Title: Who Authorized That! Chapter Five
Genre: NCIS
Pairing: Gibbs and Abby
Rating: M
Timeline: Implied season ten-ish, but anytime really.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Things don't always go as planned…
Disclaimer: Sigh, I only get to play.
A/N: This is what happens when I listen to Enrique Iglisias and give Missy free rein…
Written: November 2013
Language: International English.
Word Count: 4,029 (and I cut it short)

*·.·´¯`·.·* *·.·´¯`·. GABBY .·´¯`·.·* *·.·´¯`·.·*

Two exceptionally awkward, and very tense, weeks followed. Two weeks during which, he had to fight his body's immediate response to her presence every time he stepped into the lab. He had known that it would change things; one did not have a touch of heaven, sample life's most addictive drug – one you had said no to for so long – only to step away the next morning, unchanged. His mind lingered on those moments, constantly replaying them. The one side of him was thankful that they had not spent more time together, made more memories, where the other was distraught, screaming at him for having let her go so quickly, for not having taken more when he had had the chance…

It was the latter's voice that won out every evening, every time he ascended the stairs and stood in his bedroom doorway, it was as if the spirit of that evening the memory had been trapped in his room, it had taken his two days just to pull the sheets from the bed. Standing there, his heart ached, his body yearned, and his mind tortured him. Everything screamed against his better judgment, against what he knew to be right, and just, and proper.

It was done, and all he could do was wait….

He stepped out of the elevator a few days later, Caff Pow! in hand, and halted in his tracks on entering the lab, feeling a frown mar his brow. Although the music was blaring in the lab, something that would have thrown anyone else off, it did not fool him. He had long since learnt to read her body language, which set him at high alert – for there was definitely something amiss.

She turned to look in his direction and offered him a smile – which did not reach her eyes – and turned down the music, before indicating for him to step closer.

She took the Caf Pow! From him and started to run through the evidence she had processed for him, almost mechanically. There was no jesting, no trying to get him to guess things, just a flat delivery of her findings. And altogether he biggest indication that something was amiss, for Abby always elaborated on things, or at least tried to engage him in her findings.

"Abbs?" he asked, once she'd finished with her findings, and watched as she blinked a few times before pinching her lips together. "What's up?"

She took a deep, steading breath, before hesitantly answering, "It didn't…We didn't…"

"You're not?"

Abby shook her head in response.

Yet even in the face of her sorrow he could not temper the sense of elation that overcame him, and without thought said, "We'll just have to try again."

Abby visibly jolted at that, and for a moment he thought he might have said the wrong thing. "You mean you'd be willing to try again?" Abby hesitantly asked.

"Gave you my word, Abbs, unless you don't want to?" Gibbs replied, a heavy sensation settling over his heart, with a lump forming in his throat.

Abby shook her head, hesitantly replying, "I just didn't think, you know, you'd be willing… things have been different…"

Gibbs moved forward and placed a kiss on her forehead -the first one since that night, and said, "Let me know Abbs." Then turned to leave the lab, thankful for the escape, and hoped that she had not realized that he was already half aroused by the prospect.

A few days later, the message once again came, a simple "tonight," and he found himself highly agitated with the team. In all honesty, he wanted the day to pass by quicker, much quicker, for his mind had already jumped ahead….

It was just before quitting time, when he'd had enough of DiNozzo's not-so-subtle glances and speculative comments, and barked, "Go home!" possibly more firmly that he had intended, but by then his own level of anticipation was bordering on agitation.

He tried to maintain in impersonal air, to make it appear as if he was not the one chomping at the bit to get home himself, as he watched the team gather up their gear, silently rushing them along, while biting his tongue in an attempt not to order them out of the squad room, quicker. They had barely stepped into the elevator before he tuned from his desk and started packing up his own stuff, They had arranged to meet at his house, again, and he checked his watch for possibly the thousandth time that day, there was two hours before he could expect her, he was not even certain whether she was still in the lab, and fought against the impulse to go and check.

Two hours later, he once again found himself nervously, contemplating his options. He had wanted to tell her to bring an overnight bag, but he wasn't certain if such an invitation would be welcomed. He also did not want to seem overly keen, just in case she was not. There were times he really wished that he could read her better, because he really did not want to scare her. However he had promised himself that this time, come hell or high water, he was going to hold out for as long as he possibly could.

Her boots once again sounded on the porch, and he felt like he'd been transported back in time, by three weeks, to when he had stood at that exact spot, watching as she entered his home.

His heart was again hammering in his chest, is throat having dried, with his mind incapable of processing anything other than the relief that coursed through him at her presence.

His body had long since responded, just the anticipation of what was to come had caused it to stir, although it was not something he wanted to boast; especially since she appeared about as nervous as she had the last time, leaving him to contemplate whether or not she was in some way forcing this upon herself.

A heavy sensation settled over his heart, he did not want that, did not want to think about it. However, her response the last time rivaled that thought. However her nervousness brought on another concern one he'd read about earlier the week: in that that if your partner in nervous, copulation was less likely to result in fertilization: and was something he would not have read up about, were they not contemplating it.

All the nervousness in the world could not stop him from stepping forward, of closing the distance between them, because at that moment she was all he wanted, even though she looked about ready to flee. She had given him permission to touch, to feel and to share, to create something that would be uniquely theirs…

He locked the door, and then reached for her hand. It was cold to touch, her palm damp, and he could have sworn there was a slight tremble in it.

"Abbs?" he gently prodded, looking at her, tilting his head sideways.

"I'm okay," Abby replied, nodding her head, tightening her hold on his hand. Which he returned, before turning and leading the way upstairs; knowing that the sooner he got the ball rolling, the easier it would be between them, or at least he hoped so.

He led her into his room, halting just within the doorway. This time he was better prepared, the lamps alone cast the room in a pale glow, and he had turned down the sheets.

He felt her hesitate in the doorway, and turned to look as she gave the room a once over. Maintaining his hold on her hand, he shifted to close the door, and then let go of her hand, watching as she swallowed, for a moment perplexed at her behavior.

He turned to her catching her face between his palms, "You can stop this whenever you want to, Abbs, you know that."

She nodded in reply, after which he moved forward to capture her lips, feeling as if an eternity had passed since the last time he had done so. Her hand moved to brace against his chest, and he for a moment thought she was going to push against him, and push him away, however felt her soften and open up to him, allowing him to tug first at her lips and then sweep her mouth, before lightly kissing her and drawing back.

Resting his forehead against hers, he gasped as he spoke, "Relax Abbs, I got ya."

His lips closed over hers moments before his hands started to trail down, over her breasts, and lower to her hips. Breaking the kiss, he followed their trail, drawing in her scent, picking up on the scent of her soap, knowing that like him she had also showered. He continued down, his hands tracing over her thighs, and down, as he knelt before her. He felt her hands tentatively land on his shoulders as he started on her one boot, unlacing it and encouraging her to lift her foot, so that he could slip it from her foot, drawing off the stocking as well. Before caressing her leg, his fingers tracing over the smooth skin, as she lowered it to the ground, he felt her grip on his shoulders tighten as she shifted to stand and his fingers traced higher up her thigh, before moving down to tend to the other boot. Repeating the procedure, only this time, he allowed his fingers to trail up under her skirt and over her inner thighs. He loved it when she wore them, especially the plaid ones, had for years wanted to slip his hands under them, to caress the thighs that had for just as long had featured in his dreams.

Her musky scent reached his nostrils, and like a bloodhound he zoomed in on it, pressing his nose against the fabric, breathing her in, and then had to shift some to compensate for his reaction to it. Her fingers tightened on his shoulders, and caused him to look up at her. Knocked speechless by her barefaced arousal, her dilated pupils withheld nothing. Her arousal was as obvious to see as her kiss-swollen lips. He knew the passion she held, had experienced it before, and desperately wanted to bask in it again.

He moved up again, his fingers continuing their path along her thighs, gliding over her smooth skin, detouring to her buttocks as he again claimed her lips, pulling her closer, wanting her to know what she did to him. The gasp from her lips wrapped itself around his heart, and was all the encouragement he needed.

Pulling back, he moved to stand behind her, something he has always liked doing, and saw her move hesitantly, but halted her with his hands on her shoulders, "Stand, Abbs,"

He could see the nervous twitch in her hands, as they searched for something to touch to hold onto. His fingers slipped under her top, and he slowly worked it up, encouraging her to lift her arms so he could slip it off. The moment it was off, he let it fall to the floor, his fingers trailing along her arm, while his lips gently caressed first the one stick figure on her shoulder, then moving to the other. Caressing the skin along her back, he watched in fascination as gooseflesh erupted over her skin. He made quick work of the bra clasp, and brushed the straps from her shoulders, before kissing the cross on her back. His hands trailed down her sides, and continued down to her waist where they skirted her skirt hymn, until discovering the zipper, and quickly lowering it. Slipping his finders inside, he hooked her panties at the same time and edged them down, kissing along her spine as he lowered them.

He wanted to take it slow, having promised himself that he would take away more from it this time, however the sight of a naked woman was enough to challenge any man's self-control. The sight of Abby was enough to render his usually collected façade to a puddle of mush.

His arms circled her waist and he pulled her back against him, kissing her neck, while her body softened against his, her head falling back against his shoulder as a soft moan escaped her lips. His hands slipped along her ribs, cupping her breasts and lifting them in his hands – the last time he had hardly had the opportunity to familiarize himself with her body, something he intended to change.

"Abbs," he murmured in her ear.

"Gibbs," she gasped when he pinched her hardened nipples.

"Go, lie down."

For a moment he thought her body shuddered and she looked about her, and felt her hesitance before she stepped from him. He fought the urge to pull her back, and instead started to tug at his clothes, barely bother to unfasten anything properly as she settled on the bed.

Clad only in his boxers he eagerly stepped forward, drawn to her like steel to a magnet. He settled on the mattress, running his fingers along her leg, his gaze followed their progress.

She shifted, nervously, sitting up, and it caused him to look up at her. Their eyes locked, with her uncertainty clearly written on her face.

"Relax Abbs," he husked, his fingers gently tracing over her apex before moving up along her abdomen. He shifted, closing the distance, whispering, "There's no rush." before capturing her lips.

Her fingers tangled in his hair, her lips opening to allow him all the access he could want. He shifted, pressing her down onto the mattress, before easing their kiss, and gently placing kisses along her neck and shoulder. His one hand cupped her breast as he meticulously worked his way towards the other, flicking his tongue over it, before settling his lips around it, sucking it into his eager mouth. Her fingers carded through his hair, as her chest lifted to him, the moan that escaped her lips shot straight down to his groin, and fed his ego far better than anything else ever could. He let go of the first and moved to the next, repeating the treatment, his fingers trailing down over her abdomen, again brushing over her apex.

Her legs wantonly parted for him, his fingers pursuing their course, causing him to gasp at her slickness as his fingers easily slid into her. Her hand shot down to hold him in place, while her hips undulated against his hand in utter abandon. He pulled back and looked at her, his heart swelling, taking pride in the pleasure she was so willing to both take and display. He shifted his fingers, and she objected, and moved hers in place, holding his hand over hers.

Shifting, he tugged at his boxers, he had every intention to take it slow, but knew she was close, and maybe he was old fashioned, or maybe his ego that needed a boost, but he wanted to be in her when she came. He'd barely tugged his shorts down far enough to free his burgeoning erection before he shifted over her, her legs parted father and then drew up as he braced over her. Her Hips lifting into her hand, and pushed against him.

"Put me in, Abbs," he gasped.

Her body pushed up against his again, moments before her hand shifted to take hold of him. He grunted, grinding his teeth fighting against the urge to simply thrust into her hand, to take pleasure in her touch, but then he felt it, soft, moist, warm, beaconing him… the one place on earth he wanted most to be. His body pushed down, of its own accord, with his eyes fluttering shut as he slipped into her heat.

She rose to meet him, and a blissful, "yes," escaped his lips as her heat enveloped him. Their hips locked together, and he reached down for her hand, lifting it up and drawing the fingers into his mouth, greedily sucking on them, her taste busting onto his tong as his body bucked against hers. Releasing them he grunted a husky, "Abbs," before pulling back and rocking forward.

Every intention of taking it slow was forgotten as he savored her taste. The way her hands gripped his hips, pulling him closer, the way her legs wrapping around him, to keep him in place, and the pleasure filled moan that came from her lips as he pushed back into her, only served to edge him on. His forehead dropped next to hers, pushing into the pillow, as his body started rocking against her. The sensations that course through him had him grunting with pleasure him grunting,

"More, Gibbs," her gasp came, her body pushing against him. Her hands clutching at him, her fingertips digging into his buttocks as he shifted his trusts, rolling his lips, while soaking up every moan and whimper she made.

He felt her body tighten, and lifted, felt her jolt of surprise when he shifted onto his hands looking down at her. "Got you Abbs," he gasped, pushing into her, chancing a quick glance at where they came together. The sight of his thickened manhood slipping into her body, disappearing into her, sent trembles through his body.

His eyes shifted, seeking hers. "Abbs, look at me," he gasped, and then waited as her heavy lidded eyes met his. "Want to see," he grunted, lunging against her, feeling her body tighten. He held her gaze right up to the moment her eyes rolled back, and her upper body lifted from the bed. He felt the tug on him as her body tightened around him, gripping, tugging… followed by the most beautiful sound in the world – her, keening his name in pleasure.

He pushed against her, wanting to prolong it for her, already feeling the familiar tingle run along his spine. It grew, intensified, and then bust from him. His own groan carried her name, as his body rocked against hers, in time with the pulses, before softening over her.

He lowered himself onto his elbows, at firs kissing her chin to draw her attention, then gaspingly kissed her lips, thankful for her quick response and felt her hands trace along his back. When their kiss broke, he rested his forehead against hers, a bit put out that she shielded her eyes from him.

He shifted, drawing her with him, wanting to keep her close. She stiffened at first, and then shifted to accommodate their movement, before settling against him. Her hand came to settle over his pounding heart, with his own coming to rest over it. Her head settled on his shoulder with his arm holding her to him, while he drew in long gulps of air, feeling fully alive for the first time in weeks.

They lay like that, quietly, against one another, with their bodies cooling, basking in the glow, He was reluctant to move, too scared to let her go, unwilling for the moment to end, and resisted her movement when she tried to pull away. "Stay the night," he said, and felt her lift her head. He shifted to look at her, their eyes locking, before his hand smoothed over her back. She tilted her head, and then finally nodded, before resettling against him. She only remained still for a few moments, before again moving.

He again resisted he movement, only to hear her whisper, "Bathroom," to which he relented his hold and watched as she scooped up the first shirt she came across, thankful that it was his. He also moved, reaching down to pull up his own boxers, before shifting from the bed and following her. He came to a standstill by the door, "You want something to drink, Abbs?"

"No thanks," her reply came, and he continued downstairs to turn out all the lights, picking up some bottled water for both of them on the way back.

She was still in the bathroom when he reentered his room, which had him frown, as he placed the bottles on the nightstand. He had just settled on the bed when she reappeared, somewhat somber, causing a band tightened around his heart, fearing that she had instead decided to return home for the remainder of the evening.

She smiled, shyly, and said, "It's all yours," before moving to the other side of the bed.

He got up and went to the bathroom, closing the door behind him before turning to the mirror, and then shook his head at his reflection, murmuring, "You must be crazy to think she'd want more from you." Yet could not resist the desire that gnawed at him, the utter desire to hold her in his arms and wake up next to her. And if his body would just rise to the occasion make love to her all over again. He cleaned up and turned off the light before returning to his room.

She had the sheets drawn up over her, with her side's lamp already switched off.

He slipped between the sheets, settling for a moment, before reaching to switch off his lamp and turning towards her. Swallowing against the sudden lump that had formed in his throat, he reached out to her, his hand gently landing on her shoulders. "Abbs?" he whispered almost unwilling to break the silence between them, too scarred that she would rather pick up and leave.

"Yes," Her soft reply came, as she turned towards him some.

"You okay?"


He shifted closer to her, turning to align his body with hers, his arm slipping around her, pulling her back against him. She gasped and stiffened some, but settled when once his arm tightened around her.

Kissing her neck, he mumbled, "Night Abbs," happy that she still had his shirt on.

"Night, Gibbs."

He settling behind her, his hand automatically slipped under the shirt she wore his fingers tracing patterns on his warm skin. Her sent filled his senses, and his heart swelled with content.

It was well into the evening when he felt his body stir again. She had brushed against him several times, and he wanted to halt her. His hand moved down to her hip to still, however it instead moved over her abdomen as she turned onto her back.

She had become restless, and at first he thought it was because of a nightmare, and stiffened when she grabbed his hand, only to gasp as she pushed it lower, guiding it to the inviting heat between her thighs. His own body responded by pushing against her thigh. And although he was not hard yet, he was well on his way there when her legs parted and her hips pushed up into his touch.

"Need to cum," she moaned, as his fingers played in her folds.

Her moan had him hard in seconds, and he moved his hand to capture hers. Her frustrated moan pained his soul as he took her hand, moving it to him, husking, "Want me inside when you do?" just as her hand pushed against the bulge in his boxers

Her fingers wrapped around him as best they could as she gasped "Yes."

She turned towards him, her hand shifting to push down the obstructing piece of fabric. With little encouragement he rolled onto her kicking the sheet from them in the process. Their limbs sorted themselves out as he captured her lips, tugging on them, only to break the kiss when she took hold of him to guide him back into her warmth.

He firmly pushed into her, jerking against her as he hit full depth. Nipping at her neck, he felt her grip his hips as he moved in incremental shifts, not quite thrusting, rocking gently against her.

Her arms came around him, holding him close, softly moaning her pleasure as he continued. Drawing in a deep breath, filling his senses, he maintained a slow pace, fully intent on making it las, to simply enjoy moving inside her, being that close to her. Her gentle caresses along his back, told his that she was in no hurry for it to end either…

*·.·´¯`·.·* *·.·´¯`·. GABBY .·´¯`·.·* *·.·´¯`·.·*

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