Hi guys! This is a new one I just wrote. I've written a lot of Harry Potter fanfiction (Most of which I haven't published), but I've been absolutely obsessed with Pokemon at the moment. I blew through all 80 episodes of season 1 in about 5 days, haha. So, because I ship them so hard, I decided to write a Pokeshipping (Ash x Misty) fic.
I couldn't give you an exact age, but they are pretty young here, I'd say 11/12ish? In any case, Brock is there, so you get the picture. I know it's weird to write a fanfiction about them when they're so young, but it just felt right to have them at that age, I suppose, when they're just discovering their sexuality. You can't question the way a writer thinks. ;)
So, without further ado...

Ash awoke, his breathing ragged. Why had he awoken? He felt startled. His eyes adjusted to the darkness, and his ears picked up the sounds of the cold wind, whipping around the tent. He wrapped his sleeping bag around him more tightly and hugged Pikachu closer in an attempt to conserve some warmth, looking around for what had woken him. Then he heard it again, a whisper. 'Ash...'. Who was it? He knew he recognized her voice. He looked around again and saw two cerulean eyes staring at him from the darkness. Misty.
'Misty? What are you-' She cut him off.
'Ash, I can't sleep, I can't ever sleep. I'm just thinking, the thoughts constantly swirling round my head, taunting me, I'm always thinking, it never stops. Even during the day when we're busy and I should be able to take my mind off it and think of other things, I can't, I never can!' A single tear rolled down her face.
'Why are you crying?' Ash was confused, to say the least.
'Don't you see?!' she contined in a harsh whisper. 'Of course you don't, you never see. Ash Ketchum, the boy who is blind to everything.' She laughed mirthlessly. 'Oh, Ash, the things that I see, things that you'd never dream of, I lie awake at night just thinking, and I think of the future and how cold and empty it will be if you don't just see!'
Ash was starting to get worried now. 'Misty, what are you talking about? See what?'
She shook her head and sniffled, looking down. 'Is this what I've come to? Confessing my feelings in the middle of the night to the boy who I've known for so long but know so little about?' She looked him in the eye. 'Because that's what I'm doing. Telling you how I feel.'
Ash's mind was racing. His heart pounded. He realized that the distance between them had gotten shorter. Their noses were almost touching. 'Misty...' He whispered, unsure of what was going to happen next.
Misty gulped. She couldn't quite believe that she had just said all that to him. She was just about to leave, run and pretend it had never happened when he whispered a single word. Her name. His breath ghosted against her lips and she realized just how truly close they were. She rested her forehead against his and sighed. 'Ash...'
Suddenly, his lips were on hers and they were kissing. It was short and inexperienced, but to them it was perfect. They broke apart and smiled tentatively at one another. Then, they heard Brock's voice out of the dark.

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