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Eric Northman awoke with a luxurious stretch, it was one of the few human habits he had kept as a Vampire. It felt good to know that his body was whole. In the past one thousand years there had been occasions when he had not been fully intact, but that was a long time ago.

Almost as quickly as Eric realised that he was physically well and safe, he knew that his child had problems. Pamela and her troubles were an ocean away in Louisiana, but Eric still sensed the strongest of her feelings through their bond. He reached for his phone and, as expected, he had a text message from Pam. "There has been a development. May I call you when I wake?"

"Please do," was his quick reply. Pam would be sleeping for another seven hours, whilst in wintry London, Eric had woken at four o'clock in the afternoon. He would not need to sleep again until eight o'clock the next morning. In January, London was a great place to be a Vampire, unless you enjoyed your rest.

Pam was currently joint-owner of a nightclub in Shreveport. Eric had helped her with the initial funding of the club, which she had run, along with her business partner, as a human club. After Vampires revealed themselves to the world, the club was relaunched as "Fangtasia, Shreveport's Premier Vampire Nightspot". Eric had heard from Pam several times in the past year, she told him with a thrill in her voice about how well the club was doing, however, her problem stemmed from this success.

Shreveport was in Area Five of Louisiana, it was a small area in the Northwest of the state. The Sheriff of the area was Vincent Ward, Pam did not have a high opinion of him, although she was trying to respect his position. Area Five neighboured Area Six, which was of a similar size and who's Sheriff was Anton Mason. The Sheriffs of both areas felt they deserved larger, more profitable areas, although neither had the courage to request such a thing from the Queen of Louisiana. For years they had attempted to settle the matter by bickering between themselves, resorting to underhand one-up-man-ship, they only ever succeeded in making their positions and their reputations worse. The Vampires resident in both areas were generally not interested in this miniature Civil War and found it best to keep out of their way, but that was not always possible.

Although the same size as Area Five, Area Six had no prestigious Vampire Nightclubs to help make money. Mason, in Area Six, had discovered that many humans from his area were visiting Fangtasia in Area Five, and so he wanted a share of the profits.

Pam already paid a form of tax, to her Sheriff. She was not prepared to pay more to the Sheriff of Area Six too. Although she didn't wish to she had to voice her objections to Vincent, her Sherrif. She had explained her issues and Sheriff Ward had over reacted, he had arranged a meeting with Mason in Fangtasia. As Pamela had said to Eric the previous evening, "They were planning to meet as if they were duellers at High Noon! I had to involve Andre. He is on his way here."

Andre was the first child of the Queen of Louisiana, he dealt with most issues that the Queen preferred not to get involved in. Neither Eric nor Pam particularly liked Andre, but Eric agreed that his child had done the right thing involving him, as the two Sheriffs were certainly not thinking clearly.

The last time Eric spoke to Pam she was waiting for all three to arrive at Fangtasia, the message about 'developments' was worrying, but Eric was at least relieved that Pamela must be free to contact him and physically well.

Eric was usually incredibly patient when patience was required, but he was not especially calm tonight, fortunately, he had meetings to keep him occupied until he heard from Pam.

Eric's apartment had a huge balcony over-looking the Thames where, if he ever had time to spare, he enjoyed spending time watching the humans scuttle about below. He was not in the mood for that tonight. He checked a few e-mails, getting the figures that he needed for his meeting and decided to walk there to pass the time.

The meeting was to be held at the commonly named 'Vamp HQ'. Eric walked amongst the bustle of humans, who all seemed to be rushing home on a wintry night. The cold didn't bother Eric, but he still wore a thick, long coat and hunched his shoulders against the wind, even after a year of Vampires being out in the open, he was still in the habit of disguising his differences to the humans.


Eric was currently known as Baron Northman, a position he held in the court of Londinium, the premier Vampire in Great Britain. To humans the title of Baron had been connected to land-rights, to Vampires based in Britain the title meant political power, the Baron's aided and advised Londinium, each having a particular role. Eric was the only Baron chosen from the general Vampire populace, the other Baron's were Londinium's children. He knew Eric could be trusted and he valued his opinion. In the past few years, when the most prestigious Vampires had planned and prepared for the Great Revelation, Londinium had needed help that he could trust.

Londinium was commonly known as the King of London, he had been born there, before the city was founded and long before the Romans named it. His new base was the Westminster Bridge Hotel which was at the opposite side of the River Thames to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. He had bought the hotel, from a chain, six months before the Revelation, and had poured money into an expensive, modern renovation for the whole hotel. It had certainly been a surprise to the staff and management working there when Vampires came out and the Vampire King of London took over much of the hotels conference facilities to use as offices and meeting space.

It was a light, bright, modern building in a beautiful oval shape, not quite the Gothic crypt that humans might expect for a Vampire Headquarters. The upper floors had incredible views over the river and the iconic skyline of the city, and it was particularly convenient for visiting human politicians, of which there were many. Eric believed Londinium might occasionally sleep in a safe room at the hotel, but that was certainly not common knowledge.

As he entered the hotel, Eric was pleased to see how busy it was. The bar was full, mainly with humans as it was still early in the evening, guests were checking in and the concierge actually looked pleased to see him, because he didn't need their assistance.

Only one lift went to the seventh floor, which was where the Vampire Area began. Eric was greeted by the receptionist who ran the Meetings area of Vampire Headquarters. Mrs Mullins was in her fifties and before the Revelation had worked as the Personal Assistant for the Managing Director of a Bank, Londinium poached her when he realised he needed someone with organisational skills who could greet Vampires and humans alike. She had taken to night shifts incredibly well and was privately thrilled at her new job, although she tended to keep up the 'battleaxe' persona while she was working and did not waste her smiles on just anyone.

The weekly meetings, that were held for the Baron's only, were generally more relaxed than the monthly meetings with the numerous Sheriffs. Those meetings ran to a strict timetable, so no one could take up too much of anyone's time. The Sheriff's meetings were held in the boardroom where everyone sat around a table with Londinium at the head, the Baron's meetings were held in a more informal lounge which was where Mrs Mullins ushered Eric, and asked if she could get anything for him. Eric declined a bottle of blood and prepared to wait as he had arrived quite early. He was still and silent, observing the illuminated city through the huge windows, when Londinium joined him.

"Good Evening Baron, it is good to see you are early and eager for our meeting!" The King nodded to accept Eric's deep bow.

"Good evening to you, Your Majesty. I am always eager, you know me!" Eric replied with a grin. Londinium was certainly the only king who he could have spoken so informally with, and he would not have done so in public.

"Did you hear from Pamela?"

"I expect to hear from her tonight once she wakes. Hopefully she will call after the meeting." Eric replied, he had kept his King fully informed of Pam's problems. Although Londinium never left his city, he was interested in all Vampire affairs. Pam was originally from London, so he was particularly fond of her.

"If she calls before we are finished, then please feel free to leave us. I shall ask for your report first and we can update you on the remainder of the meeting if necessary."

"That would be a great help. Thank you. I know my report shall not take up our time, all is quiet in Immigration."

"You sound disappointed, Eric." Londinium commented, with a smile. "It is good news that your once chaotic department is now running serenely!"

Baron Northman had dealt with Vampire Immigration in the City of London and the South of England for more than a decade. Before the revelation, Eric primarily ensured that new arrivals stuck to the rules about keeping the existence of Vampires a secret and confirmed that they were not on the run from any other Vampire court. He had helped many younger Vampires to get settled, introducing them to local nests who would make them welcome. He also made sure any arrivals that were not so welcome, moved on quickly.

Since the Revelation there had been much more movement. Vampires found that many countries did not welcome them, some had to flee in only the clothes they stood in and Britain was one of the few places accepting more Vampires so Eric's department was incredibly busy. Gradually most incoming Vampires moved on to other countries, Eric had contacts with the two main Vampire Airlines, Air Anubis from the US and Vamp-Virgin from the UK who helped with this.

Eric's department also dealt with the new paperwork that all Vampires needed since the reveal. His office was quickly filled with staff, who were used to working with passport control, they aided Vampires in getting new identification papers and passports. There were grumblings about the paperwork from Vampires who liked their privacy, but once Londinium stated that Vampires were only required to carry the same sort of ID that a human carried, and that he personally had ID, then few problems were caused. There was an initial rush of Vampires needing passports, drivers licences and the like, but the offices were quietening now.

As his department got quieter Eric helped other Barons too. Security was always an issue, as was public relations. Eric regularly accompanied Londinium to events, making sure that he was safe, and at the same time showing the 'friendly' face of Vampires too. He had even been on a television news programme when Catherine, the Baron who dealt with Public Relations, had been in Scotland and Londinium had needed someone he trusted to speak on his behalf.

Catherine was one of Londinium's children. As a human girl she had been named after Catherine of Aragon, but she had grown up in Anne Boleyn's court, so she had to be incredibly politically astute. This had become more important than Londinium could have ever imagined. In recent decades, Catherine become very interested in radio, then television, particularly how media was used in politics and she used that knowledge now to her maker's benefit.

Catherine arrived at the meeting with Londinium's youngest son, James Williamson. He was the youngest Baron, at around three hundred years old, but he had been turned later in life so looked the eldest of the group. He had trained himself to be a lawyer, and claimed he could practise law in any human courtroom in the world, if only they opened courts during the day. That was one item that he was always pushing for in meetings to discuss the legal position of Vampires in British society.

Eric had no idea why Londinium chose to turn Williamson, he found the lawyer incredibly tedious. Catherine on the other hand, could always brighten a room. For this meeting she was dressed for television, wearing a bright purple dress and jacket, and a wide smile. She kissed her maker on his cheek, and chose an armchair next to him, they shared whispered words of greeting, that everyone could hear.

Catherine might be a couple of hundred years older than Pam, darker and shorter, but she reminded Eric of his own child. While they waited for everyone else to settle he watched Catherine pay all her attention to her maker, that certainly reminded him of Pam. He was always Pam's priority, just as Londinium was always Catherine's first thought.

Baron Northman was relieved when the meeting began. He had to concentrate on other things then.


When Pam called the meeting was almost over. Eric bowed low to Londinium and left by the large picture window, so he could fly to the roof and listen to his child in private. She said she was still in her underground sleeping chamber, so she could speak freely about the meeting between the Queen's first child and the two Sheriffs.

"I have to admit, nothing was as I expected. I thought Andre would speak to Ward and Mason, and that they would come to their senses, but he did not speak. He did not even tell them he was there. They must have been too involved in each other to notice. Andre just sat in the office watching the two of them on our security screens. It all happened after we closed, they were in the bar, I was with Andre and we could easily hear the argument through the walls… and both of us saw when Vincent staked Sheriff Mason."

"Staked him!"

"Yes! On my dancefloor! Then Andre went into the bar, taking me with him. He told Vincent that he was acting on behalf of the Queen of Louisiana and avenging the death of Sheriff Anton Mason. Andre used Vincent's own stake on him. He was fast Eric, I nearly lost sight of him."

The final death of a Vampire was not a regular occurrence, Eric got the impression that Pamela was truly shocked, but trying not to show it. He knew Andre had acted within the law, if he was in his position Eric would have done the same thing. Sheriff Ward had the stake with him, so he clearly had the intention, no Vampire court would query that, and Andre had Pam as a witness, as well as the security cameras.

"So, both are finally dead. Is the bar cleaned? Where is Andre now?" Eric knew he was asking too many questions, but he was worried about his child and needed to know everything, immediately.

"Yes, very dead, and the bar is very clean…" Pam answered quickly. "But Andre is still here, although I do not know where he stayed last night. He says he is over-seeing both areas while they look at applications for new Sheriffs."

Andre and his maker, the Queen of Louisiana, had been inseparable for centuries. From what Eric had heard they rarely spent time apart. "I imagine he is not happy being stuck in Shreveport." Eric commented.

"No. Not at all happy. He says I owe him two sheriffs."

"You owe him?"

"Yes." Pam sounded thoroughly miserable.

"Was he trying to make a joke?" Even as Eric asked, he knew it was doubtful. Andre was not the joking type.

"It did not seem so to me."

"Pamela, he cannot blame you for these two final deaths. You did the right thing calling him."

"Yes… I just want to be rid of him!"

"Be careful what you say, my child. Are you sure no one can hear you? I do not want you in any trouble with Andre."

"I feel I will be in trouble while he is here."

Eric was quite as he tried to think of a resolution for his child. Pam, however, already had a plan.

"Eric? You could do it? You could be Sheriff of Area Five"

Eric did not think she was serious and laughed. "That would be a great step forward in my career."

"I suppose not, but it would keep Andre and her Majesty happy."

"Pamela, are you serious?"

"And I would see you every night."

"You always enjoyed your freedom, Pam."

"I did, but everything has changed now... Eric, you would make a great Sheriff. You could control both areas. Five and Six. The whole of Northern Louisiana would be yours. You would make a fortune and you would be your own boss!" Pam was warming to her subject.

"But I am Baron here."

"But you said everything was quite in London. It is chaos here, you would love some action!"

Eric had to concede that she had a point there. The Reveal had gone so well in London, it was all quite boring now. "I do enjoy London." He insisted.

Pam kept pressing, her voice became quite sulky. "Is it your little nightingale? Do you want to keep your pet? Is that why you wish to stay there?"

"Pamela, you are being ridiculous, and you sound jealous. I will not 'keep' Tegan, but she is enjoyable." Pam often got a little worried about any girl that Eric kept around and she had not met his current pet, so she was more nervous than usual about her. Pam insisted on calling Tegan "nightingale", as she was a singer.

"I am not jealous of a human!" Pam insisted, sounding quite offended.

"Then what is this, Pam? Are you really worried about Andre?"

"I suppose Andre will leave soon enough, but, well... We may never get the chance to be close again. If you are my Sheriff we shall see each other every night. Everything is changing now, I should like to see my maker again..."

Eric let her continue to try and bend him to her will. Pam could always be persuasive when she needed to be, and he was intrigued by her insistence. His assumption was that she had a bad scare, after seeing the two sheriffs staked, her immediate reaction was to want her maker. The more she had thought about him, the more she had missed him and decided he could solve all her troubles.

The main question was, would he?

Pam was Eric's youngest child, although she was not particularly young anymore. This may be the last time she ever asked him for help, this may be the last time they would spend time together. Maker's were suppose to call their children to them, not the other way around, but of course, Eric knew he would go to Pam.

He interrupted her, so he wasn't left listening all night. "Pam, Pamela... I shall consider your idea. We both need to get to work now. You must be careful around Andre. Try to remember he is only there for a short while, I am sure Queen Sophie-Anne will want him back by her side very soon. As soon as you wake tomorrow, call me and update me."

"Yes, Eric." Pam replied, quite meekly. She wished him a pleasant evening and finally ended the call.


Eric had parted from Pam just after the humans had resolved World War Two. They were together in London before the fighting, but once the bombing of the Blitz began, they had left along with every Vampire in London. Even Londinium moved out of the centre of the city, no Vampire wanted to stay in a city where a bomb may land on his resting place.

Eric and Pam moved to America. They had fun in New Orleans, but once the bombing was over Eric returned to London to aide Londinium, who was playing his part in rebuilding the city. Londinium had ploughed money into the rebuild and eventually made money from the improvements. He kept records of his business activities, which had helped improve his popularity once Vampires announced themselves to the city and he could showed what he had done to help.

Pam had stayed in Louisiana, eventually settling in the North. She and Eric had only spent three nights together since then. He had visited just after the Reveal, with the dual purpose of checking on his child and checking out the new Vampire Airlines. Eric flew to New Orleans on Vamp-Virgin and out of New York on Air Anubis. In between, he had called into Shreveport and Pam had showed him Fangtasia, while showing him off to her colleagues. He was amused that she was so proud of him.


Eric stayed for a moment on the roof, he had to speak to his King and needed a little time to plan that conversation. Generally Barons of a country did not leave to become a Sheriff of a small, relatively unprofitable area, particularly when they had not even been offered that position. There was a good chance that Londinium would be amused at his choice, or possibly furious at being snubbed by someone he trusted.

Eric re-entered Headquarters by the window he left from, he was told by Mrs Mullins that the King was waiting in his office. This was not a surprise, Eric knew Londinium would want to hear the news from Louisiana. He entered the office, bowing low.

"Baron! Tell me! How is Pamela?"

"She is well, your majesty. However, she might have been underestimating when she said there had been developments. Do you have time to hear her story?"

"I do. I do." Londinium rose from his desk and moved to one of the armchairs he had facing the city view. He waved to another chair, clearly wanting Eric to sit and tell all.

The re-telling of the final deaths of the two Sheriffs did not take long. It was certainly not what His Majesty was expecting. Londinium knew of Sheriff Ward, he also knew that the Sheriff's maker had met his final death decades ago, which almost ensured that there would be no challenge to Andre's reasons for staking him.

"And how did Pamela deal with all this?"

"Very well, your Majesty. She was certainly shocked, but is looking forward now." Eric paused while he selected his words. "I apologise, sir, but I feel I must go to her. I must resign my position."

Vampires do not often look surprised. Londinium's expression only changed by a slight frown. "Is this a joke, Northman? It is incredibly badly timed."

"It is not a joke, sir."

Londinium was a little baffled. "There is no need to resign if you just require time to visit your child. Take a few weeks off and then return to us."

"I will be staying there. I intend to take a position in Queen Sophie-Anne's court. She certainly needs a Sherrif. I regret that I have to leave, but Pamela has asked me to go to her."

"And a father will do everything he can for his daughter." Londinium began to understand. "Pamela could come here. It is her home afterall. You could find her a new club, I am sure."

"But she is very attached to Fangtasia, and we have both put a great deal of money into it."

"So I am competing with Pamela and your money. I have no chance of keeping you here."

"Pam is getting older and more independent, this may be the last thing she ever asks of me." Eric kept his eyes down, a little embarrassed at showing his affection for his child.

"With a daughter like mine, I understand entirely." Londinium's child, Catherine, had caused him enough trouble in the past. He would never mock a Maker for putting their child first, particularly when so many did not. Londinium, however, had to think of his domain first. "You are in a hurry to leave, I suppose?"

Eric nodded.

"But you will take time to inform me of every detail of your department?" For the first time a hint of menace came into the King's voice.

"Most certainly."

"Excellent. I need to know everything, but we shall begin those discussions tomorrow evening, tonight however... Shall we have a glass of Royalty? It is newly imported from Spain, you won't find that in The Americas. I also want to hear just how you plan to deal with the Queen of Louisiana. Does she know you wish to be her Sheriff?"



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