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Author's Note: An idea that has been in my head for some time. Somewhat inspired by Sasha Alexander's dance scene in Coming and Going. Not usually a fan of any story that incorporates the truth or dare game, seems juvenile, but this story is anything but juvenile. The song is obviously Next's "Too Close." -DKC

Too Close

"First round is on me!" Barry Frost said as he and his partner Jane Rizzoli strolled into the Dirty Robber and approached the booth where Frankie Rizzoli, Dr. Maura Isles and the newest detective Riley Cooper were already seated.

"Whiskey or tequila?" Jane inquired.

"Definitely tequila," Dr. Isles responded quickly, a fact that wasn't lost on her best friend who quirked her eyebrows up to look at the doctor.

Jane slid into the booth next to Maura and Barry pulled a chair up to the end of the table after motioning to the bartender for shots.

"What a week!" Frost said as he loosened his tie.

"Hey, at least we didn't have to tackle anyone this week," Jane responded, her eyes lighting up as the shots were delivered to the table.

Each of the colleagues took their shot glass and immediately downed it, slamming their glasses on the table.

"Murray! Get us some more shots and a round of beers," Jane hollered at the bartender.

As they shared stories from the week, laughing particularly hard at Frankie's story of digging through a dumpster for evidence at a robbery and turning up a mannequin wearing a strap-on, they consumed a great deal of alcohol. There were at least ten empty beer bottles at their table and more than a dozen shot glasses. Each had loosened up as the night wore on. Jane and Maura found themselves getting closer to one another on their side of the booth, something seemingly lost on them, but not missed by the female detective sitting across from them.

"That's when I realized it has been far too long since I got laid," Frost said as Jane nearly spewed her beer all over the table. She was not used to her younger partner being quite so open about his sex life.

The entire table had erupted in laughter, their noise level not bothering anyone around them as most of the bar patrons had cleared out at the late hour. Now after 2 a.m., the Dirty Robber was nearly dead with the exception of their raucous table, the ever-present jukebox music and a couple of guys at the bar watching a soccer game on the television.

"Man, where'd everybody go?" Frankie said as he glanced past Riley toward the rest of the bar.

"Home to bed where we should be," Jane huffed.

"Now, now, Jane, when was the last time we stayed out this late for a reason other than a case?" Maura said, patting Jane's arm as she did so.

"We need to liven things up," Frankie stated. "If we were still in high school, this would be when we'd break out truth or dare."

Jane rolled her eyes at the ridiculous comment coming from her younger brother. She was not at all surprised that Maura had never heard of or played the game. They apparently had other things to do at boarding school at 2 a.m.

"It would be just like any other day asking Maura truth questions," Jane said.

"Yes, but isn't the point of truth or dare to challenge each other with the most risqué requests we can come up with?" Frost asked.

"I'll go first!" Maura said, clearly excited about this new game. "I pick Frankie."

Jane groaned knowing that if Frankie chose truth Maura with inevitably be asking something about Jane.

"Truth," he said confidently.

"Was Jane's nickname really roly-poly Rizzoli when he was a child?"

"You've seen her elementary school photos, those chubby cheeks practically begged for it!" Frankie said.

Jane promptly kicked him in the knee under the table and he threw a straw at her in retaliation.

"My turn," Frankie said. "Frost. Truth or dare?"

"Dare," Frost said with a cocky grin on his face.

"I dare you to go ask that man for his phone number."

They all looked over to the bar to see the man Frankie had pointed to. The guy was at least 65, balding with a comb over and sporting a leather jacket that was probably older than Frankie. Once they saw, they all giggled and Frost's cocky grin was wiped right off his face.

"Oh, man. Really?" Frost said, glancing toward the guy and back to Frankie.

"Gotta do it. Rules are rules," Riley said.

Frost stood up from the table, grabbed a napkin from the table and accepting the marker that Maura had pulled out of her purse to hand him. As Frost walked toward the bar, he looked over his shoulder and his friends and colleague all chuckled at how mortified he was. He slowly walked up to the two gentlemen at the bar, put his hand on the bar next to the man Frankie had dared him to ask and quietly said something to him that nobody at the booth could hear. The guy laughed and shook Frost's hand. He took the marker and napkin, wrote something on it and handed it back to Frost. Frost walked back to the table looking triumphant.

"No way did he give you his number!" Frankie said loudly.

Frost handed over the napkin and Frankie bunched it up to throw back at him. Jane picked up the napkin, opened it and leaned into Maura so they could both read. They chuckled when they saw what the man had written: "In your dreams!" They handed the napkin to Riley who smiled and slid it to Barry for safekeeping.

"Hmm…Riley," Frost said.

"Truth," she answered.

There was a sly look on Frost's face as he thought about his question carefully.

"If you hadn't been undercover and Frankie or I would have abandoned the bro code, which of us would you have slept with?" Frost said, confident that he had the upper hand.

Frankie's posture became defensive as his ears perked up and his competitive gene kicked into high gear.

"Neither," Riley said matter-of-factly.

"What? You can't say neither, you were into us both," Frankie responded.

"She's a smart girl, why would she have slept with either of you goofballs?" Jane asked.

"You really wouldn't have slept with either of us," a deflated Frost questioned.


"Why not?" Frankie wanted to know.

"Because neither of you are female," Maura quietly stated, joining the conversation after mostly sitting it out.

"What?!" Jane said as she turned toward her best friend.

"It's true. I'm not into men," Riley confirmed.

"Wow. Are you sure?" Frankie asked.

All three women at the table chuckled at Frankie's question. Men never did understand women when it came to sexuality. They were always sure they could convince a woman to like them whether she be uninterested or playing for the other team.

"Quite sure," Riley insisted.

Maura and Riley locked eyes for a moment, a mutual understanding passing between them. That nobody else at the table had picked up on this about the newest detective was strange. It was easy to deduce. Detective Cooper's style was rough around the edges. She had never had a boyfriend while they'd known her. She never mentioned going out with any men. And more than one occasion, Dr. Isles had spotted Riley purchasing a bouquet of flowers down the street on her way home from work. Women rarely if ever give men flowers.

"Huh," Frost muttered.

"You all gonna need some cabs?" Murray hollered from the bar.

"Frankie and I can share one," Frost answered. "Could we get another round of shots before you close down the bar, Murray? We'll be out of your hair soon."

After each focusing on their drinks for a minute, Murray appeared at their table with a round of shots. He gathered up empty glasses and bottles and headed back to close down the bar and begin cleaning up.

"It's your turn," Frankie said, looking at Riley, still as dumbfounded as Frost about Riley's revelation.

"Dr. Isles," Riley didn't hesitate.

"Please, call me Maura."

"Well…Maura…truth or dare?"


"Wait, so I'm the only one who had to humiliate myself tonight with a dare? And how is it fair for the doc to pick truth. She can't lie anyway," Frost countered.

"Okay, okay, I will do a dare," Maura acquiesced.

Smiling, Riley clearly had hoped she would get to dare Maura.

"I dare you to…" she paused, all eyes on her as she got up the courage to ask her fairly new acquaintance to do something she might resist. "…give Jane a lap dance."

"What?! No! Absolutely not!" Jane practically shouted.

"Oh, come on, Janie!" Frankie said, clearly amused by the direction Riley had taken the game.

"I really don't mind, Jane," Maura said, placing her hand on Jane's thigh and looking at her with those eyes that so often convinced Jane to do any number of things Jane didn't want to do.

"Ugh," Jane grumbled. "Nothing crazy."

"I'll pick a song," Frost volunteered.

Jane slid out of the booth as Maura downed the fresh shot of tequila. She accepted Jane's hand and let her pull her to her feet. Frost stood up and slid his chair to out away from the table for Jane to sit in. He walked over the jukebox and looked for the perfect song. Once he pushed the button, the first notes of the intro to "Too Close" by Next began.

Recognizing the song immediately, the good doctor lip-synced the words, "I wonder if she can tell I'm hard right now. Hmm." That she knew the song was shocking to Jane. That she'd mouthed those very words made Jane panic.

"Really? Really?" Jane said, glaring at Frost as he slid into the booth where the two best friends had been sitting and undid his tie completely.

Maura released her hair clasp and let her hair fall to her shoulders. She began moving her hips slowly with the music. It was quickly apparent to everyone just how tight Maura's designer jeans were. The temperature in the room was increasing, as was the color in Jane's cheeks. Frost, Riley and Frankie couldn't help but smirk at what was about to transpire.

The first full lines of the song washed over the bar. The doctor's eyes were closed as she began dancing several feet away from Jane. Jane had gone from an upright, tense position in her chair to a slouched, indifferent position. She was trying not to look at Maura, but was losing the battle.

The red in Maura's hair was shining in the bar lighting. She raised her hands above her head and was snapping her fingers with the beat of the music. Her hips were swaying back and forth. As she got into it, she started swaying down toward the floor and back up again. She had yet to open her eyes. If she had, she would have seen the dropped jaws of Frost and Frankie and the grin of Riley. She also would have seen that Jane had lost the battle to keep her eyes of her best friend and was staring intently at the way Maura's abs were clenching under her tight sleeveless top as she moved her arms above her head.

As the song reached the first chorus, Jane's eyes locked on Maura's. Maura took this as her cue to approach Jane. The doctor's yoga-toned body was moving gracefully with the music. Her arms came from above her head and ran down her sides and back up again, grazing the sides of her own breasts as she stared into Jane's eyes. Almost simultaneously Frankie and Frost threw back their tequila shots.

Maura came within an inch of Jane's knees and continued rocking her hips with the beat of the music, her hands tangling in her own hair.

Frost's tie was hanging loosely around his neck. Maura reached for it, pulling it from his neck entirely. She then used the tie to wrap around Jane's neck, dancing seductively with it in her hands. Jane visibly swallowed hard which brought a smirk to Maura's face.

As the most recent shot of tequila began warming her body and loosening her inhibitions further, Maura tossed the tie to Frost and then initiated a slight pelvic thrust toward Jane. Her inner sense of rhythm directed her arms and hips perfectly. Just when Jane thought Maura was closing the final inch between her own legs and Jane's outstretched knees, Maura turned her back to Jane and bent over. Her perfectly sculpted ass was now on full display for Jane as she continued swaying to the music. Her slender hands reached her own hips as she gyrated slowly in front of Jane.

The view of Maura bent over created a reaction in each person watching her. Riley crossed her legs tightly, Frankie undid the top button of his shirt to allow for better breathing and Frost wiped sweat from his brow. But the reaction from Jane was evident only to Maura, as the others hadn't been noticing Jane at all. Jane had slowly run her tongue along her top lip as Maura began gyrating in her bent over position. That Jane was turned on was an understatement.

Maura stood again, placing her arms back over her head and began circling Jane's chair while keeping her back to Jane. As she came around the back of the chair, she reached out and ran her fingers across Jane's shoulders. Coming around Jane's right side, she turned to face Jane and saw the immense desire reflected in dark brown irises. Maura resumed dancing in front of Jane, a mere inch from her knees. This time she bent toward Jane, continuing the swaying of her hips and shoulders. The position she was in was giving Jane the perfect view of Maura's delicious cleavage. Jane couldn't tear her eyes away from the view which made Maura chuckle.

Leaning closer while still bent forward, Maura sang near Jane's ear, "baby us dancing so close, ain't a good idea, cuz Imma want you now and here." With that, Jane couldn't control her hips as they involuntarily rose slightly from the chair. This brought a smile to Maura's face as she leaned back to give Jane space for a moment.

As Jane attempted to catch her breath and control her impulse to grab Maura and pull her into her lap, Maura had placed her hands above her head, fingers locked in her messy hair as she continued shaking her hips and flipping her hair side to side with her eyes closed.

The men at the table had forgotten entirely about Jane, but Riley watched Jane watch Maura and knew that a dare may have been all these two needed.

As Maura opened her eyes, all she saw was Jane's eyes fixed on her. There was a primal want in Jane's eyes that Maura had never seen before. She'd noticed Jane looking at her on many occasions, really looking at her and perhaps contemplating what they were to one another, but she'd never seen Jane look at her with such unbridled lust. Keeping her eyes on Jane, she slowly danced her way closer and closer until she was straddling Jane's long legs. As the song moved into what Maura considered the climax, she matched her gyrating hips with the simulated panting of the singer. She couldn't help but agree with the lyrics. I see that you like it like that, oh, oh, oh. Her gyrating became grinding and Jane couldn't help but grab Maura's ass to hold her in her lap.

Grazing her cheek against Jane's, Maura whispered into her ear: "Take me home with you tonight."

Seeing the complete blackness in her eyes, Maura was more than pleased with Jane's arousal. She knew she was increasingly wet and wondered if Jane was as well. In case she wasn't, Maura pressed her core into Jane's abs and bent backward until she was lying on Jane's legs with her arms reaching backward to the floor. Her flexibility was a marvel. As Maura continued swaying in that position, it took all of Jane's will power to not bring her hands around from Maura's ass to run her fingers across Maura's taut abs and even higher.

As the song began petering out, Maura used her abs to pull herself up right and then slid off Jane's lap gracefully. She stood again, her arms rising above her head, her hands in her hair. She slowly wound down with the music until both her body and the music had quieted.

"Yowza!" Frost said after a moment of dead silence.

"That was…amazing, Maura," Riley said, trying not to let on how turned on she was by the dance.

As Jane pulled the chair back to the table for Frost, Maura slid into the booth and Jane followed. Jane promptly grabbed the remaining shot of tequila on the table and downed it.

"Who said truth or dare was lame?" Frankie said.

Maura hadn't said a word since the dance ended and she wasn't sure if she should look at Jane. As the table conversation continued, she was both surprised and pleased to feel Jane's hand rest on her leg, her fingers rubbing against the seam of her inner thigh. Jane's fingers began sliding up Maura's inner thigh toward her core. Finally Maura had to place her hand on Jane's to stop her. Had Jane continued her path, Maura may have climaxed right there in the Dirty Robber.

"Cabs are here," Murray hollered from over the bar.

"I'll go pay the man," Frost said.

"Oh, no, let me help," Jane said, regretfully having to release Maura's thigh.

Jane offered Frost several bills from her wallet and stood up to get both she and Maura's jackets. She held Maura's jacket as the smaller woman put her arms in. As they all walked away from the table toward the door, Jane's hand never left the small of Maura's back.

"Goodnight, Murray," Frankie said as he led the way out the front door.

"Rizzoli!" Murray blurted as he tossed something at Jane, just as she was to be the last one out the door. Jane quickly realized it was a mint and looked up at a smiling Murray who was shaking his head. Neither woman had realized that Murray saw part of the dance, but the look on Murray's face said it all. A blush broke out on Jane's face.

As Jane stepped out into the cool air, the smile Murray had put on her face got bigger as she noticed that Murray had only ordered three cabs. Maura was standing against one waiting for Jane to join her.

To be continued…