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'I don't hate you.'

Syusuke Fuji has gotten tired of hearing the statement from his past lovers.

They claim that they loved him, but eventually end up breaking with him in the long run. Worse, they would always assure him on the last part that they don't hate him.

If so, Fuji once asked, why break up?

Inui had given him the theory of intimidation which could've been felt by those whom he get acquainted with. After all, Syusuke Fuji was a campus celebrity in one way or another. Not only did his beauty exceed both sexes. His intelligence and 'kindness' seemed to have their well known magic of making almost everyone love him.

In short, he's likeable.

At first he enjoyed the attention.

But that was before it started to ruin every romantic relationship he had. By then Fuji started to see the previous blessing as a form of curse; a curse which he also was not willing to erase. As ironic as it seemed, Fuji had gone so accustomed to being the center of attention that even if how many break-ups he had experienced, he still would deny the intimidation that his qualities give.

He still continued to date girls.

On his third year high school, perhaps out of desperation for the lack of a long-running love life, Fuji had started to date with men.

The memory of how Yumiko, Yuuta, and the whole Seigaku tennis club reacted when they learned about his relationship with Shiraishi Kuranosuke still brings giggles to Fuji.

'They looked like they've just heard the declaration of World War III.' Fuji had thought.

Yet what he thought was the best, and probably the most promising relationship in his entire high school life proved to be another failure when Shiraishi finally told him how things aren't working for the both of them anymore.

Fuji had nodded in agreement on that statement, though in reality he couldn't point out where exactly things went wrong, or if there is even a thing of some sort. The way he looked at it, he and Shiraishi together was a perfect pair.

But his thoughts didn't matter. Fuji had readily let his first boyfriend go. He was then wise enough to know that if he held on too tight, even their friendship wouldn't endure. He's a genius. Of course he knew things.

He still went on dates after his break-up with Shiraishi, but he took none of those which followed seriously. To Fuji, it was just plainly an act of enjoying his teenage and high school life. He started to stop thinking about what it is that others saw, for them to leave him. He got tired. And he decided it's best if he just leave things the way they are.

As inevitable as the coming of spring after the winter however, Fuji was pulled back into finding out by himself what went wrong.

Few months from now, he'll graduate from high school. College, he knew, will be entirely different from the world he came to love. Fuji at least wanted to clear off everything first before he finally buries the memories down.

At least he could have answers.

"Well? I have to say you've grown more gorgeous compared to the last time I saw you." Shiraishi said with a smile.

They sat beside each other on a park bench that afternoon. With the sun just about to set, Fuji wondered if it was the right time to ask the question. He inwardly smiled at himself. Of course it was.

"We just saw each other the day before yesterday, just in case you forgot. And you said the same thing." he retorted.

"I'm just being honest."

Fuji gave the other guy a fake smile; the kind which says, 'You're not a very good liar.'

"C'mon..don't be so hard on yourself. Smile like you always do."

Fuji shrugged.

"Fine, so you're a man of your words today then?"


Fuji nodded and thought for a second. "Why did you break up with me?" he asked, half-expecting the other guy to laugh at him. Shiraishi didn't.

They stood staring at each other for quite a while. When Shiraishi opened his mouth to speak, Fuji's phone rang.

Fuji had intended to turn off his phone, but changed his mind when he saw the caller I.D.

"For awhile. I have to take this." he said, turning his back to Shiraishi almost immediately before answering the call.

"Hey…I…yes of course." Fuji said followed by a series of nods. If he had only been facing Shiraishi, he would have noticed how the other guy shook his head, apparently knowing how Fuji would exactly respond to the caller. But Fuji wasn't. When the call ended, Fuji faced him back and sighed.

"It's uh…..he's…"

"Tezuka." Shiraishi said, in a tone that needs no confirmation. He stared at the phone on Fuji's hand intently as if remembering something.

Had Shiraishi kept on staring, Fuji would've pocketed his phone. But Shiraishi eventually looked at him.

"I know you weren't aware." he said.

Fuji frowned and cocked his head in question. "Aware of what?"

"Of the reason why none of your relationships last."

Fuji gaped and raised a brow. He didn't like the tone of what Shiraishi meant.

"I don't know which of what you're talking about is an answer to my question."

Shiraishi shrugged. "You have your answer." he said, gesturing to the phone on Fuji's hand.

Fuji frowned.

"It's Tezuka, Fuji. Tezuka's the reason why none of your relationships lasted for more than 3 months, ours excluded." Shiraishi said, as if telling Fuji an obvious fact.

Fuji gave him the 'are-you-crazy' kind of look.

"Honest." Shiraishi said, raising his right hand to emphasize his point. "You dated many, but every time Tezuka asks for your presence, it's like your date doesn't exist anymore. You even refused to do it when he suddenly called you back then."

Fuji's face turned crimson.

He very well knew what Shiraishi was talking about. It was one time when the other guy had asked him to have sex, which, Fuji had initially agreed. But well, Tezuka did call, and tadaa! Plans totally wiped out. Shiraishi also didn't dare to ask Fuji again. His ego was so crushed and reduced to pieces that he literally didn't talk to Fuji for a week.

"You really stabbed me right there Syusuke…I couldn't believe a phone call's more important than a half-naked me. You insulted me big time." Shiraishi said, faking a hurt feeling though Fuji could see the pure intent on his tone to just tease him for fancy purposes.


"Whatever you say, that's how it was. That's still how things are right now. Now come to think of it, how would I look like if faced with Tezuka in person? I was thrown away against a phone call.. how much more if Tezuka's really there. Hell…you'd probably reduce me to a non-living."

"Fine!" Fuji snapped, face blushing intensely. "Fine, I'm sorry…..I'm sorry if….I was too insensitive…I was…things aren't….."

Fuji's voice trailed off, as he suddenly found words difficult. He sighed.

"You know I had to say that." Shiraishi said, now with a gentle smile. "You're hard-headed and proud. You wouldn't have considered what I said."

At that moment, Fuji admitted, Shiraishi was making some sense.

And he knew he should make one as well.

Tezuka was expecting Fuji that afternoon. They were scheduled to finalize their line-up for the upcoming tennis matches in the absence of their vice-captain Oishi.

He was expecting Fuji to be late. In fact when he glanced at his wrist watch, it was 15 minutes past the time they've scheduled to meet at his house. Tezuka was fine with it though. It was a short notice after all.

Tezuka knew what to expect that afternoon.

What he didn't expect was for Fuji to push him inside his own house after he opened the door for him 20 minutes after the scheduled time.

While Tezuka had expected a 'not perfect' mood from Fuji, he surely didn't count being pinned against the wall, with a tennis genius kissing him hard as part of that 'bad mood'.

"I'm not sure if this makes us even, but I need to do something." Fuji said, catching his breath after kissing his captain senseless.

Tezuka stood gaping.

Fuji let his head fall back and sighed. "Right. Now it all makes sense."

Tezuka heard him, but refused to understand what the statement meant. For all he knew, what happened doesn't make any sense at all.

"It's your fault why I don't have a love life right now." Fuji accused, now looking straight at his captain.

Tezuka still didn't say anything, but the glare he threw at Fuji was enough of a response to make the tensai understand how he was not enjoying his game this time.

Fuji rested his hands on his waist.

"You're indebted to Shiraishi, captain." Fuji said, feeling Tezuka's now deadly glare boring into him like scalpels maneuvering their way to precise incisions. "And the only thought that I'm having right now is on how to make you pay."

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