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Quick Update: Eric has told Sookie he believes she is part-Fae, as well as filling her in on Hadley's relationship with Queen Sophie-Anne. Sookie has asked to speak to her cousin.


Eric set his phone on the coffee table and they began to wait.

"Do you think Hadley will want to talk to me?" Sookie asked.

"I think so. Although it is hard for me to imagine how she feels. Compared to how most of us were turned, this is a very different situation. There is no need for Hadley to hide from anyone who once knew her, she can be honest with you and Queen Sophie-Anne will want her to talk to you, so I am sure she will."

"And will you listen in? You can do that, right? Listen down a phone line."

"I can and I would prefer to listen, unless you do not want me to."

"That's fine, I suppose I'll want your opinion on how she's dealing with this."

Sookie did not seem inclined to talk further, so they fell quiet until she said angrily, "How am I supposed to know you're not hiding anything else? I wish you had told me everything sooner!"

"I only found out you were Fae tonight," Eric replied glibly, then he regretted snapping at her and continued with more care. "Once I had met you properly, I intended to tell you about Hadley many times. Something always got in the way. Most recently, of course, that Vampire-hater hurting your Grandmother."

He heard Sookie suck in a breath. "She would be dead, if not for you." She spoke quietly now and Eric only nodded in response. "Did you save her just so I would trust you more?"

Eric tried to hide the resentment in his voice. "I saved her because such an admirable woman did not deserve to be strangled by a hate-filled coward. I hope someday you will trust me without any persuasion." Sookie looked chastised and reached across the sofa to squeeze his hand.


When the phone rang, Sookie gave a start that Eric felt along the sofa.

He reached for the phone slowly, hoping that Sookie would take a second to compose herself.

Hadley sounded as nervous as any Vampire could. She did not worry about greetings, "Is Sookie with you?"

"She is right here..."

To Eric it seemed that their initial greeting was awkward. Hadley asked after Jason and her Grandmother, then Merlotte's and some other humans. It crossed Eric's mind that the young Vampire had made a mental list to prove she had not forgotten about her home or her people.

It was when Sookie asked Hadley how she was, that she began to open up.

"Are you happy?"

"So happy. It's incredible, Sookie. Too wonderful to describe. I always thought I could see, but humans can't, not really. I can see everything now, in such detail." Hadley took a breath before she continued speaking, Eric had to hide a smile, that was a hard habit to lose. "It's a beautiful world, Sookie. When I first saw the night sky, I was so amazed. The colours. The stars are so bright. I can see the mountains on the moon. Sophie-Anne laughed at me on my first night, but even she couldn't tear my attention away from the sky..."

"But you'll never see the sun again," Sookie interrupted.

"I was never the one of us that suited a tan." Hadley teased her cousin gently.

Sookie seemed to struggle with what to say next. "And your Queen? Is she good to you?"

"Oh, yes. She's wonderful, I can't wait for you to meet her."

For the first time since the beginning of the call, Sookie looked up at Eric, her eyes wide and worried.

Unaware, Hadley continued happily, "But it's not just Sophie-Anne, many of her children are based in New Orleans. I have a huge family now. They've been really supportive and helped me when it gets difficult."

"I'm happy for you," said Sookie, sounding quite unhappy.

"It's strange, Sookie," Hadley carried on. "Everyone is so strong, so fast. I'm the youngest by at least a century, so in comparison I'm not much stronger than a human." She sighed and Eric scowled in confusion, this was an odd thing for a new Vampire to be complaining about. "I think I can work on it though... get stronger. I've taken advice."

Worried now, Eric darted to his desk in the lounge, grabbed a notepad and pen, and wrote a note for Sookie. 'Is Sophie-Anne with her? Keep her talking about getting stronger.'

Sookie looked a little startled at Eric's reaction and hesitated before saying, "I couldn't get the top off the jam jar this morning, so I hope you're not complaining!"

"No, no. No complaints." Hadley laughed along with Sookie, but both seemed a little false.

"What are your plans for tonight? Is your Queen with you?"

"Sophie-Anne is with Andre next door. You won't believe how busy she is, they are planning her diary, but then she's free later tonight."

Eric was pleased with Sookie's reaction to his request, but the conversation was awkward now, he understood why with Hadley's next comment. "Sookie, I'm sorry. I really have to go... I need to feed."


"I'll call again soon. You'll have to come visit." Hadley did not sound at all convincing, but then her manner change entirely. "Oh! She's on her way!"

Eric heard Queen Sophie-Anne enter and Hadley greet her. Sookie realised Hadley was no longer listening to her, she shrugged, rolling her eyes.

When Hadley told her maker she was going to feed, Eric made a quick decision. He gestured to the phone and Sookie handed it over. He spoke very clearly, "Excuse me for interrupting your Majesty, but may I speak with you?"

"Eric?" Queen Sophie-Anne spoke into the phone sounding a little amused. "I will be with you in a moment, Sheriff." She turned her attention to Hadley, telling her to feed well and that she would see her soon. Eric then heard high heels on wooden flooring as Hadley hurried away.

"We haven't had chance to talk since you became Sheriff, tell me: What is the news on Sookie Stackhouse?"

"She is well, your majesty. She is right here, happy to have spoken to her cousin, but there was something in the conversation that worried me."

"You are worried about Hadley?" The Queen clarified, she sounded tense already.

"I am. During her conversation with Miss Stackhouse, I became concerned as Hadley discussed getting stronger. I know of no way for a Vampire to get stronger, other than ageing and feeding. Hadley said she had assistance, I was worried she may have been led astray."

"You wish to warn me about my child?" The Queen's voice turned to ice.

Carefully, Eric continued, "I hope I have not overstepped my bounds. Hadley is a charming addition to your court, I would hate to hear of anything happening to her while she is so young."

Queen Sophie-Anne was silent for a long moment and Eric just had to hope he hadn't offended her. Finally she spoke. "I have not spent a great deal of time with my youngest since her first night. She has been delighting everyone, but it is possible she has found someone who does not have good intentions."

"I am sure this is a situation you can easily resolve."

"Yes. I thank you for your concern." The Queen finally softened, just a little. "I have arranged to spend tonight with Hadley, she calls it 'quality time'. I will discuss this matter with her."

Eric grinned in relief, at his side Sookie was scowling, trying to work out the conversation as she could only hear one side of it.

"And Hadley's little cousin? When are you bringing her to me?" Sophie-Anne continued, which stopped Eric's smile.

"With Hadley being so young it seemed sensible to wait until she could cope with a visit better."

"But Hadley will not be young forever, Sheriff."

Eric sensed another change of tone, alarmed he reached for the paper he had used earlier and wrote: 'Are you mine? Let me protect you.' Sookie stared at the paper but did not make any response.

The Queen continued. "I'm sure you know that Miss Stackhouse is talented. Such a talent should not be wasted in Area Five."

'Please' wrote Eric, at last Sookie looked at him, her beautiful blue eyes full of worry. Carefully he squeezed her hand, she had to agree, he couldn't let her go to New Orleans unprotected. He wanted her to be safe, he wanted her to be his.

Finally Sookie nodded, despite the awkward situation he was about to put himself in with his Queen, Eric smiled as her slender fingers squeezed his hand. 'Concentrate' he thought to himself, he had to make this right.

"I do agree," he began. "But I believe such a talent should not be risked in New Orleans."

"What you think is not relevant, Sheriff."

"I have claimed her, your Majesty."

"Claimed her! Northman, I did not tell you to bed the girl. She just needed to be introduced to us. You have obviously made sure she is comfortable with our ways, so she can come to New Orleans straight away."

"Sookie Stackhouse is mine. I must protect her."

"There is no need for you to do this Eric. She will be taken care of here."

"I am very fond of her, your Majesty. If you need her to come to New Orleans, I would want to come with her."

"You are required in your area."

"I do understand, but Sookie will be more effective if her talent is kept quiet. If she travels as my companion, we can keep her telepathy a secret. Humans will guard their thoughts in front of the Queen's telepath, but not when meeting a Sheriff's companion. Indeed, if there is just one person you need Sookie to listen to, that person can be brought here to Area Five under the pretext of talking to me, then Sookie could help you without being at any risk."

"Those are excellent ideas Sheriff, but obviously I know you have made up all these reasons just to keep Miss Stackhouse safe and in your area. She must be quiet enchanting."

"Sookie is valuable to both of us, she should be kept safe." As he spoke Eric looked at Sookie, she seemed to be holding her breath, her face showing the tension of the moment. He ran his thumb over her knuckles, trying to calm her while concentrating on his conversation.

"I agree that Miss Stackhouse should stay away from New Orleans until Hadley is controlled enough to meet her. If possible, I will even agree to humans coming to Shreveport to be listened to."

Eric began to thank her, but was quickly cut off.

"Of course, Sookie will have to come here eventually, and when she does, as she is travelling as your companion, you will take care of her expenses. I would have expected to pay well for the services of a telepath, but as I can no longer call her my telepath I do not intend to pay either. You can deal with that too."

Queen Sophie-Anne did not hear Eric's agreement to her terms, as she had already ended the call.


Sookie's eyes were wide with alarm, he smiled to try and calm her but did not quiet succeed.

"What's happening? What did she say? Is Hadley OK?" As Sookie spoke Eric pulled her astride his lap and held her close. "Eric!" she cried with more urgency, but the verbal sparring had excited him, not as much as a good fight, but he still wanted to celebrate. The phone call had been financially expensive, but Sookie was safe and a secret.

"Kiss me first, then we'll talk." Eric insisted, as he ran his hands along her denim clad thighs. Sookie leaned in for a quick kiss, but Eric held her to him and there was nothing quick about the kiss. His tongue invaded her warm mouth as he pressed her body against his.

Remembering the taste of her blood, his lips moved to her throat, he could feel the blood pulsing below the fragile skin.

It took a moment to realise that Sookie was thumping on his shoulders, "You have to tell me!"

"I will," he growled.

"Now Eric please, kisses later..." Sookie didn't seem angry, but exasperated.

Eric gave her a rueful grin, "Of course. Hadley first?"

"Yes please…"

"She is fine. I was worried about her plans to get stronger, but Queen Sophie-Anne is speaking to her tonight and I am sure all will be well. The Queen didn't even seem too offended that I got involved."

Sookie pursed her lips, "I didn't think of that. I suppose it's like telling a mother her daughter's doing something she shouldn't, they might get uppity."

Watching her lips move, Eric was a little entranced, but he replied, "Yes but a Vampire Queen might be a more dangerous than just 'uppity'."

"Well, thank you for helping my cousin."

"I was happy to help. She is one of us now."

"Yeah. I suppose."

Eric's big hands ran up and down Sookie's thighs. She was still sitting astride him, on his knee and he was entirely distracted, wanting her closer, wishing they were not in jeans. His hands moved to her luscious bottom and moved her forward a little, but Sookie was not to be dissuaded from her questions.

She planted a hand on his chest. "You still have to tell me what the Queen said about me."

"Soon..." Eric mumbled as he moved to kiss her.

"You promised to tell me." Sookie said as she leaned back away from him, far enough away for Eric to feel he needed to put a hand on her back to stop her falling backwards.

His mind was elsewhere but Eric decided to tell Sookie what Queen Sophie-Anne said as quickly as possible, then he could get back to his more pressing plans.

"She was not exactly pleased that I have claimed you, but she has accepted it. Also she has agreed to keep your talent a secret, that will keep you safe. Obviously Hadley knows and the Queen's eldest child, Andre, but both can be trusted. You may need to act as if you cannot hear anyone..."

"I'm pretty good at that..." Sookie interrupted dryly.

"Of course," Eric smiled. "Secrecy will keep you safe. And you will be safest here in Shreveport, where the Queen has agreed you may stay."

"Oh, well... that's good of her."

Eric tried hard to ignore the sarcasm. "This is good news, Sookie."

A heavy sigh was her only reply. Eric resisted snapping at her and tried to work out what was wrong, and how to make it better. She had been through a lot tonight, but she had coped with Longshadow and the Rattray's better than this. As she sat above him he studied her face, her eyes were not as bright as usual; they looked heavy. She was tired. Of course, that was it. In other situations she had been frightened and so full of adrenalin, now after a long night of conversation, she was exhausted.

"You need to sleep," he said.

"Yeah, busy day tomorrow, I have to collect Gran."

"Of course, I am sure you will feel better when she is home."

Eric was pleased that he managed to make her smile, so he continued. "Will you sleep with me? In my safe place?"

Her eyes slid away from his gaze. "I don't know, I don't know if I can trust you now."

It crossed Eric's mind that if she really didn't trust him, then she shouldn't be sat upon his knee while telling him that. "Do you think I will hurt you? Drain you?"

"No, not that." Sookie went silent.

"There are no more secrets, Sookie."

"I just need a bit of time."

Eric had plenty of time to spare, he nodded in reply and added, "When I am sleeping is it me that needs to trust you. I am the vulnerable one, but I still ask you to sleep next to me."

After a pause, Sookie nodded, then began to move back off Eric's knee. He was tempted to sweep her up and take her down stairs, but he remembered that she might not like that, so took her hand instead.


Once they reached his downstairs room, Eric realised that Sookie was keeping back by the door. He turned the lighting low and set the alarm on his watch for her.

In the big drawers under the bed he had stored thick blankets, just in case he needed them to hide from the sun, he took one out and placed it at the bottom of the bed so Sookie could use it if she found the room too cool.

Still Sookie stood back. Eric reminded himself that tonight had been her first time, there was no reason why she should not still be a little nervous.

He did not want to go to his daily sleep unprepared again, so took off his jeans and t-shirt and placed them on the chest of drawers at the far side of the room. Naked, he got into bed, moving to the side by the wall so Sookie could join him. Her eyes were on him, so he drew the blankets up, but only as far as his waist and left his chest bare for her to see.

"Are you changing your mind?" Eric asked. He meant the question to be teasing, but as he said it he realised how much he wanted her to be here.

"No, I'll stay." Sookie's voice was low, but determined. She sat on the edge of the bed, with her back to Eric as she wriggled out of her jeans, then pulled her t-shirt over her head. She stood to place her clothes on Eric's and turned to see his eyes still on her.

Eric sat up and reached out to her, "I'll help you with the rest." He expected her to be shy, dressed only in her pretty underthings, but she was bold now.

"I think I can manage," she announced.

Eric watched her with a thrill as she unfastened her bra and drew it down her arms. Sookie kept eye contact with him the whole time, it was Eric that broke his own rule, as he looked at her luscious breasts longingly. Maybe it was Eric's steady gaze that boosted her confidence, but Sookie wriggled out of her panties quickly and hopped into bed beside him.

Eric lifted the covers over her and with the same arm pulled her close to him. "You seem to trust me now?"

"I do, here." As she spoke Sookie pointed at the pillow between them. "I trust you here."

Eric acted as if he was grumbling. "Maybe we should stay here then."

"Maybe," Sookie smiled as she kissed him.

Her warmth enveloped him, as she pressed herself close to his body. Sookie's confidence seemed high, so Eric decided to let her take the lead and he relaxed to enjoy her inquisitive hands wandering over his chest. As she changed direction to stroke his back and bottom, he mirrored her moves, and was pleased to see her smile in appreciation.

Eric's fangs were beginning to show, and as she gently caressed his cock, he let them down to their full extent. Sookie grinned as if victorious and she kissed him without showing fear of his fangs.

As Eric let his hands wonder over Sookie's excited body, she became more eager and impatient. She took one of his hands in hers and placed his fingers amongst her gold curls.

"Greedy..." murmured Eric, as he began to tease her.

"I've waited a long time for this," was Sookie's explanation, she reached to his shoulder to try tug him onto to her. Eric didn't resist. There were many positions to be tried, but this was probably the simplest for Sookie's first night.

He used one arm to brace himself above her and one hand to tease. She was certainly ready for him. Sookie's hands were scratching at his waist and ass to try and force him into her, but Eric delayed, just a little.

Holding his hard cock, he brushed against her eager opening, and smiled as Sookie struggled to accept him.

"Invite me in." Eric grinned.

Sookie made a noise much like 'pfft' and Eric backed off, so she quickly offered the invite he wanted but did not need. "Mr Northman, won't you please come in?"

Eric's reply was a fangy grin, as carefully, but surely, he slipped inside her.

Her heat almost overwhelmed him, but her gaze connected with his and they began to move together with one goal.

Eric told her again how much he wanted her, how he would keep her safe, that this was just the beginning of their time together.

Sookie proved eager to learn, she bombarded Eric with questions; "Is this good?" "Do you like this?" "Can you you feel it when I squeeze inside?" Everything she tried was blissful, Eric was excited that she was certainly not just along for the ride.

The last thing he expected was for Sookie to her to tip her head back and offer him her throat, just as the panic of her orgasm began to take over. A taste of her lust filled blood was enough to send him to a euphoric climax with her.


As they rested together, Eric licked at the little wounds he had caused on Sookie's neck. He had no wish to mark her, or waste a drop of her precious blood.

Sleep was about to take him, and he was too relaxed to stop it. He let Sookie know that the sun was about to rise, "But I will speak to you tomorrow evening. And I will see you very soon."

"You can come visit Gran. I will need to tell her about us... and about Hadley."

"I will be with you for that." Eric promised.

Sookie nodded and thanked him.

Eric wanted to reassure her further. "We will make this work, Sookie. Sleep well, my lover, my fairy."


Sookie watched as Eric died for the day. His eyes still open as the daylight took him. Carefully she ran her hand over his eyes and closed them. Softly she repeated his words, "We will make this work. Sleep well, my lover, my vampire."



The End.



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