Ahem, so, I was bored and…made this up. It was supposed to be a short drabble of the sudden kiss Aomine gave Kagami buuuuuuuuuut, I extended it unconsciously.

Enjoys the short fluff~

'Ah, damn. So sleepy..' was what kept playing in Kagami's head. The day before, they did some extreme practice and as for yesterday, well, still the same minus 100 squats in the pool. Kagami tried to keep his eyes open but why was he trying so hard? Even Kuroko was already laying on his desk, napping soundly like a dead log. But that was because he did not have any trouble with the current subject the teacher was teaching — Japanese. Kagami sucked at Kanji and if he were to sleep, either the coach or the teacher or both of them will murder him. A yawn left his lips as he stared blankly at the blackboard.

Surprisingly, Kagami's surrounding was quiet and boring enough to let a person fall into deep slumber. Everything was calm until, the door was furiously slid open. The Seirin's number 10 jerked up slightly from the palm he was resting on as he stared at the tall, sun-kissed, muscular male at the door, so did everyone in the class. The said male scanned the classroom before his gaze finally landed on his 'prey' — Kagami Taiga. It sent chills down Kagami's spine the moment their eyes locked. As the 'predator' was making his way through the tables, the whole class started to murmur.

"Why is a Touou student here?"

"Shouldn't he be in class?"

"What is he trying to do?"

Aomine ignored every ounce of the annoying mumbles and slammed his palms on Kagami's table the moment he reached it. The bluenette stared into the widened eyes of Kagami's and before he could get out his voice, aforementioned bluenette leaned down and gave a sweet smooch on the red haired teen's lips. The kiss lasted for about five seconds before Aomine pulled away with a contented smirk, leaving Kagami gawking in awe. The bluenette then excused himself from the classroom without saying a word.

"A-Alright, let's continue with our lesson." The teacher cleared her throat and announced before going on with her teaching. Surprised and curious students were forced to stay with an uncomfortable feeling, dangling inside of them. The teacher was annoyed for disturbing her class but at the same time grateful for what Aomine had done. For once, Kagami was not trying to nod off while in her class but she never knew, Kagami's heart and soul was long gone from the classroom after the sudden kiss.

'What the hell…' Kagami placed a palm on his lips as he leaned on it, his face burning brightly while he tried to search for a logical explanation to the kiss.

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