Chapter 2:
In Which the World has Changed

"I still can't believe this happened so quickly!"

Amelia put down her notebook to look at her friend. Before the murders, Luke had cosplayed as Yusuke Urameshi. Even now when the so-called fictional character had three murders under his belt, the teen continued to gel his brown hair back although he had ditched the black wig and green jumpsuit. Now, like all the other reported fan fiction authors, he wore blue jeans, a white shirt, and a gray jacket with the word 'author' stamped on the back. Luke had customized his jacket though, and it was covered with what seemed to be random tally marks in different coloured markers. The few people who knew him well understood that each colour stood for a different charge and each line stood for each time he had been charged.

Luke raised his fist as though he was about to punch the wall but he stopped short, the white bandages on his hands reminding him of his most recent sentence for breaking the law. His fist fell to his side and Amelia let out the breath she had been holding. If Luke had injured himself, they would have to leave their hiding place before schedule. Although the boiler room wasn't very classy or quiet, it was safe from the eyes of the prison staff. Leaving it before the scheduled distraction could mean discovery and no one would be happy if that happened.

Amelia sighed and put a hand on Luke's shoulder. He let it sit there for a second before shrugging her hand off. She hadn't known him very long. Just a couple of months before the murders had started when she joined the club he cosplayed with actually. But in the months that followed, they had become fire-forged friends when they joined WORD (Writers Obliterate Right Destroyers), an underground group of resistance against the fictional characters who seemed to want to stamp out all fan fiction.

Since the Right Destroyers were super powered fiction characters, WORD did not fight them head on. Instead, WORD encouraged fan fiction authors to keep writing and posting their work anonymously on a hidden site called FanFiction. Unfortunately, the fictional characters soon caught on to that and they seemed to realize that murdering people in secret wasn't working. The characters came out of the darkness and formed their own police force, the Fictional City Police Department. The characters began to arrest authors (with honest and true evidence to their credit) and charge them with various crimes such as 'writing without a license', 'writing to amuse oneself through writing without a license', and many other charges. Sentences were usually a slap on the wrist due to the power of the actual law.

Eventually, the characters forced the governments of the world to pass such fake laws into actual laws. Writing licenses were possible for writing original works of fiction, homework, and various types of reports but no judge would ever give a writing license for fan fiction. Sentences for breaking the "Writing Laws" became harsher for first offenders, ranging from removal of all fictional sources in the author's possession to broken fingers and death row a possibility although Amelia hadn't yet heard of anyone being executed after the murders prior to the laws. However, repeat offenders faced prison time in addition to the other sentences. If they were found continuing to write while in prison, death row always had cells open or so Amelia had heard. That was why she and Luke were hidden in the boiler room attempting to think of a way to break the curse the world was trapped in.

Amelia adjusted her glasses and forced her eyes to focus on the words on the page of the notebook. "Kaori suggested setting the villains against the good guys."

"Write down a message asking her how we are supposed to do that from inside a prison and without speaking to the villains who also want us authors dead and will kill us in worse ways than the heroes."

"Lights Lunar Fox already did."

Luke nodded before he started pacing. His already red face became redder as he paced and his fingers must have been white under the bandages. After a few seconds, he stopped pacing and exploded. "I thought they were supposed to be the good guys! What happened to protect the world and goodwill to mankind!"

Amelia couldn't help but roll her eyes. "Japanese heroes usually are anti-heroes and our American comic books were one screw away from being as nuts as their enemies."

Luke threw up his arms. "That's my point! Shouldn't someone be on our side!?"

She nodded. "It'd be nice."

"And you!" he shouted as he pointed at her. "How the freaking hell are you so freaking calm! You just sit there and stare at me with your bug eyes and just— just… AGH!" This time Luke did punch the wall. He grasped his right hand with his left and a small whimper left his lips as he fell to his knees. Amelia started to rise to her feet but in the next second, Luke was standing as if nothing had happened. She sat back down and pretended his outburst hadn't happened. It wasn't the first time Luke had exploded, and it wouldn't be the last.

Lifting her pen from the ground, Amelia turned to a blank page in the notebook. She wrote the date and the fake name she had created for herself. "Any time you are ready, Luke," she said.

Luke took a deep breath before he sat down on the ground beside where Amelia was sitting. He shifted a few times before he could see the page without blocking the best light source. He took another deep breath before he began to speak. Amelia, used to writing dictated notes, was easily able to write down each word Luke said and was even able to throw in proper grammar and spelling. A small frown came to her face as she heard Luke describe what seemed to be an ongoing drabble series involving the anime Yu Yu Hakusho. Despite his obvious anger, Luke did not seem interested in writing a story about the death of his torturers. Instead he seemed to want to write a story about one of their victories. He described Genkai's temple briefly before speaking about a drinking contest. By the time, Luke was describing Yusuke's victory and everyone passing out, a small smile was on his face. Amelia wished she was able to let go as easily but she could still see her boyfriend's broken fingers and arms each time she closed her eyes. Until she had proof that the characters had been twisted or changed from their original values before finding themselves in her world, she was not going to forgive anyone nor was she going to write a happy story.

Yusuke couldn't help the sneeze from escaping, and he ignored the other glares from the characters around him. The pre-teen author inside the house only had eyes for the screen of her shiny pink laptop although Yusuke really had to wonder why anyone would buy a pink laptop. What was wrong with a good old black or white one? Of course, it wasn't the laptop that was going to get the girl charged. It was going to be whatever was on the screen.

To his left, the tech genius of the raid group was typing away on his little gadget. If the girl was watching something like a sitcom on her screen, she'd be fine. If she was typing fan fiction, they were going to break through the window, read her the few rights she possessed, and carry her out the front door. However, as he watched her pigtails shake as the girl furiously began to type, he felt a small pain in his gut. The girl reminded him of Keiko, and any second now he was going to get the order to break the window and kidnap her. Just like that other girl who reminded him of Shizuru. If he was still a normal human, he probably would have had a bruise from her punch.

He knew they had to pay. He knew he was supposed to not feel any sympathy for them but at the same time, he did. At first, he had to admit, he did want revenge. He wasn't happy he had to kill those authors but he had to! What choice did he have? They didn't listen to his warnings so he had to take matters into his own hands. At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do and Koenma was backing him and he was so angry. But the anger faded and now he kept running into people who caused him to remember the good things in his life. Instead of getting angry about being ripped away from his world, he began to feel homesick and began to think about the people he had ripped away from their homes. Although he couldn't tell anyone, Yusuke Urameshi just wanted to go home and forget the human blood that covered his hands. But there was no way home and the other characters weren't going to stop until every last human fan fiction author was stopped. The only thing he could do was keep going and hope someone was able to find a way to reverse things, and if he could stop these blood knights from hurting that little pre-teen, he was going to do it.

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Yu Yu Hakusho (Yusuke Urameshi) – A manga and an anime series. It stars Yusuke Urameshi who grows (both in age and in maturity) over the series length. The basics of the series are: ghosts are dead people, there is an afterlife, demons are real (and usually evil) but exist in a world parallel to our own, and the people who run the afterlife screw up often. Yusuke died and Spirit World did not have a place for him so he came back to life and became a spirit detective. Originally, his job was to protect humanity from demons who occasionally slip into our world. This job changes as the manga-anime continues but Yusuke's bad-boy attitude and stubbornness is a constant in the series. Also, he has a girlfriend named Keiko. According to the manga, she's very cute.