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Bunnymund let his fourth carrot top drop to the ground in disgust. How could he still feel so hungry while simultaneously feeling larger and more bloated than he ever had in his entire life? He reached toward the discarded top, deciding grudgingly that it would be wasteful to just throw the uneaten food away when he froze, staring down at his paw in horror. Digits, large on a normal day, were swollen beyond logical reason. He flexed one in numb curiosity and let cold disgust wash over him at the stiff, tingling sensation the movement caused. He was a big bunny-shaped water balloon…

"Hey, Bunny…"

Aster spun, tamping down the demand that Jack not look at him. He tucked his arms behind his back and tried to stand up as straight and tall as he could. Since dosing himself regularly with the potion North had prescribed for his nausea, he had been getting better at doing things like walking and stretching without the urge to puke all the bloody time. It had certainly helped him keep some food down, but now that he could keep the contents of his stomach intact half the time, his body seemed to want to swell up monstrously.

Bunnymund had never cared about how he looked. He'd never really had to. Before North and Ombric had stumbled upon him he'd spent seven hundred years alone, content to experiment with chocolate and earth and the craft of combat. The company of the illogical humans had brought him back out into the world, but he had been as active and unconcerned with himself as ever. Even since mating with Jack he had never givenhis own physical appearance much thought. His young mate had never indicated anything but pleasure from his physical company…

But at that moment, seeing the sprite for the first time in a couple of days, all Aster could think about was the fact that his paws and probably his feet had to be twice their normal size and that couldn't be limited to those locations. He tried not to squirm under his mate's icy, happy, gaze. The boy was obviously overjoyed to see him, and his blue eyes travelled over him in silent assessment, grin widening in joy. Bunnymund let out a breath. Everything was fine. He was being irrational…

"Wow, looks like you've gained some weight. That's great!" Jack announced with a smile as he approached, staff twirling in his grip and locking against his arm.

…Bunny burst into tears.

Jack's steps faltered in distressed confusion as tears erupted from his husband's eyes. He remembered to move again when the pooka wrapped his arms around himself and nearly bent double, sobs wracking him as he held himself tightly. He'd been gone for a couple days, trying to set into motion the changing of the leaves so he wouldn't have to leave his mate again for a while, and panic nearly choked him. Why was his Bunny crying at seeing him?

He rushed forward now, dropping his staff into the grass negligently and gripping the pooka's forearms. He ignored the half-hearted attempt from his mate to shake him off and pulled the rabbit in for more contact. "What's wrong, Bunny?" he demanded, "Are you hurt? Is the baby okay? Are you all alright? Tell me, Aster." Fear was bubbling up his throat like bile as his partner attempted to reel in his tears, and Jack chanced releasing his grip on one arm to run his fingers soothingly through the fur on his Bunny's neck. His eyes darted around their surroundings, checking instinctually for any sign of a threat. "Shouldn't of left you, shouldn't of left you…" he murmured guiltily.

Bunnymund could barely speak through the mortification and self-loathing he felt. It didn't escape his notice that now, not only was he swollen and hideous, he was snotty and his eyes were puffy and his fur was sticking together and his mate was worrying over him and he couldn't fathom why Jack would waste his time with him at that moment. "M'…. so…. fat!" he finally choked out elegantly, tucking his head against the sprite's shoulder to keep from seeing the disgust he so feared from his mate.

Jack froze, fingers halting abruptly in the fur and muscles stiffening in complete incomprehension as he felt the pooka tuck himself against him. "What?" he demanded lowly, "You're upset 'cause you think you're… fat?!" He tried to rein in the burst of anger he felt toward his husband. He had thought something was wrong; he'd been gone unwillingly overnight after being bullied by the pooka to leave only to come back to this. How would he have known if something wasn't horrifically wrong? And all this was over something as silly as weight gain?

Jack exhaled a burst of frosty air through his nose, trying to get a handle on his irritation before his body temperature dropped too much and he made his Bunny cold. "Bunny," he huffed against a long ear, "that's ridiculous." He wisely decided not to list everything else he thought was illogical about the pooka at the moment. Really? He couldn't even say for sure that Bunnymund was back to his original body weight yet; he was just looking better.

His fingers took up their circuit through his Bunny's fur once more to keep from strangling him. He couldn't decide if he should have returned much sooner or much later than he did, but there was nothing to do now except wait for the moody pooka to see reason and calm down. "Since when do you care about stuff like that?" he asked, hoping to coax logical thought from his companion.

Aster subtly tried to wipe some of the liquid from his fur onto Jack's hoodie; he nuzzled into his shoulder as his breathing began to return to normal. He could feel his mate's tension and hear his irritation, and that just made him feel guiltier. And the guilt made him angry. Jack had been the one to make a crack at his weight. Why was it his fault that he had been upset by it? His head snapped up off of the sprite's shoulder and he glared at him through his itchy, stinging eyes. "Since when do ya need ta point it out, ya bloody boofhead!" he snapped, "Not like ya've been interested in anythin' else lately. What the bloody hell do ya think Ah'd assume?"

Jack's jaw dropped open momentarily before he closed it with a snap, and he could feel it lock together as he ground his teeth and released the pooka abruptly. He took a step back, finally unable to keep his cool. "You are not insinuating that I am not interested in you anymore, Bunnymund," he tried not to shriek, "Cause I'm going nuts wanting you! It's not my fault that every time we try you get sick!"

Oh shit.

Jack's mouth snapped shut again too little too late. His former anger evaporated into tension as his thoughtless words hung in the air between them.

Aster's eyes went from shocked saucers to narrowed slits in less than a second. He growled menacingly, taking a threatening step toward his damned mate. "Oh, so this is all my fault, is it, mate?" he seethed, taking another step toward the sprite, who seemed rooted in place like a terrified fawn, "Ah did this completely to maself, did Ah?"

He shoved Jack roughly, forcing the boy to stumble backward a few feet, before he continued prowling toward him. "Ah've been sick 'til Ah can't breathewithout hurtin' an' not getting' enough sleep 'cause Ah don' wanna keep you up while Ah try ta puke up the fat lotta nothin' that's been stayin' in mah stomach fer the last few weeks…" He shoved his hesitant mate again, pushing him away once more.

Jack stumbled back, tripping on his discarded staff and landing on his tailbone with a whump in the grass. He cringed as the sharp pain shot up his spine, but he couldn't take his eyes off of the enraged pooka.

Bunnymund didn't pause in his tirade. He kicked the stick out of his path and crouched down over the sprite, leaning one arm into the grass by his side. A new growl rumbled through his chest as he cloaked himself over his prey. "Ah've been weepy and jealous and hateful and swollen and achy and unsure'a maself fer weeks and it's all my fault?" He made a sarcastic show of considering his own words before flicking his shining green eyes back to the sprite's face, not bothering to hide his resentment. "So sorry ta inconvenience you, Jackie."

The air was decidedly chilly as Bunny began to jerk himself upright once more, and it was not from Jack's doing. A swell of guilt choked the sprite as his husband put space between them again, turning his back on him. "Wait!" he called without thinking, taking hold of the pooka's arm and pulling him back down to him, pressing his furry back into his chest. He wrapped his arms around his stiff and sullen mate, and pressed his face into his neck miserably. "I'm sorry, Bunny. You're right. Please don't be mad. You know I didn't mean it…" he begged into fur, adding, "…I missed you…"

Aster grudgingly listened to the repentant words being murmured into his skin, and relaxed into the feel of thumbs stroking his biceps despite himself. "Ye're an arse," he muttered forgivingly, rubbing his cheek against the soft, white hair of his mate.

"I'm your 'arse', though," Jack whispered, sensing his pardon. He sighed against the pooka in gratitude and clung more tightly to his husband now that he knew he wouldn't be fought. It was coming back to him just how long he'd been away from his mate. Yeah, it had been just over night but it was definitely much longer than he had been away since it'd been confirmed that they were expecting.

Bunnymund's heart raced at the contact. He could feel the hoodie bunching up against his back as his mate cuddled him, feel the smooth skin against his fur. He emitted a purr when the boy's thighs tightened around him, pressing them even closer together, and cursed his hormones. He wanted very badly to keep his mate hanging in retaliation to his earlier remark, but the sensation of their bodies pressed together was too much to ignore. He turned his head instead, and began to groom the wisping locks within reach of his tongue.

Heat was attempting to pool in the pit of Jack's stomach from the tongue's contact, and before he could stop himself he turned his head and leaned forward, sucking the previously grooming muscle into his mouth. His hands traveled from the biceps he had been gripping to reach around and card through the fur on his husband's chest, rubbing the warm skin beneath it until his digits found the peaked nub he was searching for.

He tried to contain the urge to grind and rock against his mate, not wanting to upset his stomach and end their fun prematurely, but it was very hard. He sucked gently on the tongue in his mouth instead and ran his own up its rough length, moaning at the heat and texture.

Bunnymund's breath caught as the sprite's cold finger flicked across his sensitive nipple, and he groaned when the cool tongue pressed firmly against his own. He reached blindly behind him, scrabbling for a purchase on the clothing that blocked the contact he desired with his mate. Instead, he felt the firm skin of Jack's stomach and he shivered, sliding the pads of his paws down the boy's torso until they reached where their two bodies were pressed too tightly.

A very different growl rumbled from his throat and he forced himself to break the kiss with his mate. "Off," he demanded urgently, panting when only one hand left his chest to fumble with the fly of the bloody pants. Just as he was about to become impatient with the graceless work his husband was failing at, the hand still on him pinched his nipple sharply and rolled it around between fingers, and Bunny gasped, bucking up and into the hard length that was finally free of garments.

Jack was struggling to stay focused. He had gotten his pants down his hips but he wouldn't be able to get them completely off without breaking all contact with his Bunny, and he wasn't willing to do that. Instead he gave up the attempt at undressing and reached his arm back around his husband, searching desperately for another nipple until he found one. He mirrored his earlier actions with the new hand while his other one reached down between the pooka's legs and rubbed roughly against the slick skin, pulling back once more when his hand was thoroughly lubricated.

Aster whined desperately when the hand disappeared from between his legs and he leaned forward, pressing his hips against Jack's in a vie for more. The sprite hadn't been lying when he said they hadn't been able to get very far recently, and Bunny felt just as frantic as his young mate.

Jack groaned at the press against his exposed erection. "Fuck, I want you Bunny…" he rasped, guiding his slippery hand under the pooka's tail to rest against his scorching entrance. He paused,waiting for affirmation, rubbing a single finger around the tight ring of muscle, but not entering him.

"Yes," the pooka hissed in answer to the silent request, bucking now intothe hand against his hole.

Jack didn't need to be told twice; he pressed a finger against the entrance and pushed it smoothly into his mate, stopping only when knuckle met fur. Only the briefest pause elapsed before he pulled out again, stopping just before coming out and he pressed back in again. He added another slick digit after a couple more thrusts, and began to scissor the tight hole open with a gentle tweak of his fingers.

Bunnymund ached with need. He met each thrust with frustrated presses at his mate's slow ministrations. The sprite was being too gentle and careful. It had been too long for them to take their time. Maybe they could take it slow on their next round… or the one after that… and the one after that… "Crikey, just do it, mate!" he growled over his shoulder.

Jack grinned and exhaled slowly, matching the equally slow drag of his expanding fingers as they pulled out of his Bunny for the final time. He sat back on his heels in preparation to adjust and he couldn't tear his gaze away from the sight of his mate. The pooka was sitting low, legs spread wide from their previously awkward position, and leaning forward on his arms. His tail pressed against his spine, exposing his prepared entrance, andhis ears shone glossy and soft down his back, resting limply as he waited for his mate.

When a moment ticked by and Jack did not reengage, Aster turned his head, peeking over his shoulder insecurely to see what was holding his mate up. And his heart stuttered. The sprite was sitting back, crystal eyes roaming over him, straining length full and erect and perfect against the ratty blue hoodie and worn out pants. "Jack?" he asked tentatively.

The rough, cautious voice of his husband brought Jack back into focus, and he blushed. He'd been caught ogling and now his Bunny's emerald eyes were on him, waiting for him and wondering. Jack took a deep breath and leaned forward once more, grasping himself and guiding his erection to his mate's entrance. He made sure he was in place before releasing himself and planting the arm in the earth beside them and leaning on it as well.

He let the majority of his weight rest upon his Bunny's back before wrapping his free hand around the pooka to reach once more between his legs, bringing his hand back again to coat his waiting length. Once satisfied with the lubrication on his skin, he finally pressed his length carefully into the hot, prepared hole, planting himself to the hilt and pausing.

Bunnymund moaned as his mate's erection filled him, both in pleasure and against the dull ache of pain. He wasn't sure if he appreciated the pause or not, but in the next moment the boy's hand was back between his legs, rubbing him in quick, small circles before slipping inside and back out. The movements matching very closely the feeling of his mate's beating heart, easily felt even through the thick fabric of his shirt and his own fur. "Fuck," he panted, resisting the urge to close his eyes.

"Fuck, I love you Bunny," Jack breathed, slipping his finger back into the pooka's vagina, finding the hard nub against its wall and flicking it back and forth. The cry he received from his actions excited him into movement finally, and he pulled out and resheathed himself in his husband's tight entrance. "Tell me if you need me to stop, love…" he commanded quietly once he was buried again.

Aster whined and arched back into his mate, trying to keep himself from unraveling. It had been too long and the sensation of his husband's cock filling him while being simultaneously pleasured by cool, nimble fingers was almost too much already. He let a rough breath escape his nose and bit his tongue, trying to deflect from the overload. He didn't want things to get embarrassing… and then Jack began to move.

Jack couldn't help it. He pulled out and tried to keep a semi-gentle motion up, but then his Bunny cried out and his fluffy tail twitched and strained even further against his back and the sprite couldn't control himself. He slammed back into his husband's hole roughly, hips meeting hips, and pulled out again as quickly as he could without coming completely unsheathed.

"We'll take our time next time, Bun," he promised apologetically into a nearby ear, then proceeded to pump himself against his husband, thighs and ass straining and forearms tensing and pulling as he continued his messy ministration to his bunny. He knew he wouldn't last long, and silently promised himself that he would take special interest in his mate's needs during their next round.

Bunnymund moaned and growled as the sprite's hips slammed into his own, threatening to push him face-first into the grass. The thoughtless rubbing to his clit was just rough enough to keep him from toppling with every instance of being filled. Then his husband's cock finally hit against his prostate in one rough move, forcing Aster to give a straggled cry and cum, body shuddering and tightening into a rigid stance as waves of euphoria washed over him.

The tightening of his husband's body around his hand and cock pulled a gasp from Jack's throat. The new tightness had practically locked his body against the pooka's, so he continued to thrust and rub with his limited mobility, feeling his own climax nearing quite rapidly. The pressure was fluctuating and delicious.

He almost stopped when his continued ministrations caused his Bunny to whine uncomfortably into the grass, but when he made an attempt to stop the pooka ground back into his length more urgently. Only a couple more thrusts finished him, and Jack felt his body release long pent-up desire for his mate into the hot body.

He was surprised when the pooka came for a second time as he was nearing his completion, spasming once more around him with a choked huff, before finally falling forward in spent weariness, jerking free of Jack's body with a nearly painful pop.

Jack's limbs felt shaky and weak as he lay atop his panting Bunny. He pulled his hand free from beneath the pooka and stared at it, still slippery from use. Giving it up, he wiped the lubrication warily on the side of his hoodie, not knowing what else to do. His discontent at dirtying his clothes was cut across by a rough, Australian accent.


"Yeah Bunny?"

"Ah think Ah'm gonna be sick, mate…"

Jack lunged off of his mate's prone form, giving the pooka room to breathe, not that he weighed much anyway. Now on his back, he hastily zipped himself back up and turned to eye his partner. He refused to laugh at the rabbit's dazed, panting, features, obviously trying to withhold any contents of his stomach. "I'm gonna go get you some water, Bun," Jack promised, risking a kiss to his Bunny's brow before rolling back upright and snatching up his staff.

The urge to whistle evaporated before he was even a few yards away; his mate began retching violently into the grass. Loosened, relax limbs, tensed immediately and Jack raced away to go fetch his husband some more potion and liquids to rehydrate himself with. He wondered in dawning horror how many times the rabbit might have vomited while he had been away and vowed not to leave for so long again.

He could only hope that the constant nausea would soon diminish and his Bunny would begin to feel better in no time. Until then he would try to keep his mouth shut from now on. He wanted to survive through the pregnancy to see their precious baby, and he had a feeling that too many loose cannon comments would not be the way to accomplish that.

Jack sighed as he snatched up a prepared dose of potion and a ready jug of water. He wished, not for the first time, that it was he and not Aster going through the pregnancy. He hated watching his mate suffer and he felt helpless and pathetic every time his love became ill.

He vowed to himself that from that moment on he would not leave his Bunny's side. How could he mess that up?

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