Mercy's eyes opened slowly and she looked around at the dark, dusty interior around her. What in the... her eyes landed on the man and it all came flooding back like some kind of sick trip. She was still stuck in her head or whatever, and unfortunately she couldn't do anything about it. How was this conductive to... anything? First she gets stuck in a dream world where one bite could land her dead - thanks brain - and then she doesn't even land there with a nice version of the attractive guy on the show. Nope, he's an asshat of the worst order, where was angels and demon hunters when she needed them? Why had she chosen Daryl over Dean this time! At least if she'd ended up there, Sam would be nice to her... Sam was nice to everyone. Plus she'd always wanted to get hands in the Impala, Gods that engine must be a beaut. But no, she was here... in an attack... with a angry redneck who liked to call her princess. Life was great - insert all sarcasm here.

"I see sleepin' beauty has decided to grace us with her presence." The gruff voice came out of the darkness. "Bout time, they've been gone for quite some time now but you were to busy sleepin' to figure it out." The voice continued as Daryl got to his feet. "Let's go."

Mercy sighed but ultimately stood up with only a slight groan. What? Sleeping on a floor was painful dangit! At least she wasn't bitching about the accommodations, she could be doing that instead. Rather then focus on her ills, she followed Daryl down from the attic that had saved them, and back into the house that had almost been their graves. Yeah... this house wasn't going to be on the list of stops she decided to visit again... you know if she didn't end up escaping this nightmarish hell.

Thankfully it only took a few hours to get back, but that didn't mean she had to be happy about it. The entire way was... silence. Annoying, obnoxious, every little stick you stepped on made a loud bang like a gunshot, kind of silence. By the time they got back she was half insane from it... okay that was a little bit dramatic but she felt like it!

The first person she saw was Maggie, who ran out of the house and threw her arms around the redhead's body, almost knocking the woman from her feet. "We thought you were dead!" The woman said fiercely. "I can't believe you're okay, what happened!? Why were you gone so long?" The dark haired woman demanded, glancing towards the redneck with barely hidden distrust before her eyes turned to the redheads.

Mercy glanced from Maggie to Daryl and back before shaking her head. "Oh Gods, he didn't do anything silly... we got caught in an attic with Walkers below. Couldn't leave until they did and I fell asleep. Daryl let me get in a nap and just waited until I woke." She assured the girl, patting her hand soothingly before glancing at Daryl. "Thanks."

The man just shrugged before turning and walking away, leaving a slightly bemused Mercy behind.

Yes I know it's short and so much less then you all deserve, but hopefully it'll tide you over for a little longer. :)