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Tick-tock. The arena's a clock.

That's pretty much all Nuts- oh, sorry, Wiress- said that we made sense of. She wasn't like Mags, whose voice was garbled. Wiress just trailed off. It made her sound so much older than she was.

I can still hear Fire Girl say "Lay off her" in that stupid voice of hers. Well, now I'm laying off her, bitch, I think, wishing Fire Girl could hear me. Joke's on you. Wiress used to be a talker, before she was too embarrassed to talk. When she was young, she was terrorized by the other kids about her speech problem. She decided that, in order not to be teased, she just wouldn't talk. And she firmly believed in this until one person came along that understood her. And that person was none other than Beetee.

*Small Things About Wiress/Beetee*

-I, Johanna Mason, once asking Beetee how him and Wiress met, and this was his answer

Wiress timidly waits outside the school building, waiting for school to start. She fiddles with her long black braids. She's a nervous, twitchy type, always has been, always will be. She hopes that no one will notice her standing there, but she is wrong.

"Hey, look!" calls a boy. "It's that one girl that can't..." He mimes the way Wiress trails off when she's talking. Wiress is furious, but she doesn't say anything. She bites her lip and looks at the ground. She was born with that stupid speech impediment, and it will be with her for the rest of her life. And she hates it more than anything.

The school bell rings. The gang of boys that were surrounding Wiress, laughing at her, run inside. Wiress quietly trails after them. She finds her first class easily. She has History of District Three first. She sits down in the back of the room shyly, staring around the room in that way shy people do. She wants so badly to talk with them, laugh with them. Normally.

"Welcome to tenth grade!" says the teacher for History. "Roll call, as usual!" Oh no, oh no, Wiress silently chants. She hates roll call.

"Abram, Electra."

"Here!" says a pretty, perky girl in the second row.

"Branson, Wiress." Wiress gulps.

"H-h-here," she stutters. Unfortunately, the teacher doesn't hear her.

"Where's Wiress? It's the first day of school, she shouldn't miss this!" says the teacher.

"I'm right..." starts Wiress, but as usual, she can't finish her sentence. She blushes bright red and feels her cheeks heating up.

Everyone bursts out laughing, even the teacher. Wiress's eyes fill with tears of humiliation and shame.

"Here," says a new voice sharply.

"Hm?" says the teacher. He turns toward the classroom door. And his eyes bug out.

In the threshold of our class, stands a new boy. He has a crooked grin, creamy light brown skin, almond-shaped brown eyes, and longish black hair. He's grinning right at Wiress.

She knows who this is. It's Beetee Holland, last year's victor. Why is he in her classroom?

And did he just finish her sentence?

"I'm going to go to school for this one more year," explains Beetee to the teacher. "I didn't have to, but I chose to." He smiles at me again, and Wiress smiles back gratefully. "Anyway, you were looking for Wiress? She's here, and she said so. Or are you deaf?" The teacher's mouth drops open. Wiress's nearly does too. She's only seen Beetee on the television during last year's Games. He was much quieter and more nervous then.

"All right. You sit next to her, if you like her so much," says the teacher, not to be outdone. Beetee doesn't say anything else, just gathers his books and sits in the two-person desk beside Wiress. "Okay, class. Settle down. We're doing group projects on the Dark Days." Everyone cheers. In District Three, everyone loves to learn. Then Wiress turns ashen as she realizes her partner is none other than Beetee.

"So, the Dark Days. They lasted a hundred years, right, Wiress?" asks Beetee, turning toward Wiress. He smiles again. Is her trying to make her die of happiness? Wiress knows she likes him already.

"No," Wiress says. "They lasted one-hundred and two..." Then she trails off. In front of a victor! She blushes again.

"Years," says Beetee. "Don't worry about it, Wiress. And good job, knowing that."

"District Three was..." Wiress starts, but she can't continue.

"Under lockdown," says Beetee. He scribbles something down on his notebook.

"How?" Wiress asks simply. Beetee knows what she means: How do you know what I'm about to say?

"Just a lucky guess," Beetee says. Wiress nods. But she still wonders.

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