Sea's child

Rating: T

Characters: Killian Jones/Captain Hook, Emma Swan, Mary Margaret/Snow White, various other Storybrooke characters, some tale/Disney characters adapted.

Emma is the savior, her duty is to save them all, and that includes Captain Hook. Her gesture will attract a great evil that was hidden, an evil that will require the effort of all to be destroyed.

Hope you enjoy it. Thanks to Princesscupcakes for betareading for me, without your help I had not dared to publish.

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Chapter 01: The Bait

|^|_New York_|^|

He realized Swan had left him again the same moment he opened his eyes, as she had done back in the beanstalk. She had left him handcuffed to a metallic think, but she had not taken his hook, so he found it too easy to free himself. He didn't know why he had not killed her; he could just do it so many times, and just get rid of the bloody blonde. But here he was, keeping the manacles in the inner pocket of his coat as if they were a gift and not some way to keep him away from her. "Keep trying Swan" he thought grinning to himself. He wasn't surprised of his ship missing; he always thought Swan would make a hell of a pirate. It took him just a couple of hours to choose a little sloop that seemed enough prepared to do such a trip. He knew it will be faster on a big ship, but he knew as well that he should leave the port unnoticed. So he waited till night and cast off, unseen as a ghost, at last he was a pirate.

)()()()( Few days later, Storybrook)()()()(

Emma was worried, Neal had told her that he had not found Hook back in New York, she wondered if he could manage to come back to Storybrooke, with no money and no ship. Why on earth was she thinking of him again? She wondered why he kept coming back on her mind, his stupid cocky smile and his hot blue eyes. At least she should check if he was back on his ship, no matter how much did she dislike the idea. He was her duty now, to keep him safe, and keep people safe from him. So she phoned Mary Margaret just to tell her she was coming home late. She made up some excuse, and Mary Margaret agreed to go to pick up Henry from Granny's where he was with Neal. Why did she lie, why Emma could not tell her own mother she was going to check Hooks ship, again? "She would be concerned" she told herself, and reached his keys from the desk drawer. And then she pushed Hooks scarf to the bottom so no one could see it by mistake.

Hook was staring at his desk, frowning, he was tired of the long return home. "How did they manage to do such a mess?" he thought. There were footprints all over the floor, they had messed all cabinets, and most of his clean clothes were out of his trunk, on the bed and scattered all over the floor as well as his books. He smiled "Stupid Crocodile, he was looking for some antidote". Despite there was none, the Crocodile had managed to get to Storybrooke at time, he has seen him walking with Belle that afternoon. "You're a lucky Crocodile" he thought and his smile turned a sad grin. Rumpelstiltskin was a murderer, someone who didn't deserve love or forgiveness, and there he was, with the women he loved. And he had only his Jolly Roger and all this mess, "but I didn't deserve better". He picked up some heavily embroidered handkerchiefs from the floor. Killian hated clutter. Order and cleanliness were one of the few things he kept from his mother, as well as remembering to always be a gentleman. He decided to go to the hold to drink some rum and then clean up and get some rest. But while leaving his quarters he kicked something metallic on the floor, his silver rum flask.

He picked it up and pulled the cap with his teeth and took a big gulp, he needed and deserved it. It tasted odd, too sweet. Suddenly fear overwhelmed him, and he poured the rest of the rum directly into the floor. A lovely little pink bright flower fell into the floor, filling the air with its lovely sweet essence. He remembered too well that flower, a Neverland one, the poison was not fast, at first he would just seem drunk and ill, but in a couple of days he would find a painful death surrounded of nightmares and fever. Maybe there was no antidote back in Neverland, but he had seen some miracles in the Hospital place when the carriage, or car, nearly killed him.

"I have to move out of here" he thought. The flower was slow to kill but fast to act, and he felt nearly unable to walk or speak but he still could think straight. He crawled across the floor, realizing that if he could not find help he would die here alone.

"Who on this cursed town will be so mad of helping me?" But despite his thoughts he kept going. As soon as he reached the main deck his skin was gray, and the chills began to alternate with fever pitches that clouded his mind and prevented him from moving forward. He remembered his mother, so beautiful under the moonlight He graved the ratlines with his hook and ran a leg on the other side of the railing. His mother took his right hand and pointed him another letter in the book; she was smiling so brightly, she was so beautiful despite the bruise on her cheek. He let his body fall into the dock with a loud thud and felt pain into his ribs. He looked to his side and saw his mother's golden curls shining in the moonlight.

Emma took a closer look to his pirate out of the blue, so she knelt beside him. His face was pale, and his respiration was too heavy.

"Hook? Are you hurt?" she took his chin to force him to look at her eyes, his skin was hot, too hot. To her surprise he smiled, but not in his usual cocky way, it was not an innuendo.

"Mum?" His voice was husky.

"You have fever! Hook, I'm taking you to the hospital, get up." His smile disappeared as she passed her arm under his shoulder in order to help him.

"I'm always glad to be in your company Swan. You must know someone has entered my ship." He looked at her, he need her to know before he lost his consciousness again. She was so close, their heads were almost together, and she was just there, holding him tight. He could just kiss her, "she is damn beautiful", he thought. But then an ill thought passed as a bolt through his head. He couldn't risk himself in falling in love again, and losing her. I'm poisoned he tried to say, but could not.

Emma looked at Hooks eyes for a couple of seconds cause he had said something, his gaze was so intense, as it would be in a man in love, a man about to kiss his beloved, a man about to kiss her. "If he dares to kiss me I'm leaving him right there" she thought. She looked away, ashamed, "He must be drunk, calling me mum", but she could not help wondering how a pirate kiss would taste. The car was just ten meters away now, and then he collapsed into her arms and both fell down to their knees.

"Hook, come on you are too heavy, damn pirate" He opened his eyes. They were cloudy as if there were spider webs on them.

"I can't go back to the ship" his eyes were wet, full of tears but he was not crying. Emma's heart froze.

"Come on, we're going to the hospital, just a couple of steps more, I can't do it alone" She felt his hand on her waist, and then his hook on her back, he was shaking.

"Please help me! I don't want to return to the ship, the Captain is trying to..." Emma pushed him from her and stared at him, he seemed so afraid and ashamed. She realized he was dreaming.

"No one will hurt you." She patted his back slowly "Get up and we will go to a save place."

"I can't kill him!" He was looking at her with cloudy eyes; he was listening to someone that was not there. "Ok, I can do that."

Suddenly he stood up and Emma helped him reach the car.

At last Emma had managed to carry Hook to her bug. It was more difficult than she expected, but at last she convinced him to stay in the back seat. She was in a hurry so she twisted his hook with one hand to plug it out, and put it in her leather jacket pocket, she tightened the seat belt around his legs, and then she entered the back of the car to secure the other seat belt around his chest. He opened his eyes a little and a slight grin appeared as he felt her body on him.

"This's not fair play, Emma." he purred at her ear. Emma looked up at his face, but he was livid again. Would he hd noticed her trembling in response to his words? "Hope he doesn't" She said to herself.

She drove as fast as she could, at last he was in her town now. He was her duty now. Now he was saying her damn name again and again. Crazy, drunk, ill, mad pirate.

"Swan... Swan!" He screamed now at the top of his voice, he was angry. She could not keep her thoughts away of the day she left him in the beanstalk. The real reason she had left him up there.

Emma didn't understand what was happening, she was sure he was ill, and drunk, but ill, never the less. Maybe he had get infected in the city, sure this world illness weren't the same than the other world ones. "Maybe he's like a fragile kid there", that idea made her feel anguish, so she pushed it aside, cause there were no reason for her to feel such a thing for him.

Emma parked her bug in front of the hospital and went in to get some help.

Hook looked at the empty driver car seat and wondered if she had abandoned him again.

"At last he isn't shouting my name now", thought she while she waited for Dr. Whale to come. Ultimately Hook had fainted, and it seemed he could not breathe easily. Dr. Whale and a black haired beautiful nurse entered the room.

"What happen to him now? Another car?"

"He's having strong and vivid nightmares, and fever." Said Emma "I think he became infected in the city"

The nurse approached the pirate with a thermometer; suddenly Hook opened his eyes, and hit the nurse's hands, sat in the bed and began to scream at her as if the poor women were some kind of demon. As Emma and Dr. Wale held him, the scared nurse began to move her arms in a pattern, looking rater angry.

"No, he isn't just drunk, he's very hot. We need a contain bed here."

In response the nurse moved her hands again and left. It took Hook about ten seconds to calm down, and then he looked at her.

"Your chicks are red, ye look beautiful love" Emma rolled her eyes. And he smiled at her.

The nurse took five minutes to bring them the bed; a pair of stretcher bearers helped them to move Hook from one bed to the other. Then the nurse took some blood samples. Dr. Wale explored him quickly now he had fainted again.

"Seems an infection, but I don't know the source. We will try with broad-spectrum antibiotics and antipyretics. But I can't promise anything."

The nurse spoke again in sign language.

"You know no one can leave town." Said Dr. Whale shaking his head while he took Hooks pulse.

"I can" said Emma while unconsciously took away a lock of wet hair from Killian forehead "What's need to be done?"

"Nothing sheriff Swan, she just proposed to take a blood sample to the city hospital in order to find out what happens. But there's no need, we have a lab here too, not as complete but we will do as we have ever done. You can leave now Miss Godlion, take the samples to the lab." The nurse nodded and left.

~~~~Long time ago in a big port city of the Enchanted Forest~~~~

It was dark night when Sinbad was about to go to sleep, despite being 50 years old he still looked healthy and younger than many of his age. His hair was still as black as his eyes, and his skin was gold and thick for the long hours spend in the sea. He was no more a sailor; he was a rich merchant who lived wealthy and happy surrounded by his family. He stood near the front door for a second, listening to the people who rushed back from their work on the shores to the suburbs. There were people talking outside his door, he thought he heard his own name.

"Ok, you damn lad. You're right. But tonight we're having fun at Hila's." A rough male voice said.

"You know I've no money to spend, a matter of fact I'm sleeping in the bloody street tonight" Said a young men voice sounding both ashamed and tired.

"Holy shit Sinbad!"

"So the boy was called Sinbad too!" thought Sinbad the Sailor.

"You have been working, carrying these fucking goods all week! No money yet!?"

"I know" said the young voice sadly "It's just I don't get money till morning... that's the reason I'm complaining... no matter how hard I work, I will be ALWAYS a poor and miserable guy."

Sinbad caressed his money bag under his embroidered tunic; it couldn't harm him if he just had a little chit chat with the boy. So he opened the door and glanced at the bench. A tall big man was standing in front of a thin boy, dark hair and white skin, too pale to be considered healthy. The boy stood up when the door opened and looked at him. His eyes were blue, deep and innocent, clear and pure as the ocean.

"Who's Sinbad?" Asked Sinbad the Sailor, in a deep voice.

"Me" the boy looked at him with surprise, but then bowed "Sinbad the Porter, at your service."

"Come in lad, I wanna talk to you."

The tall thin boy entered.

"About sixteen" he thought, "And it seems that he is used to taking orders".

"Sit down" He commanded, smiling at the confused look in the boys eyes. "I'm glad you are handsome," the confused look was now a worried one as the lad followed him closing the main door "I wouldn't like someone named after me to be less than you are" He sit in front of him and relaxed "My name is Sinbad the Sailor" He saw relieve on the boys eyes as a bright smile appeared in his face. "I casually listened to your complaints, and maybe I can tell you a story, my story, to help you."

The boy nodded and smiled. He had told this very story so many times than now it went out easily as a bedtime story. But he enjoyed so much telling it over and over again, despite his own children weren't interested any more.

"I was young, about your age when my parents died. I was a wealthy young lad, unlike you, but the money is so easily spent." At this point he gasped and glanced at the young boy in order to see if he had got his attention. And yes, he had it; the boy was leaning forwards a little.

"So I decided to go on board into a magnificent ship in order to repair my fortune. The captain of the ship appeared to be an asshole because he got lost in a record time; the crew was starving and angry. We thought we were high and dry and the word mutiny spread around the crew. But then we saw an island." He looked at the boy again seeing the amusement in his young blue eyes "We set ashore the island, there was plenty of food and the men decided to make a campfire. And the island, full of trees, plants and animals, proved to be a gigantic sleeping whale. Awakened by the fire, the whale that had not moved in ages dived into the depths, and took the ship and most men with it." The boy had both hands clutched at the bench now "So, there was I, little lad, alone in the middle of the ocean saved from drown only for a rotted tree. At last after a long time I fell asleep, just to wake up washed ashore on a densely wooded island. I was starving at that point so I decided to explore the island, I walked along a beach that seemed endless, and as seemed the woods, until I come across one of the king's child. The boy was trying to get loose from a dark hair mermaid, one of the ugliest ones I've never seen" he added shaking his head, and watching how the boy smiled.

"She was trying to drown the poor boy, I got my sword and cut one of the mermaid's tentacles" The lad opened his eyes and began to ask a question, but he stopped him easily "I was surprised as you're now, but she was not just an usual mermaid, she was, as I discovered later, the powerful Sea Witch, a witch that could enchant you just with her lovely voice. But I was well aware of the dangers of the siren songs, so as she started her song I hit her again. With a second thrust, trying to cut off her head, I cut a silver chain around her neck, and then her voice once beautiful, frightening but lovely, was horrible, so rude and unpleasant that she left the beach, trying to hide from her own voice." He sat down again, realizing that he had risen to simulate the battle gestures. The boy seemed relieved. "I still keep the little seashell and the chain" he smiled "then the young prince brought me to his father. The king was so happy to see his little boy that in return gave me rich presents and made one of his best ships to take me home. Here in this same city I sold these presents for a great profit." He sighed

"So..." Sinbad the Sailor said with a smile while counting some gold coins. "If you wanna learn from my second trip you have to come here tomorrow, same time." He gave the young porter a gift of a hundred gold pieces. "Remember, if you wanna more of them come tomorrow."

"I can't take them!"

"You're a good listener, you earn them" He stood and opened the door "Don't waste them!"

"Oh! No my Lord! I'm not stupid!"

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