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Diana dreaded going home. Steve was still there. He would be there as long as he wanted to, which he made clear was as long as he would live. She dreaded seeing him drunk, which would cause his outbursts against her and cause more bruises to her than there is now.

She always thought about changing her outfit back to her old one, but just when her confidence was up she'd be shot down by Steve again, whether it be physically or mentally. Whatever it was, the new costume stayed longer than it should have.

As she sat in front of the monitor, her mind wandered. Just where did she and Steve go wrong? In the beginning he was the perfect boyfriend, sweet, charming, caring. And now he was the complete opposite. The fact that he was specialized in the Army made worse; he knew how to handle a metahuman like her, and he did it perfectly.

There were many reasons why she refused to fight back, but she always denied the truth, thinking that there was some sort of ray of light to explain why he did what he did. "I'm doing this because I love you," he always told her during a bout of torture. It didn't make her feel loved, though. She thought love was supposed to be a good thing, a good feeling, not this.

When she first came to Man's World she found herself lonely. Very lonely. When she found out about her being a demigoddess made her feel almost isolated from the rest of the world, possibly the entire universe. Sure, she had a whole slew of half-siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins now, but majority of them hated her just because she was Zeus' child. It was the same for Donna, but her younger sister didn't even want to associate with her new family, being pleased with the friends she had. She had recently joined the Teen Titans as Wonder Girl, and there was talk about recruiting a Wonder Boy as well. Things were finally turning out good for Donna, who Diana understood had a rough life.

Her thoughts drifted to Clark, the first male she ever spoke to. She was mesmerized how easily he took down whatever they were fighting whenever they were on a mission, and it made her actually smile whenever they talked. He was her first friend, her first true friend, and she was grateful for it. He meant a lot to her, for sure.

It was because of her friendship with Clark that she was heavily confused. With Steve, her boyfriend, all she found was pain and suffering. But with Clark, her friend, she found warmth and comfort. They were both men, yet both treated her differently. What was she supposed to trust?

Could she even trust them?

Sighing, she waited until her shift was over, reluctantly flying home. She landed on the front porch, hesitating for a moment before going in. "Steve?" she called, looking around. "Where are you?"

She suddenly screamed when an electrical current zapped her. Under normal circumstances it'd only cause her a dull ache, but now that she was in the house it hurt as much as it would a normal human. After what seemed like forever, she passed out.

A figure standing in the shadows chuckled darkly, holding the gun that gave Diana the electric shock. "I'm right here," he said as he lowered his hands to her…

Donna was awoken by her cellphone ringing. She glanced at her alarm clock. 2:30 AM. Groaning, she lazily reached her hand over to the dresser that was beside her, grabbing it and putting it to her ear. "Hello?" she said sleepily.

"Come to the Watchtower. Now."

That was all Donna needed to hear. Her sleepiness disappeared completely as she became alert of the terseness of Bruce's voice. "On my way. Is something wrong?"

"Just get over here as soon as you can. Don't stop for anything." He hung up.

Donna growled at Bruce's curt conservation, but knew that, although he wasn't much of a talker that he must have found something in order to call her in the middle of the night. She slipped into her Wonder Girl outfit, which was a newer version. It was identical to Diana's, only with her wearing a t-shirt instead of a bustier and pants. A white stripe went through the middle of the pant legs, extending onto the white stripe on her boots. She decided on not wearing a tiara like her sister, not wanting to appear too much like her.

She pressed her comlink to her ear. "Vic, beam me up to the Watchtower."

Seconds later she was in the Watchtower's hallways. She immediately headed for the computer room, finding Bruce sitting in front of the large screen. He was typing furiously, and a stack of papers filled with red circles sat next to him.

"What's going on, Bruce?"

He glanced at her for a moment before turning back. "You are not going to believe what I found, Donna. Inside of Diana is a chip that is quelling her healing factor, which is why she's how she is. It may be a reason why she changed her outfit, to hide the scar from it."

Donna clenched her hands together, anger slowly rising inside of her. "Who could've done this to her?"

"Nobody in the League can be a suspect, for none of us, minus Clark, would have the weapons to pierce her skin. She's slowly becoming like Clark, her skin toughening. Within time she'll be bulletproof like him as well." His frown deepened. "And Clark would never do such a thing. Even if he did, we'd all know about it. The only person more stubborn than him is her, and they'd have a death battle before she would allow him to put a chip inside of her."

"…Are you suggesting it's Steve? But how? He's just a human…"

"With a background of military and army service." Bruce clicked on a page on the computer, and a list of weapons appeared. "These are weapons created to defeat a metahuman should any of them ever decide to become evil and turn against us. Although the human race doesn't realize that the only thing they need to worry about is Clark and Diana."

Donna gave him an annoyed look. "And why is that?"

He returned it. "Let's begin with the weakest of the League, shall we? I'm considered the weakest, although I disagree with it, because I have no superpower. After me is Shayera, who, although possesses superstrength and flight, is significantly weaker than you. Next is a tie between Barry and Hal, and I say that because one has superspeed while the other has a ring that can do anything. But, they do have weaknesses, which for Barry are his metabolism eating away his energy quickly in order to support his superpower or, somehow, making him slow enough and capturing him, and disarming Hal by getting his ring. Next is Arthur. He can call upon creatures of the sea, but any of them can be killed, which leads up to Victor. He is half-robot, half-human, but can be taken down with the right material. And then there is your sister and Clark. Both of them have their advantages over each other, and Diana trusts Clark that should anything happen to her that he'd take her down. But with her increasing power we're beginning to worry that she'll soon overpower him."

"That's impossible," Donna said. "She and Clark have always been on par, and like you said with their advantages. She's not going to overpower him. He also steadily grows stronger due to his constantly being under a yellow sun."

"That may be, but look down." She did and saw her bracers. "Those two things around your wrists are quelling the vast majority of your powers, Donna. When they are released, you're as strong as Diana. Now, imagine Diana taking hers off during a battle."

Donna gasped at the realization. "…She'd be unstoppable."

"Exactly. And she knows it. That's why she opts to keep them on at all times, unless there's an absolute emergency where she has no choice but to. Clark never holds back with her due to their similar power strength, but he knows better than to anger her. In time, she'll become too powerful to handle.

"But we're getting off topic. As I was saying before, Steve has excess to all of these weapons, and amongst them is a nanochip that, when in use, can suppress a metahuman's power to nearly nothing. I've traced the signals from Diana and found where they end up—at Steve's house. There is…"

The screen suddenly went black, lighting up again moments later. A man with blonde hair and blue eyes appeared. "Help!" Steve cried, looking frantic. "Diana's gone!"

Donna glared at him. "And just why should we believe you?"

"I'm serious! Diana's missing! She's disappeared!"

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