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April 2005

Lacey Delaney was staring at her slightly wrecked complexion in the mirror in her apartment. It was a little place, above the Apothecary in Diagon Alley, but it suited her needs with a small bedroom and even smaller kitchen. She was still having trouble paying the rent, though-but that was a worry for another time. She sighed as she examined her slightly off-color face. She had worked a grueling night shift at Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, restocking the shelves for the holiday weekend, when many students would be back in town with galleons to spare. Fred Weasley had urged her to go home a little earlier, but she had truthfully needed the overtime pay, and she had spent so much of her time alone in that little apartment that any form of company was pleasant.

Instead of messing with any beauty potions, Lacey reached for her wand on the bathroom counter and with a quick spell, brightened her complexion and dimmed the circles under her eyes. She had already put on a dress of all things-at Ginny's insistence, so she decided her slightly messy hair and unmade face would be fine.

She had been so caught up in getting ready that she hadn't heard the owl tapping on the small window in her bedroom that overlooked the Alley. She opened it and the little tawny owl dropped a letter in her hand, which she thanked it for with a biscuit. She knew who it was from immediately, as that owl was named Jax, and it belonged to Sirius Black. Ginny Weasley had been using it often as of late, and was always at Grimmauld place.

Lacey wasn't connected to the floo network, as she had no fireplace, and Ginny's letter was a short one—simply asking if she could apparate into her apartment, if she was ready. Lacey replied in the affirmative on the same bit of parchment and sent Jax on his way. The flight time would give her a few more minutes to prepare herself.

Ginny and Lacey had been best friends for years now, their friendship cementing further when they had fought alongside each other in the Battle at Hogwarts, 7 years go. They were both Gryffindors and after Hogwarts was rebuilt, they went back and finished their education together. They were then both drafted on the Hollyhead Harpies Quidditch team. The Harpies, however, had disbanded this year after their coach had been caught making illegal side bets on their matches. The whole team was out of work and none of the other professional teams were having try-outs until next season.

Ginny was fine living off of 'fame' money as they all called it-the price of interviews and endorsements and photos after the battle and subsequent defeat of Voldemort. After all, she had been Harry Potter's girlfriend at the time and for a long while afterwards, not to mention the little sister of one of the 'Golden Trio'.

Lacey didn't have such funds in her vault at Gringotts, but never was jealous of Ginny for it. She liked to live simply anyhow, and was more than thankful when Ginny's older brothers, Fred and George, offered her a good job at their shop.

But Ginny and Lacey hadn't seen each other much lately, and she was much more annoyed with her about that. Sure, Lacey got along with Hermione Granger, who she saw on most occasions, but the girls would never be the best of friends. In fact, Lacey was almost sure Ginny was going around with a new guy-otherwise their weekly pub nights wouldn't have gone by the wayside.

This was what was making Lacey nervous now as she waited for Ginny to appear. Ginny had come out of wherever she had been hiding, saying she wanted to introduce Lacey to someone special and that she had some things she wanted to talk to her about. Lacey was happy for Ginny, but she didn't really want to meet her new man. Since Harry had dumped her to 'play the field' as he had explained, with a rather pompous and obnoxious tone in his voice (Lacey was there, and she would never forget it), Ginny had been beyond depressed. It had been about a year now, but nothing had been serious-just one night stands so far. Lacey just didn't want her best friend to get heartbroken.

And Ginny had been insistent that Lacey look as nice as possible, and to wear a dress if at all manageable. The one she was wearing was a simple black number, cut to her knees. Nothing fancy, but nice. Ginny knew well enough that Lacey would rather go around in ratty muggle jeans and wizarding band t-shirts, but apparently this 'special someone' had some class. Lacey nearly snorted at the thought.


"That is the best you could do? Really?" Ginny sighed and Lacey turned around to give her best friend a snide look.

"Yes. We both used to practically live on a Quidditch pitch, remember? I am not a dress kinda girl…" Lacey reminded her, looking over her red-headed friend who looked gorgeous in a deep blue empire waist dress.

"Come on then…" Ginny said, and this time when she spoke, Lacey picked up on the nervous crack in her voice.

"It's a bloke then?"

"Yes, come on!" Ginny grabbed her hand and they side-along apparated to Grimmauld place. As it was no longer the Order of the Pheonixs' headquarters, it could be seen plain as day and both girls walked up to the door, entering it without knocking, as it was clear now that Ginny had just been here.

Lacey looked around. She was always amazed that every time she had been here in the past few years, it seemed to get prettier and brighter. She knew both Ginny and Hermione had spent hours upon end making the place livable and free of dust, and the effort was showing. It was now a home full of warm colors and fabrics—nearly akin to the Burrow now but less crowded and cluttered, instead of the dismally grey place it used to be.

Instead of calling out for anyone, or explaining anything-and generally acting odder than usual, Ginny walked up the stairs to the second floor, Lacey having to follow her. Ginny turned into the first room on their left, which had been redone into a casual sitting and tea room and walked in.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me," Lacey said, completely uncaring that she was in mixed company. It made Ginny, who normally had an equally foul mouth, flush in embarrassment, "What kind of bizarre orgy is this Gin?"

Sirius Black, who was sitting closest to her in the room, started laughing uncontrollably, which did not help matters. Soon, he was beside himself in huge guffaws that were echoing throughout the room. The couple to his right looked helpless. Lacey knew the man well. It was Remus Lupin. He was her former Professor and she had seen him many times throughout the years. The woman, she only knew under darker circumstances. It was Narcissa Malfoy.

"Charming, Ginny," was all that came out of Narcissa's mouth as her eyes flicked from Ginny to Lacey.

"Did you not tell her anything?" Remus asked calmly, and Lacey looked as Ginny shook her head.

"Maybe..oh for the love of Merlin…maybe you should have, darling!" Sirius managed between laughs that were now dying down, gasping rapidly for air. The endearment was not lost on Lacey, who turned and looked her best friend squarely in the eye.

"Outside, now."

Ginny followed Lacey out into the hallway, shutting the door behind them. Lacey fished for her wand in the purse she had brought along and cast a strong silencing spell, as she wasn't sure how loud she would yell.

"What. The. Hell. Is. That. Deatheater. BITCH. Doing. Here?" Lacey asked through clenched teeth. She didn't know much about Narcissa Malfoy, but Harry had said good things about her…how she had saved his life…but then again, Harry was a changed man now, and who was anyone to believe? She had a husband who was a Deatheater for Merlin's sake.

"She is my friend," Ginny protested.

"I can see that," came Lacey's bitter reply, "So you've been chumming it up with a Malfoy instead of me? I don't get it Gin. You've been really distant and I think I'm meeting your boyfriend and then you ambush me with the weirdest mix of people and I don't know what to make of it! I mean, is Remus with Narcissa? Does Hermione know? She'll be devastated!"

"No, no one knows Lace. I trust you more than anyone in the world, and yes, I do want you to meet my boyfriend. I should have prepped you, but I wanted you to go into this with an open mind. Please. Can you do that for me?" Ginny looked desperate, her previously stick straight red hair was now a little messy from her over-excitement and her eyes were pleading.

"Fine, I will behave," Lacey promised. Her friendship with Ginny meant the world to her, and she had to admit she could keep herself calm if it meant unraveling the mystery of the three still in that room. Ginny gave her a half smile and the pair entered the room once more.

"Sorry, we worked it out, can I have a start over?" Lacey asked, trying to lighten the mood and even Narcissa cracked a smile.

"It's good to see you again Lacey, I'd like to add another addendum to my already impressive list of descriptors. Besides hilarious, handsome, incredibly gifted in the.."

"SIRIUS!" Ginny blushed.

"Right, well…I am also Ginny's boyfriend. Have been for about 5 months now…" he said. Lacey glared at Ginny, raising an eyebrow that screamed 5 fucking months and you said nothing? but she was still silent.

"Awesome, really happy for you both," Lacey managed to extract from her mouth. She was happy for Ginny, definitely. She wanted nothing but happiness for her best friend. But she couldn't wrap her mind around how it happened, considering the fact that they were 25 and he, 44. But that was clearly not a conversation that needed to happen right now.

At Lacey's genuine smile to Sirius, Ginny felt relieved, but the conversation soon came to a screeching halt. Narcissa came to the rescue and Lacey now knew why Ginny wanted her to wear a dress. The woman looked immaculate.

"We haven't officially met. I am Narcissa Malfoy. I've been staying here…off and on…at Grimmauld place for a few months. But we shall get into that…" the graceful woman extended a well-manicured hand, the nails blood red, to Lacey. Lacey shook it limply.

We shall get into that? Did that mean this awkward meeting was continuing?

"Remus and Narcissa have something they want to ask you Lace, promise not to kill me okay? I know you better than you think I do," Ginny said at that moment before leaving the room with Sirius. Lacey watched their fingers entwine naturally, and the pair of them weren't as odd of a match as she thought, but the remaining pair in front of her was.

Remus motioned for her to sit in the chair Sirius had just vacated and Lacey did; crossing and re-crossing her legs out of nerves.

"Aren't you married?" Lacey asked Narcissa bluntly. Tact wasn't one of her strong points, but Narcissa was actually glad for it, as it cut out much unnecessary sidestepping.

"Yes, and that is what I want to talk to you about. I know this is probably going to seem like the most bizarre request, but Ginny and I have gotten to know each other fairly well since I have been seeing Remus. She speaks highly of you all of the time. In fact, there is often not a day which passes in which she doesn't mention you. She had missed you so much, and that is why she finally let you into all of this today, so that you can be with her and us and know the truth…" Narcissa started.

Lacey studied her bare knees and then looked at Remus, who seemed awfully nervous as well. She had always looked up to the man, and had many a laugh with him in this very house when she and Ginny were first experimenting with firewhiskey. Remus was such a good man. She had been sad when things hadn't worked out with him and Tonks, but they had seemed to part amicably. He had been dating Hermione for quite some time, she had thought, but then again, she hadn't seen either of them in a few months to really know. Lacey figured that if he could willingly sit next to this woman, a woman who everyone knew was on the dark side of the war, something must have changed.

"You see, I am not happy at home. I know adultery isn't the best solution to that…but I had never planned on committing it. My husband, Lucius, has been taking mistresses on the side for years. It has slowly broken and worn me down, as I used to love and adore him. Both of us have changed after the war…that isn't the problem. He's a different and better man now. But that doesn't mean he prefers me anymore. One day, I was out in Diagon Alley shopping and I literally ran myself into Remus on accident. He helped pick up my things and bought me a drink. We talked for hours. I still don't understand it, but my heart opened to him and I know I want to be with him. Remus understands who I am now, who I have grown and changed to be, and doesn't mind my scars from my past."

Lacey couldn't help but smile when she saw Remus squeeze Narcissa's hand.

"So…what exactly is this request?"

"Well," Narcissa shifted in her seat awkwardly, "I really do want to divorce Lucius. I want to make it official. But I can't do that or push any papers through at the ministry right now because he is currently unoccupied and too nosy with me for his own good. I've been talking with Ginny about you…and…"

Remus saw Narcissa pause at stepping over the line of social grace and stepped in, "Lacey, what Narcissa is trying to say is that Ginny, Sirius, and I recognize traits in you that could be err…a distraction for Lucius."

Lacey furrowed her eyebrows, leaning closer, not sure that Remus had actually just said that.

"You are very beautiful, more so than Ginny described," Narcissa said. In fact, the older woman had been looking at Lacey since she had entered the room. She was tall, taller than Narcissa, who judged the girl to be about 5'7'' and a good head taller than Ginny. Her skin was creamy and pale and she had a massive amount of slightly wavy chestnut hair that looked effortlessly beautiful hanging down her back. She had long, toned legs, clearly from Quidditch, but girlish curves everywhere else. Her eyes were ice blue, nearly the exact same color as Lucius', which was probably her most stunning feature and the one Narcissa liked the most.

"Thank you?" Lacey shrugged.

"And, for a lack of better words, you do not put up with shit…" Remus said, absently scratching his head.

"And by distraction you mean…."

"Lacey, all I need is two months to get everything squared away. Lucius has no current mistress to distract him. Just two months…"

Lacey's eyes went wide and she stood up quickly, "I will not fuck your husband, no way in hell!"

"Lacey…" Remus said, employing his Professor voice, but it did not work.

"I am not a goddamn prostitute Mrs. Malfoy…"

"I never said you were dear," she said apologetically, "No, I am not asking you to sleep with Lucius. I am asking you to distract him. I am asking you to pretend to be interested in him, keep him occupied, and most importantly, I am asking you to break his heart."

There was a slightly vindictive smile playing on Narcissa's lips. It was one Lacey could relate to. Lacey had had her heart broken numerous times in and out of Hogwarts. She was currently getting her heart toyed with right now, by a handsome Quidditch player named Oliver Wood.

"So, you want to get back at him for all of his infidelity?" Lacey asked, suddenly a little more interested.

"Ginny said you had a soft spot for that."

"Yeah, I've been cheated on my fair share, but I am still not sold. No offense Mrs. Malfoy, but I really do not know if I could fake attraction to someone who gave my best friend a deadly diary when she was just a little girl…"

Narcissa grimaced at the memory.

"And I hardly think he would go for me. Half-blood, poor, Gryffindor alum…not a great track record for a man like him," Lacey said. Remus was starting to look worried.

"Trust me, I have no doubt he will fall for you. That will be the easy part. You just have to make it sincere enough that when it comes the time, and you break it off, it hurts him. No sex is necessary, just flirtation. I promise. Lucius is an old-fashioned kind of man…he likes the chase and the courtship. If I am lucky, the papers will be through before you get anywhere remotely physical with him," Narcissa promised. She saw the look of consideration in Lacey's eyes.

"That's not all Lacey," Remus cleared his throat, "We just haven't been wanting to tell you the last part…"

"I don't want to insult you dear…"

"I think if I haven't run out of this room screaming about how you two are nutters, I can handle anything."

"I'll pay you 30,000 galleons to do this. Ginny's mentioned how you want to move and how you might want to further your studies and possibly start working at the ministry. This money can help you do that" Narcissa explained.

"It's a bribe to seduce your husband…"

"It's a thank you for giving me another chance at love," Narcissa said, looking up with hopeful eyes at Lacey. Between hers and Remus' wolf-pup look, she couldn't say no.

"I am going to murder Ginny, but fine. I will do this for you because she trusts you and I can clearly tell you and Remus are in love. And I'd like to hurt the bastard anyway. At least for what he did to Ginny. As long as you tell me exactly what I need to do, consider me on board."

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