Disclaimer: As I had said before, I don't own anything Alright, this is sequel to 'Truth or Dare? Anime Style!' That I also wrote (check it out!) ------------------------------------------------------------------- *all in Amiee's *hears a bark* and Jockie's 'house' (well, the gates)*

Amiee (: Here it is! Wolf Manor!

*jaws drop at the sheer size of the thing*

A.R.: This reminds me of the Haunting..except it is a lot more, colorful.

Kurama: I wonder if she has a maze like in 'The Shining'.

Amiee: It is out back, it is a lot bigger than the one in the Shining though.

Kurama: Yay!

A.R.: Have any doubts about this sleepover now?

*everyone shakes their head, they walk into the main hall*

Kuwabara: This thing is huge!

Yusuke: How did you get this?

Amiee: I don't know.

*eerie silence*

Kuwabara: *looking into an ajar door* Hey it's a pool!

Botan: I think that's the bathroom.

Donte: I'll never go in there.

*they walk into the entertainment room*

A.R.: Is this heaven? *Half the wall is covered with speakers, DVD players, all the video games imaginable, and a wide-wide-wide-wide screen TV*

Donte:*rushes to the nearest controller and starts to play Super Smash Bros. Melee* Die dinosaur! Die! *she uses Sheik to knock Bowser off the level*

*all sweatdrop except Hiei, who doesn't know the concept of electronic gaming*

Amiee: Who is up for some grub?

*they suddenly appear in a large kitchen* Kuwabara: I'm in heaven now.

*Amiee opens the fridge and pulls out a tub of ice cream, Rocky Road of course.*

Amiee:*singing the Weird Al song, "I love Rocky Road," while scooping a large chunk into a bowl*

*they sit down and enjoy their ice cream, Hiei found the sweet snow*

A.R.:*adding toppings and many other ice creams,(Moose Tracks, Cookie dough, pure chocolate) finally pulling the white wine bottle out and dumping some red stuff all over*

Yusuke: *mouth stuffed with a chocolate chunk* you still have that?

Botan: Eeewww..

Donte: *is about to stick spoon in mouth when it hits her* A.R., Amiee don't eat that sugar!

*A.R. and Amiee already have eaten half the bowl*

Both: Why?

Donte: You remember when you ate all those Pixie Sticks?

A.R.:*was about to shake her head when it hits her* Uh-oh..

Amiee:*also remembers* Ditto..oh well! *they both finish their ice cream, Donte is staring at them*

Kurama: Ack! Brain freeze!

Hiei: Sweet snow.*sticks more in mouth*

Yusuke: What is wrong with them?

*Amiee and A.R. suddenly went silent, then they looked at each other*

Both: SUGAR HIGH!!!!*they run into a room, the others follow out of curiosity*

*in the room, Amiee and A.R. were jumping on a trampoline*

A.R.: Must.*flips*.waste.*back flips* sugar energy.

Amiee: We! Yay! Yippee! *sitting down and being thrown up by A.R.'s jumps*

Kurama: *notices Hiei looking at a wall*

Hiei: I'm in hell..

*the wall is lined with every weapon imaginable, (including bazookas and flamethrowers)*

A.R.:*jumps off and tumbles away, she starts huffing and puffing* Sugar high gone..I hope..*gets that look again* It isn't! *goes back to jumping*

Botan: What is this all about?

Donte: Every time they get sugar highs, *her head is bobbing up and down following A.R.'s jumps* they act like the exact opposite of themselves.

Kuwabara: You mean they...?

Donte: If A.R. was on a sugar high when she was dared to kiss Hiei, she wouldn't object and it would be longer than 3 seconds..

Kurama: How disturbing.

Donte: So they have too waste their energy.

Yusuke: What if Amiee was on a sugar high?

Donte:*sweatdrop* When Kuwabara looked south of her neck, she would take off her shirt...

Kurama: I'm getting really disturbing pictures in my head.

Donte: And she'll be turning big in three, two, one..

*Amiee grows up and her Jockie (currently bouncing by himself) turns into a wolf*

Amiee: Eek! I can't see my feet again! Oh, there they are!

*they both tumble off the trampoline exhausted*

A.R.: I think sugar high is gone...*the sugar high personality takes over*


Donte: One word, Armageddon..

*that explains most of it, they appear in the entertainment room watching Armageddon*

A.R.:*crying because a guy was killed* Poor..*sniff* cowboy guy.*she is clinging to Hiei and crying*

Hiei: Get.her.off.me!

Donte:*takes the crying A.R. and puts her on Kurama's shoulder*

Kurama: That isn't any better..

Amiee:*crying on Kuwabara's shoulder*

Jockie: For your own safety.*he pushes over to Donte's shoulder*

Kuwabara:*disappointed look, he was looking down Amiee's nightshirt* Jockie:*bites Kuwabara* Pervert.

Yusuke: How long will this last? *watching Kurama get suffocated by A.R.*

Donte:*also being suffocated* three.hours.

*all sweatdrop*

A.R.: *stops crying and bets up* I got to get something to drink, do you have butlers?


A.R.: *walks off silently*

Botan: Is she going to do what I think she is?

Donte: Even a sugar high can't stop her from killing to eat.

*she comes back with a drop of blood running down her chin*

A.R.: Don't go into the basement.

Kurama: Why?

A.R.: Do wan to see a butler with a broken neck and a bent spine?

Kurama: Now that you mention it, no.

Kuwabara: Not including the crying, she is acting normal.

Botan: You actually said something smart.

A.R.: Can you please pass the popcorn?*she asked Hiei batting her eyelashes at Hiei*

Hiei: *moves away slowly, with an odd look on his face and thrust the popcorn at her*

A.R.:*looks a little disappointed* Thank you.

Hiei: Hn.*to Donte* Can I knock her out so I don't half to listen?

Donte: Sure, I already knocked out Amiee...*sleeping Amiee is rolled up on a beanbag*

Hiei:*hits A.R. in the head*

A.R.: Ouch! *rubs head and punches Hiei* That f***** hurt!

Hiei:*rubs face*

A.R.:*rubs head* What the hell happen? *looks at herself* Ack! Why am I wearing this?*she is wearing a lacy Victoria gown, and its pink*

A.R.: What the hell?! It's pink! *runs out of the room*

Hiei:*still rubbing his black eye* She hits hard.

Donte: I found out how to knock out her out of the sugar high.

*A.R. comes back in with a large football shirt and plaid pajama pants*

A.R.:*crosses arms* Okay, what happened?

Kurama: You got a sugar high.

A.R.: *jaw drops* Oh no.okay why do I have a large bump on my head?

Yusuke: Hiei whacked you on the head to get you unconscious. I think you were hitting on him.

A.R.:*fist clench* Oh.I'll hit on him alright.

*all were expecting something else*

A.R.:*punches Hiei hard in the stomach, he goes flying and staggers up*

Hiei: Why did you do that for?

A.R.: *kicks him hard in the side, the next several punches he blocks* Yusuke: Okay, what is she trying to do?

*they all watch the fight*

Botan: I don't know.

Yusuke:*looks at Botan* I thought you understood girls.

Botan: If I understand girls, then she is not a girl.

Donte: She is a total tomboy.

A.R.:*sitting on furious struggling Hiei* finally, someone gets it right!

Hiei: Would you mind getting off me? *he stopped struggling and has his head in his hand, the other hand is drumming his fingers on the floor*

A.R.: Not until I actually figure out why I am sitting on you.

*the credits come in Armageddon*

Kurama:*pops a new movie onto the DVD* One of my favorites.

Screen reads: UNDER SIEGE

Kuwabara: Does this have fighting?

Kurama: Er.half of the movie is blowing things up.

A.R.: Uh.*sweatdrops* isn't there a girl who pops out of cake slightly nude?

Kuwabara:*blushes* I want to watch this!

Donte: Jockie.

Jockie: *bites Kuwabara again*

Kuwabara: I'm starting to get used to that.

*they all watch Under Siege, A.R. still sitting on Hiei*

Kurama: Okay, I forgot how gory this was it isn't suitable for a girl as young as.

A.R.: *Gave him the evilest look ever* What about my age?

Kurama: Oh nothing!

*an hour later, after some blowing things up and knifes stabbing, they had no more interest in movies*

Hiei: Can you get off me now?

A.R.: I forgot to remember why I'm sitting on you.

Donte: Let's tell scary stories!

Yusuke: What could be scarier than seeing Kuwabara?

Kuwabara:*too busy trying to 'not' look down Amiee's shirt*

Botan: I'll start!

A.R.: Let Donte start, it was her idea.

*several minutes later, almost everybody is clinging to something because Donte was at the climax of her horror story*

Donte:*in a really spooky voice* So the boy got out of the car to see what the noise was.

*Hiei was clinging the pillow, A.R. was clinging Jockie, Kuwabara was clinging on to Yusuke and Yusuke was clinging on to Kuwabara, they didn't notice. And Kurama was clinging on to Botan*

Donte: *in a spookier voice* As the girl sat in the car waiting.

Hiei:*puzzled* What is a car?

Donte:*narrows eyes* AS THE GIRL WAITED IN THE CAR..she heard an odd noise, like a thump. She decided to see if it was the boy. As she got out of the car, a hand brushed her hair...and she heard.

*they all hold their breaths*

Donte:*she did an impression voice and put a flashlight up to her face* Hello Clairece.

*everyone screamed (yep, even Hiei and A.R., not Jockie, he can't scream and Amiee was still asleep), all of the sudden the lights turn on, then they scream again, Donte too*

An Eerie Voice From Behind Them: Come now, an impression of Hannibal and you all go nuts!

*Koenma stands (floats) near the light switch*

Yusuke: What's the big idea? *notices that he is clinging to Kuwabara and the both back away*

Koenma: Just checking on you guys.

Botan:*clears throat*

Koenma:*sweatdrops* and girls

A.R.:*gives evil glare*

Koenma: And people who don't go under 'girl' or 'guy'

A.R.:*still gives evil glare but doesn't notice*

Koenma:*cringing* Don't hurt me!

A.R.:*evil glare*

Koenma: Now that is just scary.

Yusuke: Okay, what are you still doing here?

Koenma:*sweatdrops* Uh.I have too much paperwork at the office so I'm staying here.

*all fall down (even if they are sitting)*

Botan: Well I guess it is okay.

Kurama: Should we wake up Amiee to ask?

*all look at sleeping Amiee*

Jockie: I wouldn't risk it, she gets cranky.

*A.R. and Donte nod*

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