Get out of my head.

Luigi turned in bed, pushing his face into the pillow.

"Why should I? This is an insult, you should be delighted that I care enough to stick around."

If you cared a millimeter about me, you'd leave my mind.

"Oh, poor Luigi just can't accept that he is, and always will be, Mr. L."

No.. No, I am Luigi. Go away... please.

"You are a weakling, you've been a shell of your former self since Mario was first saving worlds while he was still in diapers. Don't you want to be more? Don't you want L-POWEERR?"

Luigi slammed his fist down on his mattress.

I am not weak. I'm just polite.

"Where will that get you in life? I may be elegant, charming, and handsome, but I know how to win."

Luigi turned to his side, staring at the wall.

I've accomplished things, too.

"Name one time where you did something without your brother's help."

I... I saved him from King Boo and faced my fears.

"And he deserved that for fighting him in the casino. Name another."

I saved Princess Eclair...

"You exaggerated every detail of that 'adventure' to make yourself sound better. Note that your 'heroics' took place while Mario was once again, saving the world."

How am I supposed to tell you, if you won't listen?

"Here's an idea; listen to me! I can help you win, if you'll just come to terms with yourself."

Luigi slipped out of bed, and took a good look in his mirror. He saw him in his pajamas, of course. Yes... everything's alright... you're still you. The next thing he knew, however, he saw Mr. L hiding behind Luigi's reflection. The younger Mario Bro. slammed his foot on the ground. "Get away from me! I'm not you, you're not even real!"

His darker side appeared next to him, see through and his form flickering. "If I'm not real, why are you still talking to me?"

Luigi sighed and crawled back under the covers.

"Just accept the Green Thunder, L. It could be better in the long run."

"I'd rather be the lesser brother than you, you f-fiend."

Just keep telling yourself that. Oh, whats that I hear? Mario saving the Princess again, making new friends, getting a little bit more famous with each and every fart he lets loose. Don't kid yourself.

"I... Mario needs me. Without me, he'd be... just the brother."

"His name is that of the company. He's the glory hog, you know. Daisy's not even in love with you, she just relishes that rich, famous Mario bloodline of yours since your brothers taken."