Here, giving it my best shot, baby I find that we can be free when you're here with me.

So after the ceremony, there was a reception, naturally. It didn't start until there were stars evident in the sky, but nobody complained about it because it was a beautiful night anyway, the waves from the ocean calm and clear.

The music blared across the beach, the loud noises emanating from the happy guests as well, not to mention the happily married couple, Brock and Misty. The red-head was beaming, thanking everyone whoever congratulated her and called her a lucky girl. Brock seemed to be content as well, and also relieved, one reason because the ceremony was over (which was very nerve-wracking for him) and another reason being that he didn't have to chase girls anymore. He was sincerely happy with Misty, and he was glad that she loved him back just as much.

Also being secretly happy that Gary took Ash into his arms, and that Misty was completely okay with it after the shock of Ash's coming out.

Ash's mom was also seemingly, shockingly okay with Gary and Ash as well. All she said was that she was okay as long as he was happy and that he used protection whenever they did the deed because even she knew that Ash couldn't be an innocent boy forever. (Of course, when she mentioned protection, Ash had to force himself to agree with it, because they don't use it. Gary was very amused at his hidden reaction.)

Speaking of being "innocent," Ash noticed that there was alcohol at this reception, flavorful wine coolers and whatnot, and while he's not the type of person to give in peer pressure too easily, just the fact that it was just there that he wanted it so bad, but couldn't because of his freaking mom.

But Gary somehow manipulated Ash into it and to just tell his mom that it was just strawberry lemonade or just to mix it in with the punch or even with the sodas.

And because Ash is so innocent he put in a little too much alcohol. Not enough to make him flat out drunk, but enough to make him pretty tipsy. Gary had to refrain from laughing at his stupid dance moves and his overly loud voice, but when he saw Delia getting suspicious, he told Ash to take it down a notch. Ash didn't exactly follow through, but the brunette stayed on his side to make sure he was okay.

He was just very thankful that they did their congratulations' speeches at the beginning of the reception.

A couple hours later, the reception ended and even by then everyone was pretty smashed (but still sober enough to drive fortunately.) Everyone said their goodbyes and Gary drove Ash to his old parent's house which he still took care of whenever he visited home, with Tracy and his grandpa checking up on it whenever the brunette was away.

So just now, he pulled up in the driveway, turning off the car immediately because Ash literally had blared music in the car on the drive home, especially turning up the bass. He made a note to himself to never manipulate alcohol into Ash ever again.

"Garyyy…can you carry me please?" Ash asked in a whiny voice. "My legs feel all wibbly wobbly…like that one song that was on just now."

Gary snorted and shook his head as he got out of the car, ignoring Ash's continuous whining noises. "Hold on to your pants already, for Arceus's sake."

He opened the passenger door and grabbed a hold of the raven-haired boy, carrying him bridal style.

"You're so strong, Gary," Ash giggled.

Gary rolled his eyes, but still smiled afterward, "You sound like one of those helpless schoolgirls."

"Well, sor-ry, I can't help it. I'm just helplessly in love with you," Ash nuzzled the side of Gary's neck, feathering it with tiny kisses.

Gary's smile grew wider as he opened the door to the house, locking it up afterward and then going upstairs to his bedroom where he simply dropped Ash on the bed, making him giggle again at the feeling of being plopped.

As the brunette started taking off his tux, Ash started making complaints again, "Gary, can you help me out of this too…? It's too tight on me and it's hard to move in."

Gary chuckled, "Yes, in a moment, Ashy-boy."

Ash silently grumbled, but Gary caught what he said, "Don't call me Ashy-boy."

The brunette laughed again, and after he took off his dress shirt, clad in only his pants now, he sat on the bed and helped Ash get out of his clothes. "You don't seem to mind me calling you that anymore…at least not when I'm doing you know what to you," he winked and had to suppress a laugh at Ash's beet red face.

"S-Shut up…"

After Gary removed the smaller boy's shoes and socks and his button shirt, he was greeted with a hug from the boy, his face once again nuzzling the crook of his neck. "Y'know somethin'? You're really sexy."

Gary held back another laugh for the fact that Ash was able to easily change subjects so soon, but he couldn't help the goosebumps forming after that statement, especially the combination of feeling Ash's soft skin against him and his somewhat low voice vibrating in his ear.

Trying to hold his composure in, he remarked, "Tell me something I don't know."

"You're so good in bed," Ash moaned, emphasizing the statement even more by tightening his hands on Gary's shoulders, still nipping at the brunette's neck.

The ex-rival was no longer trying to hold back laughter, but now it was a blush, and also a hard-on. Despite that, he told him, "Keep going."

Ash smiled through his kisses, and pushed him down on the bed, his legs on either side of him. "Like, you're just so…amazing. The way you make me feel, it was like it was meant to be, y'know? The way you touch me with your soft, big hands and how you leave marks on my skin so that everyone knows I belong to you and you only. And the way you make me feel when you take me into oblivion, like I seriously just forget everything…"

It was Gary's turn to feel like a schoolgirl. "I never knew you had a way with words."

Ash chuckled and bent down to give Gary a brief kiss. "I mean every word, drunk or not. All you have to do is ask, and I'll tell you all the good things you make me feel."

Gary smiled and Ash's heart fluttered when he saw his lover's green eyes twinkle.

"How about I make you feel all those things right now?" Gary asked with his suggestive voice, using one of his hands to stroke Ash's curves.

The black-haired boy smiled even bigger, "Please do."

So when Gary's hands started roaming all over his small, velvety frame, Ash sighed in both pleasure and relief. He was almost overjoyed to feel those hands on him, and even if it had been only a couple weeks since they last touched like this, it just wasn't the same for Ash when Gary wasn't next to him on the bed, it felt lonely when he didn't feel Gary's protective arms wrapping around him and pulling him into his lean, warm chest.

He missed all of that desperately. And Ash is not gonna let him go this time. He was going to take this chance tonight and try to make it as everlasting as possible.

Ash pressed his body as close as he could against Gary's, kissing him feverishly. The brunette returned it with just as much fervor, massaging every inch of Ash's skin. Eager to feel more, his hands traveled down to Ash's pants, moving his hips up a little to quickly undo the button and zipper and then remove his pants completely. After that, Gary decided to flip their positions, with Ash's head resting against the pillows.

Ash moaned as Gary's hand rested on his throbbing member through his boxers. Gary undid his pants with his other hand and now they were both clad in only their undergarments. But due to Ash's combination of being tipsy and impatient, he wasted no time removing his boxers as well.

The taller boy bent over to kiss Ash's neck and collarbones as he brought his hand back on Ash's heat, stroking it softly and slowly.

Ash's toes were already curling, his hands roaming around Gary's body. He let out short gasps as Gary nipped on Ash's skin, leaving small purple marks around the neck area.

With Ash's impatience creeping up again along with feelings of bliss, he used his feet to remove Gary's boxers, and then used his knee to rub his erection. Gary let out a strangled groan and tightened his grip on Ash's member. The black-haired boy let out trembling sighs, trying to hold in his composure.

Taking advantage of the pre cum that was dribbling out, Gary moved his fingers down to Ash's entrance, using one finger at the moment to slowly but surely enter inside him. He also took advantage to look at his face as he did so, smirking at the sight of him writhing in pleasure.

"Nng, Gary…" Ash was unable to hold back his dam of moans as he added another finger, now massaging that one sweet spot. His head felt like it was on a high, especially with the alcohol settling in, and the rest of his body felt like it was on fire, Ash arching his back and closing his eyes tightly every few seconds to get rid of the miserable yet marvelous feeling.

"Gary, can you please just…ugh," Ash tried to speak, but failed to do so.

The brunette still had on his smirk, "Please what, Ashy-boy?" Gary added a third finger afterwards.

Ash rolled his eyes in both annoyance and satisfaction. "Just…hurry."

"Nah, I think you need to be punished first," Gary chuckled, moving the fingers in deeper.

"For what?!"

"For being you."

Ash scoffed, "Tsk…you're the one deserving of that punishment."

"Oh, really now?" Gary grinned and nuzzled in Ash's neck after pulling his fingers out. "Why is that?"

"Y'know," Ash wrapped his arms around his neck. "For your stupid job and leaving me."

"You're the one who left me."

"Yeah, because of your stupid job."

Gary laughed even more and looked at Ash's cloudy but loving eyes. "Yeah, well I need to make money. I mean, how else am I going to spoil you?"

Ash tried to hold back his smile, but failed big time and looked into Gary's emerald eyes.

"I love you."

"I love you, too," Gary responded and kissed Ash with all of his passion.

The rest of the night was perfect. Their love-making was filled with intense devotion, their hands all over each other, kissing their necks and shoulders, leaving scratches and love bites. The air was filled with noises that consisted of the bed shaking and hitting against the wall, and whimpers to moans to screams.

Near the end, feelings of extreme pleasure filled their bodies and they held onto each other so tightly that it could've been almost impossible to separate them.

After they finished, they were breathing heavily, their foreheads touching and kissing each other lightly. Finally, they fell asleep in each other's arms.


Ash woke up, and was at first initially worried because he was alone. He was hoping everything wasn't just a dream, but then relief waved over him when he realized that he was at Gary's house, as well as his hangover headache.

Then he heard a door open and looked over to the sound, instantly smiling when he saw Gary.

"You're up early."

"Yeah, I tend to do so when you're not sleeping next to me," Ash replied in a matter-of-factly tone.

Gary smiled, "Sorry, a guy's gotta go when he's gotta go, y'know." He started rummaging through the drawer and found what he needed, setting it on the table near Ash. "There's some advil for your headache that you most likely have."

The smaller boy jokingly scrunched his nose, "I don't have a headache. Just come back here, please."

Gary shook his head at Ash's impatience, but nevertheless wasted no time in getting back into bed with him. Ash immediately settled his body on top of Gary's, his head resting against his chest.

"So clingy," the brunette joked.

Ash just smiled, "You would be too if you went through what I did."

"I did go through it, just not the leaving process."

The black-haired boy sighed, "It was really hard seeing you get smaller and smaller as the ship went farther. I really missed you," his voice trailed off, not wanting to talk about the scene.

Gary's heart honestly wept at this, and he wrapped his arm around Ash's shoulder and pulled him closer to give his forehead a kiss. Nostalgia waved over him as he smelled his rain scented hair.

"Well, I'm here now. So don't worry about that anymore."

Ash was initially confused, "But…don't you have to go back? Didn't you just come for the wedding?"

Gary smiled, "Nope. I'm here to stay for good."

Ash's breath was taken away for a good moment. "What..?" Ash sat up, bringing Gary up along with him. He looked straight at him. "Say that again."

The brunette couldn't help his wide smile as he stroked Ash's cheek a little before resting his hand on the back of his neck. "I'm staying here in Kanto with you, for good. I promise."

Ash wasn't able to hold back his tears after hearing that. He chuckled in disbelief before kissing him, wrapping his arms around his neck and his legs around his waist. Gary's hands rested on Ash's back, stroking it lovingly.

Ash pulled away from the kiss and Gary laid them back down, covering them both with the sheets. "That's the best news I've ever heard."

Gary chuckled, "Good. You don't have to worry anymore."

The smaller boy was unable to rid of his smile, even though his cheeks were starting to hurt. "I love you so much."

"I love you, too, loser."

Ash just shook his head. "I'm wondering already when we should get married."

Gary pulled a face that made Ash laugh, nuzzling in his neck.

"Let's not rush into things, now," Gary laughed as well, though.

Nevertheless, they were ready to start a brand new journey together.

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