Oliver and Tommy were discussing a new theme night to get more business in the club when an old friend walked into Verdant.

"Ollie, Tommy!" the man said in a booming voice, giving them a hug.

"Bruce, what are you doing in town?" Tommy asked as he hugged him back.

"Well, one of my friends comes back from being trapped on an island, and I figured I needed to come and say hi." Bruce said as he chuckled.

"I came back almost a year ago, Bruce. A little late to the party, aren't you?" Oliver asked smirking.

Bruce just laughed and went into some long winded excuse about traveling and work and girlfriends. Tommy and Oliver just brushed off his answer. Afterall, they didn't expect much from the man who acted like they used to act five years ago. They talked for another fifteen when the door to Verdant opened. Felicity walked into the club and was in a seemingly deep conversation with Diggle. Oliver took a moment to appreciate how her bright fuchsia sweater and dark pencil skirt seemed to hug all her curves. She really was beautiful, something she seemed unaware of.

"What is this? A meeting of the billionaire boys club?" Felicity asked cheekily upon seeing Oliver, Tommy, and the back of a man in a very expensive suit.

Oliver and Tommy laughed. As they were laughing they noticed Bruce's face go almost completely white.

"Felicity Smoak?" Bruce said as he turned around slowly.

"Bruce?" Felicity asked stunned.

"You know him, Felicity?" Diggle asked curiously.

Oliver didn't know what to think as he watched his IT girl and his old friend stare at each other. The room was silent but it seemed that a million things were being said between Bruce and Felicity.

"I, um, I should...I gotta go." Felicity said as she scurried towards the foundry.

"Wait, Felicity!" Bruce called out to her retreating figure.

"I have to install that security, wifi, camera, thingy that I said I would for Mr. Queen!" she yelled as she disappeared down the stairs.

Mr. Queen? She hadn't called Oliver that in a long time. The comment left him feeling a little uneasy. He also felt uneasy because he didn't know the nature of Felicity and Bruce's relationship. And knowing Bruce he wasn't sure he wanted to know.

"I don't know if I will ever get over her quirkiness." Tommy chuckled as he walked behind the bar.

"Bruce, what the hell was that about. Why did you just scare my IT girl into the basement?" Oliver asked pointedly.

"Felicity did an internship for Wayne Enterprises once. We, um, got involved." Bruce said staring off into the direction that Felicity disappeared to.

"And you broke her heart?" Diggle asked, he looked as if he wanted to throttle the tall and muscular man right then and there.

Oliver didn't know what he was feeling. A part of him wanted to throttle him like Diggle. How dare he break her heart. Felicity was the sweetest, most intelligent, and beautiful woman Oliver had ever known. Beautiful? Where did that come from Oliver wondered. Maybe a part of him was jealous that Bruce got to have Felicity in a way that Oliver never would, not that Oliver had ever fully admitted to himself that he wanted to be with Felicity in that way.

"No, she broke mine." Bruce replied still staring off to where the blonde IT girl disappeared to.

Bruce turned away from the stair to the Foundry, called out a quick 'goodbye' and promised to stop by the club later, and exited the club.

"Well, I did not see that coming." Tommy said as the door to Verdant closed after Bruce walked through it.

:"I need a drink." Oliver said as he sat down across from where Tommy stood behind ther bar.