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Chapter 1 True Friend

Harry couldn't believe it. The whole school had turned against him because his name came out of the Goblet of Fire. Ron had been horrible to him and after a week of the continuous taunts from almost every student in the school he just wanted a chance to get away by himself. He was in the dungeons in a part he had never visited before pacing around trying to avoid everybody while talking quietly to himself.

"I just wish I had at least one true friend."

To his surprise at the last word a portrait of two men swung open behind him. When he walked closer to it he saw a small sitting room with a sofa and about four plush armchairs. It was decorated in silver and gold. He walked in and as soon as he did the portrait door closed. When he realized the room was empty of anybody else he sat down on the sofa and closed his eyes. He felt himself relaxing for the first time in a week. The tension left his body and he slowly drifted off to sleep.

Draco spoke the password. "True friend." He had found the private sitting room the year before. It was a place he went when he wanted to get away from all the politics of being a Slytherin, of having to act like a total jerk to everyone that wasn't a Slytherin. The young man knew if his father ever found out that he didn't have the same beliefs as he did the man would make his only son's life miserable. Draco had believed his Father's words until the end of second year. The man had not realized that he saw the confrontation with him, Potter and Dobby. That had made Draco start questioning many things in his life.

He walked into what he considered his private sitting room and was shocked to see Potter slumped over on the sofa sound asleep. He took in the other boy's appearance noticing for the first time the bags under his eyes. And if he wasn't mistaken the smaller teen had lost some weight recently. This gave the blond a feeling of guilt and remorse for his treatment of Potter the last week. He knew that the other kid hadn't put his name in the Goblet. He had seen the look of pure shock and disbelief when Dumbledore had called Potter's name that night. He sat down in one of the armchairs and watched the tired kid sleep.

Draco Malfoy could not believe the thoughts running through his mind at the moment, as he watched the other kid's chest rise and fall as he slept on. He couldn't help noticing that the dark haired boy was extremely handsome. This brought him up short, because he had never thought that about a boy before. Did that make him gay? It wouldn't bother him if he was gay because in the wizarding world that was no big deal, but the thought that he was attracted to a boy who only saw him as his enemy made an uneasy feeling in his stomach. He was also feeling a protectiveness to the boy he had dubbed scarhead so long ago. Why was he feeling like this now?

When he realized the object of his undivided attention was starting to stir he went tense. Would Potter curse him as soon as he realized Draco was there? Or would he run from the room afraid Draco would curse him? Those green eyes opened and were now staring at him. Potter's whole body was taut with tension with the only thing moving being those eyes that seemed to be trying to reach into his very soul.

"Malfoy is there something I can do for you?" Harry asked apprehensively.

"Nope I was just sitting here enjoying the peace and quiet." Draco couldn't help smirking as he watched Potter's eyebrows go up in surprise.

"I probably shouldn't be here." Harry mumbled self-consciously. "I didn't realize this was a Slytherin room." He started too stand-up so he could leave, but the blond waved him back down.

"It's not really. I believe the people in the portrait out there are Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor." He explained. "I found the place by accident last year, and you are the only other person I have seen in here."

"I was talking to myself out there and the portrait opened. I came in to see what the place was and the portrait shut. It looked so peaceful I decided to sit down and rest for awhile." Harry looked as if he felt guilty for intruding on Draco's private place.

"You must have said something about true friend because that is the password. I haven't been able to change it in over a year of coming in here." Draco wondered what had made the other kid say that while talking to himself. Then he remembered the way the weasel had been treating him the poor kid was probably lambasting himself that the redhead idiot wasn't a true friend.

Harry nodded when he realized he did say something like that. "I shouldn't be bothering you in here."

"Hey you can use this room anytime you want. I really don't mind, but I hope you won't tell anybody else about it." Draco added. He really did not want Granger or Weasley in this place he considered his sanctuary.

"I won't." Harry promised. "I would like to come here for some quiet time once a week at least if you don't mind."

"That is fine by me Potter. I would think you could use some time away from the mess you've gotten yourself into this year."

"I didn't get myself into it." Harry denied angrily making Draco think he was mad at him until he spoke again. "Dumbledore did, because even if he didn't put my name in that cup by making me go to that Wand Weighing Ceremony he bound me to the tournament."


"My godfather sent me a book on the rules and since I didn't enter voluntarily I could have gotten out of the thing, but Dumbledore said I had to participate and that wasn't true. But when I went to that ceremony and took part I was considered doing it voluntarily so now I'm stuck."

Draco looked flabbergasted. Why would the old fool do that to his golden boy? He really couldn't help feeling sorry for the messy haired Adonis. Shite, did he just think that? He needed to get away before he said or did something stupid.

"That really stinks. I never liked the man but that was low even for him." Draco snapped. "Potter I want you to know I'm sorry you are forced into this tournament and for the trouble I have been giving you. I really know you didn't put your name in that goblet. I saw your face that night and knew it then, but my father and the other Slytherins expect me to give you a hard time, and if I don't Snape will tell my Father." He admitted guiltily.

"Hey that is okay. It feels good just hearing you say you believe me. The only other people to say that are my Godfather, Hermione and Hagrid." Harry didn't want to tell Draco that he only thought Hermione and Hagrid said that was because Dumblejerk told them too.

A week later Harry made his way into the sitting room to see Draco already in there. "Am I disturbing you?" He asked nervously.

"Nope come in and visit with me for a while." Draco told him while waving towards the sofa. "I noticed you and Weasley still aren't talking."

"No he thinks I put my name in for the fame and the thousand galleons." Harry frowned at the thought.

Draco snorted. "Yeah a thousand galleons is so important to the heir to the richest family in the wizarding world. What a moron?"

"What do you mean the richest family? Yeah I have a nice size vault but it isn't that much." Harry's eyebrows were knitted in confusion.

"That's just your trust vault." Draco explained but was startled when he saw the other boy look at him like he was crazy. "Don't tell me that nobody told you about your inheritance."

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"Didn't your Godfather tell you?" Draco demanded to know.

"No but that isn't his fault. I've only got to see him once and exchange a few letters with him." Harry admitted sadly.

When he saw the sadness on that handsome face it made Draco want to take it away anyway that he could. "Why haven't you seen him more often? Hell for that matter why haven't you been living with him? A Godfather is the first person who is supposed to be in line to take an orphaned child. That is why parents name a Godfather, and the law says they are the ones to get the child even if there are family members, because the godfather/godchild bond is like a magical oath."

Harry stared at him with his mouth hanging open. He never knew that. That made the resentment he felt for that old goat even worse. He had Hagrid take him away from Sirius that night. He could still remember what he heard in the Three Broomstick about how he got to the Dursleys, and how Sirius said Hagrid wouldn't give him to his Godfather that night. What kind of games was Dumbledore playing at? He already knew the man lied in front of the Wizengamot and said Sirius was his parents' secret keeper, but this means he had Harry kidnapped from his rightful guardian.

Harry didn't think it would be safe to tell Draco about Sirius what if he told somebody that Harry was in contact with the man. "Umm... I don't think I can go into that, because I doubt you would believe me anyway."

"Why wouldn't I believe you?" Draco questioned with a frown.

"Well the Minister didn't believe me so why would you?"

"Well I for one would like to think I'm a little smarter than that moron Fudge." Draco sneered at the thought of being compared to that idiot.

"Well Malfoy it is a pretty unbelievable story." Harry grimaced when he remembered that his word wasn't enough to get Fudge to believe him and now his Godfather was on the run.

"You tell me that it isn't a lie and I will believe you." Draco couldn't help the smirk that crossed his face. "After all you can't lie worth shite."

Harry stuck his tongue out childishly even though he was grateful to the blond for saying he would believe him. "I promise Malfoy what I am about to tell you is the absolute truth no matter how unbelievable it sounds."

"Then let's hear it." Draco told him knowing that he would have to believe it because those eyes were telling him with certainty that he wouldn't lie.

"My Godfather is Sirius Black." He stared at Draco with an intensity that actually had the blond wanting to squirm in his seat, but Harry must've have seen something that convinced him the blond was open to what he was saying because he continued. "He is innocent of everything he was accused of. Pettigrew was my parents' secret keeper. He killed those twelve muggles and framed Sirius."

"But the man's dead." Draco tried to understand how he framed Black if he was dead.

"No he is an Animagus. He just transformed into his rat form after cutting off his own finger." Harry snarled. "Do you remember the rat Ron had? He bit Goyle's finger that first train ride to Hogwarts."

"Yeah, what about it?" Draco didn't like where this was going.

"That was Pettigrew and the reason Sirius broke out and came to Hogwarts was to try and capture him, since he found out from a paper Fudge gave him that the Traitor was going to be where I was."

"But how would a newspaper tell him that?" He wondered aloud.

"The picture of the Weasley family when they won that lottery had a picture of Pettigrew on Ron's shoulder. Sirius recognized him from all of the times he watched him transform, and because he had a toe missing."

"Why didn't this come out during Black's trial?" Draco was having a hard time believing what he was hearing, but he could tell Potter really did believe what he was saying. There was no faking the emotions the other boy was displaying as he spoke.

"I don't know, but for some reason I don't believe he got a trial. I never asked him outright, but it is just a feeling I have. Dumbledore told in front of the Wizengamot that Sirius was the Secret Keeper, but I heard Pettigrew admit he was with my own ears. If Sirius had a trial wouldn't that have come up?" Harry was pacing in agitation now.

"You are probably right then. He never got a trial because they would have used Veritaserum, and you can't lie when you have taken that." Draco was sneering at the thought of the man he knew was the next in line to be Lord Black locked up without a trial.

"Well when Hermione and I told Fudge at the end of the year that Sirius was innocent he was going to have him kissed anyway. He believed Snape when he said we were Confunded even though Snape wasn't even conscience at the time we found out the truth. He just hates my Godfather and Dad. Hell he was going to take him to the Dementors himself along with Lupin. If we hadn't knocked him out he would have gotten two innocent men kissed that night." Harry's anger was clearly heard in his voice.

"Well the man is a Death Eater, so it isn't unexpected that he would try to get people he considers his enemies worse than dead." Draco said matter-of-factly.

They sat and talked for another hour. It was so strange Harry thought, as he walked away how much he had enjoyed talking to the blond. He was hoping he would be there the next time he came to the room.

The next time Draco went into the room it was three days before the first task. He saw that Harry was already there, but he couldn't help noticing how tense he was. He looked like he hadn't been sleeping or eating. Hell if the other boy didn't start eating again soon he was going to blow away he was so thin now.

"Hey Potter. How are you doing?"

"I'm fine Malfoy." Harry said automatically. He didn't want to say that he was scared out of his mind and the only thing keeping him sane was that he was supposed to be talking to his Godfather tomorrow night.

"Well you don't look fine. You look like you are wasting away. When did you eat last?" Draco told him seriously.

"I'm not hungry." Harry said petulantly.

"You know it you don't start eating and sleeping I just may have to write your Godfather a letter telling him you aren't taking care of yourself." Draco threatened.

Harry was gaping but after a couple of minutes he said indignantly. "You wouldn't dare."

"Sure I would." Draco promised. "Somebody has to make sure you take care of yourself."

"Fine I will eat later, right now I just want to relax. I can't take anymore of people throwing nasty comments at me." Harry admitted as he leaned back against the sofa and closed his eyes.

Draco sat quietly and watched the kid fall asleep. He wondered if he had slept at all since the last time he had seen him. He couldn't help noticing how handsome he looked even with his gaunt cheeks and grey circles under his eyes. Damn he couldn't believe he thought Potter of all people was handsome. Why was he the only person he had ever felt attracted too? Potter was never going to think of him the same way.

Harry slept for about two hours with Draco just watching over him. He finally woke him up so he could send him off to dinner. Draco really was afraid that Potter would be sick if he didn't eat something. The blond really was starting to look forward to the time he spent with the messy haired teen.

Harry had been sitting in the sanctuary for three hours waiting for Draco to show up when he knew he had to leave or miss curfew. The first task had taken place four days previously, and Harry was tied for first place with Krum. This was the second time since the task that he had come and waited to see Draco, but he never showed.

Over the next week Harry returned to the sanctuary every chance he could get away from Ron and Hermione. Yes Ron was back to acting like he was his best friend and Harry was letting him, but truth be known Harry didn't trust him at all. Harry had been doing some serious thinking about Ron and realized he didn't even like him. The redhead was only hanging around because he liked saying he was best mates with the Boy-Who-Lived. Harry was beginning to think his whole friendship with Ron was a setup, and he wasn't for sure but Hermione also seemed to be a little too convenient to have for a friend, or rather inconvenient since between the two of them they seemed to keep him from doing his best work. Every time he wanted to do his homework Ron would try to get him to play chess, And Hermione would get mad when he did better than she did. That really wasn't the way friends should act.

Harry laid back on the couch looking at the ceiling waiting and hoping Draco would show up. He really missed the other boy. It had been two weeks since he had seen him in here. He wouldn't admit it out loud but he was feeling hurt that Draco hadn't come to see him in all of that time. But just as he thought that the portrait swung open and the object of his thoughts walked in. Harry wanted to jump up and demand where the other boy had been, but he bit his tongue and waited to see what was going to happen. He knew he was here a day after he used to meet the other kid here. Did Draco only show up because he didn't think Harry would be here?

Draco walked in and sat down. He didn't speak just glared at the smaller teen. Draco had almost not come back here because he was so mad that Potter was hanging around the weasel again. But he couldn't stay away he missed spending time with him.

Harry finally broke the silence. "I guess you are trying to say you don't want me here anymore." He stood up and started to leave. He couldn't stand the angry look Draco was shooting his way.

"Don't go Harry." Draco called out suddenly.

It was the sound of his name on Draco Malfoy's lips that stopped him short. The other boy had never once called him Harry before. He slowly turned to face the blond.

"Why? You're mad at me. I can tell so why do you want me to stay here?" The pain was clearly evident in his voice.

Draco was feeling like a heel seeing the pain staring out of those emerald green eyes. He had felt justified in staying away until he realized that the other boy had actually been hurt by his absence. He would never have expected that reaction from Harry Potter of all people. Truthfully he had never had anybody act like his absence was something they minded not even his Mother. This made his guilt even worse to bear.

"I didn't really think you would want me to come back actually now that you have the weasel back as your friend." Draco admitted trying to ease his guilt.

Harry gaped when he heard that. He hadn't realized that the reason Draco was staying away was because he thought he wasn't wanted. Harry wondered if he should have told the blond how much his friendship had come to mean to him. How much he had come to rely on somebody being open and honest with him.

"I'm only pretending to be friends with Ron." Harry snorted at anybody thinking he would forgive the redhead after he treated him so horribly. Harry had saved Ron's sister's life in second year when she was a damn idiot and his way to repay him was to turn against him when he needed support the most.

"What?" Draco gasped out.

"I'm not really friends with him anymore, but I think Dumbles made him make up with me. I'm just pretending for the time being. I think my friendship with Ron was a setup." Harry explained filling him in on what happened at the train station and on the ride to Hogwarts that first year.

"I would have to say you are right. Wizard families use the floo right onto Platform 9 and 3/4s. They never use the muggle entrance and as for the train being full. It is made to hold twice as many students as we now have traveling on it each year, since we lost a lot of wizard families during the war Hogwarts has less students now then when the train was created." Draco smirked at the astounded look he was receiving.

"I never knew anybody but Hermione to go into explanations like that." Harry mumbled, but he looked apologetic when he realized that Draco took offense to the comment. "Sorry I didn't mean to offend you. I just wasn't expecting that is all."

Draco smiled at the apology. He hadn't expected that. The more time he spent around Harry the more he realized what a great guy he was. He was looking at him closely now though and realized the kid still looked tired and like he wasn't eating anything.

"It is okay. I owe you an apology too for staying away. I just thought you wouldn't want me around anymore with weasel as your friend again." Draco felt bad for staying away. "But you don't look like you're eating anything again."

"I've not been hungry." Harry looked away from that penetrating stare. Why did Draco Malfoy have the ability to make him feel guilty for not taking better care of himself?

"I think I really should write that letter to your Godfather since you can't seem to be bothered with looking after yourself." He threatened again.

Harry gave him a betrayed look. "Please don't do that. I don't want Sirius to worry about me. He might decide to come here and make sure I eat, and then he could get caught, and I would lose the only adult who has cared about me since my parents died."

"I won't if you start eating right." When Harry nodded he added. "I mean it I will be watching during mealtimes to make sure you are eating."

"Fine," Harry huffed but he was a little pleased to know that Draco cared that much about him to be concerned.

Ten days later Draco was sitting in the room he now felt was his personal Heaven waiting for Harry. They were now meeting twice a week, and he looked forward to their time together more than anything else in his life. How had Harry Potter and his happiness become the most important thing to Draco Malfoy? He would never know. It always left him with a great feeling when Harry left happier than when he showed up. He was brought out of his musings when Harry stomped into the room. One look at the smaller boy and he knew that Harry was in a towering temper.

"What's wrong Harry?" He asked gently hoping to calm him down.

"McGonagall!" He snarled his fists clenched tightly.

"What did she do?" Draco didn't like the Professor, but he never expected this reaction from Harry.

"That no good bint told me I have to stay here for the holidays so I can open the Yule Ball with the other champions." He snapped angrily. "That damn Yule Ball is not even a part of the official Triwizard Tournament. It has nothing to do with the binding contract, but when I said I was going home for the holidays she wouldn't let me sign up."

"I didn't think you liked spending time with those muggles." Draco said cautiously.

"I don't and I wasn't going to." Harry's anger dissipated to be replaced with a deep sadness. "I was going to spend the holidays with Sirius. We were going to have a real family Christmas for both of us."

Harry turned his head hoping Draco hadn't seen the tears in his eyes since he couldn't hold them back. He had thought he was use to having to be disappointed but this was too much. He knew Sirius was looking forward to it too. Sometimes he wondered why he didn't just leave this blasted place. Draco was the only good thing that had happened to him all year.

Draco was fuming. He had seen the tears in Harry's eyes before he turned away. He knew enough about the messy haired Adonis to know that tears would only come if he was really and truly upset. Draco's heart was breaking knowing that his Harry was hurting this badly.

"Are you sure the Ball doesn't go against the contract?" Draco demanded as he was doing some quick thinking.

"Yes." Harry replied hoping Draco couldn't hear the waver in his voice.

"Then she has no right to refuse to let you leave." Draco was the one snarling now since he had heard Harry's voice break on that one word. "We're just going to have to make sure you can get away. When you are gone they can't do anything about it until you come back, and I will make sure they can't do anything then either."

Harry turned to look at the blond who was coming to mean so much to him with hope even through the tears on his cheeks. He didn't even care that Draco could see them now. He was so grateful to Draco he could have kissed him. Whoa what am I thinking he will hex me into next year if I tried to do that? He had no way of knowing that Draco was looking at the plump lips he had been biting to keep the sounds of his crying from being heard with a desperate hunger to kiss them.

"How are we going to do that? I mean you have to sign the list, and she won't let me and if my name isn't on the list Filch won't let me leave." But there was hope in his voice as he waited for Draco to answer. He had a feeling between him and Draco they could accomplish anything they put their minds to.

"That may be simple if you answer me something truthfully." Draco said with a sly look. "Last year in Hogsmeade when I saw your head floating in the air would that mean you have an invisibility cloak?"

Harry blushed sheepishly. "Oh about that yeah I do and I'm sorry for how I treated you that day."

Draco waved it off as of no importance. "That doesn't matter now we are past that. We are friends and I did things in the past to you that I don't intend to apologize for now. I just promise to treat you nicer from here on out."

Harry couldn't help laughing. That was such a Draco thing to say. Oh I treated you bad but no apologies are coming your way. How could this person who had been his enemy for so long make him laugh when he had been angry and sad both moments prior? He didn't know if this room was more magical than all of Hogwarts, but he was grateful he found it since it brought the real Draco into his life.

"Thanks Draco but why did you want to know about my cloak?" Harry smiled at the blond in a way that made Draco think he might need a cold shower when he left this room today.

"The night before the break we will use your cloak and sneak into Filch's office and add your name in the middle of the list." Catching sight of Harry's face had Draco laughing. "What?"

"Do you know how dangerous that is?" Harry laughed nervously. "I thought I was the Gryffindor. I have never done anything so ballsy."

"Yeah right you just went up against a Hungarian Horntail a few weeks ago, but going into Filch's office when he is patrolling is more ballsy." Draco said sarcastically.

"Well you didn't mention he wasn't going to be there." Harry blushed, a deep red.

"I'm a Slytherin Potter of course he isn't going to be there. We are more cunning than that." Draco couldn't help smirking at the blushing teen.

Salazar he wanted to kiss him so badly it was hurting. It was so strange but he honestly thought he was falling in love with Harry Potter. Oh shite tomorrow was the last Hogsmeade weekend before the break. He had to get Harry a Christmas present.

"But how am I going to get my trunk with the others and not let Ron know so he can inform Dumbledore?" Harry was hoping the blushing he was doing would disappear soon.

"House elf," Draco told him. "Then you will wait in the entryway until nobody who would try to stop you is there and join the queue to be signed out. Are you riding the train all the way back to London?"

"Actually no I'm supposed to let people see me get on the train, but I will use my cloak and get back off and meet Sirius in his Animagus form on the outskirts of Hogsmeade. He'll Apparate us to the house he plans on us spending Christmas at." Harry explained finally feeling like maybe he would get his Christmas after all. He was so grateful to Draco for being willing to help him.

"But your trunk will be the hard part trying to carry it under your cloak without anybody realizing you are there." Draco fretted.

"Well maybe I can have Dobby just take my trunk to where I'm suppose to meet Sirius." Harry thought out loud.

"That sounds like a better idea." Draco nodded. "We will have to get together in three days to go to Filch's office. So we will meet here in three days time to finish any planning." Draco told him as he checked his watch. "It is time for dinner and you need to eat unless you're wanting me to inform your Godfather of you not taking care of yourself. Mind you he might not need my input when he sees you for himself. I would advise you to eat as much as you can between now and then."

Harry stuck his tongue out at the blond before leaving. He didn't notice the way Draco shifted in his seat to adjust his all of a sudden too tight pants when he had saw that pink tongue. Draco stood up to give his bits more room as they were being smashed at the moment. He wished they weren't because he needed to plan how to fix things before he and Harry met here again. He wanted it to be special for Harry since he knew the other boy hadn't really had a real Christmas. Yes he may be going to get one with his Godfather this year, but Draco also wanted to do something special for him.

Three days later Harry showed up in his favorite place in the world now. He was under his invisibility cloak, as he didn't want to have to try and evade Hermione and Ron. So as soon as dinner was done he headed off to the restroom and donned the cloak before heading to the dungeons.

When he opened the door he saw Draco standing by the fireplace in the room. It wasn't a big one so he never really paid much attention to it, but now it was decorated with holly berries and ivy and it had two Christmas stockings hanging from it. One said Draco and the other Harry. He noticed Draco was filling both with candies and nuts, but he was slipping a couple of small wrapped packages in it as well. Harry quietly gulped trying to get the lump in his throat to go down.

Draco hadn't heard the portrait open evidently, because he never turned around. This gave Harry plenty of time to take in his appearance. He had taken off his robe and was now standing there in a pair of black dragon hide pants that cupped the blond's delicious looking backside like a second skin. Harry was blushing as he couldn't take his eyes off of that delectable sight. He was truly thankful he was under the cloak right now. When he finally pulled his gaze up he saw Draco was wearing an emerald green sweater that matched Harry's eyes perfectly. How had he never noticed that Draco Malfoy had a drool worthy body? He couldn't take his eyes off of Draco as he turned to the corner of the room. That was when Harry noticed a small three foot Christmas tree that was beautifully decorated sitting on a small table. Draco placed two expensively wrapped presents on the table under the tree.

Harry smiled as he very quietly made his way to Draco's stocking and slipped a small package in it. Draco had left the tree and was sitting in a chair facing the portrait hole. This gave Harry time to walk to the tree and place two gifts under the tree that was decorated in red and green bulbs with silver and gold fairy lights. He jerked his head around when he heard Draco speak.

"Come on Harry I want to spend some time with you before we have to head to Filch's office. This will be the best part of my own Christmas."

Harry removed the cloak when he was directly behind Draco. He very quietly put his hands over the other boy's eyes. "Guess who?" He couldn't control his laughter as he felt Draco jump a foot off the chair he was sitting on.

"Bloody Hell Harry, you scared me to death." Draco gasped out as he leant forward clutching his stomach.

"Sorry." He said through his laughter not sounding sorry at all.

"Yes I can tell how sorry you are." Draco snorted at the obvious lie.

"Happy Christmas, Draco." Harry smiled as he went around in sat on the couch.

He noticed the table between them had Christmas biscuits and tea. Draco had really went all out for this. He hoped that Draco would like the gifts he had gotten him.

"Happy Christmas, Harry." Draco smiled having gotten his heart rate back to normal. "Would you like some tea first or presents?"

Harry couldn't help it. He wanted to know if Draco liked what he got him, plus he was also interested in what Draco got for him. "Presents please."

Draco walked over to the table to get Harry's gifts and that was when he now noticed there were two extra presents under the tree. He really hadn't expected the other boy to buy him a gift let alone two of them. He felt a warm feeling inside to know that Harry had actually thought enough about him to get him something for Christmas. He picked up all four presents from under the tree before heading back to his chair. He handed Harry the large present that was wrapped in red paper with a gold bow.

"Thank you." Harry smiled gratefully. "You should open the green package first."

Draco very carefully undid the silver bow and lifted the tape off of the package. He opened the box and he saw a black dragonhide vest.

"I hope you like it." Harry looked worried. "It is made from a Hungarian Horntail. I thought it would remind you of how we became friends."

"I love it Harry." Draco said as he stood up and put it on. It went with his dragonhide pants well. "Please open yours."

Harry was just as careful unwrapping his gift. It contained a full seeker safety uniform that was to be worn under his Quidditch robes. He could not believe anybody would spend this much money on him. Yes Sirius had bought him his Firebolt last year but he was his Godfather, and he did say it was to make up for twelve years of missed Christmases. That was definitely more expensive, but this uniform had to cost more than all of the other presents he had gotten in his life added together.

"Thank you Draco. You shouldn't have spent so much money on me." Harry's voice sounded a little croaky.

"I'm just trying to keep you safe. You have more Quidditch accidents than anybody else in the school." He mumbled as his cheeks pinked a little.

Harry laughed loudly at that. "Well I have had some help with those. Now open you other present."

Draco looked at the smaller present. It was wrapped in silver paper with green Christmas trees on it. He was shocked to see a box that held a training snitch in it. He was the most shocked because he had tried to buy Harry one, but the storekeeper told him he had sold his last one ten minutes before Draco had asked for one.

"I tried to buy you one of these." Draco grumbled. "Evidently you must have just bought the last one right before I tried."

"Yes the man told me it was the last one he had." Harry admitted. "Don't you like it?"

"I love it Harry. Thank you for buying it for me." Draco reassured him. "Now open yours and we can have tea and biscuits before we open our stockings."

Harry's other present was wrapped in gold metallic paper with red and green ribbons. He carefully opened this one like he had the first one. It contained a dragonhide wand holster for his wrist. He loved it at first sight.

"Thank you Draco. This is magnificent." Harry gushed his praises for the gift.

"I hoped you would like it. Anybody as good in defense as you should have a wand holster." Draco beamed that he had gotten Harry presents he liked.

They sat and visited while they drank their tea. Harry showed Draco the Marauders' map and Draco thought it would be a great help when they went to break into Filch's office. He couldn't help praising how smart Harry's Dad and Godfather were. He was shocked to find out that Professor Lupin had also been a Marauder.

He finally went and brought the stockings from the fireplace. He had only fixed himself one so Harry wouldn't feel bad. He poured his out to show Harry he wanted him to do the same thing. Chocolate frogs, bertie bott every flavor bean, sugar quills, and chocolate bon bons along with walnuts fell onto the table as he dumped his. Harry spilled his out beside him on the couch with all the same candy and nuts. Harry had two small packages in his while Draco was shocked to find a small gold package in his as well.

"When did you put this in there?" He asked shock.

"I didn't do that." Harry denied. "Father Christmas must have filled that stocking."

"Right Harry," Draco rolled his eyes before tearing into the package.

He wasn't as careful with the wrapping as Harry was as he was opening a blue wrapped gift. Draco couldn't believe the beautiful gold chain that held a small golden snitch charm on it. It was not too dainty to make you think it was a woman's necklace. He immediately put it on. It felt so right wearing it.

"Thank you it is the perfect piece of jewelry." Draco exclaimed excitedly as he went to look in the mirror hanging on the wall.

Harry was too busy looking at the pair of glasses in his hands that he had just unwrapped. Draco turned when Harry hadn't acknowledged his thank you to see him gawping at the glasses.

"When you put them on they will adjust to your vision problem. They can't be broken or summoned. They also have a permanent Impervious charm on them." Draco explained excitedly.

Harry took the gold glasses that were thin and oval shaped and placed them on his face. He couldn't see for about a minute but then all of a sudden he was seeing better than he ever remembered seeing in his life. He could make out the cracks in the cement walls of the room. He always knew he should have had his eyes examined but the Dursleys wouldn't pay for that. They just took him to a charity place and had him grab a pair.

He looked up at Draco with true gratitude. "Thank you I never realized just how much I was missing before these glasses."

"You're welcome Harry. I'm glad you can see better and they look a lot better on you than those other ones." Draco smiled proudly at how happy he made the boy he knew he was falling for. "Now open your last gift as we need to get your name on that list."

Harry opened the smallest package that was in silver wrapping paper. When he opened the jewelry box it was to find a tie pin shaped like a snitch. He couldn't help smiling at Draco. This boy that he thought hated him had just given him the nicest Christmas he had to date, and he was now going to help him get to spend Christmas with his Godfather. He thanked Merlin and Godric that he found this special room and was able to share it with Draco Malfoy. He had found a true friend. He only felt a little pang of regret, because he knew he really wanted to be more to the blond teen. He would give anything if he could get his Gryffindor courage up to kiss the Slytherin prince. That would make this Christmas absolutely perfect.

They were both under the cloak as they snuck into Filch's office. Harry was reading the map to make sure nobody was around as Draco opened the door. Harry summoned the list and added his name about halfway down it. He already had everything planned with Dobby who would wait until all the fourth year Gryffindor boys had left their dorm the next day when he would pop in and take Harry's trunk up to where Harry was to meet Padfoot. He promised to make sure he stayed there until Harry showed up so nobody could take the trunk.

The boys left Filch's office and Harry was walking Draco back to the dungeon area before they would separate. They were almost there when Draco pointed something out to Harry that he hadn't seen before.

"Why would somebody put mistletoe here? It is right by the dungeons. I would hate to think what Snape would do if he caught a couple kissing." Draco was looking straight up as he spoke.

Harry raised his head and saw the sprig of greenery and he thought 'to hell with it this has to be a sign'. He was afraid Draco would want nothing more to do with him, but he couldn't resist the temptation anymore.

"Draco." He called softly getting the other boy to look at him. He stretched up to reach the other boy's lips with his own. He gave a gentle kiss on the surprised lips. Pulling back he said. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that."

But Draco Malfoy now knew what he needed to know. Harry Potter was just as interested in him as he was in the other boy. He pulled Harry close and brought his own lips down on the smaller boy's. He was using more pressure and putting more feeling in the kiss. Knowing that Harry had wanted to kiss him gave him all the courage he needed to show the messy haired teen just how much he wanted to kiss him. They heard a noise and pulled apart. When the ghost who had been talking to himself passed they said a quick good night while Draco headed to the dungeons and Harry went to Gryffindor tower.

They both dreamed about those kisses that night each wondering just where these feelings would take them. Harry didn't get a chance to speak to Draco the next morning as he snuck in the line to head to the train station. Draco's plan went off without a hitch as Harry climbed into one of the carriages. When the carriage stopped by the train he made sure a few of the younger students like the Creevey brothers saw him climb aboard. He ducked into an empty compartment where he put the invisibility cloak on and walked back off the train making sure not to run into anybody.

He headed to the edge of Hogsmeade away from the castle. He walked about ten minutes when he saw Dobby standing beside his trunk. He kept looking around but did not see Padfoot. He was getting nervous. What if Sirius didn't show up? What would he do? But as soon as he got near to Dobby he heard a bark from the trees behind the elf. Padfoot must smell him there but be worried about Dobby's presence.

"Thanks Dobby for bringing my trunk." Harry said without removing his cloak. "Dobby would you please not tell anybody that you brought it here or that you know anything about me leaving."

"Youse is welcome Mister Harry Potter, Sir. Dobby will keep youse secrets." Dobby reassured him.

"Please don't even tell Ron or Hermione. You can't tell anyone not even Dumbledore." Harry added.

"Dobby won't tell Harry Potter's secrets."

"Thank you Dobby. You can go back to the castle now." Harry sighed in relief when the elf popped away.

He dragged the trunk into the trees where his dogfather was waiting for him. "Hi Padfoot I've missed you."

Sirius was standing in front of him in his human form by the time he stopped speaking. "I've missed you too Pup." He shrunk Harry's trunk before slipping it in his pocket. "Grab ahold of my arm and don't let go for anything. I'm going to Apparate us to where we will be staying. It isn't the most pleasant way to travel Kiddo, but it won't take but a minute." He turned on the spot and they were away.

Okay this is for my friend demonichope. She wanted me to write a Drarry. I don't know how good it is going to be as I never thought about writing that pairing, plus I really hate Harry growing up too soon.

You might as well know I will still have a father/son theme with Sirius and Harry. They don't have enough of those stories out there for me so I have to write my own. I do plan on this being at least two more chapters. Harry gets Christmas with Sirius the next chapter and they make plans for the summer. Harry will also be talking to Sirius about his feelings for Draco. I'm not for sure if it will cover more time at school in the next chapter. Depends on how much Sirius/Harry I write.