Hi, guys! Or should I say, YO!? I was planning on not updating again, but I think I will. This time... this is actually Catching Fireflies writing (takes a bow)! Just to let you know, this is just a parody, so it's definitely not my best writing at all. If you like the Hunger Games trilogy, I'd recommend some of my other fanfics. And thanks to Anarchy Girl and ailes du neige for reviewing! I'm dedicating this chapter to Anarchy Girl, since she reviewed, wrote the first two chapters, and of course likes rap music. In this chapter, the drunk Dogs sober up and discover a new word of greeting... "Hey!"


Goodwin and Tunstall are collapsed in a heap under a table in the Mantel and Pullet. They're sober now, with epic hangovers. "Ugh," moans Tunstall. "I have such a headache."

"Same with me," groans Goodwin, crawling out from under the table and getting to her feet. "Oh, NO! My uniform is stained with ale." They both bemoan this sad fact for a few minutes as Goodwin tries to wash it out. Then Goodwin notices something else. "Oh! Kora is a mage! She'll be able to heal us!"

They do a stupid happy dance around the completely empty Mantel and Pullet, but then the door creaks open. There, in the threshold, stands everyone's favorite Beka Cooper! And of course, Goodwin and Tunstall are tripping over their own feet to greet her to this wonderfully disgusting junk heap of a bar.

"Hi!" squeals Goodwin, giving the very unfortunate Beka a big hug. "Hi, hi, hi!"

"YO!" bellows Tunstall. What a barbarian. And now he's... rapping? "Yo, yo, yo, yo!"

Beka is puzzled, not sure what to make of her shrieking, rapping friends. Finally, she decides that she, being magical and all that, can top them easily. "Hey!" she says with a big grin, smirking at Tunstall and Goodwin. (Who are now dancing to an odd medley of rap songs, in case you were interested.)

Goodwin and Tunstall stop for a second. "I CALL IT! I CALL IT!" screams Goodwin, trying to claim possession of the word hey.

"NO!" yells Beka. "I SAID IT FIRST!"

For a second, Tunstall says nothing, just contemplating the scene before his eyes. And then he bursts into song. Well, not song; rap.

"I can't tell you what it really is, I can only tell you what it feels like, and right now..." he raps as Beka puts a knife to his throat, "there's a STEEL KNIFE in my windpipe!"

Author's Note again:

I do not own the song Love The Way You Lie by Eminem feat. Rihanna, although it is an awesome song. Tunstall's YO-ing is not part of that song, by the way. Tunstall's last dialogue, however, is. In case you didn't know. That's another reason this chapter is dedicated to my sister Anarchy Girl: she's obsessed with Eminem. See ya! Or should I say, "Hey!"