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A year ago…..

Sanada smirked, pulling the glass of vodka away from Tezuka's hand and finishing it off himself in one gulp.

"Alright, enough. We're done here."

Tezuka frowned in disagreement, but nevertheless nodded. They stood up from the bar stall they were sitting on. Sanada paid the bills before following Tezuka out of the bar. He heard giggles from the girls sitting near the exit, but ignored them. He knew what they were thinking and understood what they want; which is exactly the reason why he needed not to pay attention.

"You should know better how to hold yourself back." Sanada said, as he walked closer to Tezuka who was leaning against his car, a hand massaging the back of his neck, and an uncomfortable frown not leaving his face.

"Get in. I'll drive."

Tezuka looked at Sanada for a second and nodded, opening the passenger seat and settling down. He sighed and shut his eyes.

"I don't need to remind you that this car's my dad's. Drive with extra caution." Tezuka muttered. He groaned when a sudden sharp throbbing on his head hit him. He shouldn't have drunk too much.

Tezuka opened his eyes when he felt Sanada's body shifting closer. He frowned even more at their proximity. Sanada who was then on the driver's seat was leaning close, too close in fact that he could smell the strong and intoxicating aroma of vodka on his breath.

"What are you…." and then Tezuka felt the touch of a soft leather strap against his chest. Sanada had fastened his seatbelt.

"Taking extra caution." Sanada said.

They drove to Tezuka's house in silence. With Sanada's attention focused on the road, Tezuka felt secured and had almost entertained the idea of drifting off for a couple of minutes. Almost.

"How's your arm?" Sanada asked, eyes not leaving the road in front of them.


They remained silent for a solid five minutes before Sanada brought the car to a sudden stop. Tezuka glared.

"Why don't you stay at my place? I don't know what to say once your mother starts to ask questions."

Tezuka sighed. "She'll just ask more questions if I don't go home."

"But at least you're not drunk by then." Sanada reasoned, looking at Tezuka's disheveled figure.

Tezuka groaned but considered the idea. Both his parents are at home; awake most likely. And despite how he was trying to hold his ground in making his own decisions, he knew Sanada had a point. More importantly, he was aware that Sanada was living on his own; which makes the situation less compromising.

"Alright. I'll call them. How far's your place."

"A block away."

Tezuka nodded. "Then drive."


"Oh my god Tezuka….you…" Fuji let his facial expression finish what he wanted to say. He was now sitting on the bed, staring at his boyfriend who was still glued on his back.

"That was an accident. Unintentional."

"It's hardly an accident when you both planned to have a drink that night."

Tezuka looked at him quizzically. "We're both drunk."

Fuji frowned. "We're in the same condition last night just in case you forgot."

"It's different."

"No, I don't think so."

"Yes it is because I love you." Tezuka blurted, surprising himself on the slip of tongue. "That's…what happened between Sanada and I was an accident. Nothing more." he continued, refusing to look back at Fuji who suddenly looked dazed.


"You mean it, right?"

Tezuka didn't respond, but instead grabbed the pillow beside him and covered his face. God…..why the hell did he even say that?

"Stop acting like a jerk." Fuji said, pulling the pillow away. Tezuka didn't budge. "Why are you covering your face?"

No response.

"If you don't want me to personally ask Sanada about it then better tell me the whole story."

Tezuka groaned before removing the pillow from his face. "You're persistent."

Fuji smiled. "Always am."

The stoic captain just shook his head. Fuji giggled and went back on his original lying position beside his captain.

"So.." Fuji began, eyes glinting in a mixture of interest and jealousy. "Who was on top?"

A year ago at Sanada's apartment…

Tezuka gasped in a desperate attempt to catch his breath. What he really wanted when he agreed to spend the night at Sanada's house was to get some sleep; a good night sleep free from his parents' interrogation.

It never occurred to him that agreeing to what seemed like a pure act of generosity on Sanada's part would involve intimate physical contact which Tezuka considered as invasion to his privacy.

"No-stop…where are you-" Tezuka's words were swallowed by his own groan as he felt Sanada's hand rubbing his erection. He didn't even know why, how or when he started having a hard-on much as how he didn't want to know.

What he wanted to happen however was for Sanada to stop assaulting him with 'that' hand.

Sanada bit his neck, making Tezuka give out a feral groan. "I'm warning you….you should stop…otherwise…."

The next thing Tezuka knew, Sanada went down on his knees and replaced his hand with his mouth.

And Tezuka remembered himself cursing out loud for the first time in his life.

Fuji frowned in thought. "Okay, I got it. That was an accident." he decided.

Tezuka gave him that 'I-told-you-so' look.

"Now that I think about it, you and Sanada really are close." Fuji said.

The stoic captain looked at him, unbelieving. Tezuka opened his mouth to say something, but before he can do so, Fuji had already leaned close, hugging him tight.

"But it doesn't matter. I'm now more important….right..?" Fuji asked, looking up at Tezuka with a jade of hesitation in his eyes. As if doubting the validity of Tezuka's untimely confession earlier.

Tezuka sighed and nodded.

And then Fuji kissed him. Tezuka kissed him back. Even if Fuji thought things were going a little bit too fast than what he'd expected, he would have to admit that they're becoming more and more comfortable with the intimacy. Tezuka, for one, doesn't mind returning his advances anymore. He wondered about what's with the sudden shift, but decided to think about it at a later time. Savoring each other's presence was his priority. Doubts and questions could wait.

"You're sure you'll skip today's classes?" Fuji asked, pulling an inch away. "We have our mastery exam in zoology today. And we're scheduled to have our report for Geometry so…."

Fuji stopped talking when he felt Tezuka's thumb tracing his lips.

"I'll work on a valid excuse." Tezuka replied before he changed their positions so that Fuji was under him. "I'm sure you can do one yourself."

Fuji smiled. He can hear the challenge behind those words. "You bet." he muttered before pulling Tezuka by the collar and clashing their lips together.

"Kunimitsu, I forgot to tell you that the lock of your room…."Ayana trailed off as she opened the door of Tezuka's room and caught him and Fuji at a rather heated situation. "…isn't working…" she finished barely above a whisper.

Tezuka, whose hand was under Fuji's shirt and who was sucking a certain part of the tensai's neck froze. Struck by the sudden awareness of a third party's presence, both immediately pushed each other away.

Fuji hastily buttoned back the first three buttons of his shirt as Tezuka jumped off of bed and faced his mother.


Ayana looked at her son, and then to Fuji, then back to Tezuka. "I was…" she cleared her throat. "I just thought it's best if you take the day off from school."

Fuji and Tezuka blushed.

Ayana walked closer to Tezuka and handed him a key. "Use the guest room if you have to." she whispered, fighting off the blush on her face. "Call me if you need anything."

"Mom you don't-"

Her glare silenced him off. She then turned around to head out but stopped just when she reached the door. With a heavy sigh, she turned around and darted a look to the two guys in front of her.

"I don't need to remind you both to use protection, do I?"

Fuji cleared his throat to hide his giggles. Tezuka gaped at his mother as if he was just informed of his death.

"Kunimitsu?" Ayana probed, a warning in his voice.

Tezuka stood frozen.

"Are we clear on this?" Ayana asked.

When her son still didn't respond, Ayana averted her gaze at Fuji. "We'll talk some other time."

Fuji nodded with a small smile.

And then Ayana left.

Tezuka remained frozen on his spot just beside the bed, staring at the open door where his mother just went out.

"Your mom's sharp. I can't lie." Fuji said. He waited for Tezuka to say something but there was none. "Tezuka?"

"I…" Tezuka mumbled, eyes fixed on the open door. "….want to die…"

Fuji sighed and shook his head. "Nuts."


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