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Jane swallowed hard. How in the hell did this happen? How did a game of truth or dare lead here? Thank god for Detective Riley.

"God," Jane groaned as she began to stand up to touch the dancing doctor.

"Huh-uh," Maura responded by pushing Jane back down on the bed.

The familiar song continued on, but the doctor was too focused on Jane to continue lip-synching. She leaned forward, her breasts on full display just inches away, as she gently spread Jane's legs. The dark haired woman couldn't speak. The sight in front of her was too mesmerizing and the anticipation of what was to come had her body humming.

Slowly the doctor lowered herself to her knees.

"Whatever I did to deserve you on your knees between my legs, I promise to do it often," the detective moaned.

"I'd spend my life on my knees for you, Jane," Maura responded with a wicked grin on her face.

Maura began placing soft, open-mouthed kisses on Jane's inner thighs. From her knee to the place where curls began and then back down again, the teasing was leaving Jane frustrated.

"Fuck!" Jane moaned as her hips lifted off of the bed.

"Mmm…not yet," came the answer between kisses.

Maura's hands gripped Jane's hips, effectively holding them as she began licking where she had just left a trail of kisses. Her teasing was soon to end as the song was approaching the point in which Maura had grinded into Jane during the earlier lap dance.

"If you and I had been alone, this is how that lap dance would have ended," she hummed against Jane's core just before taking a swipe through soaked folds with her tongue.

"Holy mother of god!" Jane rasped at the sensation.

The swipes of her slit progressed to perfect circles around her now engorged clit. Jane's hands were clenching her bedspread. She tried desperately to keep her eyes open and on the beautiful woman who she couldn't believe was between her legs. As the music washed over the room, she was growing more and more needy. With everyone else she'd been with, Jane required penetration to truly climax, but the things Maura was doing with her tongue defied explanation. And then, as if perfectly in time with Jane's body, Maura began humming against Jane's hypersensitive clit.

"I love when you shake it like that," she hummed. "Ah, ah, ah." Each of the three sounds punctuated by Maura's tongue striking against Jane's clit.

"I see that you like it like that," and Jane did like it so much. "Oh, oh, oh."

"I love when you shake it like that," Maura purred against Jane and loved feeling thighs trembling underneath her hands and moans enveloping the room. "Ah, ah, ah."

"I see that you like it like that," Jane's panting signaled that Maura had her right at the edge. "Oh," suck, "oh," Maura bit.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Jane's scream was one of complete release. Her hands gripped Maura's head as the waves of her powerful orgasm took control of her body.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" Jane howled as Maura continued tasting Jane.

Jane released Maura's head and let her torso fall straight back against the bed. She let out sporadic moans in between deep breaths. Maura kissed Jane's thighs as she had moments before and then gracefully stood from her spot between Jane's legs. She reached for Jane's abs where she drew small circles with her fingers as her lover gathered her thoughts and worked on breathing.

She noticed Jane's breath evening. Jane sitting up, wrapping her arms around Maura and then using what was left of her legs to flip the doctor onto her back on the bed suddenly surprised Maura. The detective crawled over Maura and slowly lowered herself so that her head was resting on her full chest. She placed her knee between Maura's legs, slowly sliding it into her, pleased by the wetness she found at Maura's core and already on her inner thighs.

"I think I have a new favorite song," Jane mumbled into Maura's breasts as she began licking around pert nipples.

"Mmm…" Maura hardly responded.

Taking a nipple into her mouth, Jane rolled it carefully and then sucked gently. She found her action met with Maura pressing herself lower onto Jane's knee. Jane chuckled at Maura's eagerness and took it as a cue to flatten her upper thigh against Maura's wet center.

"I need you," the smaller woman moaned.

"You have already rewarded me well for what I am going to do to you," Jane purred against Maura's other nipple.

Slight motion began creating friction between Jane's thigh and Maura's clit. The slight pressure was all Maura needed to begin moaning and attempting to meet Jane's rhythm.

Jane trailed her fingers down Maura's perfectly toned stomach and lifted her thigh slightly to give her hand room to reach Maura's curls. The brief lack of friction was but a momentary let down for Maura; she soon gasped as two of Jane's long fingers trailed through her silk.

"Oh, god," she gasped.

"You're a god," Jane countered.

"Goddess," Maura couldn't help but correct her.

Answering Maura's inability to refrain from being the smarter of the two, Jane entered those increasingly wet two fingers and thrust deep. Not giving the woman any time to adjust to the entry and the size of her fingers, Jane pulled out.

"Don't you dare stop," the medical examiner demanded.

Jane's fingers were immediately back inside Maura, exploring her depths and delivering pressure to all the right places.

"I wouldn't dream of it, babe," came the husky reply.

"Oh…mmm…" words were now out of Maura's reach.

The exploration gave way to a needy, strong rhythm. Jane found her lower half rocking into Maura as her fingers did. The moaning was in harmony, just as were their bodies.

Dragging her tongue up Maura's chest, Jane nibbled her way to the doctor's ear.

"I had fantasized about you giving me a lap dance on many occasions," she rasped, her thrusting becoming a flurry of desire to bring Maura over the precipice.

"And how did it end?" Maura managed to croak out in between pants.

"With you in my bed," she answered, latching down on Maura's neck.

"Oh shit!" came the ungraceful reply.

Jane felt Maura's walls clench around her fingers and the cry that left the doctor's mouth was music to Jane's ears. She slowed her motion to ride out the most beautiful thing act she had ever been a part of. She found her mouth on Maura's, kissing her passionately and with all of the love she possessed for the woman.

Holding her fingers in place, Jane slumped across Maura's body, an arm and leg draped across. She nuzzled her face into Maura's neck, whispering quiet "oh's" and "wow's" as she listened to Maura's breathing return to something resembling normal.

"That was…" Maura started.

"…fucking hot," Jane finished.

Maura laughed, wrapping an arm around Jane's shoulders. She released a deep breath as she felt Jane's fingers slide out of her and pulled Jane closer as Jane's wet hand pressed against the space between her breasts.

"I'm not even going to correct your language," Maura whispered.

Jane's laugh reminded both women of how this night had led here—of the drinks at the Robber with their friends, friends wise enough to see what Jane and Maura hadn't until tonight.