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Chapter 10:

I wake up the next morning in a comfortably soft bed that smells oh so familiar. Wait, I came home last night! My eyes shoot open to find myself nuzzled against Red's still sleeping form, in my own bed. I sigh and snuggle more into his chest when I hear my phone go off.

"Seriously?" I mutter.

Scrambling over Red's massive chest, I see that Mom had plugged my phone into its charger when it was recovered and that my best friend Jess is calling me. Disconnecting the cord, I tap the talk button.

"Hullo?" I slur, sleep still trying to claim me.

"Rebeccy?! Holy God!" She sobs, "I thought you died!"

I flop back on the pillows while Red nuzzles his cheek against my breasts, sighing again.

"Nope, not yet. Almost, but not quite. But you, my dearest sexual, how are you?" I reply.

"I...I h...honestly..." Her sobs make her unintelligible.

"Hush, shhh, I'm here and I'm okay. Promise."

"Can I come over? Please, I..." She hiccups.

I hesitate and that's when Red decided to wake up. He flashes a knowing smile at me and nods. I mouth an 'are you sure?' to him and he nods again.

"Alright, come on over. But I need to warn you..."

"Be over in 10!" And she hangs up.

Laughing a little, I lock my phone and hand my phone to Red to put on my night stand. He does then, lies on his side, looking at me.

"So I guess I'll be meeting Jessica?" He asks, brushing a stray strand of hair from my face.

"Jess, but yeah. Now get up, I need to shower." I say, kissing his nose a little.

He does and stands to the side while I get up and grab some clothes. Quickly, I scurry into the bathroom and take a speed shower, making sure that I'm out in like five minutes. Brush my teeth, brush my hair, and done! I emerge from the bathroom in my sweat pants and a T-shirt, wandering into my bedroom to get my glasses as Red goes to shower as well. It isn't even five more minutes when I hear the porch door shut and someone move around downstairs.

"Hey, sexual!" I call as I walk down the stairs.

Jess pauses as she sees me, fresh tears welling in her dark blue eyes. Her blonde hair is disheveled, like she had just woken up and put it into a pony tail without brushing it, and her jeans and hoodie are baggy. Then, she starts sobbing hard. Smiling, I go over and hug her, which is always a weird experience because my head is level with her boobs, but she latches on so hard I feel my lungs protest slightly.

"I thought you died." She whispers.

"I know, Jess, I know. But I'm here now and I'm not hurt." I pause as I look at how she's holding her sleeves in her fingers while she hugs me. "Please don't tell me you went back to cutting."

"I..." She hiccups.

I grasp her tighter and feel her ribs poking out a little more that they should. Damn, she was stress non-eating again.

"I'm home, and I'm safe. I would never leave you hanging here by yourself, promise." I whisper, stroking her hair.

She nods again and pulls away slightly. Suddenly, her eyes lock on something behind me and she gasps. I turn to see Red meandering down the stairs with nothing but his jeans on.

"Red?" I ask, giving him a pointed look.

"What?" He replies, acting innocent.

"My best friend is here and you're walking around without your fucking shirt on?"

He smiles and comes up to me, kissing me lightly. Jess gasps and draws back, looking between the two of us. Red then has a really peculiar look on his face, studying her closely.

"How did you know Rebecca was home?" He asks.

"Who the hell are you?" She demands at the same time.

Red looks taken aback at her outburst, seems that I forgot to mention that Jess is just as outspoken as I am.

"I am her lover. My question?" He replies.

She pauses, gives me the 'we really need to get drunk and discuss this,' look before meeting his gaze. "A man came to me in a dream last night saying that she was home safe. I didn't know if it was true or not so I just called to see."

"What did he look like?" Red demands.

"Um...your height, black hair with a goatee. He was more spindly than you though, but still just as muscular. He introduced himself as V and said that you would be home tomorrow with almost everything intact. I guess by 'almost everything' he meant your virginity?"

Red and I look to each other, "Valtiel."

"Was that his true name?" She asks, plopping on the couch.

"Yup, he's my brother." Red explains, allowing me to sit next to her while he claims the chair.

Jess studies him for a moment longer before she gasps. "You're the great Executioner, aren't you?"

Red cocks his head to the side, "How did you know?"

"Yeah, how did you know?" I ask her.

"Remember that anthropology class my sister is taking? We were discussing it one night and she brought up this cult who sacrificed people to him. He was known as The Executioner, Red Pyramid, or simply as Him. It said that the cult also sacrifices second-born children; is that part true?"

Red leans back and steeples his fingers. Then, a slow smile overcomes his features.

"You're right, at least up until the second-born children part; they haven't done that in centuries. However they are bringing the practice back if I recall correctly."

"So, Rebeccy, would that make you the Red Lady? The Executioner's wife?" She asks.

I nod and all three of us pause, at least until I remember Tumos.

"I need to get back!" I exclaim.

Mom and Dad had already left for work; guess they thought that since I was already home and my big hunk o' boyfriend was here I would be fine.

"For who?" Jess inquires.

"Tumos, the first little boy I saved. You can come too if you want." I explain, already dragging her upstairs and to my room.

We get to my closet and I pull her forward until we fall out of the wardrobe. The room is empty and it's still rather dark because of the earliness of the morning. Standing, the red vines appear and warp themselves around me, poofing away after a moment to show a red long-sleeved shirt and some black pants. I turn to see Jess staring at me intently and I raise an eyebrow in question.

"You look older...but I guess that's to be expected since you've been gone for almost three weeks in this other realm." She says, shrugging.

I smile and drag her out of the room and down the hall until I hear Tumos's laughter and Valtiel's joining his. We walk into the child's room to see Valtiel making funny faces at him while Tumos rolls on the floor in fits of giggles.

"Good morning, fellas." I say, leaning on the door frame.

"Lady!" Tumos exclaims.

He gets up and runs to me, hugging my legs. I smile and lean down to kiss his head...and he's wet.

"Valtiel got you to bathe?" I ask, incredulous.

"Yup, he said that you would be bringing a visitor and that I should look nice and smell good." He replies, looking behind me to see Jess.

I smile at him and turn my attention to my friend who is looking at Valtiel with a mixture of confusion and curiosity.

"Jess," I start, picking Tumos up, "this is Tumos. He is the first child we've managed to save. Tumos, this is aunt Jess and she's my best friend."

Her blue eyes turn to me, surprised at her new title but she shrugs, not really caring. "Hi, Tumos, it's nice to meet you."

"Hi." He says, acting bashful.

I chuckle when he suddenly catches a glimpse of Red and then starts to reach for him. I hand the squirming child over to him as Valtiel stares at Jess.

Red's POV

Tumos wiggles against me, trying to get himself settled, and I watch Valtiel's face. He is studying Jess rather intently...

'What are you doing, V?'

His red eyes flick to me for a second before returning to Jess, 'I like her.'

I chuckle, 'What kind of like are we talking about?'

His silence is all I need to figure out he has a crush on the human. However, I feel that I'm getting similar vibes from Jess as well but hers are a bit more confuddled; like she herself if confused by her emotions.

"Jess, this is Valtiel. I assume you guys remember each other?" Rebecca asks.

Both of them nod and Valtiel goes up to the blonde.

"You're much taller in person." He says.

"You much more buff in person." She says at the same time.

They both pause and then laugh at each other, V's loud and booming while Jess's are snickers. After the chuckling subsides, V hold out his hand for Jess who in turn grasps his fingers in a firm shake.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Jess." He says, bringing her hand to his mouth to place a soft kiss on her knuckles.

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Valtiel." She replies.

They stare at each other for a moment until I feel Tumos gently pawing at my collarbone. I look down at him and he puts a small hand over his belly, hungry.

"Hey, guys, the boy is hungry. Can we head down to the kitchen and make some food?" I ask.

Becca laughs and nods, leading all of us out of the room and down the hallway. Catching up to her, I lean down to whisper in her ear, "I feel that there's some something something going on between V and Jess."

"Right? I feel it too." She replies.

We get down to the kitchen and Becca walks around to see what she can make. At least until Jess speaks up.

"Do we have the stuff to make pancakes?" She asks.

All of us pause.

"Pancakes?" Tumos breathes, incredulous.

"Jess makes some kick a...butt pancakes." Becca explains, stopping herself from swearing in front of the child.

The blonde nods and then starts to hunt for her ingredients. Becca helps her while V, Tumos, and I take a seat at the table; considering we can't help much because we can't cook.

"Those were yummy!" Tumos exclaims, licking his fingers of the syrup.

And I thought that I could eat, kid just scarfed down ten pancakes! But I guess I'm not surprised, he has been malnourished for pretty much his whole life. Becca and Jess stand to clear off the table and do the dishes, at least until V and I stand to do it for them.

"You ladies cooked, we clean. Come on, little guy, you're going to learn how to do dishes!'' I call to Tumos.

He stand and bounds over to us while Becca and Jess leave the room. Chuckling, I find the boy a step-stool and he goes right to work on washing the dishes.

Becca's POV

"V's kinda cute." Jess says as we take a seat in the main foyer.

"He's better than Alex, this guy is an actual manly man." I giggle.

She rolls her eyes at me and tucks her legs under her chin as she sits in the plush armchair.

"So, what happens now?" She asks.

I open my mouth but stop..."I have no idea. I guess I just continue to make this place a sanctuary."

"Yeah but they need education and such. How do you guys plan on helping them get ready for the real world?"

I rest my head in my hand and look at her intently, "I haven't gotten that far yet."

"Well let's think about this. Kids are sacrificed every week right? Depending on the age groups, they could be in any sort of grade/educational level. However, these kids haven't had proper schooling, yeah?"

I shake my head, "None other than in prayer and survival skills, but even those are weak."

"Alright...well V made a portal for you to get back to your home, why can't he make ones for the kids?"

"But where would they go?"

Jess stops and thinks, wrinkles appearing on her forehead, "Well...if my sister is taking a class on this type of cult, there must be others who know about it and would be willing to help. And it's not like you guys would need like, birth certificates or anything. First off, none were probably documented and secondly, you're dating and will be in-laws with two gods; I'm pretty sure they could fudge something for you."

"That...that could work. See? This is why we're best friends." I laugh.

"That and I'm your bitch." She giggles as well.

We lose it, our laughter booming throughout the room. But this is good; we have a game-plan now and all we have to do is find others who know of Silent Hill.