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Chapter 3 Sharing Information

Three days after Christmas Harry woke up to Draco's owl tapping on his window again. He hurried to let the poor thing in since it was very cold outside. He was surprised when she hopped on his arm and let him take her over to his new owl stand. The bird hopped up beside Hedwig before holding out his leg with Harry's letter on it.

Harry sat down on the bed excited to read his new letter from Draco. He couldn't believe the other boy had written back so fast, but he was touched by it all the same. It made him feel that Draco really considered him important in his life. He opened the letter with a smile on his face.


I was glad to see you wrote back right away. Did you get anything good for Christmas from your new Dad? By the way congratulations on the adoption I'm glad the man did that for you.

What did he say about whether you are coming back to Hogwarts or not? Does he think he can get you out of the Tournament? If he does you won't be hurt from it will you.

I'm really surprised but happy that he is going to give me a chance. Tell him I said thank you. I'm glad you trust me. I know I wasn't always the kind of person you could trust, but I hope you know that your friendship means a lot to me, and I will never betray you.

Snape and Dumbledore were talking the other day. I heard a little of it. I'm afraid of what he will do to you for punishment. McGonagall was furious the night of the ball when you didn't come back. I heard her complaining to Sprout that you made Gryffindor look bad. She took a hundred points off of you even though you aren't here.

I hope your new Dad will be able to get you out of coming back. I will miss you, but I don't trust them after all you have been through the last few years. Let me know what is decided. I hope I will still be able to be your friend even if you don't come back.

I miss you. I miss our talks.

XXXX (Harry tried to decipher what the exed out letters were but couldn't make it out.)

your friend,


Harry looked at the letter fondly. Draco was still trying to protect him. He was worried about Harry, but still wanted to be his friend. He got up and walked over to Draco's owl.

"Hey boy, do you think you could wait here for awhile, so I can talk to my Dad. I will write Draco back after I see what he has to say."

The regal owl gave a soft hoot before closing his tawny eyes.

"Thanks boy." Harry hurried and got dressed. He walked in the dining room ten minutes later to see his Dad reading the paper.

Sirius raised his head to see Harry standing in one of the new outfits he had bought him for Christmas. He was wearing black skin tight jeans, a red tee shirt with a black button up shirt over top of it. The black shirt had the top three buttons undone so the red shirt was accented.

"Morning Pup. Did you sleep well?"

"Yep. I slept like a log." Harry took a seat on his Dad's right, as the man was sitting at the head of the table.

"Who was the owl from?"

Harry jerked around to look at the man in shock. "How did you know I got an owl?"

"I felt the wards shift as it crossed the boundaries." Sirius explained with a grin.

"I didn't know you could feel something like that?" Harry looked impressed.

"I'll explain more about it to you later. Who was the letter from?"

"Draco." Harry put some hotcakes on his plate. "He said to tell you thank you for accepting him as my friend. He also said congratulations on the adoption."

"Well that was nice of him." Sirius nodded pleased with Draco's words. "Tell him he is welcome and also thanks for the good wishes. Was that all he said?"

"Actually no," Harry picked up his glass of pumpkin juice and took a long drink. He sat it back down while avoiding the grey eyes watching him. "He wanted me to ask you if you could get me out of the Triwizard Tournament. He doesn't think I should go back to Hogwarts."

Sirius watched his son take a bite of his pancakes while thinking hard. He didn't want his Pup in the Tournament either, but what did Harry want? "Did he say why?"

"Yeah, evidently Dumbledore says that Snape gets to handle my punishment when I go back. Draco heard them talking, but he didn't say exactly what was planned." Harry admitted. "He also said he heard McGonagall and Sprout talking. I guess my head of house is furious. She already took a hundred points from me."

Sirius was frowning. He didn't like how this sounded. "Pup, what do you want? Do you want to go back?"

"I don't want to lose my magic, but after everything I have been through the last few years I really don't mind not going back. The only one I will really miss is Draco now, and he says he will still be my friend."

"What do you mean after everything you have gone through?" Sirius was staring at him with a determined look.

"Uhh... it doesn't really matter, does it?" was the nervous reply.

"The way you are acting I would say it matters a lot. So why don't you explain to me what you meant by that." The voice held a steel note in it.

"Umm... I really don't think it's necessary." Harry muttered without lifting his eyes from his plate.

Sirius was watching the bowed head with calculating look. Something wasn't right here. He felt an unexplainable clench of fear in his stomach. What had happened to his son in that school?

"Why don't you let me be the judge of that?" His words brooked no argument.

Harry's head came up and met the steely grey eyes for a minute before looking away. "I don't know what you want me to say."

"How about you tell me about your years at Hogwarts, starting when you first got your letter?" His voice had softened some after seeing the wary eyes.

Harry nodded before taking another drink of his pumpkin juice. He opened his mouth and started talking all the while playing with the food on his plate without glancing up. He explained about running from the letters and Hagrid finally delivering it. He talked about his first trip to Diagon Alley, his trip to Hogwarts, and about Hagrid having forgotten to tell him how to get on the platform.

Sirius was listening and he was hearing more than the words that were said. Like how his son voice had become emotionless, as he talked about the time with the Dursleys. He could tell that there was things about his son's past home life he would need to find out later, but he sat and listened without speaking, even when he heard about things like Snape bullying Harry from the first class, to Harry's first broom ride and getting on the team. He bit his tongue to keep from speaking when he heard Ron had accepted a duel for his pup, and how they came across a three-headed dog in the school and only just escaped. He actually tasted blood when he heard about his child jumping on the back of a troll.

When his new Dad didn't say anything Harry felt more comfortable talking about this stuff. He told about his Quidditch games, Norbert, getting caught and the point loss plus detention. He explained how most of the school turned against him for that. The first time his Dad made a sound was when he talked about his detention in the forest at night, and what he saw there. The gasp that came from the man had him looking up at him worriedly. He couldn't help the inward flinch at seeing those grey eyes blazing with anger, but he went on when he realized he wasn't going to speak. He once again centered his eyes on his plate and continued the tale.

Sirius Black was taking all of his self-control not to go to Hogwarts and start hexing three professors, four of you counted Hagrid at this moment. He listened as his pup talked about trying to get McGonagall to believe that somebody was going after the stone, and when she wouldn't how he and two other first years went after it themselves to protect it from Voldemort. He listened in horror, as Harry explained the traps and what happened, and how his child had faced a Voldemort possessed professor and almost died. He couldn't help closing his eyes, as the pain washed over him at knowing that his Pup had almost died in the place that was supposedly the safest place around.

"Well that was my first year." Harry finished quietly.

Sirius stood up and walked to the boy's side. He pulled him to his feet before wrapping him in a tight hug.

"Dad?" Harry's voice was muffled against the man's shirt.

Taking a deep fortifying breath Sirius finally spoke. "Sorry, but the thought of how close I came to losing you hit me pretty hard." He pulled back a little, so he could look down into the emerald green eyes. "Let's go in the sitting room so you can tell me the rest."

When they were situated on the couch with Sirius's arm around his son's shoulder he told him to tell about his second year. Harry took a deep breath and started talking. He told the tale from Dobby being in his bedroom and the consequences of that and didn't stop until he explained about the leaving feast. Sirius Black truly thought he was going to have a heart attack and pulled the teen into a very tight hug, when he again realized his son had almost died.

He didn't let him stop there. Yes, he knew part of what happened his third year, but he made Harry tell all. When he realized that Harry was almost kissed the night he escaped, but that Dumbledore had sent him back out instead of helping him that was the final straw. He knew he was going to find a way to let the wizarding world know just how incompetent the man was. He also knew his kid would never attend Hogwarts again as long as that man was in the school.

"What about this year so far? I mean I know about your name coming from the goblet and the dragon, but is there anything else I should know?" He asked as he rested his chin on the kid's head.

Harry told him about the Weasleys coming to pick him up, the Quidditch final, the Death Eaters appearance, (Sirius hissed in anger when he heard that all of the adults sent the kids off alone to the forest, while they all decided to play the heroes. One of them at least should have gone with the kids. For Merlin's sake, they sent the Boy-Who-lived off with a bunch of teenagers with Voldemort's followers there. What incompetent idiots.) He told about Moody turning Draco into a ferret, and the classes of Unforgivables including putting them under the Imperius curse. This had Sirius's brows knitted together in concern. That didn't sound like the Moody he knew. Hell the man wouldn't use those curses on Death Eaters, so why would he use them on kids?

Harry explained how most of the school turned on him, because he was chosen for the tournament. How he found the secret room that seemed a place that Gryffindor and Slytherin had used. And that was how he and Draco had become friends. He explained how Draco convinced him to skip the Yule Ball no matter what McGonagall said, and that they both had snuck in and put Harry's name on the list.

Sirius sat there with his arms around Harry for a long time not saying a word. "Harry James, you are one lucky young man."

"I know I couldn't have done any of that without luck pulling me through." Harry grinned at the man, but the smile was wiped off of his face when he saw the stern look on his new father's.

"That is not what I meant. Though I do agree it was plain dumb luck that got you through some of that alive." Sirius was speaking in a stern voice. "No, what I meant is you are lucky I was not in your life through all of that. You would have been one sorry young man if I had been. I would have been making many trips to Hogwarts to turn you over my knee for that first year alone."

Harry face turned beet red at the words. He shifted nervously wondering if the man was going to do that now.

"And after you almost dying at the end of first year, well you would not have gone back to a place where the professors put the students in so much danger." Sirius voice rang with utter conviction.

"I'm sorry." Harry apologized. He hung his head in shame. "Are you going to do that now?"

"Refuse to let you go back to Hogwarts? You bet your arse I am." Sirius growled, but he never took his arms from around his kid.

"No. I meant turn me over your knee." Harry murmured very low.

"Look at me." Harry raised worried eyes to meet the man's. "I should. I really should and I guarantee if I had been in your life for you at those times, even if I didn't find out until now I would. But I wasn't there, and you hadn't been given the rules you would have been if James or I would have raised you." He saw the questioning eyes. "You're probably wondering why I didn't mention your mum. I don't know how she would have raised you for sure on her own, but if your father or I would have raised you or even helped your mum we would have done it the same way."

Sirius took a deep breath. It always hurt thinking about all the Potters, but his pup needed to know some things. "Your grandparents were more parents to me than my own. I would have given you the same rules as your father, because we both would have used the same rules as your granddad Potter." He assured him. "He was a wonderful man and father, and we both strived to be like him. I'm going to give you the rules now, and I expect you to abide by them, but I'm not going to punish you for those things you just told me about. But just know Harry James, after I give you the rules, if you break them I will punish you the same way your granddad did me and your father. It doesn't matter how long it takes for me to find out either, if you know the rules you are taking the consequences. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir." Harry couldn't help feeling relieved he wasn't getting punished for the things in the past. "What are my rules Dad?"

"I expect you to be respectful, no cursing, no disobeying if you are given an order follow it. No going through people's things or taking anything without permission. No lying. That will get you into more trouble than if you just admitted the truth. And last but actually the most important rule. No putting yourself or anybody else in danger. Pup, that last one will get you a trip over my knee every time. That one you can bank on." Sirius told him solemnly. "Do you understand the rules?"

"Yes Sir?"

"Do you have any questions about the rules or punishments?"

"No Sir."

"I hope you realize Harry that I'm only giving you these rules because I love you." Sirius hugged the child close. Grateful that all of his adventures hadn't gotten him killed.

"I understand Dad, and I love you too." Harry snuggled into the man's hold.

Later on that evening Harry was rereading the letter he had written for Draco. He wanted to make sure it sounded alright before sending it with Draco's owl.


I was happy to receive your letter. I hadn't expected to hear from you that soon, but it made my day. Dad and I both say thanks for the congratulations. He also seemed pleased with your thank you for him giving you a chance. He said to tell you, you're welcome.

He got me a complete new wardrobe, a knife that can unlock any lock or untie any knot, and my favorite gift was a pensieve and a lot of vials of memories of my parents that I could see. It is really great to have memories of their voices now that aren't just of their dying words. That was what the Dementors made me hear.

He says there is no way I'm coming back to Hogwarts. I let something slip, and he made me tell him all about my Hogwarts years. This had him giving me a set of rules, and also telling me that I was lucky he hadn't been in my life back then, or I would be punished for all of my adventures. I'm so glad I wrote that and didn't tell you in person, as I'm sure my face must be as red as a tomato right now.

Anyway he thinks it would be no problem getting me out of the tournament, but we need to go to Gringotts tomorrow to be on the safe side. He says they know more about magical contracts than anybody and will be able to tell him if his idea will work.

He is really pissed off at Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagall and even Hagrid at the moment. He says he will find a way to let the magical world know what is going on in that school.

I'm glad you still plan on being my friend. I think I would be lost without you now. I miss you and I miss our talks a lot, too,

Your friend forever,

Harry Potter-Black.


Who did you take to the Yule Ball?

Harry felt a gut-clenching pang of the thought of Draco at the ball with somebody else. Did he kiss whoever he took? Pushing the thought of Draco kissing some pretty girl like Greengrass away Harry tied the note to the owl's leg and watched it fly off.

Three days later Draco's owl, Ambrosius again woke Harry up. He ran to open the window with a smile on his face after giving the owl some water and treats he hurriedly opened his new letter. His heartbeat had speeded up, and he felt like snitch wings were beating against the lining of his stomach.


Thanks for the quick reply. I'm glad my note made you happy. I know yours does the same for me. Everytime I see Ambrosius appear with a letter attached I have to hide the goofy smile I want to wear. You know smiling like that wouldn't go over well for a snake. We have to keep our masks in place. I have started taking your letters to our special room to read them. It makes me feel like you are right there with me that way, plus I don't have to hide the happiness your letters bring.

You are probably thinking what an idiot I am, but I have to be honest with you. I don't want to hide behind a mask when it comes to you. Maybe it is because this is in a letter instead of face to face, or because I'm in our special place, but I feel like telling you like it is, is the right thing to do. Now if I haven't completely chased you away, on with answering your letter.

It sounds like your new dad definitely got you some great gifts. I can only imagine how special those memories are to you. I'm so sorry if I had known that was what you heard around Dementors I would never have been such a prat. I can't believe you even speak to me knowing how awful I was about that. I wish there was some way to make it up to you, but I know that is not possible. Again I'm so sorry, Harry.

I'm so happy that he is keeping you from Hogwarts, but I'm also very sad. Does that make sense? I want you safe, but I'm going to miss you here in this room with me. I swear I can still feel your presence in the room. Yeah I'm acting like a sentimental git, right? I can't help it. You have wormed your way into a special place in my heart and life.

Don't take this the wrong way, but from the stories I have heard about your adventures, I'm glad he is taking that stand. If even half of what I heard is right, well you are lucky to be alive. I'm glad somebody cares enough about you to put a stop to you doing so many reckless Gryffindor stunts. You don't have to be embarrassed about having rules and punishments. We all have them, but I hope your new dad isn't like my father.

This had Harry frowning about what that could mean. He hoped it didn't mean the man was like the Dursleys.

What is the plan to keep you from the tournament? What did you find out from Gringotts? I would never have thought of going to the goblins for help or advice. I would have thought Black would have been raised the same way as me, to look down his nose on goblins.

That is great. I think it is wonderful he is pissed at those idiots. I hope he really does cause trouble for them. I am sick of seeing them all huddled together, well not Hagrid, but the other three discussing what to do with you when you come back. I have also seen Dumbledore talking to Granger and the weasel. I'm sure he is telling them more ways to spy on you. I can't wait to see their faces when they realize you aren't coming back. I will have to send you the memory, since you have a pensieve now. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

I will always be your friend unless you don't want me to be. You mean too much to me for me to walk away from you now.

Oh about the Yule Ball I forgot to tell you about what happened. Somehow *whistles innocently* it got around the school that Granger and the weasel were spying on you. Quite a few people got upset about this. Evidently Granger was supposed to go to the Ball with Krum, but he thought her doing that was despicable and cancelled the date. He took a third year Ravenclaw by the name of Luna Lovegood instead. Granger didn't take that well, as a lot of people call Krum's new date Loony because she is a little strange. That left Granger and the weasel to attend together. I know you saw those horrible robes that the redhead had, well when the twin pranksters got done with both of your ex-friends that night, well let me put it this way I would have been jumping for joy to wear that ridiculous set of robes, as to how they ended up looking.

I will tell you when they came in Granger actually looked, dare I say it good. I was impressed she cleaned up that well, but right after the champions danced, and she and the weasel got on the floor to dance things changed. The dress robes she was wearing changed to what looked like a larger version of what our old house elf used to wear. A dirty pillowcase with holes in it for the arms and stopped before her knees. The hair that she had pinned up on her head fell down and was a greasy and lank as Snape's hair. The pillowcase that she wore had flashing letters on the back stating "I'm making a stand for S.P.E.W." To add to that the weasel was wearing like a giant dishcloth in a loincloth shape. It was filthy and said "S.P.E.W." on the back. His ears also became large like a house elf's.

Everybody was laughing when McGonagall grabbed both of them by their ears and dragged them from the room. They have been given two months of detentions and lost fifty points each. We could all hear them exclaiming that it wasn't their fault, yelling that the twins must have done it. McGonagall didn't believe it, since Granger has been trying to get everybody to join her spew campaign.

I'll tell you, Harry I wanted to go congratulate the twins for that, but I figured they wouldn't take it well from me. I have decided I really don't want those two Weasleys as enemies though. Maybe if you ever talk to them again you could put in a good word for me. I really don't want to be seen looking like I'm wearing nothing but a dirty diaper.

Harry couldn't help it he was rolling on the floor laughing. The hysterical laughter drew Sirius to the room.

"What's so funny Pup?"

Harry couldn't speak through his laughter and just handed the letter to his Dad. He was laughing so hard he didn't even think about the personal things the letter implied, or the fact he hadn't even finished it. He was happy to hear the man chuckle, but was surprised he wasn't outright laughing like him. He had no way of knowing that his Dad had read between the lines and realized that Draco Malfoy was in love with his son.

Sirius looked down on his pup with a grin on his face. He loved seeing the kid so happy, but he was wondering what exactly Harry's feelings were for the blond Slytherin. He didn't mind if his son loved another man. Hell he had only ever loved one person in his life romantically, and it was a man, a man that he had to watch love another, because his love deserved to be happy even if it wasn't with him. But thankfully he had gotten his pup from that other union. He still had part of his love with him, even if he never got to know what it was like to be with the love of his life.

"Those twins sound like my kind of guys."

"They are great. They want to own their own joke shop, and the Marauders are their heroes." Harry finally sat up getting his laughter to stop. "Of course their mother thinks it is a worthless ambition and is doing everything she can to stop it from happening."

Sirius handed the letter back. "What do you mean? What is she doing?"

"She burns their order forms and throws away their products. She is also always telling them they aren't as good as their older brothers." Harry took the letter back and realized he hadn't finished it yet. "I feel sorry for them the way she is always yelling at them and making them feel like they aren't good enough. I know what that feels like." He added the last in a whisper.

Sirius sat down on the floor and pulled his son close to him. "If you like I could try to help them get their joke shop started."

Harry raised his head in wonder. "Yeah? How would you do that?"

"I could have my account manager send them a letter offering to give them a start up capital. I think five thousand galleons should do it." Sirius had a thoughtful look on his face. "If they are any good that should be enough to get them going until their store takes off."

"That would be great Dad. Thank you." Harry hugged his dad enthusiastically.

"You're welcome Pup. We should get to breakfast." Sirius had hugged his child back before standing up and offering his kid a hand.

"I'll be there in a few minutes. I haven't finished my letter." Harry told him as he sat on the bed.

"Okay Kiddo." Sirius walked out of the room with a knowing look. He realized that Harry hadn't seen what the end of that letter said. He had a funny feeling his pup was going to be embarrassed when he saw him next. The kid was going to know that Sirius had read that part.

Harry reread the part of his letter right before he stopped reading.

I miss our talks too. I just miss you, Harry. You asked who I took to the Ball. That was Parkinson. I didn't want too, but my Father insisted. And since the only person I really wanted to take had gone home to get a new family, I didn't see any reason to put up a fight. I would have enjoyed myself so much if you had been there, as it was I just showed up. I really hope I haven't scared you off, because you have become the most important person in my life.

Yours always,


Harry bit his lip in agitation. He was excited to see the words Draco wrote. It made him realize the blond had feelings for him just like he had for Draco. But it also made him realize that his Dad had seen that too. He didn't know how the man felt about gay relationships. "Whoa Harry. Nobody said anything about a relationship. Don't get ahead of yourself.' But would his Dad think he was a freak for liking guys, or rather one guy. Harry had never before thought of a guy like he did Draco. He had a funny feeling this was more Draco than just being gay.

He finally got up the courage to join his Dad for breakfast. He knew his cheeks were red, because he could feel the heat from them. He was pleased though when the subject of his embarrassment wasn't brought up. He did wonder why the man wasn't saying anything. He hoped it wasn't because he thought the feelings would just go away if he ignored it.

"Draco seems like a great guy."

Harry turned startled eyes to his Dad. It was like the man had known what he was thinking. "I didn't use to think so, but he's definitely showed me another side of him."

"I would like to get to know him. When you write him back, maybe you can ask him for the Easter holidays." Sirius took a sip of his coffee while watching the way his son's eyes lit up.

"Really? You wouldn't mind?" Harry had never thought he would have a home where he could ask somebody to come and stay.

"Really. He means a lot to you and you mean a lot to me, so I think we should get to know each other." Sirius smiled reassuringly.

"Thanks." Harry exclaimed happily. "I'll ask him as soon as I write him back."

Harry headed off to his room to pen his reply to Draco. Some of it he was eager to tell, but he was kind of nervous to admit that he had let his Dad read the letter. He didn't want Draco mad at him for letting his Dad know the other boy seemed to like him as more than a friend. He was also leery about telling the Slytherin that he had feelings for him as well.


Thank you for writing back so soon. It really made my day to know that you cared enough to answer right away. I know I'm a Gryffindor but I promise I have my masks, too. I guess I should tell you that the sorting hat wanted to put me in Slytherin. I talked it out of that though. I had only heard bad things about Slytherin, and sorry to say this but you were such a prat that I didn't want to be in the same house as you. Now I wonder if I hadn't done that if we would have become friends back then. I guess that is one of those 'what ifs' that people always wonder about.

I get to read your letters in my bedroom. Ambrosius always wakes me up with a peck on my window. It really is a great way to start the day. Thank you for that. I also want to thank you for being honest with me, even if it is only because it is a letter. I feel the same way though. It is easier to speak of things in a letter than face to face. It's probably because we aren't worried about seeing immediate rejection in the other person's face.

Yeah, between you and Dad I actually had a really wonderful Christmas. Maybe you would like to see the memories of my parents sometime. See Dad said I could ask you to spend the Easter hols with us if you want. You don't have to if you don't want to, but he says he knows you mean a lot to me and as I mean a lot to him he thinks you two should get to know each other. No pressure Draco, if you don't want to come I will understand.

I'm glad you care about me, and I don't think you are a sentimental git. Well unless you think I am one too, because I miss you and care a great deal for you. I love having Ambrosius here, as it makes me feel closer to you. Oh thanks, I could do without the rules and punishments thank you very much. But truthfully it feels good to know somebody really cares enough to give me reasonable rules and consequences. Draco, what did you mean about hopefully not like your Father? That has me worried. I really hope he wasn't like the Dursleys.

The goblins said that I was never actually under contract at all, until Dumbledore convinced me I was enough that I took part in the wand weighing ceremony. They said all of the judges should have known that. But thanks to you helping me escape to come home for Christmas Dad was able to blood adopt me, so now I am again not bound by the contract. See Harry Potter no longer exists. I'm now Harry James Potter-Black, and it wasn't just a name change, but my blood and magic changed as well, so I'm free of any obligations that Harry Potter had to that tournament.

You will want to be in the Great Hall for dinner on the 3rd of January, since that is the day the students get back from the holidays. I will be sending a little something to let those present know I will no longer be there. Make sure you let me see that memory though.

As for being your friend, I will also always want to be your friend. Bloody hell truthfully I think I want more than that from you, but you might not want that after you read what I have to say next. You see the story about the Yule Ball and my ex-friends was so funny I was laughing so hard and rolling around on the floor that Dad came to check on me. When he asked what was so funny I showed him your letter, because I couldn't speak through my laughter. Draco, I hadn't finished reading it. He knows that you seem to be interested in me. Before you get nervous about it, well he wasn't mad at all, as a matter of fact it was after that when he said you could come to visit. I hope you're not mad at me and still want to be my friend.

I also wish that I could have gone to the Yule Ball with you, but I think we both know that even if I had stayed neither one of us would have been brave enough to ask the other to the dance, even if it was our deepest desire at the time.

I miss you Draco and the only regret I have about not coming back to Hogwarts is you. That I won't get the chance to see if what I'm feeling for you is something that you could reciprocate. I felt I owed you the truth there after letting Dad read about your feelings. Please take care, Draco. I really don't trust the professors at the school to protect the students anymore.

Your friend for life,


Harry smiled as he reread his letter through. He didn't know how Draco would take some of the things he said, but he decided he was always going to be truthful to the blond that had come to mean so much to him. Where his feelings went from here he didn't know, but he was going to wait for Draco's letter before he made that decision. He attached the scroll to Ambrosius's leg before taking her to the now open window.

"Safe flight Ambrosius and watch out for Draco for me."

Well that is another chapter done. I hope you like how it is going. This story will now probably go to the end of the year and then have an epilogue. I can't guarantee how many more chapters that will be probably no more than six at the most.