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It was only nine thirty when Narcissa felt the small vibration, a sensation that meant the wards had been crossed but not in a menacing way. Lucius was home. She had managed to sneak away during his absence for dinner with Remus but didn't stay long, unsure of how long Lacey would manage to keep him. She frowned as she double-checked the time; it was quite early still.

She wrapped the pale green robe tighter around her body, tying the sash loosely, her hair spelled up into a tight chignon at the top of her head as she made her way out of her bedroom and down the long corridor on the second floor of the manor that connected one wing to another. Draco had his own space as well, but after the incident with Pansy, he had all but moved out and thankfully found solace in the arms of the red-headed Miss Greengrass, whom Narcissa was rather ambivalent towards. But since, to her best knowledge, her husband hadn't fucked her son's fiancée, she couldn't ask for much more. Besides Draco, it was rather unspoken that the left wing of the house was Narcissa's to do with what she pleased, and the right belonged to Lucius. It had been that way since they were married so long ago, but never quite kept to in the same way as when she found out about his adultery. She tried her best to push back the little voice in her head that told her she was doing the same exact thing as she walked to the door of his study and knocked twice.

"You may come in," she heard her husband's cold voice and pushed in the door. He had a fire going and was sitting by it in his favorite black leather chair with a tumbler two fingers too full of scotch. She kept her distance but made her way around to the front of the chair so that he could see her, longing for the warm countenance of her lover as she gazed upon the impassive blonde before her.

"Is everything alright husband? Usually your dinner meetings run so much later…" she feigned a careful and cautious curiosity, knowing full well he had been on a date with Lacey, and desperately wondering if it had all gone sour.

"Usually, but tonight, no," he replied in a clipped manner, swirling the scotch around in the glass before taking a long sip. His eyes were dark, the irises nearly a royal blue at the edges, which, in Narcissa's experience, never boded well for anyone involved. She watched him carefully, the wetness from the alcohol shining on his lips and reflecting the firelight, his posture stiff even though he had arranged himself in a relaxed position, his jaw set tight.

"Lucius, if you…"

His eyes darted up to hers and he set his scotch down gently on the table besides the chair, rose in one swift movement and with one stride he was close enough to have a hand on the back of her neck and one on her hip.

"Stop with your inquisitions, wife," he said before kissing her with bruising force. Narcissa was completely thrown; she stumbled back but it couldn't tear Lucius away from her. His palm was going to leave a handprint on her thin hip and with a few steps backwards, she felt her spine meet the wall of the study.

"Bedroom. Now." He hissed this in her ear, his tone threatening and she managed to slip away from him. It was implied she go to hers and wait for him and when the door was shut behind her, Lucius ran an agitated hand through his hair.

"Fuck," he sneered, his hand reaching down to touch the aching erection pressing against the fabric of his trousers. Ever since he had returned to the manor from the doorstep of Lacey's apartment he had been turned on and confused, and now…out of pure desperation for touch, he had complicated the entire situation further by involving Narcissa.

But he knew fucking her would be better than having to explain anything else, or suffer through her probing questions and imploring looks. And it would help him stave off his desire for the minx of a girl that he had just parted from-a girl he wanted out of his mind but couldn't manage to shake. Everything about the evening had been odd. He had gotten emotional within moments, nearly showed caring for her best friend, and treated her better than any other woman he would have brought to the Leaky.

Because there was a reason Lucius asked for the room with the biggest bed there. Yet, when she brought it up, he acted like a gentleman and didn't go through with his plan.

A gentleman, he scoffed to himself, wondering what had come over him. There was a time, long ago, that Lucius played the part of a gentleman and courted Narcissa like any respectable pureblood would. Could he possibly be reverting to such behavior for a random little witch that he knew nothing about? A Gryffindor with a foul mouth and a clumsy disposition? It nearly made him sick.

But he was so overcome with lust from the kiss that she had given him that he couldn't think straight. His mind was far too clouded. He wished desperately that Severus was still around; to talk to him or talk him out of this, and the pang of the loss of his best friend stung just enough to sober Lucius from the turmoil of emotions raging a war in his body.

Pushing all thoughts of the curvy brunette out of his mind, Lucius walked determinedly to his wife's bedroom on the other side of the manor.


"Oh Merlin, fuck Sirius you are a bastard," Ginny cursed but soon the sound coming out of her lips was one of pure pleasure as he twisted her nipples hard between his fingers. Sirius moved back to kissing her, pressing his body against his girlfriends' lithe little one and moved his fingers from her nipples down her stomach.

The two loud knocks on the door of Grimmauld place interrupted them from going any further. Sirius has placed a spell on the door to amplify the sound of any knocking to alert them throughout the large house, and he was currently cursing at himself for doing so. He cast a quick Revelio.

"It's Narcissa," he said, pulling away from Ginny and sitting up on his bed, his arousal already fading at the thought of his cousin.

"It's eleven fucking thirty, what does she want? I swear she has the worst timing!" the red-head before him crossed her arms and fumbled around the dark room for her discarded shirt. She slipped it on and Sirius pouted-which was met with a you-could-have-had-more-if-she-wasn't-here glare from Ginny and both of them begrudgingly got off the bed; Sirius transforming into Snuffles as they hastened down the stairs when Narcissa knocked again. Sirius knew his cousin hated when he was around her in his Animagus form, and anything he could do to piss her off for cock-blocking him was fair game in his eyes.

Ginny wrenched open the door and Snuffles got up on his hind legs and pawed at her eggplant shift dress.

"Sirius, you are disgusting. Hello, Ginny, is Remus here?" she asked and the tone of her voice was very far from her normal cool and lilting one. She sounded tired and a bit raspy as she pushed herself inside, Snuffles trailing at her heels as she tried to shove him away with her feet.

"He's out. Sirius and I intimated that we might need some alone time, so he made himself scarce. I don't know where he went," the red-head looked up at the Malfoy with her eyebrows up and her jaw set. It didn't take long for Narcissa to catch the reason behind the woman's anger and she was thankful when Sirius transformed back his much more agreeable-to her, at least-human form.

"Can I talk to you alone?" he said sharply from behind her and Narcissa jolted at the tone of his voice but nodded. Ginny mumbled something about making tea and promised to be back in his bedroom when he was done. When the cousins were alone, Sirius led Narcissa into the library and locked the door, finishing with a powerful silencing charm.

"What is it?" she asked bitingly, having had a moment to tune her voice to the correct level of ice queen that she had perfected over the years.

"You smell like him."


"Don't play dumb Cissa, you reek of him. You were really going to come over here and talk to Remus and expect him not to smell Malfoy on you? He's a fucking werewolf! And it was powerful enough from a dog's point of view…" Sirius was livid. He was happy for the rekindled relationship with his cousin, but he was and always would be a Marauder for life and Remus came first, "It's late, I am trying to be alone with my girlfriend, and it doesn't make sense that the night your husband has a date with a woman you set him up with, that you fuck him. Alright?"

"Don't tell Lacey…" Narcissa pleaded in barely a whisper.

"I won't tell Lacey because you are going to tell her yourself. You asked her to do this because you want to be with Remus, and you really aren't acting like it!" Sirius continued to berate her but she stood calmly, never letting her perfect posture sag under his words.

"He wanted me. I can't tell my husband no. We aren't divorced yet. He came home earlier from the date than I thought he would and I went to try and judge his temperament. He pushed me up against the wall and…"

"Enough. Just get out and don't come back till you've washed his stench off of you alright?" Sirius demanded coldly. Narcissa nodded and left. The entire night felt like a blur to her and she felt cold and desperate and longed for Remus' calming touch even if she couldn't admit to him what she had done. He always made her feel warm and whole again, but Sirius' words were true and she had been irresponsible thinking that he wouldn't have noticed. A few moments later she was sneaking back to her room in the manor again and shedding the traveling dress in favor of a soft white nightgown. She crawled into bed and noticed just how strong the scent of Lucius was there. It had only lasted a few intense minutes, but it had ruined Narcissa's night and left nagging thoughts in her head about her husband and her lover until she finally succumbed to sleep.


It had been three whole days since the date and on the fourth morning with no owl or correspondence from Lucius and very clipped and distant conversation from Narcissa, so Lacey decided to approach the day with a new attitude.

She was tired of wondering if she did something wrong on her date with Lucius or if the kiss was too forward or not good enough. She hadn't even seen him around at the Ministry and the insecurities made her perform poorly at both jobs.

But it wasn't until she thumbed through the latest copy of Wizard Weekly, the best rag magazine in the wizarding world that she decided to jump into a new approach head-on.

As she sipped at her steaming hot coffee and rubbed her toes at the bottom of her cushiony slippers, Lacey's eyes alighted on the Engagement Column and particularly on a name she was all too familiar with.

Quidditch Star Oliver Wood and longtime girlfriend Katie Bell got engaged this weekend in front of a small group of family and friends, the small snippet read, joined by a picture of Oliver looking chuffed as Katie kissed him on the cheek.

One tear fell down Lacey's face as she came to the startling realization that Oliver hadn't been fucking a bunch of slaggy fans, but rather just one girl…a girl he had then proposed to. A girl he probably still would have proposed to even if she hadn't kicked him out. She was, once again, the other woman. With a quick Incendio she sent the magazine up into flames on her kitchen table and went to get dressed as the ashes smoldered there.

Even though Narcissa had been uncharacteristically cold towards her the last few days, she felt a pang of sympathy for the woman. She knew exactly how she felt…thinking you were serious with someone, at least in some sense, and finding out they wanted someone else more. It made her mad at herself for falling for Lucius' charm on only the first date. She reminded herself that even though he had apologized, he had still aided in almost killing her best friend, used dark magic of an unthinkable caliber, and had followed the foulest and most destructive evil wizard of all time. Not to mention he was a cheater and liar.

I will not fall for Lucius Malfoy. I will not fall for Lucius Malfoy, Lacey repeated as a mantra as she got dressed for the Ministry in a simple black dress that hugged her curves. She charmed her always slightly fly-away hair sleek and put on some berry coloured lipstick.

If she needed to be a man-eater, then she would be, because as far as Lacey was concerned, she had nothing to lose and Lucius needed a swift kick in the arse for not acknowledging her after a perfectly nice date, if nothing else.

As she glanced at the pile of ashes on her kitchen table before leaving, Lacey vowed that nothing would stop her from breaking his heart. Her emotions had already gotten out of hand once so far, but she would not let them do so again.


"Mornin' Lace!" Ron said brightly as he stopped by her desk. She was already hard at work on a screening process for one of the new Auror's he and Harry were thinking about hiring and looked up to give him a small smile, "You got some correspondence, caught the little bugger on the way in," Ron placed one of the charmed paper airplanes that the Ministry used for inter-office correspondence on her desk and went into his office, leaving Lacey to contemplate the squirming little piece of paper. It wriggled until she unfolded it, and she noted her name printed neatly on the side of it. When she smoothed it out on her desk, her eyes scanned it quickly-taking the few words in within a mere second.

Lunch today?


"Fucker," Lacey whispered under her breath as she reached for her quill and scribbled a reply underneath his masculine handwriting. Hers was loopy and crooked, and she made it purposefully more messy than necessary with a self-satisfied smirk.

I think you would be hard pressed to find any woman that would accept such an offer after three days without so much as a word. I was under the impression you were a gentleman.


She folded the paper back up into its previous airplane shape, tapped it with her wand after retrieving it from her desk drawer, and with a quick throw into the air, the little plane flew its way out of the Auror department.

After two meetings and listening to a rather disgustingly lovey-dovey conversation with Ron on his mobile (Harry's idea…muggle technology has its advantages…he had said), the same paper airplane found its way back to Lacey's desk, crash landing on a pile of documents. Her nerves spiked when she unfolded the now slightly crinkled paper and skipped down past the first two notes.

And I was under the impression you were a girl. So you must be exempt. Dinner then?

Lacey grabbed for her quill too quickly out of anger at his comment and accidentally blotted a large spot on the plane, but continued anyway.

You are going to have to try harder than that, Mr. Malfoy. Have a pleasant day.

She sent the thing on its way again and soon found it was time to head over to Diagon Alley, which she was thankful for. She didn't know if she could spend the rest of her afternoon answering Lucius' notes and she put a quick charm on her desk that would prevent any further correspondence from him, if it landed there, to be opened.


When Lacey ventured over to Grimmauld after her shift at the joke shop, she immediately wished she hadn't upon stepping over the threshold into the house. The first thing she heard was the prim voice of Hermione, but she couldn't exactly turn back when Sirius saw her and with a threatening look that nearly begged her to come endure the torture of a dinner with Granger with him, she followed him to where a bowl of pasta was set out in the middle of the long kitchen table and Ginny and Hermione were eating at one end of it.

"Oh, hey Lacey!" Hermione said rather brightly, which confused the taller girl, as Hermione was usually rather standoffish with her. She looked happy, and was slightly tanner than when she last saw her.

"Hey, so you had a good trip with Charlie I take it? Lasted quite a long time…" Lacey made awkward conversation as she plated up food for Sirius to keep her hands busy.

"It was wonderful! So beautiful, I can't wait to go back!"

"Back?" Ginny nearly choked on a piece of pasta with a horrified look on her face, "My brother must be insane…"

"Insane? He's perfect, he said he had such a wonderful time that he wanted to take me back as soon as I could have some time off from work again. Fantastic isn't it? Oh, Sirius? Is Remus going to be joining us for dinner?" she asked, curiously, no doubt dying to rattle off the details of her lover's getaway in front of him.

"He's not feeling well, actually, so no," Sirius said, without much sympathy and Lacey jumped on the opportunity before Ginny could.

"I'll take him a plate!" she said, relieved, ignoring Ginny's murderous glare as she served up some pasta on a dish and grabbed him some pumpkin juice, taking her wand out of her back pocket to levitate both things behind her, "See ya later Hermione."

Lacey sighed as she closed the kitchen door behind her, noticing how it did nothing to block out Hermione's voice and started to make her way up the stairs to Remus' room when she noticed the library door was closed and light was emitting from under the crack. She changed directions and knocked softly on the library door before entering.

"I don't blame you for hiding again, can I join you? I have food…" Lacey tried to give Remus an encouraging smile as she levitated the pasta and drink down towards the table by him and he took it eagerly. Little did she know that Hermione had been there for hours already, occupying the kitchen and any chance he had to get food.

"Thanks, Lacey, really," he smiled up at her as he dug in. Lacey settled down into the green armchair next to his and they sat in companionable silence as they ate.

"Is everything alright with Narcissa?" she asked after a while and Remus perked his head up, dabbing the corner of his mouth with a napkin.

"I haven't seen much of her to be honest, but I do know that her papers already have quite a few of the required signatures needed and so far, it looks like Lucius is none the wiser," he practically beamed and Lacey let her heart feel happy for him, even if she didn't know if she believed in love anymore herself.

"When I've talked to her, it seems as if she is angry with me. And every night when I've come here, she's never here…I mean, I haven't heard much from Lucius after the date, but I really don't think it went that bad…" Lacey voiced her fear and Remus pushed his empty plate away and with some impressive wandwork, transfigured the armchairs into a joined small couch. He turned his body so that he could face her more, and wasn't blocked by the high backs of the armchairs. Lacey pulled both of her legs onto the couch and tucked them underneath her body.

"I am sure it went fine, but are you alright? I saw the bit in that dreadful gossip magazine Ginny subscribes to about Oliver…"

Lacey couldn't really say she was shocked. Remus was an intelligent and intuitive man, and even though she had kept her relationship from Oliver fairly private, it wasn't a secret.

"Not really right now, but I'll be fine. Just a bit jealous," she admitted.

"Understandable. Hell, I am jealous of Lucius on a near daily basis, and when Hermione comes around, Merlin help me, I feel pathetic. I don't really like to share, and I think I am even worse than Padfoot in that regard…" Remus cracked a sheepish smile and scratched the back of his head for a moment, "But jealousy is normal, in any type of relationship."

She couldn't fault his statement and it was one of the reasons why she couldn't see herself in a relationship anymore. She hated comparing herself to other, tinier, thinner girls when she was the one that meant the least to the man involved.

Remus and Lacey talked the remainder of the night, long after Hermione left. She was glad she had him as a friend to confide in about the whole ordeal with Lucius and he gave her a helpful, male opinion on the entire thing.

Around midnight when Narcissa stepped through the Leaky's floo into Grimmauld's, she was met with a silent library. She paused to dust off ashes from her skirt and began to move towards the door to head to Remus' room. But when she heard a slight snore, she turned and found Lacey sleeping soundly in Remus' arms on a couch whose back was towards the fire. Remus was also sound asleep, so much so that his heightened senses hadn't even alerted him to the presence of another in the room. She noticed a half empty bottle of mead on the table in front of them and a plate of something looking like it used to be pasta and sauce. She saw Lacey cuddled peacefully in his arms, and she saw green.

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