Alternate Ending:

As the loud beeping sound continued, doctors quickly entered the room and pulled May out of there. The brunette didn't resist and continued to let her tears drop to the floor, the last thing she saw before being forced out of the room, was her fallen friend, her beloved Ash.

A few days later…

May brushed her hair while looking at a mirror in Ash's room. She wore a black, appropriate dress for funerals; the brunette was getting ready for Ash's funeral, a day she had never expected to come. When she finished she placed the brush and looked at the window, she admired the sunny day for a bit, but then became focused again.

"Pika?" Pikachu asked her if she was ready. The mouse had been sitting on the bed, waiting for the brunette so they could leave, but even during the time of someone's death, May still took her time to get ready.

"In a second, Pikachu, I think I lost my sapphire bracelet I brought from Johto; can you help me find it?" May smiled at Pikachu and asked for his help.

"Pi," Pikachu sighed and nodded his head up and down.

"Thanks," May grinned sheepishly. She then looked around the room with Pikachu, they checked under the bed, in the closest, on Ash's furniture.

I have to hurry, I can't keep the others waiting, May searched desperately for her bracelet. May then walked over to Ash's table and looked through the three drawers he had, the first two had nothing in them, but when May opened the last one she found the Teddiursa Doll she had given Ash in Sinnoh and the other half of the Terracotta Ribbon.

The brunette picked up the two items and memories of the two events flashed into her mind. She clearly remembered the Terracotta Contest and recalled giving the wooden doll to Ash when she just arrived in Sinnoh and met Dawn. She looked down at the drawer and saw one more thing inside, a small red notebook.

May placed the two items on the table and picked up the book, "Huh, I wonder what this is."

When Pikachu saw May holding the book, his eyes widened with fear, May turned to him and asked, "Pikachu, do you know what this book is?"

May looked at him and waited for the response, but the mouse stood there on the table like a statue and gave no response. "Alright, don't tell me," May sassed at him and opened it up.

She began to read through it and could tell Ash had written it because she recognized his handwriting. The first half was all about his adventures in Kanto and Johto, but May skipped through it and reached the parts where Ash talked about his time in Hoenn.

As she skimmed through every page, she read the things Ash wrote about her and became surprised and blushed. As May read each page a bit, she read it with Ash's voice in her mind. May is doing really well lately, she's improving with everything I've taught her, but I can't help, but think about these feelings inside me, growing more and more every time I'm with her.

I can't stop thinking about her, her beautiful sapphire eyes, her brown silky hair, her incredible smile, her great personality, it's driving me nuts, what exactly am I feeling?! May began to let a few tears drop on the pages of the notebook and she smiled softly with every word she read. She then jumped to the last page to see what Ash wrote there and read it in her mind, it was about the day before Ash traveled to Unova. I'm heading to Unova tomorrow with mom and Professor Oak, I can't wait! But there's still this uneasy feeling inside, ever since Sinnoh, I've thought of May none stop, I wish I could travel to Unova with her this time, if I could I'd invite her, but I don't know if she'd like to come, there aren't any contests there according to Professor Oak. Come to think of it, I don't even know on what part of the world May is in, she might still be in Johto or she might be with Drew. If I could at least meet up with May again for a moment, there's one thing I would have liked to say, that feeling I have been sensing since Hoenn…now I know what it is. If I met up with May again I would tell her I love her…

May's tears continued to drop on the page and May closed it. She held the book with her left hand and grinned to herself. Her eyes shifted to Pikachu and the mouse gave her a sad look. May wiped away her tears and gave him a weak smile; Pikachu then leaped into May's arms and hugged the brunette, "Pika."

"It's ok Pikachu, in the end; it was only Ash's decision to decide what to do, but I know it all. Now I know Ash and now I know he felt about me and I know what I feel towards him," May held Pikachu with her right arm and patted him.

She looked at out the window and stared at the blue sky filled with some clouds. She imagined Ash's face and closed her eyes, thank you Ash…for always being there, I will always love you. The sapphire-eyed girl stopped crying and opened her eyes; she held Pikachu in her arms and continued to grin while staring out the window, with the notebook still in her hand.

Years Later…

A woman of about 25-years-old was washing dishes in a very plain kitchen. She wore a white shirt, black jeans, and pink apron with yellow gloves on while washing the plates. Her sapphire eyes were reflected in the sparkly clean white plate. The plate showed how very little the brunette girl had aged since her teen years; she still had the traits of when she was just a teen, both physically and in personality.

Suddenly, two kids came barging in. One of them was a boy with dark blue hair, black eyes, a green shirt, and brown cargo shorts. The other was a girl with brown hair, blue eyes, a red bandana, a red vest and blue shorts. They were both younger than 5 and they entered the room yelling, "Aunt May, Aunt May!"

May stopped her activity and looked down at the two kids. "What's wrong you two?" the brunette had her eyebrow raised when she asked.

"Sapphire and I want to hear another story about the trainer and his Pikachu!" the little boy shouted, jumping up and down.

"Yes, please, please Aunt May!" the little girl begged.

May giggled and turned off her faucet. "Ok, only if you calm down, Max and Sapphire," the brunette took off her yellow gloves while speaking.

"Yay!" the two cheered and went to sit on the table to listen.

May walked over and sat down with them, "Ok, this is my favorite story about the boy and his Pikachu. It's about an evil pirate who tries to capture a Pokémon named Manaphy, but the boy and his Pikachu along with their 3 other friends work together to stop them."

"Oooo," the children listened with interest and May began her story.

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