As promised here are the EPOV's from a few chapters I wrote and posted in my facebook group for you to read. Just a little extra treat for you to enjoy!

Edward's POV from Chapter 29 – William's Reappearance.

"Take him, Jacob! Nail him into the boards and get the puck! Hit him!" The shout seemed to echo through the arena.

What. The. Fuck.

I snapped my head around and stared up into the stands. Who the hell was yelling at an eight-year-old boy to nail someone into the boards?

Kids. They were kids.

We didn't teach them checking at this level.

And most parents wish we never did. They didn't want their child exposed to harm over a hockey game.

My eyes widened as I realized the idiot who had been shouting was sitting beside Bella, who was at this moment, trying to get him to sit down, and no doubt, shut up. I felt my blood pressure rise quickly because I knew who it was with one glance. Bella's ex-husband.

I had quietly checked out William Black one night on Google, wondering what sort of man could possibly walk away from two wonderful people like Bella and Jake. His pictures showed a sombre, serious looking person. His biography on the company's webpage said very little personally and didn't even mention him having a son. It listed all his educational and business attributes instead. His gaze into the camera was stern and cold. Thinking of Jake's laughter and Bella's mischievous side, I couldn't even imagine him with them. He would have completely destroyed them both over time.

And now he had suddenly reappeared.

My eyes went to Jake standing frozen on the ice, staring up into the stands. He knew his father was there. Disregarding the rules, I swung my legs over the boards and skated over to him.

"Come to the bench with me, sport," I said quietly, laying my hand on his shoulder as I indicated to Jasper to send another boy in.

"Edward … that's … that's …" Jake's voice was choked.

"I know, Jake. Let's finish the game and then we'll go see your mom, okay?"

I looked up in the stands, worried about Bella.

What was he doing here? What could he want? Why had he suddenly shown up out of the blue? I knew it was unexpected from the look of what was taking place between him and Bella.

I could see from where I stood there was an intense conversation happening and I wanted nothing more than to go over and pull her away from him. But I knew I couldn't do that. I had to remain on the ice with the boys, knowing I would get to her as soon as I could. Of all days, today was the day Alice had to stay home with a migraine headache. And Sam was sick so neither Mike nor Jess were here to help. At least there were other people around and I knew if Bella needed, they would intervene. I watched as Bella turned her back to William, ignoring him. I could see the anger emanating from her stance. I was proud she wasn't backing down. She'd taken enough form him over the years.

But I had to admit, for the rest of the game, my attention was directed to the stands and the child beside me more so than the action on the ice. When I saw Bella jump up and head to the stairs I was relieved. In a few minutes she'd be beside me. I could relax then.

I could protect her.


"Edward … I don't want to see him." Jake's eyes were wide and watery, as I helped him pull off his skates.

I sat back and studied him, forcing my voice to stay neutral. "Are you sure, Jake? It's fine if you want to, you know. Maybe he came to say hello. I bet he's missed you."

He shook his head firmly. "No."

"Okay. I'll go see your mom and find out what's going on. You and Em stay here if you're more comfortable."

"Okay. Thanks, Edward."

I ruffled his hair. "Anything, sport." Leaning over, I kissed Em's damp head. "You'll be okay?"

He nodded up at me, his face serious. "Jake and I will get changed."

I looked over at Jasper who nodded at me. "I'll watch them."

I thrust my feet into my sneakers. "Thanks."

I needed to get to Bella.


We watched William walk away, and turning, I pulled both Jake and Bella into my arms, comforting them the only way I knew how ... with my love and support. I could see how upset they both were, as well as the fact Jake was embarrassed by his father and the scene he had caused.

I couldn't believe what I had witnessed. William's pompous attitude toward Bella and his high-handed, uncaring dismissal of Jake, both angered and hurt me on their behalf. His coldness regarding his son was unbelievable, and I had to rein in the overwhelming urge of launching myself at him and punching him until that arrogant expression fell off his face. I'd enjoy showing him how it felt to be nailed; I'd happily show William what checking really was. But considering where this was taking place, I knew I couldn't do that; no matter how badly I wanted to.

The only satisfaction I had gotten was the look on his face when Bella informed him I was the emergency contact for Jake.

Yeah, that was right asshole. Me. If he needed something it was me they would call.

It was hard not to laugh at Jake's honest assessment of William acting like an ass, and I knew even Bella was trying not to smile. But it was Emmett's comment and Jake's reaction to it that hit me the most.

"See Jake? Your new dad is way cooler. Aren't you glad I shared him?"

Jake looked up at me and smiled. "Yeah. My new one is way cooler. Thanks, Edward." Jake's arms wrapped around me and I pulled him closer, knowing he needed to be hugged right now. His arms tightened, holding me as hard as he could and my heart clenched at his silent need.

God, this child just did me in. He was such a great kid and I was so lucky to have him and Bella in my life. I lowered my face down closer to Jake's head. "It's okay, sport. Everything is gonna be okay. I promise." I paused. "I have you, Jake." I lowered my voice further. "I love you."

Jake looked up at me, his eyes bright, his little voice rough with unshed tears as he struggled to be brave in front of his mom. "I love you too, Edward. You are my dad now."

I couldn't stop the tears I felt well up in my eyes. I didn't want to. I knew how hard it was for Jake to say those words. To offer a piece of himself, he was so worried would be rejected again to another father figure. But he gave them to me. I would cherish them forever.

I would protect them and him, no matter what. I looked over at Bella who was watching us, her own eyes damp and her arm around my son. "I'll do anything for my family. Anything," I swore to both of them.

And I would.



Edward's POV from Chapter 31 – his talk with Jake.

I knocked and let myself into Jake's room. "Hey, sport."

He kept his back turned to me. "I don't wanna talk right now, Edward. Go away."

I paused. "Are you sure, Jake? Sounds like you're pretty pissed off right now and you want to talk."

He turned and glared at me, his eyes bright with tears.

"I don't want to see him. Mom said I didn't hafta and now I do. She lied. You'll probably lie too."

I kept my voice soft but firm. "Your mom didn't lie, Jake. And I have never told you anything but the truth—ever."

He wiped his nose, trying desperately to look angry and not upset. "Then why do I hafta see him?"

I sat down beside him, reaching out to lay my hand on his shoulder. "Your mom is trying to do the right thing, Jake. She met with your dad and he agreed to let you stay with her, but he wants to see you. It's only a few hours out of your day."

My hand tightened on his shoulder. "Sometimes, Jake, as adults we have to make tough decisions even when we don't want to. Your mom is trying to make this as easy on you as she can. I know it's hard for you to understand, but you have to believe me when I tell you she did her best."

"He's not going to take me away?"

I smiled sadly when he muttered his fear out loud. "We told you we wouldn't let that happen, Jake. You're not going anywhere. It's just a visit, the way we talked about."

He shook his head.

"Jake … this isn't easy on your mom either. She is trying to be fair and give your dad a chance. You yelling at her and telling her you hate her isn't helping."

"I didn't mean it."

I pulled him into my arms, hating that he was trembling. "I know, sport. She knows it too, but you need to apologize. She loves you so much, Jake."

"I only have to see him once?"

I sighed, but I knew I needed to be honest. "No, Jake. He wants to see you more. A couple times a week." I drew in a deep breath. "Maybe the occasional weekend."

His eyes were wide as he pulled back.

"I hafta stay the night with him?"

"Not right now, but he might want that ... later on." I smiled at him encouragingly. "You might want that, Jake. And that's okay too. He's your dad."

He frowned. "No, he isn't. He's not like you, Edward. You act like a dad. He just acts … like an ass."

I bit back a smile. "Jake …"

"I know," he huffed. "Mom says I need to be respectful."

"She's right."

"What if he wants me to stay all the time, Edward?"

"Then we'll let Uncle Garrett to go the judge and fight it, Jake. Unless … you change your mind and want that."

He rolled his eyes. "I don't think so."

I highly doubted it as well, but I had to say it. "Whatever you decide, Jake. Your opinion counts here as well."

"Is Mom … mad at me?"

"No. She's upset, Jake, and she needs to know you didn't mean what you said."

"I'll tell her I'm sorry. And that I really love her."

"Okay, sport. She needs to hear that."



"You promise I don't hafta stay?"

"I promise, Jake. But you have to promise me you'll try— try for your mom, okay?"

He sighed. "Okay."

"You want to go talk to your mom?"

"Can we just stay here for a few minutes, Edward?"

"Sure. You need a little space?"

"No … will you stay with me?"

I held out my arms. "Come here, sport. Give me a hug."

He launched himself at me, his little arms gripping me tightly. "I love you, Edward," he mumbled into my neck.

I wrapped him up, holding him closely. "I love you too, sport. It's gonna be okay. Your mom and I will make it okay," I whispered reassuringly.

He nodded, his head still buried in my neck.

I wished he didn't have to go through this. I knew it was hurting him and upsetting Bella terribly. I couldn't stand the thought of either of them in pain. I wanted to fix it for all of us, but I knew I couldn't. All I could do was be here for both of them and try and be strong.

I only hoped I could do that for my family.


Edward's Point of view from Chapter 33 – becoming a father again.

"That's great, Edward."

I frowned at Bella's subdued reaction. When we first saw that piece of granite for the countertops in the kitchen, I swore she had been drooling as she ran her fingers over the cool surface. It wasn't in the budget, but I went back and spoke with the owner who I found out had two boys who wanted to get into hockey, but were lousy skaters, so we had struck a deal. I thought she'd be on cloud nine.

Now it was only "great?"

My frown intensified as I studied her. She wasn't sleeping. She was distracted and had been for most of the week. Something was bothering her terribly and she was holding it in. I wasn't sure how much more I could take watching her try and handle whatever was in her head by herself. I wanted her to come to me—I wanted to be the one to help her.

I tried to get her flailing attention again. I picked up the paint chips she had clipped to the plans. "I'm not sure I want these colours, Bella."


"I was thinking maybe we'd go brighter – fuchsia and orange would make a nice contrast, don't you think?"


That was it.

I reached for the plans, rolling them up.

This stopped now.


Nothing prepared me for the words Bella uttered. I was sure I had been pushing her too hard with moving her and Jake in, or the whole debacle with William had somehow left a lingering issue. But not this ...


Bella was going to have a baby.

My baby.

Our child.

My heart soared.

And then I realized she was crying.

Weeping as she rambled off an unnecessary apology, her hand clutching mine in desperation.

Terrified I was going to be angry over this wonderful news.

Shocked. Yes.


Angry? Never.

I held up my hand, stopping her rambling.

"Let me get this straight. You're pregnant."

She nodded, her cheeks wet with tears.

"With my child."


"And somehow in that silly little head of yours you thought this news would anger me?"

She seemed shocked at my reaction. "We didn't plan it."

I smiled at her softly. "I also didn't plan on falling in love with you. That worked out rather well, I think."

Her lips started to tremble again.

I lowered my voice. "Tell me again, Bella. Without the apologies."

"I'm pregnant, Edward. I'm carrying your child."

My heart clenched at hearing her say it again.

I dropped to my knees in front of her, kissing her gently and laying my hand over her stomach where our tiny little child was growing. A small miracle made because of our love.

I was elated. Filled with joy and wonder. I looked up at Bella and saw her lingering doubts. She was so afraid of my reaction. She thought I would be angry and blame her because of an error.

She'd forgotten. With all the stress we'd been going through, I'd forgotten a dentist appointment and a meeting with my principal. Somehow in the grand scheme of things, they didn't seem as important now. She'd forgotten to take a couple pills. Two tiny little circles with life-altering results. Results I couldn't be more ecstatic about. News I wanted her to be thrilled with as well. I didn't want her to worry about anything. Certainly not how I would feel about having a child with her.

I would simply have to erase those worries.


Bella was asleep. She had cried and I had held her, telling her over and over again how happy I was. Yes it was fast, unplanned and came at us out of the blue, but it was amazing news and somehow, so right with the way we worked. We were always ahead of the curve.

From the moment I saw her, she had captured me. The more I got to know her, the certainty of this, of us, grew. With her I saw my future. Our future. Holidays and birthdays to be shared together. Special times and memories to be created between us. I wanted to support her in bad times and know she was there for me as well, and I wanted to laugh with her and share all the good moments. I fell in love with her so quickly it was like breathing; involuntary and natural. I wanted a lifetime with her. I wanted our boys to grow up happy and cared for. I wanted to add to our family and I had hoped to do it quickly.

Now I had my wish.

She sighed in her sleep and my fingers softly grazed her cheek, still damp from her earlier tears. So much had happened since we met, and dealing with the past, which had been so emotionally draining on all of us. Bella had stayed so strong for Jake during the whole struggle. We needed a holiday—some family time where we could have fun. We needed to get away. I would talk to Alice about helping me arrange a weekend at one of the local family spots. Great Wolf Lodge maybe. The boys would have a blast with the water park and Bella and I could relax. I could pamper her for the weekend.

I had been a lot younger when Tanya was pregnant and not as observant, but I remembered her being tired a lot and also emotional. I would be more understanding and helpful this time. I would make sure Bella had lots of rest and was well looked after. Tanya handled the emotion by pushing me away, whereas Bella tended to reach for me when she was upset, which I liked. I knew from experience Bella was already an emotional person; it was something I loved about her, the way she reacted to life with real joy and laughter, and often tears. I also knew I had to prepare myself for a few outbursts. I would have to make sure the boys were gentle with her as well.

The boys.

I grinned as I thought of their reaction. We had talked once during one of our guy-to-guy talks about the possibility of them becoming big brothers one day, and I knew how thrilled they were going to be. I could hardly wait to share this exciting news with them, even though I knew we had to do it at the right time.

Bella rolled over, her tank top shifting, exposing her stomach and with a smile I moved down so I was lying beside her stomach. My hand covered the still flat surface, my heart warm knowing that under my palm a small life was forming. Leaning down, I brushed my lips on the soft skin of her tummy, whispering words of love to my child.

Briefly I wondered if it would be a boy or girl. As long as they were healthy I didn't mind, but the thought of a girl made me smile. A little Bella for me to spoil.

God, I would love that.

So would the boys.

Images of a tiny girl with Bella's eyes, my hair, and hopefully, my ability to remain upright, waddling around the house, flowed through my head. I could see her chubby little fingers as she reached for me to pick her up. I could already hear her sweet giggles in my head and the thought of a little voice saying "Daddy," made my heart clench.

Yeah. I would like a girl.

Leaning close, I started to talk again, my lips against Bella's warmth. I told her all about her brothers. How wonderful her mother was. How I already loved her. How she would always be surrounded by people who loved her. How very welcomed she was in our family.

Meanwhile, my mind was racing. So much to think about. So many more plans to make. I needed to move things along. I wanted Bella and Jake here with us – now. I didn't want to miss a single second of this pregnancy.

I also wanted to marry Bella as soon as possible. I glanced up at her sleeping face and smiled at the thought of her being my wife. Of the life we would have together. My fingers caressed her stomach again. I hoped this would be the first of a few children we would have together.

But in the meantime, I stayed beside the woman I loved, watching over her as she slept and smiling.

Because today, I had so much to smile about.

Hope you enjoyed! See you Sept 15th I hope! Take care my friends!