Here we go... Chapter 2.

We'll get to meet a little of Bella this chapter.


What Jasper? H-H-How?!"

I was stuttering now. I'd seen what Alice had seen. She was my twin and we were connected always. Her visions were NEVER wrong.

Jasper smiled at me now, clearly more relaxed now that I'd opened up to him.

"She didn't die like Alice thought she saw. Her vision was wrong."

'What? How is that even possible?" I shrugged his arms off me and sat down on the nearest chair and asked him to explain.

Jasper smiled at me.

" Edward, that's what I was sent to tell you."

He started pacing back and forth across the room, becoming more agitated as he took each step. I could see the emotions and passion clear as day in his amber eyes.

"When Alice got the vision of Bella dying after the cliff jump, we all assumed that Bella's future fading away in Alice's mind, meant Bella had died. But that wasn't it."

" Not by a long shot."

He stopped and slowly turned to look at me.

"She's been spending so much bloody time with that wolf that it affected Alice's visions!"

Jasper was animated now, his excitement clearly palpable. He sounded just like my sister.

"She can't see the future of wolves or shapeshifter's. Jacob's heavy presence in Bella's life affected this. We were going to wait for you to come back, but then Alice had a vision of you going to the Volturi in Italy, and I had to come, my brother. To try and stop you from making a fatal decision that would affect all of our destinies."

" You know that the Volturi would never harm you Edward. Aro values those of us with special gifts too much for that.

He would only force you to join them.

His dream is to bring you and Alice into the Volturi fold and we could NEVER allow it. you know this.

If that were to happen, the Volturi would be unstoppable and there would be even more unrest in our world than there is already.

A lot of vampires are already extremely unhappy with the way the Aro and the Volturi rule us. It's the entire reason Carlisle left them to find his own coven.

You joining them would be the thing that starts the vampiric civil war that's been predicted for centuries.

It would result in a massacre of our entire family and of our kind. Alice saw it all as soon as you made your decision Edward."

I stood back from Jasper in shock, whilst I took in all this information.

Bella was alive?

This changed things. IMMENSELY.

I couldn't stay away from her, but I also couldn't return.

I was in no-man's land. Lost, destined to forever be away from her, in purgatory.

" But Bella? She's OK? Have you seen her Jasper?"

I was whispering now, the emotions of Jasper's visit starting to effect my entire being.

He smiled at me now.

"No, Edward I haven't. Alice went to see her and Jacob was there.

Bella asked him to leave, which he wasn't entirely happy with but he did as she asked.

I guess he really does care for her a lot , much more than we originally thought."

He continued on with his story as I sat there in shock that my love truly was still living.

" Anyway, as soon as he left Alice spoke to her, just the two of them.

She still loves you completely Edward. She says when she puts herself in danger, she sees and feels you there with her.

By doing these silly stunts, she thinks she can be with you once again, as she believes you don't care for her any longer.

When you told her you didn't want her or care for her, she believed you.

That made sense to her. She still sees herself as 'plain', and doesn't understand why you would love her as you do.

She honestly has no idea of her true worth to you, or to us. To our entire world.

Once changed she is changed, she will be our salvation!

It's been foreseen for centuries Edward."

He paused from his speech, and looked at me directly.

" Edward, How can you deny yourself from eternal bliss ? Deny our world the chance to overturn the Volturi and their unjust rule? "

"You have to return Edward. It's the only way. Bella is your destiny."

I turned my back on Jasper and look slightly over my shoulder at him.

Still shattered by all this information, I spoke softly to him.

" But how can I go back Jasper? After everything I've done and the amount of pain I've caused her ?"

Jasper moved closer to put his arms around me. I relaxed into him, and in the warmth of his embrace, I felt a small comfort.

" Because Bella is your destiny Edward. And as much as you try to deny it, you can no easier walk away from Bella, than I could walk away from Alice.

How can you doubt this?"

I sighed heavily, while I tried to process all that Jasper had just said.

" I wish that was true.

Jasper, I love Bella with every fibre of my being, have done ever since we met.

I cannot deny that . I LOVE HER . That fact has never been in doubt.

The possibility of spending eternity with her fills me with a joy I have never known.

But when I am with her she faces eternal damnation and danger.

How can a destiny like that be a happy one?


"Change her, Edward. It's the only way. Make her a vampire. Like us. It's the only choice."

I looked at him as he said this.

He couldn't possibly be serious.

" NO , Jasper. I won't condemn her to an eternity of this !

Look at us. How we have struggled with the thirst!

Given the choice, Would you have chosen a life like this for Alice?"

Jasper looked at me and sighed. I could clearly see him losing patience with me.

He was firm in his beliefs that Bella would eventually be one of us, to spend eternity as a vampire.

"YES, I would Edward.

Without being 'condemned' as you say, to this life, I would never have found the other half of my soul, my Alice.

I would risk anything...BE ANYTHING...for her.

Were you the human and she the vampire, Would you not want Bella to turn you ?

You would. I KNOW IT."

I couldn't refute what Jasper was saying.

I knew that were I human...I would want Bella to turn me.

Without a doubt.

I pulled myself from my brother's embrace and looked at him knowingly.

It took all of 2 seconds for me to answer.

" When you put it that way, Jasper...YES. I would.

Eternity with Bella? That would be everything.

I tried to live without her, but it's just not possible.

I can't live in a world where she's not in it anymore."


Breaking out of my sad trip down memory lane, I looked over at the window that overlooked the beautiful beaches of Rio.

My beautiful, naked, wife stood in front of it looking out. Hearing me enter the room, she turned with a gasp.

"Edward. You surprised me. I didn't expect you back so soon. Are you ok?"

I walked over to her, and took her into my arms with a smile.

She still looked as breathtaking to me, as the day I first saw her in the cafeteria of Forks High.

Over 100 years had passed since that day, but she still looked as breathtaking to me as when I first saw her in the cafeteria of Forks High.

It seemed so long ago now.

"I'm fine baby, just took a trip down memory lane is all."

She looked at me with a sad smile and slid her arms around my waist.

I could see her emotions reflected in her eyes.

The tears were threatening to spill, as we talked about what NEARLY was.

"When I think of how close we came to losing each other Edward, it breaks my heart.

If you hadn't come back from Rio for me... well I could have married and been happy, but I would never have been complete.

You are the other half to my soul.

Everything would have been so different Edward.

For you.

For me.


Edward, I tried to forget you, to move on. It just wasn't possible. You are my everything."

I smiled again, and lifted her into my arms.

"You are my destiny, Bella Cullen.

Without you I am just a shell.

Without you, our world would be a much different place, one that would still be governed by Volturi rule.

You made us all take a stand against them and destroy the power they once had.

But more than that Bella. You are my other half, and I will love you for eternity."