Chapter 8

They were back at Goku's and Chi Chi's house getting ready to leave for the original coordinates that the Senshi had fell out of the sky. Trunks was polishing his sword when Yamcha happened upon him. He jumped back.

"Ack! A sword! Kept that thing away me, I hate swords!" Trunks look at him confused. Amara wandered over there at that moment. Yamcha saw her and jumped again. He went running off, "Ahhhhhh!"

Bulma had brought a Capsule Corp air van for them to drive to the coordinates.

"Please Bulma let me drive the air car!" Goku was on his knees.

"No way Goku! I know about the last time you drove! What the-! Piccolo get outta the driver's seat!"

They managed to get to the site without any further trouble.

"Well I guess we'll being saying good-bye now," Serena face them with the rest of the Senshi behind her.

"What? Never! I want to see your world!" Goku said excitedly.

"In that case if you're going I'd better stay back," Tien turned to go, "I doubt they have any three eyed people there."

"Well I'm green and I'm goin'! They can be prejudice if they want!" Piccolo pointed out.

"Sure we'll try to pass you off as a leprechaun."

"Yeah, and Vegeta's so short we can say he's an elf!" Rei exclaimed.

"Don't even go there!"

"All right. If we're going to go lets get started. Everyone hold hands," Ami stated.

"We've been holding hands to much for my liking lately," Vegeta grumbled.

"Come senshi you know what to do," Luna prompted.

"But it's so stupid!" Lita whined.

"I have to agree," Amara nodded her head.

"That goes for me too," Vegeta put in.

"No one asked you," Rei stomped on Vegeta foot.

"Oww! Ow! Ow!" Vegeta hopped on one foot while still holding hands.

"It'll be fun guys come on!" Mina led them. They clicked their heels together three times.

"There's no place like home, there's no place like home..."





"Hey we're back at the Temple, yea!"

"Look there's Darien! DAAARRRIIIEEENNNN!"

Piccolo and Goku see Haruka and Darien's motorcycles. They get an evil grin and look at each other.

"Do you see what I see?"

"Yep. Now's our chance."

"Race you? Winner gets to give Vegeta a swirly."

"Where did you get that idea?!"

"Vegeta told me to remember to give him one later."


"Ok, so that's just a variation on what he said. Still what do you day?"

"You're on!" Goku and Piccolo take off for the motorcycles and race off down the Temple stairs to the street.

Gohan points out, "Hey are those your motorcycles?"

Darien and Amara turn around to see trails of smoke going off down the street and several car wreaks in progress and cars screeching out off of the road and many people screaming and giving "The Bird" to Piccolo and Goku. Darien says something you never expect him to say. Amara ran into the middle of the street and starts yelling at them, "Get the hell off of my motorcycle you bas-mmmm!" Michelle had come up behind her and clamped her hand on Amara's mouth before she could get any farther and dragged her out of the street.

Lita looks after them turns and shrugs, "Well readers alls well, ends well"


Sound only

"I won the race."

"I'm telling you I won."

"Ok. Fine, how about a tie? We'll both give Vegeta a swirly."

"All right. I hold and you flush."

"Deal. Look there he is."

"Hey Vegeta, come over here."

"What is it Piccolo?"

"Goku and I want to show a human custom in this world."

"Hey Trunks, want to watch?"

"What are doing? Where are you taking me?!"

"Ok Piccolo, pick him up."

"Aggh! Put me down!"

"Stop struggling. It'll make it easier."


"Trunks just don't stand there! Help me!"

"Do it again Goku."

"Good idea Trunks. Once is never enough for him!"