Standing Alone: The 151st Hunger games.

A new era of games means a new set of rules and Head Gamemaker Syrio Flowers thinks he's come up with the perfect rule to bring new life to the quickly staling Hunger Games. No Alliances! Could your tribute survive these games?


"So Syrio, tell us all what you have planned for this year." asks Nina leaning towards the head Gamemaker revealing the full extent of her cleavage to the nervously sweating man.

"Well er.." he begins with a stutter pulling on his collar "I .. I mean we in Game HQ have decided that last year was a bit of a shambles."

"How so, I loved the games and the winner. No one saw that coming" Nina exclaims. She's lying of course, Syrio thinks the quell was a mess, a shambles in fact and what Nina would never admit – for she cared to keep her tongue – was the part she had played in that.

"It's a new era of games Nina" he tells her shuffling on his seat, trying to ignore the glare of the lights and the cameras "and a new era needs new rules. This is why we have decided that from this year onwards tributes will not be allowed to form alliances. This is a competition after all and we feel the districts need to remember this!" his voice becomes stronger as he speaks, he is proud of this idea after the disaster of last year, tributes falling for each other, alliances refusing to fight, tributes becoming dare he even think it friends! No it was not to be allowed.

"Wow that is a shock Syrio!" Nina exclaims she looks to the camera "Message me with your opinions on this dear viewers and don't forget to check in same time tomorrow for more details on what to expect for this year's games. Then of course tune in at 10am sharp for the first reapings on Saturday morning, I know I can't wait, can you?"

The camera cuts off and Syrio relaxes, Nina rolls her eyes;

"You sweat too much Syrio" she tells him "and honestly it's kind of disgusting" she stands up and storms off stage, yelling commands to avoxes and crew members as she goes.

Consisted bitch Syrio thinks If she even knew how close she'd been to destroying all our lives with her stupid stories last year she'd watch her tongue. He sighs and stands lowly up from his chair smiling at a couple of crew members as he does so, there was still so much to arrange for this year's games and as usual so little time to do it in.

The next part of the day was the bit Syrio hated the most about being the head gamemaker talking to the President herself. But he studied himself with a shot of whiskey from the hip flask he always carried with him and politely knocked on the room to her chambers, in game HQ.

"I don't like this arena Syrio" she scolded before the man could even step into the room "It's rather dull" she was sat in a large chair overlooking a number of large screens each showing an image of Syrio's latest arena. Luckily for Syrio and the rest of his staff she didn't often sit in here to watch the games, choosing instead to watch the main feed at her palace or at parties, therefore this room was often left abandoned during the majority of the year.

"I think it's simplicity is its genius madam" Syrio replied surveying his arena on the screens behind her, "it'll provide less hiding places and encourage the tributes to fight"

"It'll be a quick games though"

"But a bloody one"

"True" the president stood up from her chair and turned to face Syrio who had begun to sweat again,

"I don't like you personally Syrio but your games are entertaining and your arenas interesting. If all keeps going like this you may have this job for a while longer" at this the president strode out of the room giving Syrio little chance to bow before she left.

Finally arriving back at his own office he sunk down on the large lush sofa and flicked his large screen to an image of his arena, he personally loved it, it was dark and broken, a playground of abandoned buildings set around a cross roads where he had set the cornucopia, a large rusting one to fit with his theme. His theme, his arena and yes Syrio loved every inch of it, as he knew did the pack of wild dogs he'd thrown in there the previous day with very little food to sustain them till the tributes arrived, oh this games was sure to be unforgettable.