Zeus got an hungry look in his eye. "And pray tell daughter, what do you get out of this?" Athena responded swiftly. "I get to keep him away from my daughter, Annabeth. Permanently." Zeus smiled. "Tell me your plan daughter."


Athena with Zeus

"I have reviewed the life of the new son of Poseidon. He is weak in his powers for a son of Poseidon." Athena responded. "His mother did not know Poseidon true identity. When she became pregnant and informed Poseidon, Poseidon disappeared and his mother always put blame on her son for Poseidon's disappearance."

"His mother wasn't the most caring mother... Like almost all demigods he hasn't the easiest life, he suffers from ADHD and Dyslexia. He's been kicked out of multiple schools and have been unable to hold onto any form friendships and even worse when it comes to romantic relationships."

Zeus raised an eyebrow wondering where Athena was going with this.

"He holds a deep resentment for all those around him. Too his mother he has always been a troubled child and he could never live up to his own or her expectations. I believe the child fatal flaw is envy. We can cultivate this to our advantage." Athena stopped talking.

"And how do we do that daughter?" Zeus finally spoke up.

"He will join camp half-blood next year. In the meantime, we let Poseidon train him" Zeus eyes darkened at the prospect, but Athena quickly continued. "in non-Power combat. We make him take an oath to not reveal his training. This will make him feel special and it will also keep the training from campers and other gods. We build him up. Make him believe that he is special. At the end of training we allow Poseidon personally escort his son to Camp Half-Blood."

Athena stopped. Zeus narrowed his eyes with a curious look in his eyes. "Daughter, are you certain he will not become a threat to me?" Athena nodded "As I mentioned he is weak for a demigod. He does not have much more power than a mortal. This is why I suggested he only be trained in combat and non-power. I do not want Poseidon to be aware of his sons lack of power over water. Also Poseidon training James will strengthen the bond he shares with James, something Perseus didn't get the chance to do."

Zeus nodded. He was glad for that. He wouldn't want Poseidon or anyone from Poseidon realm teaching a demigod child of the sea there demigod abilities. It would gave the demigod in question a huge advantage.

"I suppose this isn't all you have planned, daughter?" Athena shook her head before smiling. "No, of course not. He spent a year secretly training, which Perseus didn't even get. When James goes to camp, he will see how the campers react towards his brother and he won't be able to help but want it for himself."

Athena pulled a ring box out of her pocket and flipped it open. Inside was a ring with a tiny yellow stone inlay. "That is where this comes in..." Athena smiled. "A ring?" Zeus questioned confused.

"Not just any ring. A ring containing some power of Dolos." Zeus stepped back, looking at Athena betrayed. Athena knowing what Zeus was thinking spoke up. "I swear on River Styx, I haven't used the ring, or had anybody else use it."

Zeus relaxed a bit, but there was still tension in his shoulders.

"We gave James the ring with instructions on how to use the ring through notes. He, nor anybody else will never know it was us and once Percy Jackson is ran out of camp, we will retrieve the ring."

Zeus was still weary. Dolos power and the power infused in this ring could trick gods and even titans. Zeus spoke his concerns. "And what stops him from using the ring on us?"

"We know he has the ring, that renders the ring useless. Also we will be watching him closely at camp. If he tries to turn campers against Olympus using trickery and Deception. Then we will reveal him as a traitor and expose him with the ring."

Athena smiled followed by Zeus. They kept talking for few hours discussing plans and going further into detail and how Zeus will come off as supporting Perseus when it all goes wrong for young Perseus.

Zeus POV

August 19th, 1971

(Day after Victory and Meeting with Athena)

"I Zeus, King of Gods summon Poseidon to my court." I then threw some lightening in the sky for good measure.

Moments later Poseidon showed up. "What is it brother. Why have you summoned me." I smiled at my brother. "I called you here to speak about your new son." I was interrupted. "DON'T YOU DARE TRY HARM MY SON."

"I wouldn't think of it. I think your new son is going to play an important role for Olympus." He instantly calmed down... Fool, always too trusting. My dear naive brother... You're going to make this too easy.

"Really?" Poseidon asked. "Yes. You heard what Apollo said before you mentioned your new son. I repeat 'I have a feeling a Son of Poseidon will play a changing factor of Olympus'. Do you not remember?"

My brother squinted his eyes, remembering. "Yes, I remember. You think he meant James?" Oh yes! I think he meant James... Just not in the same way you think. Of course I couldn't say that to Poseidon. So I responded. "It makes sense. You mentioned your new son just before Apollo sprouted that line. Perseus has already shown power being your child. I have a feeling James has the potential to be even better and bring your house great honour. I believe the council will be offering him godhood one day."

Poseidon smiled a huge elated smile. "I'm glad we able to set aside our differences, brother. What is it you wanted to talk about?"

"I want you to take James to Atlantis and train him in combat using weapons, until next Summer when he will join Camp Half-Blood. I require you to swear an oath on River Styx, not to mention this to anyone outside of Atlantis and also have James take an oath not to mention anything about his training. I don't want other gods and goddesses coming to ask me to train a child of theirs."

Poseidon looked at me with a confused look before speaking up. "That is a very kind offer, brother. I have to ask... Why are you being so accommodating? What about Perseus? Why can't I train James in his powers?"

I laughed and cut him off. "Train him in his powers, you know I can't allow that. As for Perseus, he has faced gods and titans and came out victorious. Perseus doesn't require any training and he will not know about the training sessions James receives. Why am being so accommodating? One of your sons has already saved Olympus and I believe James will be playing a role in the future for Olympus. I want him prepared."

My brother still looked uncertain. I decided a little push would help. "Poseidon, how old is James?" I asked. I already knew the answer.

"He is 14, almost 15." Ha! Almost 15 and he hasn't had any monsters after him. "Well, Perseus started training at the age of 12. Your son is 15, the campers will expect him to be somewhat decent after Perseus recent deeds. He has a lot to live up to." I exclaimed.

Poseidon face cleared. "Alright brother. I understand. I will take James to Atlantis and see his is trained in combat fighting without powers. Then I will see he gets to Camp Half-Blood next summer."

I smirked. "You know for the brother of the savour, I will allow you to personally escort James to camp and present him to the campers as your son." Just going like Athena planned.

Poseidon looked elated with the idea. "Thank you brother. I will go get James now and take him to Atlantis. Bye"

Poseidon flashed out. I laughed. That went better than expected.

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