Title: A Demigod's Tale
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Percy Jackson "Reading the Books" Fic
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T, for safety.
Percabeth with touches of other pairings; Frank/Hazel, Jasper, Tratie, etc. No Thalico.
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Third Person
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Reading "The Last Olympian"
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Entire "The Last Olympian"


A Percy Jackson Fanfiction


Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson in any way, shape, or form.

Percy blinked in complete and utter confusion. Last he checked, he and Annabeth had been falling down the pits of Tartarus, not sitting in a room with a billion (exaggeration, obviously) other kids and a few adults around him.

Apparently, everyone had been materialized there just as suddenly, too. They instantly erupted into panicked shouts and screams, which made Percy wince and plug his ears.

Demigod-enhanced senses, no matter how slight, were no fun when there was a cacophony of noise. Like right then.

"Everyone, shut up!"

His words echoed through the air, shutting up every person that was freaking out and pretty much freezing them in place.

Sighing in relief, Percy removed his hands from his ears. Then he realized that everyone was looking at him. "Um, hi." His eyes widened as he realized that he knew the people in the room. Most of them, anyway. There were some people from Camp Half-Blood, a few from Camp Jupiter, and most from his high school.

What in Hades…

"Seaweed Brain," a certain someone muttered from beside him. He turned and grinned, enveloping the daughter of Athena in a hug.

"Wise Girl," he returned, looking her over. She was covered in cobwebs just like he was, scratched and dirty, with a bubble wrap cast around her leg.

It was like something had just randomly sucked them out of Tartarus while they'd tumbled down the endless abyss and plopped them somewhere else.

"Percy!" the Greek demigods chorused, rushing forward and leaving the students and adults (teachers, Percy realized. They were his student peers and his teachers) standing dumbfounded.

He let out a surprised yelp of pain when Thalia punched him hard in the shoulder as a greeting. Rubbing the area of abuse, he muttered, "Glad to see you too, Pinecone Face."

"It didn't hurt, Kelp Head. You have the curse of Achilles," she retorted, sounding a little exasperated. Percy smirked.

"Actually, I don't." Thalia gaped at him.

"What- I didn't even think that it was possible to get rid of that curse! How?"

"Well, it's a long story, but you see-"

"Greeks!" Octavian shrieked, cutting off Percy's explanation as he scrambled up to his feet. "The Greeks are here! Kill them! Kill them all!"

Both sides tensed, all reaching for their respective weapons.

Before anything else could happen, three ancient-looking ladies materialized in the room, knitting socks and sending everyone into a brief moment of shock and panic. Demigods in particular reeled backwards, cringing. Percy recognized them and frowned slightly, wondering why they were here.

The three Fates looked around. "Demigods, legacies, Oracle, and mortals," one of them began. Said mortals looked pretty confused. They were probably wondering what was meant by 'demigods', 'legacies' and 'oracle'. "It has come to our attention that Gaea has planned to rid of the Mist." Demigods began to mutter.

"Her plan is to cause chaos and confusion," the second continued. "And she would have succeeded. The mortals would become suspicious of the demigods and attempt to destroy them along with the gods."

"Gaea would have no trouble rising after that," the last of the Fates finished. She paused in her knitting to take out a book from the folds of her clothes. "Our only hope is this meeting."

"Yes. The mortals will learn of our world, soon. Better it here, in peace, than elsewhere, in the wars to come."

"Do not fret. The outside world's time has been frozen. Until you finish the book, none of you may leave."

"All demigods must introduce themselves and their parentage.

"The Greeks and Romans must have peace."

"That is why both of you are here."

"Stop your war!"

"Gaea is a more important matter."

With that, the Fates vanished. The book remained, floating in the midair.

For a moment, everyone was silent. Then, Percy stood.

"I guess I'll start," he shrugged. Whispers rippled through the large crowd.

"Percy Jackson?" one of the mortals asked. "Is that you?"

He smiled. "Yup, in the flesh." The whispers increased. "Anyways, hi, I'm Percy, in case you didn't know that, but I'm pretty sure that all of you do. My father is Poseidon."

"What?! Poseidon doesn't exist!" many of the teachers and students shouted in protest. Paul, of course, just stood by with an amused look on his face, probably relishing in the fact that he knew something the others didn't, for a change.

"Actually, Poseidon does exist," Annabeth interrupted as she stood, glaring at the ones who had called out. Most of them shrunk under her sharp, scathing gaze. "And the other Greek gods are real as well. I'm Annabeth, daughter of Athena."

One by one, the demigods stood and introduced themselves. Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Nico, Leo, Piper, and the Stolls represented the Greek gods, while Jason, Frank, Hazel, Octavian, Reyna, Gwen, Dakota, and Bobby were there from the Roman side. Rachel Elizabeth Dare explained who she was as well.

"How about we separate everyone to make things a little easier?" Annabeth suggested once Rachel finished and sat down. "Romans on the left side, mortals in the center, and Camp Half-Blood on the right?"

"It'll decrease our chances of fighting," Frank agreed, glancing uneasily at Reyna, Octavian, Dakota, Gwen, and Bobby.

A few minutes later, everyone was settled. The students seemed to be just about exploding with questions, not that the teachers were any better, but they managed to shush everyone momentarily. Still, a few daring students tried to pester the demigods. Once they realized that they weren't getting any answers, they reluctantly shut up.

Percy went to the book and plucked it from the air. A stool materialized beside him, indicating that the reader was supposed to sit there. He looked out to the audience. "Hey, Paul," he called. "Do you mind reading? You're the English teacher, after all, and I'm dyslexic."

"Sure," he answered, going to the head of the gathered crowd as Percy went back to his girlfriend and sat on the carpeted ground beside her.

"Wait," one of Goode's teachers interrupted. "You knew about all this, Paul?"

"Of course," the he replied mischievously. "Through Percy."

"And my mom, Sally," added the said son of Poseidon. "She knows, too."

"How come?" the teacher inquired.

"She can see through the Mist, which is apparently going away soon."

"What's the Mist?"

"Wait and see!"

Paul cleared his throat to get everyone's attention and opened the book, flipping a couple pages. He glanced at the page for a moment before smiling.

"Chapter one of The Last Olympian, I Go Cruising With Explosives," he read. The mortals and Romans looked at him strangely, but the Greek demigods chuckled with laughter at the title before realizing what the chapter was about.

They instantly became solemn.

This is going to be a long day, Percy thought with an internal groan, recalling all the different depressing and stupid events that had taken place.

Paul grinned at his stepson before continuing.

DragonAce1999: I'm sorry! *hides behind Backjack* I swear I'm working on Guild of Chaos, and I can even picture the scenes in my head, but I ran into a little block, so I'm working on this in my free time. It's also why the quality of this story will be below my other stories; this one has not been typed and retyped and deleted and typed again.

Thanks for reading... I'll try to get the next chapter done ASAP.

Published: 4/14/13
Updated: 7/11/13