I tap the mirror. "Is this working? Is it on?" I glance around. Good; I'm alone. I'm in the process of moving out of my parents' flat, but it's been proving a bit difficult. "Look, if anyone can hear me, I need help. Doctor, this means you." My hair falls over my shoulder and I impatiently tuck it behind my ear. My head is about half a metre above the top of the mirror, so I have to bend over. "The name is Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221B Baker Street. Come at once." As an afterthought I add, "If convenient." Well... "If inconvenient, come anyway." I hear a knock and shoot a look down the hall. "Could be dangerous."

The mirror shivers as the elusive connection apparently breaks. I straighten up and run to the door. The taxi is there, waiting for me. I grab my few bags and run.

This is just an experiment to see whether the stuff I come up with at three in the morning is actually not too bad. I don't know. I saw this mirror in my basement and decided to bend over and give it a monologue from my favourite shows, then thought "Hey that wasn't too bad! Maybe just add some more so that it makes sense and you're golden!" Anywho, read, review, PM me with questions, and all that jazz. I should probably get to sleep.