said no flying!" TK said, in mock anger.

            "Whoops," Angemon replied. The two continued battling back and forth for the ball, when they were interrupted by a loud 'AHEM!'. They both turned in mid dribble to see a girl.

            'Oh crap!' they both thought. Angemon abruptly made his wings stiff to appear fake. In his many years of living in the real world, he had learned a few tricks. Not to say that he could blend in with a crowd or anything...

            "'ll have to excuse him. He's...playing an angel in a Christmas play this afternoon," TK lied. Angemon quickly nodded. She looked at him quizzically.

            "So why's he playing basketball in his costume...which by the way doesn't look very convincing," the girl replied, looking Angemon up and down. Angemon glared at her behind his visor thing. 'How DARE she! I am the angel Digimon!'

            "Umm...well, he's trying to get used to lugging those big wings around," TK lied again. Man, those Drama classes were really paying off...

            "By playing basketball?" she asked. He shrugged, nervously. That was when he noticed that there was something strangely familiar about the girl. For starters...that hair. It was a dark teal color, worn long.

It was the exact color of his childhood friend's, Yukyuu.

            She also looked vaguely similar to Yukyuu. She was tall, actually about as tall as TK, and skinny. She was wearing dark blue jeans and an orange shirt that had foreign writing on it. But it wasn't her clothing that made him have an incredible sense of deja-vous. She suddenly grinned widely, the exact same grin that Yukyuu had given her uncountable numbers of times those years ago. That settled it...she was Yukyuu.

            "Your name..." TK started. She looked at him blankly. "It wouldn't happen to be Yukyuu would it?" he asked. She looked shocked.

            "Are you psychic or something? How'd you know that?" she asked. He was overjoyed.

            "Yuki! It IS you!!" he exclaimed, running up and enveloping her in a big hug.

            " I know you?" she asked, a little unnerved about this guy calling her by her childhood name and hugging her. She suddenly got an incredibly sense of deja-vous. Wait, he couldn't be...

            "Don't you remember me, Yuki? We used to play all the time in the park down the street! It's TK!" he exclaimed, releasing her from the hug. She looked like she was straining hard to remember something, and the suddenly came to an abrupt realization.

            "Teakey?! Is that you?!" she demanded. He blushed and scratched his blonde head a little irritated.

            " one has called me that in a long time," TK said. Yukyuu giggled a little. Then she pointed to Angemon...well, more precisely the ball in Angemon's hands.

            "You play, I take it," she stated the obvious.

            "Yup! I'm one of the best players on the basketball team at my school," TK said, proudly.

           "Really? I play, but I'm not nearly good enough to be on the team back at my school," she said. He looked surprised.

            "Really? Why not?" he asked. She kind of smiled.

            "Oh, you know those long-legged blonde-headed beach bimbos in offense," she said, as soon as she caught the blonde thing. He laughed.

            "None taken...wait, did you say Australia?" he asked. She smiled.

            "Yup! Down under, that's where I live!" this time she said it proudly.

            "I thought you lived in Sapporo," he stated.

            "Yeah, I lived there for a few months. Then dad got transferred down to Australia, and I've been there ever since," Yukyuu replied.

            "So what are you doing here, in Odaiba?" he asked.

            "We're in town visiting Grandma for Christmas. I decided to remembered that I used to play basketball and stuff in this very court...of course, I didn't realize that you still lived here," Yukyuu  replied.

            "Yup. I'm still stuck in the same old boring place," TK replied. A thought suddenly crossed TK's mind.

            "Hey, what are you going to be doing for the rest of the day?" he asked. She shrugged.

            "I don't know. Mom wanted to take me 'dress shopping', but there's no way in Hades I'm going NEAR a dress EVER," she said.

            "Is that it?" he asked.

            "Yeah, pretty much. I have the day to 'hang out'," she said, doing the quotation mark signals with her hands.

            "Well, I'm going to a big Christmas party with my friends later on. How about you come with me?" he asked. Again, she shrugged.

            "That's cool. I don't want to be intruding, though," the teal haired girl replied.

            "Don't worry. You won't be me," he said, thinking about how if JUN MOTOMIYA was invited then surely an old friend from his past wouldn't be intruding. Angemon tapped him on the shoulder and brought him out of his train of thoughts.

            "Umm...what about me and the others? She's going to have to find out sooner or later, you know," Angemon said. TK blinked.

            "Yeah, I guess that's right," TK said. He then turned to Yukyuu.

            "Umm, Yuki, I'd like you to meet Angemon. He's a creature that-" TK started. Yukyuu stopped him, and giggled.

            "I know all about the Digimon," she said. His mouth practically hit the ground in shock.

            "Ummm...what?" he asked. She smiled at him, and reached into her coat pocket. A couple of seconds later, she produced...a Digivice. It was teal in color...which was kind of ironic. Angemon and TK looked at the Digivice in her gloved hand in disbelief.

            "Wait, if you have a Digivice, then..." Angemon started.

            "That's right! I've been to the Digital World. In fact, I was one of the Digidestined that helped out those two kids Cory and Jon or whoever when there were Digimon all over the world," Yukyuu said, proudly.

            "Cody and Joe. So, you say you helped them? How?" TK asked.

            "With my Digimon, of course!" the girl replied, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world...which it probably was...

            "And just who is your Digimon partner?" Angemon asked. Yukyuu smiled, and took off the backpack that she was wearing on her, well, back. She opened it, and exclaimed "Chaomon! Time to come out!" And, lo and behold, a creature worthy of the name 'Chao'mon came out. It could only be described as a fairly large rat (or at least some sort of rodent) with REALLY oversized ears. It's eyes were huge, and between them was planted a shimmering purple jewel. it's body was a strange blue color, and the tips of it's ears, along with it's paws, were red, while strange patterns of every other color were on his fur. It's huge eyes were yellow, like a demon's eyes. The creature yawned, floated out of the backpack with it's ears, and landed nimbly on Yukyuu's head, rubbing it's eyes.

            TK and Angemon stared at the...thing which had landed on her head in disbelief. Yukyuu smiled at them cheerily.

            "TK, Angemon, meet Chaomon. He's my Digimon partner," she replied. The sleepy Chaomon suddenly noticed Angemon, and got a hyper look in it's yellow eyes.

            "Are those guys new friends for me to play with?!" Chaomon asked. Yukyuu's smile got even wider.

            "Yup! Chaomon, this is TK, an old friend of mine, and Angemon, his Digimon partner," Yukyuu formally introduced them to they now incredibly hyper Chaomon.

            "TK! Patamon! Breakfast is ready!" called Mrs. Takaishi from inside of the apartment.

            "Patamon?" Yukyuu asked. Angemon nodded, and quickly de-digivolved into his Rookie level Batpig form.

            "That's me!" Patamon said, happily.

            "Hey, wanna come in for breakfast? Mom makes really good waffles!" TK offered. Patamon grinned and his mouth began to water at even the mention of his mother's waffles.

            "CanwecanwecanwecanewcanweCANWE?!" Chaomon asked hyperly. Yukyuu nodded.

            "Sure!" she said. So, the troupe of two humans and two Digimon started across the basketball court, Patamon flying. Chaomon decided that he no longer wanted to ride on Yukyuu's head, and opted to fly in the Patamon Express instead.       

            They startled Mrs. Takaishi when all four of them finally made it into the kitchen.

            "Oh, I see you have friends with you! Umm...who are they?"

            "You might remember Yuki. She was a friend of mine when we were kids," TK said. Mrs. Takaishi studied the girl, looking puzzled.

            "You know, the one I always used to meet at the park," TK tried.

            "...oh! Yukyuu Morou! It's good to see you again!" TK's mother exclaimed, smiling.

            "Hello again, Mrs. Ishada," Yukyuu said, bowing. TK's mother frowned.

            "It's Takaishi, now," she said.

            "Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't know!" Yukyuu exclaimed.

            "That's ok. Easy mistake. Anyway, will you and your Digimon be staying for breakfast?" Mrs. Takaishi asked, casually.

            "Umm...yes," Yukyuu said. Mrs. Takaishi patted one of the wooden chairs around the kitchen table with her hand.

            "Make yourselves at home. I'll go make some more waffles," she said. Yukyuu just shrugged, sitting down. TK sat down across from her.

            "So, hey, not to sound stupid, but how does your mother know about Digimon? Does she have one too?" she asked. TK looked shocked at the question.

            "What? No no no...she doesn't have a Digimon. If anything, Patamon is hers, since she seems to spend more time around him than I do," TK replied.

            "Ah, so she knows about Digimon through yours,"

            "Pretty much,"

            Yukyuu sighed wistfully. "I wish all parents were as cool as yours about their child having a Digimon...especially mine," she said.

            "Why do you say that?" TK asked.

            "Well...when Chaomon first came to me, they were okay with it...but then they started seeing the destruction of the Digimon on TV, and they tried to make me get rid of Chaomon. They called him one of those demented animals that will get big and destroy the world. I tried to explain to them that Chaomon is not like that, but they didn't listen. It's a good thing that Chaomon can turn into such a small form...that way I could hide him in my backpack in school all the time," Yukyuu answered.    

            "Poor Chaomon. But, you have to understand that some people view the Digimon different ways. It sounds to me like your parents live by the philosophy that monsters, whether they want to heal or kill, are all bad," TK said. Mrs. Takaishi arrived carrying two steaming hot plates stacked high with waffles.

            "TK, be a gentleman and get the syrup and butter please," Mrs. Takaishi requested. He just nodded, and went to retrieve the items. "Oh, and while you're up, get five glasses and the orange juice. He sighed, but did what he was told anyway. When he FINALLY got to sit down, one whole plate of waffles had been decimated, mostly by the combined efforts of Chaomon and Patamon. TK sighed and took five or six waffles off of the other plate, poured himself a glass of orange juice, and proceeded to drench his pancakes in syrup.

            'What a day...and it's barely 8:30 am! I just found out that my childhood best friend is back in Japan, and she is a Digidestined with a hyper Digimon to boot. Who knows what the party will be like...'