Uzumaki Life

By jelloboy09

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It's been three years since Naruto left with Jiraiya and train so that he can bring back Sasuke. Naruto has grown up to be a fine young man. Slim body, nice biceps and of course a strong ninja but he still had that childish face. As for Jiraiya….. well nothing has changed. He's still that old perverted guy who always tries to peep on women. When they finally reached the gate of Konoha, Sakura saw Naruto and ran fast to hug her beloved friend.

"Naruto You're Back! I missed you so much!" said Sakura while hugging him tightly suffocating Naruto. "Sakura no more hugs please?" as Sakura released Naruto from her grasp. "Thanks Sakura! And I miss you too" while Naruto was catching his breath. "So Naruto, wanna go get some ramen? I'll treat you!" Sakura said while smiling. "Now that I would gladly accept!" said the loud mouth. "Hey ero-sennin I'll be with Sakura for a while. I have a lot of catching up to do." "Well then, just see you tomorrow at the Hokage's office! Good luck my Pupil!" said Jiraiya with a very perverted grin, as always.

Naruto and Sakura went to Ichiraku's and talked for a while. After eating and talking about all that happened while Naruto was gone they said farewell to one another since it was already getting late. While Naruto walked back his apartment he saw a red haired woman on the road out cold. Naruto ran quickly and checked if she was still alive. Thankfully she is. Naruto carries her to his place and placed her on his bed when suddenly she woke up.

Warning: Lemon up Skip if you like

"Where am I? And who are you!?" pointing at Naruto. "Wait lady I'm not gonna hurt you. I saw you on the road out cold and since it's already late I decided to bring you to my place. By the way, my name's Naruto! And you are?" The woman didn't know what to say. All she knew is that the man in front of him is his son but to make sure she still won't tell him the truth. "Me? My name's Kushina! Nice meeting you" She suddenly stood up and hugged Naruto who was only wearing his shorts felt his cock harden when Kushina hugged him but still he ignored it. "Nice meeting you too!" Naruto looked into Kushina's eyes and suddenly he felt something different about her. Naruto kissed her on the lips torridly. Kushina was trying to push her son away but it felt so good she couldn't resist. Naruto was already unzipping Kushina's dress from the back. He can't control his body. As if it has a mind of its own. Naruto knew it was the Kyuubi who's doing this and he is thankful about it. Naruto and Kushina finally parted lips to catch some breath from all that torrid kissing.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't stop myself from kis-"he was cut off by Kushina's kiss. "Its okay Naruto don't be sorry. I want more!" Naruto then nibbled on Kushina's neck as he slowly unzipped her dress finally letting it fall to the ground. Naruto was surprised on how beautiful Kushina's body was. She had silk smooth white skin. She was really sexy and there was nothing you can say about her breast! They were the size of melons. From the looks of it she is a D-Cup and her bras a bit wet with what seems to be milk.

"Wow" Exclaimed Naruto while looking at her mate's body. "Kushina, you're so sexy! I wanna fuck you hard!" Naruto's boxers ripped apart because of how tight it was and how hard Naruto's cock became. "Then put it already in me!" said Kushina who already took of her panties and started fingering herself. "But first, I want your cock to be smooth in my pussy so let me give you a blow job first. Naruto then sat on his bed while Kushina kneeled in front of him. Kushina examined Naruto's cock for a while as Naruto slowly took of her bra and threw it on the floor.

"By the looks of it, you're about 9 inches! I bet it'll make it down to my throat." said Kushina who looks so hungry to eat Naruto's cock already. "Just do it already!" shouted Naruto. Kushina then placed Naruto's Nine inch throbbing cock into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down while licking it with her tongue. Naruto could already feel his sperm climbing up and there's nothing he can't do. "Kushina, I'm Gonna Cum!" Kushina then took Naruto's whole nine inch cock to her throat as the boy sends his seeds into the woman's mouth. "Your cum taste just like my husband's! I like it!" After licking away the rest of it, she noticed that it left this red chakra similar to hers.

"Now it's my turn!" Exclaimed Naruto who was already back to strength after shooting his load. Naruto placed Kushina on his bed and positioned his cock in front of her pussy. "Naruto please take it easy, I just gave birth." said by Kushina who was kinda shy after saying it to the young man. "What!? You don't seem like one. Well except the milk that's been dripping from your breast. Anyways, let's do this thing!" Naruto inserted his cock into Kushina and slowly he fucked her beautiful pussy until he was fast enough. "Oh Naruto! Your Cock feels so fucking good! Now make me a pregnant woman and fuck me all you want!" Kushina couldn't control herself anymore he pulled Naruto's head to her breast. "Suck them! It feels so sore from all the milk" commanded Kushina to the young man while he fucks her. Naruto followed and soon he was being breastfed while fucking Kushina.

"Kushina be ready. I'm gonna Cum!" shouted Naruto. "I'm ready for you! Make me the mother of your children!" With one whole thrust Naruto came into his mother's womb as Kushina came too. "Naruto, Naruto!" Kushina shouted on Naruto who fell asleep because he was so exhausted. Kushina pushed Naruto to her side. "I love you Naruto!" whispered Kushina before kissing him on the lips. Kushina then placed her hands on her womb. "What is this?! I'm pregnant again?" Kushina was shocked. She just gave birth 3 days ago and just had sex that night. How could she be pregnant. "It must be Naruto's sperm. I knew there was something different about it." She stood up and went to Naruto's kitchen to get a small plate and placed some of Naruto's cum that was dripping from her pussy on it. She formed some hand signs and examined Naruto's sperm with her hands while it was covered in some yellow chakra.

"Aha! Knew it. It's the Kyuubi's doing. He made Naruto's sperm extra potent that he'd nock up every woman he fucked by forcing ovulation. Amazing!" 'I guess I got to tell Naruto that I'm her mom and I'm pregnant with his baby. He'll be shocked for sure' as Kushina thought about it at the back of her mind.

She rested on Naruto's bed and rubbed her tummy before sleeping.

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