I keep having new stories that I want to explore in my make-believe Code Universe. And if I keep crapping up my account with one-shots things are going to become very disorganized. So. I have decided to make a series story that I will add onto if I ever get a crazy hair and want to write more Jackrabbit smut.


I have written one that I am actually not confident about posting to this website, which is why I am going to skip it in favor of this shorter fic to begin with. The next chapter of this is going to get very dirty very fast (it's the one I'm not sure about), but for now let's have some character interaction.

The chapters I post to this story will not necessarily be in order of timeline. They just pop into my head and jump around in time. Try to keep that in mind when you read each (story) chapter.

Rating T: Language and adult themes

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Fade to Black

Pitch Black smiled crookedly at Jack Frost. It had taken a while to gain enough power back to reach the surface of the world again, but Pitch was nothing if not patient and vindictive. He had meticulously planned his reunion with the people of Earth and especially a certain new guardian.

The boy had caused him more trouble than the shadow spirit could have ever imagined. More than that, the boy's determination and courage in the face of every single hurtle that had thrown at him gave Pitch a hint of healthy fear.

Pitch loved fear.

It reminded a soul that it was deliciously alive and didn't want to be otherwise. Fear was savory and exciting, and a powerful tool and weapon. And to feel its slick tendrils snake down your spine was the most wondrous experience.

Nothing could excite such feelings from the boogeyman like Jack Frost could. He knew they were meant to be partners and spend eternity enhancing the other's best, most frightening qualities. It was simply meant to be.

He should have known the first attempt at a partnership wouldn't have worked. Terrible timing on his part. But now, just a handful of short months after he had been temporarily overthrown, he was sure the young spirit would be ready to listen.

The other guardians would be no doubt busy with their own petty affairs to take much time to look in on each other, much less cater to the whims of an attention starved adolescent. It had been just long enough for the rejection to be taking full effect without being dulled by the progress of endless, healing time.

"Tell me you've not forgotten me, Jack?" he asked in his slickest voice now, "because I haven't been able to stop thinking of you."

The previously alarmed glare shifted subtly on the alert, pale guardian, into a sarcastic mask and he leaned back again on his previously raised staff. "Oh, it's just you," he quipped, "I thought it might be, you know, a threat. I was wrong."

The Nightmare King reined in his anger at the sassy brat in front of him. He would train the boy in time. "Yes, you were mistaken because I am not here to attempt any harm. I came back to offer my partnership one. last. time. The offer still stands, you know. We could be great together. We could be unstoppable." He needed extra support if he was going to try an overthrow of power in the next century or two.

Jack made a show of chewing his lip in consideration, leaning more heavily on his staff and rolling around on his heels before casting his devilish blue gaze back at the shadow spirit. "Thanks, but fuck off," he chirped happily, and rocked back on his heels again to turn his back to leave.

Shadows pressed in among the trees surrounding the pair, halting the boy in his progress and forcing his undivided attention. Pitch was livid. No One said no to Pitch Black. Not ever, and certainly not self-centered, cold-hearted, cunningly tricky young spirits who were getting too big for their breeches.

He swooped in, invading the frozen boy's personal space, grabbing him roughly by the shoulders and forcing his chin up, making sure to drink in every emotion in his pale, blue eyes. "You listen to me, boy," the shadow spirit hissed coldly, "You think everything is suddenly so wonderful? Well you just wait. Accept my offer now or spend a millennium regretting it while you take shelter from an indifferent world, cold and alone. I WILL NOT offer you this deal again."

The darkening, angry glare had not been expected from the spirit of fun. "Fuck. Off," Jack repeated carefully, taking his icy fingers and prying Pitch's hands off of his hoodie.

The shadow king stepped back numbly. Something was different about this boy. He was different. Pitch could smell it. The fear that had once floated around the spirit like a perpetual fog had transformed itself into some vaguely familiar, but elusively repugnant scent.

The two foes were ripped from their glaring contest by the sound of steady, but heavy thumping, and within half a mortal's heartbeat the Easter bunny was in the shady clearing, pulling up beside the young guardian and pulling out his weapon.

"You alright, mate," the damn rabbit growled to his ally, never letting his eyes stray from their foe.

Much to Pitch's annoyance, Jack grinned widely and leaned himself back on his stick once more. "Yeah, Bitch was just leaving," he joked, casting a lazy glare in the shadow's direction, "Weren't you?"

Pitch couldn't stand the Easter bunny. The old guardian stood for everything he hated most, and if he could truly destroy one of them it would be the damn pooka, like he had done to his people so many years ago.

And now he watched the creature taking away any chance with his potential ally and suddenly it clicked. And he was horrified. He turned an accusing glare to the lounging ice spirit and pointed a disgusted finger at him. "You..." he gasped incoherently before waving his digit in the pooka's general direction, "...and HIM?"

Jack smirked but offered up no reply.

Pitch had to contain himself, and he let his shaking arm fall limply to his side before donning a silky mask of contempt. "Oh, my dear boy, haven't you been taught that it is wrong to consort with animals?"

Hateful glee erupted below his skin when the pooka started forward angrily, but was halted when the boy stopped his forward motion with a quick touch to his elbow. Pitch couldn't help but continue maliciously, "I can smell that creature all over you. Really, Jack, you didn't have to sink that low for a fuck."

He laughed darkly as he dissipated into the shadows before the rabbit had time to shake off the boy and lunge. Jack was currently a lost cause. He'd give the boy time to come around. Maybe take a shower.

Aster tore through the air at the spot Pitch had vanished. He was too late, he had been too slow. That bastard Pitch had gotten away. He had to work hard to halt his motion and control his breathing. A moment ticked by before he could muster the equilibrium to turn and face his companion.

Jack hadn't moved from his spot at the edge of the clearing. He stood on a mound of frosted grass, leaning forward on his staff, waiting patiently for the pooka to return to him. "He always does that," he supplied when he could tell he had the rabbit's full attention, "I don't even try anymore."

Aster tried to clear the red he saw dancing before his eyes. "He...visits you often?" he growled, bounding back to the boy to stand as close as possible while still holding eye contact.

"Nah, usually only every few years. The last couple of times he's wanted me to join him, though. Must be getting lonely on the dark side…" The laughing smirk vanished from his pale features when Jack saw the deep, angry frown taking over his Bunny's face. "Hey, what's up...?"

"He wants you," the Easter spirit spat.

Jack shrugged. "Yeah well, even before I joined you guys I knew better than to agree to his partnership, so..."

"No," Aster cut off angrily, "He wants you. I could smell his arousal."

Jack flushed and dropped his gaze to the protective staff in his hands. "Oh," he squeaked nervously, "well that's creepy."

His comment was graced by a very unimpressed glare. "This isn't funny, Jack. Winter's around the corner and you'll be busy and I need to start really hunkering down for Easter..." Aster's rant was cut short when thin, cold arms reached around him.

"I know, Bunny. So let's play the Jack-can-take-care-of-himself-and-has-been-for-cen turies game for a few months, yeah?"

The smile and hug didn't help Bunnymund calm down much. The truth of the matter was that he was already dreading the months of winter that they would be separated. "Not everything is a game, Jack," he sighed.

"Sure it is," the winter spirit laughed, "Now stop being jealous of someone like Bitch Black and play with me while you still have time, Mr. Deadlines."

But Aster was having a hard time shaking his fatalistic mood. It felt wrong to knowingly leave his mate to fend for himself against a dangerous enemy; one that made no effort to hide the fact that he wanted him for his own. "Don't know if I can let you sink low enough to consort with animals," he mocked darkly.

The rabbit was rewarded with an arctic blow to the head by a very solid staff. "Shut up, Aster!" Jack demanded angrily, stretching to his full height and tilting forward to meet the angry glare with his own icy gaze. "Don't say stupid things. It's very unbecoming."

Bunnymund did not often see the young guardian look so stricken and serious, and a fond smile crept to the edges of his mouth despite himself. "Yeah, you're right, mate. Sorry..." he apologized, and was pleased to see the tension drain away from thin, fragile looking shoulders.

Jack smiled in earnest at his companion now, and kicked his staff to bounce it up onto his shoulders. "Darn right, you're sorry. Now make it up to me by racing me through your tunnels. I'm pretty sure I almost beat you last time."

Aster rolled his eyes in mock exasperation. "You can't beat me at my own tunnels, mate. Just give it up."

A cocky grin lit up the young guardian's face. "We'll see about that, old man," he challenged.

So without fair warning Bunnymund opened a couple of tunnels and gained a head start back to the warren. The beginning of winter was fast approaching, and they didn't have any time to waste with each other.

Author Note: Just a brief glimpse of the ménage à trois in my head that is a Jack sammich. I have a couple of chapters of a black ice story written (only one chapter posted), but got side tracked with jackrabbit. This pair is my favorite. No matter how much I always relate to the villain I always want the good guys to win…

Also wanted to prove that I could write something where these characters weren't participating in R-rated activities. You know, just because.

Next chapter will be smut.

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