Big Update - because it's been awhile!

Hadley has survived being turned by Queen Sophie-Anne. Andre still thinks Sookie should visit her cousin in New Orleans, Eric does not.

Gran survived being attacked by Rene, but Rene did not. She is recovering in hospital and Sookie is staying at Eric's house, as her kitchen is a little bloody. The previous evening, Sookie put Eric to bed, as he tried to stay awake a little too long.

Our Viking has woken up irritated and alone, speaking to Andre didn't help, but then...


...Sookie's ancient, noisy car had just pulled into his driveway.

Eric listened intently as Sookie walked around the corner of his house, she struggled a little with the lock and entered the kitchen. She called his name while putting something in the fridge.

Although strongly tempted to greet her dressed as he was, with tousled hair and only a towel around his shoulders, Eric decided that she might bolt. He decided on a slight adjustment and, as Sookie walked up the stairs, he tied the towel around his waist. It was large so reached past his knees but no longer hid his chest, considering himself in the walk-in's full length mirror Eric ran his fingers through his hair, slicking it back from his face. He was ready for an audience.

The double doors to the room had been left open and Sookie peered in cautiously.

"Sookie," Eric greeted her with a big grin, and he stepped into the room.

"Oh. I'm sorry!" She started and put her hands to her face.

"No matter. Tell me, how is your Grandmother? I have been worried."

Eric was sure that with such a request Sookie would not walk away, however her reply was very garbled. She said her Gran might be able to leave hospital the next day if she got a full nights rest, so her and Jason had been advised to leave her to sleep. She said Jason had seen their cleaned kitchen, so Sookie hurriedly thanked Eric for his help.

"I made the mess, I should arrange clean-up." Eric waved her thanks away, amused that Sookie was looking either to one side of him or at the floor. "Do you not want to look at me, Sookie?"

His visitor made a strange noise, but she slowly brought her gaze to him.

Eric knew he was not glamouring her, but Sookie certainly seemed hypnotised as she took a small step into the room. Her eyes focused on his chest, down to his stomach but then back to his eyes.

To Eric, it seemed, that she looked as hungry as a Vampire. He was determined not to scare her away, but wanted her to decide on the next move. Although after a long appraisal of each other, Eric was tempted enough to say, "Do you not want to step closer?"

Sookie looked away then; she turned her head and brought her hand to her mouth. There was a long, quiet moment.

She dropped her hand and looked back at him, a smile flitted across her face and she took the few paces that separated them. She reached up to his cool shoulders and her warmth flooded through him. Her lips met his and this time she was not nervous. Firm, heated lips pressed against his, opening slightly as if inviting him to explore.

Her fevered hands were moving, one to the back of his neck as if she could hold him to her, the other to his upper arm. He felt her fingers gripping tight.

Eric had a blur of three thoughts in his head. 'Don't let her go. Don't frighten her away. You need to talk to her.'

The last thought was fleeting and lost to him as Sookie pressed herself into his body. She didn't seem frightened.

Sookie hands began to travel further. Although one held tight to his arm, the hand that was at his neck, moved down to his chest, then around to his back. Eric felt a thrill as her fingers ran down his spine, they stopped at the towel that was just staying around his waist.

Sookie stopped the kiss, she dropped her forehead to his chest and dragged in a couple of breaths. Eric murmured in her ear, his lips just touching her skin. "Sookie, you should rest, it's been a busy day for you."

"I don't want to rest," she whispered.

"You don't?" Sookie's eyes locked with his as he asked. "Then what do you want?"

Again, she was nervous; a quick flick of her tongue to her lips told him that, it seemed that she she couldn't speak, but then her moves became bold.

She kissed him again, her eagerness clear and her hands travelling further than before. The towel around his waist seemed to no longer be a boundary, Eric was surprised when he felt her warm hands stroke his ass through the fabric. His fangs began to show, he was careful to make them drop slowly and not shock her. He murmured in her ear, telling her how good she felt against him, how much he wanted her, when he felt her hesitate and stiffen. "Sookie?"

"I'm nervous, I'm trying not to be," she said, avoiding his gaze. "I've never…"

As her words ran out Eric continued for her, "You have never made love before?"

"No, but I want to, I really do."

Eric could not help grinning at her determination, but Sookie faltered a little, "Will it hurt?"

His reply was a low growl in her ear, "Not the way I do it."

Sookie giggled, Eric enjoyed her reaction but she stepped away a little putting her hand over her mouth. "Sorry, I shouldn't be laughing."

"Yes you should, I want you to giggle and smile all night. Wait and see, this is fun." Forgetting for a moment that he didn't want to alarm her, Eric scooped Sookie up and dropped her on the bed, making her bounce and laugh all over again.

"So this is the most fun you can have with your clothes off?" She asked, looking up at him with a bright grin.

Eric realised she had altered a human saying that he had heard. "Exactly," he grinned, "But you are wearing too much." He made a quick assessment of her clothing; jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of white socks which would have been worn under training shoes that had been discarded downstairs.

Keeping his eyes on Sookie's face, Eric watched her changing emotions as he ran his hands down her legs. Once the socks were on the floor, he took a moment to massage the soles of her feet, pressing hard with his thumbs, making Sookie gasp and smile. He caressed her bare ankles, then progressed back up her jeans to lay beside her again.

Long kisses followed, Eric felt Sookie relax, he even relaxed himself. They lay pressed together, with his hand flat against the button of her jeans. He waited until she was arching herself up to his hand before he unbuttoned them. "You are sure?" he murmured.


Eric moved from her side and peeled the jeans down her legs, then stayed knelt by her knees, pleased with the sight of plain white panties and suntanned legs. Sookie pushed herself up onto her elbows and Eric nodded towards her. "Show me," he whispered.

At first she seemed hesitant, then Sookie pulled her t-shirt over her head revealing herself to Eric. Words spilled out of him as he complimented her beautiful breasts, he realised later that most of what he said she may not have understood. Together they removed her lacy bra that was blocking his affection, then Eric became quiet as he kissed the paler skin, taking one hardening nipple in his mouth and caressing the other. Sookie gasped and giggled, her fingers entwined in his hair.

It was a long while before Eric kissed Sookie on the mouth again, he lay beside her. "You are a beautiful creature, Sookie Stackhouse."

"There are many girls prettier than me, skinnier than me."

"Prettier? No. Skinnier, yes but that is not good. Every human has bones, why do they insist in showing them off?" Eric's hand was stroking Sookie's stomach, he felt it shake with her laughter at his comment, but he became more serious. "I want you to keep your eyes on mine. If you feel any pain, I will see it, I will stop. More importantly, I will see the pleasure in your eyes. That is what I want to see."

Sookie seemed short of breath, she nodded and kept her eyes on Eric's face as he ran his cool fingers along the top seam of her panties. After a moment of teasing, he slipped under the scant material and scratched at the curls beneath. He was about to go further, but Sookie stopped him. She hooked her fingers in the side of her underwear and wriggled them down her legs, before laying back down beside him and murmuring, "They were in the way!"

"So impatient." Eric grinned and placed his hand covering her blonde curls, with his fingers against the warm lips of her pussy. She seemed heated from within and her temperature rose as he began to play. Her body moved beneath his touch, slight sounds coming from her as she responded to him.

At first, Sookie lay on her back, enjoying the sensation of Eric's fingers exploring, then she twisted towards him, reaching down to pull away the towel that was stubbornly staying around Eric's waist. She seemed surprised when she first touched his hard cock, but she didn't hesitate. Eric broke his own rule and closed his eyes for moment, enjoying her warm fingers and their tentative touch.

When he opened his eyes again, hers were fixed on his. "Is this right?" She asked, "Is this good?"

Eric could only nod and smile, as he moved his body above hers. After a little adjustment, he held his hand around hers and together they guided the tip of his cock to her centre. He was careful as he moved forward, Sookie's eyes grew even wider and Eric paused, worried that he had hurt her. Her face almost frowned at his hesitation, she scratched at his back, urging him onward.

Eric knew she would be tight inside, but he found it easy to slip inside to her welcoming warmth. Gently he guided one of her legs up and around him, opening her further, he could feel her heel digging into his ass in her excitement.

"You're so deep inside me," she murmured.

"Where I always want to be," replied Eric, sounding just as wonderstruck as her. He was amazed at his own words. 'Always' was not a word Vampires used lightly.

Their rhythms matched, their eyes locked, they were together in this.

The excitement in Sookie's eyes, the eagerness of her body and the heat from inside her as she reached her orgasm, was enough to bring Eric his release. Elation and lust flooded through them.


Afterwards Sookie lay quietly in his arms. She lay her hand on his chest and it crossed his mind that she would only feel cool skin, but not a heartbeat. He had never considered that difference for a human before.

As Eric stayed motionless, his mind was working. He had to tell Sookie about Hadley and her relationship with his Queen, and what Sophie-Anne might want from Sookie. He realised that he might have seemed quiet, too quiet, as Sookie excused herself and made her way to the bathroom.

She did not seem comfortable walking naked across the room and returned in a huge, white bathrobe, that had been amongst the mountains of towels that Pam had bought for the house. When she returned, she perched on the edge of the bed, with the robe tight around her. This was the time; Eric had to speak, he sat up against the pillows.

"Could I ask you something?" Sookie interrupted his thoughts.

"Of course," replied Eric. He could hardly say 'No, I have something to tell you.'

"You didn't bite me..." Sookie's words tailed off.

"That's not really a question, Sookie." Eric grinned, but saw that Sookie still looked uncomfortable, so composed his next response with more care. "We do not have to feed during sex, although I suppose the two do often go hand in hand. I had just fed, so I was concentrating on you and your pleasure. Not feeding from you, certainly did not diminish my enjoyment or my desire for you... And the pretty blush in your cheeks is now making me think just how tasty you must be."

Eric had turned the conversation; now was not the time to discuss Hadley. Sookie was smiling and his fangs were just showing, as he gently tugged at the tie on her robe, pushing it back off her shoulders. "Now, my only problem is where to taste you."

He kissed her wrist, licking at the pulse that was racing just beneath the skin's surface. "Here is nice, but not very intimate," he murmured as he guided Sookie down on to her back. Brushing her tousled blonde hair away, he kissed her neck, inhaling her wonderful fresh scent. "Here may be a little clichéd? And although tempted, I shall not bite your beautiful, beautiful breasts. Where to try? Where to taste?"

Sookie giggled, as Eric kissed down her ribs and made a circle of kisses around her belly button, then he gave a small nip to her hip bone, careful not to break the skin and then settled between her legs, her pussy open to him.

Already Eric knew what would excite her and how she would react. He knew how to make her gasp and moan his name, and which movement would make her grip his hair tight. Eric's first taste of Sookie was not her blood, but of her eager pussy, ready to orgasm, ready to accept him again.

As she came close to climax, he continued teasing her with his fingers and a carefully placed thumb, but began to kiss the soft skin of her inner thigh. At her prefect moment, he bit. Her hot blood filled his mouth and slipped down his throat tasting of fresh lust, excitement and something more.

Eric's mind was blank as he fed.

Blood was his only thought. More blood. A memory stirred. No taste had ever been this good. Never. Just once. A similarity, from centuries ago.

'A Fairy! A fucking Fairy!'

She was a Fairy, or a part-Fae, writhing under his touch, gasping his name.

'Stop! Stop drinking. It's Sookie.'

Eric managed to stop, but never knew how. He licked at the wound, tasting fairy once more and somehow didn't begin to drink again.

Sookie's eyes were on his, she would never know how close she came to being drained. Did she know what she was? Surely not, no Fairy would willingly bed a Vampire and offer him her blood.

Eric decided that an enthusiastic Fairy in his bed was not an opportunity to be missed. He moved quickly, fast enough to make Sookie squeak in surprise, then laugh at herself. He was on his back with the fairy astride him, awaiting instruction. "Slip on to me, ride me," he growled like a Were and guided her onto his cock, then grabbed her ass to help her stay her in place. The Fairy fell forwards, her hands landing heavily on his chest. Had he been human, she would have knocked the breath from him.

Being ridden by a gleeful Fairy was not something Eric would forget, or be willing to lose.



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