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Okay so Explain mister." Bella demanded.

"I'll try."

"Oh you'll do more than Try People turned into freaking wolves." Leah growled. Seth backed away from her and against the door.

"Yeah about that you remember the story right."

"Of course we do that's why we demand to know were we imprinted on?" Bella looked at him.

"Yes." Seth said barely able to look his sisters in the eyes. The two sisters shared a look one mixed with fear and anticipation. Bella sighed and sank to the bed.

"Why Seth?"

"Why what?" he asked sitting beside her.

"Why us, why know. Why did you never tell us?"

Seth sighed and ran his hands through his hair. He looked up at his other sister. "Leah come sit down."

Leah edged herself closer sitting beside her brother and sister. "Okay I'm here." She crossed her arms and glared.

"Right, Why you. Well there is no explanation to that. Imprinting happens it's supposed to mean that you are the soul mate of that wolf. Why it was either of you know one knows but it was and that's not really a bad thing just something we all have to learn to live with. Why Now because it was the first time you saw each other it always happens the first time a phased wolf sees him imprint which leads to why I didn't tell you because I was afraid something like this would happen."

"Well it did." Leah scoffed well Bella shook her head.

"Who imprinted on who?"

"Sam imprinted on you Bella and Jacob on you Leah."

Both girls looked at each other and nodded. "Okay where do we go from here?" they asked.

He sighed. "Sam and Jacob would like to talk to you do you think you'd be willing to talk to them?"

The twins looked at each other. Were they willing to do this? "I'm not sure." Bella said nervously. "Does this mean that we have to be with them forever?"

"The imprint means that your imprint is whatever you need them to be. That may mean romantic or friendship. They will never force you into something you don't want to do."

"Okay." Bella twisted her hands together and looked over at Leah.

"Yeah Okay." Leah nodded.

"You'll come with us right?" Bella asked.

"Of course." Seth said. "How about we go now I'm sure the boys are about jumping out of their skin.

"Yeah okay." The girls got up and gathered a few things following Seth down the stairs.

"Hey Mom we're going to the rez we'll be back later I promise. Sue nodded a bit chocked up and only nodded.

"Be safe." She whispered as she hugged her babies watching them walk out the door towards a future unknown. She always knew she'd loose Seth to the pack but to lose her baby's also it was almost more then she could take and knowing that her daughters wouldn't have an easy time of it being only half Native American didn't make it any easier.

The girls slide into their car their brother with them and headed towards the reservation. The squeezed each other's hands as they got closer to it. Pulling in front of the Black house they got out and Seth opened the door for this.

"Here goes nothing." Bella whispered walking inside. They found Sam and Jacob sitting on the couch they jumped up as soon as they spotted them and Bella and Leah jumped slightly skittering behind Seth who threw his two friends dirty looks.

"Really guys." He hissed.

"Sorry." Jacob said hanging his head Sam's eyes were still trained on Bella.

"Girls you can come out." Seth said turning to his sisters. They slowly came out as the four people looked at each other and Seth stood in the middle. No one knew how this would end.

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