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23rd of June, 1991 - early morning


Dudley Dursley was one happy child.

Sure, he had his little problems with his homework and was subjected to torturous maths exercises nearly every morning, but he had his Mom and his Dad and he even had the little black kitten that technically belonged to their neighbour but liked him way better than it did the strange old cat lady.

He had named it Noir, because he had become interested in French after watching the new French series 'The Adventures of Tintin'. He was allowed to use his PlayStation every day for an hour and he played Soccer three times a week with his best friend Piers.

In a year or two, he would even be allowed to start boxing, but he wasn't sure whether he really wanted that.

It seemed really pointless, just beating each other up in front of an angry mob. No thanks.

Yes, Dudley Dursley was one happy child. He was content with his life and family, and he was already looking forward to going to Smeltings, his Dad's old school, in the fall.

Life was good.


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