Ad Men

Chapter 1 Fucked Up Shit

Don Daper was a mad man.

"fuck." he said as he smoked a cig. He wanted to smoke pot but he was at work, and he had to make ads or something. (a/n I watch the mad men show but what don do?)

the buck tooth bitch was giving him shit but he closed the door a while ago to shut her gay voice out.

he hit the intercom feature on his ipad.

"shit gandry can you get the bitch outta heeeyaahh." he said like a new york guy. everyone in the office laughed.

gandry did as he was told.

"lol" don said as he farted over the itnercom. everyone in the office laughed.

then a bright light came up. a little fairy was inside it.

"i'm magic pixie. you got a wish for being such a rad dude. kapeesh?"

"what lol?" don said. "I am not high"

"I'm magic ok? do you understand? I can grant you wshes. wishes, ok?"

"get the fuck out of here. that's my wish."


"why" don was really sad. he slumped in his chair and squeezed the leather cushions, shaking the fuck out to show how sad he was.

"I just can't okay?"

"then FUKC OFF" don said as he threw the pixie out the window. it died forever and its soul died too.

then roger came in buck naked

"hey don, have you seen my ass at 4 o clock in the evening?" roger said.

"fuck off roger I'm pissed the funk off."

then the dude from la noire showed up and was all "I wrote a book wahhh wahhh wahh"

"fuck off."

everyone was being really noisy! don couldn't do no work and he was really mad!

"everyone please quiet down."

then the girl with the red dress came in and bitched him out for not working.

"your tps reports were doo a while ago and you aint even done them. DON"

but it was no use, don was done.

he jumped out the window and thought of his life, until...someone grabed him. who was it?

it was betty! but she was like all messed up and shit.

don woke up. he looked at his cig and sow some mariwanna in it. and lsd or some other durg.

"lol I guess I DID get a little high. what a trip!" don said as he tripped on his shoelaces, and fell back twoards the window.