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Diana was hiding something.

Clark could see it the moment she walked into the Watchtower. Instead of her usual one-piece symbolic uniform, she was dressed in dark blue pants with stars on the sides and a red shirt with her trademark emblem on the front in silver. The tiara and bracers were still there.

He also noticed how quiet she was to everyone. Her silence was nothing knew, but it startled him how she would keep her head down and look away from everyone. That, and the way she continuously rubbed her right arm if she thought someone was looking at her.

He sat in the cafeteria, eating and watching Diana. She sat on the opposite side, halfheartedly eating a salad. Her hair framed majority of her face as she cautiously looked around the room. Once her gaze fell in tune with Clark's, she started rubbing her arm again.

There she goes again, he thought with a growl. Why was she doing that? What was the purpose of it?

Come to think of it, why was she suddenly shy? She shouldn't be shy around her friends. Hell, she wasn't even shy when she had met all of them. She introduced herself with confidence and no fear. It was the first time Clark had smiled that day.

Diana finally looked away, seemingly forcing herself to stop rubbing her arm. Clark stood up and threw away the remains of his food away, taking a seat across from Diana. She looked shocked for a moment before quickly looking down.

"Hey," Clark said, flashing her a smile. She gave him a quick, nervous one without looking up.

"So, how you've been? How are things with Steve?"

"Fine. Things between us are going great." She suddenly sounded cheery, and her eyes lit up. She was even smiling brightly. "I moved in with him about a month ago and am very happy about it. We're slowly advancing on our relationship."

"That's great." Clark meant it. He was really happy Diana had met someone. Ever since all of them had met Steve when the world was in danger five years ago, he slowly warmed up to her until she agreed to go out on a date with him a year ago. According to Steve, he was the happiest man in the world.

"So, when are you two going to take it up to the next level?" he asked.

Diana shrugged, still smiling. "Steve says he's ready to now, but will wait for me. I still feel uncomfortable with this 'marriage' concept you of Man's World use."

Clark knew what she was talking about. Being an Amazon on an island full of women, she only knew that those who were attracted to each other would spar and see if it worked from there. If not, they remained friends. Now she had to deal with…this.

"He's a nice guy," Clark said. "He'll probably wait forever if he had to."

"You know, that's the exact same thing he said to me. He told me he'd wait as long as he had to." Diana chuckled. "Hera, I never knew love could mean so much to a man. I was raised to think that all men were evil and not to be trusted. From my perspective, they were all barbaric and vicious, but I was heavily proven wrong." She smiled again. "It's been the only time I was happy to be wrong about something."

"I know. You being wrong is the only time we Leaguers feel fear." Clark was smirking.

Diana swatted his arm playfully. "Oh, stop. I am not that scary-looking."

"Di, you tower over nearly everyone else. You're on par with me in strength and much higher in wisdom. Even Donna, your own sister, dreads seeing you when you're angry or in a bad mood. The last time you were angry and sparred with her she looked as if she'd seen a ghost."

"Well, she knows I tend to take my anger out by training, and she insisted on training with me. I showed her that it was merely a mistake choosing to do that."

"Merely? Di, when I went in there after you, half of the room was covered in smoking dents. I think merely is an understatement."

"Well, I'm fine now." She was smiling again, something Clark loved to see. "Steve was there when I came home afterwards and calmed me down. By the gods, that man has a way with words."

"He told me the next day." Clark could recall vividly the conservation he had with the older man, who said that he "tried something new." "Oh, and before I forget, what's with the new costume? I like it, but it's different. It's not like you to change your wardrobe all of a sudden."

The smile on Diana's face vanished instantly. "Oh, well, I thought I'd try something different for once. Steve said he saw it at a store and suggested I wear it. So I did."

"It does look nice on you," Clark agreed. "He has a good sense of taste. Is it going to be your new permanent costume?"

"Oh, no, nothing can replace my old one. It's just for a while. I don't know how exactly long, but it's not permanent."

"Fine with me." He stood up and stretched. "Well, I enjoyed chatting with you. It's been a while, you know? With all of the missions we've been on lately I'm surprised we were able to come here."

"It hasn't been that many," Diana said, standing up as well. "I've managed to go home to Steve nearly every night. Yes, every now and then I end up staying out all night, but not as many as you make it seem."

"It may just be all in my head." Clark hugged her. "Are you going home now?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. He hates it when I get home late. It causes him to worry."

As Diana walked away, Clark smiled to himself. He had absolutely nothing to worry about. She was just probably nervous about how everyone saw her now because of her relationship with Steve, hence her newfound habit of rubbing her arm. She was obviously happy with Steve.

So why was he still worried?

Can anyone guess what's going on with Diana? She newfound shyness and a sudden change of wardrobe isn't good. Clark has a reason to feel worried...

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