Uzumaki Life

Chapter 7

Naruto saw the magnificent body of Shion on the bed in front of the shrine. Shion had cute round boobs the size of melons and silk smooth skin. He knelt down as Shion moved her head close to Naruto's dick and pulled down his boxers releasing his nine-inch cock.

"Naruto! You have such a big dick! May I suck on it?" asked Shion as she played with it with her hands.

"Sure Shion. After this, I want to take your virginity and get you pregnant fast!" replied Naruto.

Shion opened her mouth and took in Naruto's cock as it touched her throat halfway through. She slightly chocked with every bob of her head while playing with Naruto's balls. Naruto held on to Shion's head as she fastened up her pace. Shion licked Naruto's manhood as she thrust it into her mouth as fast as she can.

"Shion, I'm cumming!" shouted Naruto.

With one last lick Naruto expressed his load into Shion's mouth as she tried to swallow everything he released. Unfortunately, Naruto had too much for Shion too handle so she released it and let the sperm spray on her boobs and her face.

"Naughty Naruto! Now, make me pregnant!" commanded Shion as she rest her back on the bed.

Naruto positioned his cock in front of Shion's pussy. He slowly inserted his semi hard dick into Shion's virgin pussy. It started to harden again due to the tightness of Shion's entrance. Finally, Naruto reached her hymen and with one strong thrust, broke it.

"Argghhhh!" exclaimed Shion as she felt a sharp pain inside.

"Don't worry Shion. Things will go better in a few seconds" said Naruto.

He started kissing Shion on the lips, forcing his way in to her mouth. Soon, Shion gave up as Naruto explored her cavities. Naruto started thrusting his cock inside Shion slowly while he played with her tits. Naruto increased his pace as he moved from her lips to her nipples. With every move Naruto makes, Shion moans in reply making Naruto getting his pace faster and faster.

"Naruto I'm cumming!" screamed Shion.

Naruto kept on thrusting as he felt Shion's walls tighten and release her cum around his penis. Naruto felt his cum finally at the tip of his cock and without warning thrust his whole nine-inch cock into Shion's pussy. Shion felt loads of warm liquid releasing inside her and took it all in. Shion drained Naruto dry of his first load as Naruto took his cock out causing Shion's pussy to release the juices of their love making.

Naruto lied at Shion's side as a pinkish purple glow came from her womb causing it to grow the size of a 4 months pregnant belly and her boobs growing to f-cups.

"Thank you Naruto! This child shall be the new priestess thanks to you!" said Shion as she rubbed her bulging belly.

"How did our baby grow so fast? Is it the effect of the shrine?" asked Naruto.

"Well your sperm has the ability to fasten the growth of a child in a woman's belly and the shrine increased its power. Now I'm about five months pregnant. The baby will grow normally as of now. All I have to do is waiting for four more months and I'm done!" replied Shion.

"Well, if that's the case, can I fuck your pregnant pussy and such on your milky tits?" said Naruto.

"I don't know if I can already produce milk but sure you can try it!"Said Shion as she got up and positioned her swelling pussy in front of Naruto's cock. She then took it all in and thrusted her body up and down while Naruto reached for her tits. Soon, Shion was spraying her milk on Naruto while fucking him.

"Shion, you've gotten tighter due to your pregnancy!" said Naruto as he moaned in pleasure. After a few more thrust, both of them climaxed and Shion rested her head on Naruto's chest.

"Naruto, what would you like to name our princess?" asked Shion.

"Let's name her Mitsuki! I like that name very much!" exclaimed Naruto.

"I like it too. Naruto, you better get prepared it's almost sunrise." said Shion.

"I suppose you're right."

Naruto got up and put on his boxers back and ran to their room. All the girls were still asleep so he took a shower to get his self clean.

"Naruto is back. Now's my chance." thought Hinata who was already naked underneath her blanket.

Naruto sat on the bowl and thought of all the girls he's had sex with and jacked off to them.

"Having fun Naruto?" said a demonic voice.

"Kyuubi… What do you want?" replied Naruto.

"Aren't you even gonna thank me Naruto? I'm the reason you're making so many children! Thanks to you my spawns have been transferred to new life bwahahahahaha." answered the Kyuubi.

"Well then thank you." said Naruto.

"You're wel—Wait, you ain't mad at me?" said the Kyuubi.

"No, not at all." replied Naruto.

"Well then. Be prepared. You're next mate is approaching. I have charged my chakra to your cock. With just one thrust my sperm will release in to that vagina but it'll cause her intense pain." said the Kyuubi.

"What? Don't you dare Kyuubi!" said Naruto.

"It's the only way Naruto. A Hyuuga does not accept my chakra easily. I must suppress it with strength." exclaimed the Kyuubi.

Suddenly the door opened and Hinata slipped on a wet spot. Luckily, her pussy was caught by Naruto's cock, stopping her fall.

"Now!" shouted the Kyuubi.

Naruto's cock got thicker and sprayed chakra infused cum into Hinata's pussy causing her deep pain. After 5 minutes of non-stop release, Naruto's dick regressed to a limp state as Hinata grimaced in pain on the wall.

"Hinata I'm sorry!" as Naruto tried to reach for Hinata. Hinata swatted his hand away and covered her entrance.

"Get away from me you monster!" shouted Hinata as she went out and ran to her bed to put on some clothes.

"Damn you Kyuubi." whispered Naruto.

"Thank you Lady Shion! We should get going now!" said Kushina as she rubbed her belly.

"It is I who must thank you all for bringing Naruto to me!" replied Shion.

Shion then kissed Naruto on the lips as they set off to the village of the mist where the Mizukage, Mei Terumi resides.

While on the way, Naruto noticed Hinata was holding her belly which seems to already have a slight bulge.

"Uhm Hinata, I'm so sorry of what happened earlier today. Please let me explain." whispered Naruto.

"I don't know Naruto. Right now I'm worried about myself and MY baby". Replied Hinata confirming her child bearing. A tear suddenly fell from her eye, trying to stop her self from crying.

End of Chapter 7

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