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It took few months before all of the preparation was done for the marriage ceremony. Fai had sent a letter to Tomoyo, asking if she would perform the rituals since he figured that not many priestesses would be very willing to marrying two men. She wrote back immediately, saying that she would love to perform the rituals for them. However, she also wrote, it would take her a couple of months to get to Suwa because of her other responsibilities.

So, in the mean time, Fai began secretly moving his things into the master bedroom of the estate. The room was large and airy and even had a sliding door that led to a small, wooden deck that was shadowed by a cherry blossom tree and surrounded by a tall wall to give them their privacy. Fai loved everything about the room, and he couldn't wait until he could really call it his own.

"Oi! Mage, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

Fai turned around—he had been just walking out of the shrine when he heard Kurogane's voice. He smiled. "What do you mean, Kuro-rin?"

"I mean, why did I see a servant carrying your mirror from your room and refusing to say anything to me when I asked him about it?" Kurogane asked.

Fai shrugged. "Maybe he's stealing it."

"I thought that, until I followed him and saw him put it into the master bedroom," Kurogane said. "Have you been moving your things in there?"

Fai smiled sheepishly. "Well, we're going to be moving in there eventually. I thought I'd get a head start."

Kurogane rolled his eyes and walked past Fai. "Idiot," He mumbled.

"Hey, where are you going?" Fai asked as he turned and followed Kurogane.

"To your room to get the rest of your things, and then to mine to get my things," Kurogane said. "We'll just move in tonight."

Fai smiled and fell into step beside Kurogane. "Hm, I don't think the gods will like an unmarried couple sleeping in the same bed," He said teasingly. "Especially an unmarried male couple."

"Screw the gods," Kurogane said as he opened the door to Fai's room and picked up the boxes holding Fai's ribbons and eye patches.

Servants showed up to help, but Fai refused to let any of them touch his kimonos and robes, opting to make multiple trips to transfer them. Once they were done with Fai's things, they began moving the minimal amount of things that Kurogane had, and for the rest of the night, Fai rearranged the room.

"Will you stop?" Kurogane called from the small wooden deck outside the door, watching Fai as he moved his mirror for the umpteenth time.

Fai leaned the mirror against the wall and arranged his boxes in front of it, standing up and looking at it. He looked at the futon and pulled it over just a bit before smiling and moving to stand next to Kurogane. "Perfect!" He said as he sat down and took the glass of sake from Kurogane's hand to drink it.

Kurogane rolled his eyes and looked at the room. "You said that two hours ago."

"But I was wrong," Fai said. "Now I know that it's perfect. It just feels right, doesn't it?"

Kurogane looked into the room again. It did feel very homey, like how it felt to walk into the estate after a particularly long mission hunting demons. "Whatever," He decided to mumble.

"You like it!" Fai cried. "I knew it! See? I have an eye for design!"

"Just 'cause you're so girly!" Kurogane yelled, snatching the glass from Fai's hand and downing the rest of the sake.

Fai just laughed and leaned against Kurogane. "But you love me anyway."

Kurogane rolled his eyes and looked away. "…Whatever."

Kurogane opened his eyes, groaning a bit from the sunlight falling over his face from the open door leading out to the deck. He took a deep breath, willing himself to wake up. At first, it felt like a normal day. He might go out and fight a demon, or maybe train the strong men of Suwa, and then—

Oh, right, he remembered. Today was the day.

He sat up and opened his eyes, looking to the side and finding Fai kneeling in front of his mirror, brushing his hair out. Fai caught his eyes in the mirror and smiled. "I'm trying to figure out how to do my hair," He said as he put the brush down. "Maybe up? With a few flowers?"

Kurogane looked at Fai's hair, the ends of the many layers curling in and out and creating a wavy effect that no one else in Nihon had. Kurogane would never admit it, but he loved Fai's hair—he was almost obsessed with it. His idea of a perfect day would be to sit under a cherry blossom tree eating cold fish and drinking sake and running his fingers through Fai's hair. He especially loved the length Fai kept it at—half way down his back, and no longer; Fai refused to grow it out any longer than that.

"Keep it down," Kurogane said. "Well, most of it. Do whatever you want, but keep most of it down."

Fai blinked and smiled. "Alright."

Kurogane rubbed his eyes and looked in front of him, finding a black, silk kimono laid out on the floor in front of the futon. He reached out and picked it up, looking at the embroidered red dragon that was stitched into the side and curled around to the front.

He looked up when Fai stood up and walked to the small closet where they kept their clothes. He pulled a folded kimono from the top shelf and held it to his chest. "I'm going to go bathe and get ready," He said. "See you at the shrine."

With a smile, he was out the door.

Kurogane stood in front of the main shrine of Suwa, the temple where ceremonies for weddings and funerals were held. The doors were wide open and Tomoyo stood between them, incense lit behind her and filling the air with a soft, clean scent.

Kurogane cleared his throat and pulled on the ends of the sleeves of his kimono. The entire town had showed up—as they should, for the marriage of the lord of their province—and it made Kurogane nervous. He was a private person; he didn't want to have to declare his love in front of the entire population of Suwa.

However, when he saw Fai, being walked to the shrine by two female servants, the nervousness left and he only saw Fai. The servants helped him up the steps, making sure he wouldn't step on his kimono, and then scurried away so that the ceremony could start.

Tomoyo began the rituals, but Kurogane could barely hear her. Fai had kept his hair down, but used one of the clips Kurogane had bought for him long ago to keep the shorter layers out of his face, letting Kurogane see every angle and shadow. Fai's blue eye seemed brighter, bigger than usual, as well, framed by thick eyelashes, and his pink lips were pulled into a small smile. Kurogane wondered if he had used a berry's juice to make his lips look so deliciously pink.

Kurogane looked down at the kimono Fai was wearing—a furisode that was made of pure white silk. Kurogane saw blue stitching wrapping around Fai's waist, arms, and shoulders, reminding Kurogane of the way he used to cling to his father's back when he was a child, and Kurogane knew that Fai was wearing the furisode with the blue phoenix embroidered on the back.

Tomoyo began the cleansing rituals and Kurogane forced himself to pay attention, and then they were moving into the binding vows, promising his life forever to Fai. The ceremony went quickly, and Kurogane wished that he had more time to stare at Fai. But, he supposed, he'd have a whole lifetime to look at Fai.

The two walked down the steps as the people of the town threw cherry blossoms into the air and everyone was invited into the Suwa estate, where the feast was waiting.

Everyone went to the feast, bodies spilling out of rooms to stand on the roka and in the courtyard as children ran around and between their legs, waving around fake swords. Fai and Kurogane sat in the largest room at the middle of a long table as everyone came in to give their blessings.

The feast didn't end until well into the night, when the last partygoers stumbled out just a couple of hours before the sun began to rise. Fai let out an exasperated sigh and leaned against Kurogane.

"I'm tired," He whined, his cheeks tinged pink from the alcohol.

Kurogane helped him up and led him back to their new room. On the way, Fai ended up kissing Kurogane, walking backwards as Kurogane led him to their room. Kurogane opened the door and closed it behind them as they stumbled inside and fell onto the futon.

Fai looked up at Kurogane and blinked, reaching up to take the white clip from his hair. Kurogane immediately reached down and ran his fingers through the strands, bringing some up to his lips to kiss gently.

"You're the only one that's ever seen me with my hair down," Fai whispered.

"Good," Kurogane said, feeling possessive. "And it better stay that way."

Fai just smiled and brought Kurogane down for another kiss, and it didn't take long for their kimonos to open, for their skin to touch, for their bodies to become so tangled that they didn't know where one started and the other began.

That night, as the two lay together with the door open to let the warm summer air and the pale moonlight seep into the room, Kurogane decided that he loved Fai more than air he breathed.