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"I don't want to sound so judgmental, but I don't like what's going on." Inui said, adjusting his glasses and closing his data notebook with a crispy snap.

Oishi rivaled his uneasiness with a desperate sigh. If only he knew what to do, they wouldn't be having this conversation in the first place. His eyes narrowed into slits at the sight of Tezuka dashing forward to the net in an attempt to return Yukimura's drop shot. He didn't make it in time.

"I took his warning with leniency, thinking that it was all bluff.." Inui continued, pausing as he watched with utmost interest, Tezuka and Yukimura's game in front of them. "But I admit I might've miscalculated the risks. Even if Tezuka didn't mind, I feel responsible."

Oishi refused to say anything not because of lack of relevant things to say but more of because he knew it wouldn't make any difference. The game has started. If there's anything they can do, it would have to be what they've been doing all along; watching.

Having been tasked to take care of the practice game line-ups with Renji by coach Ryuzaki, Inui had the authority to decide who will face who on what time of the day. When Renji suggested that they make a match out of Yukimura and Tezuka, he immediately disagreed, arguing that Yukimura has better yet to face Fuji based on their initial calculations.

Renji retorted by saying that Tezuka wouldn't mind and might have even been expecting the inevitable match in the first place. Inui knew his friend had a point. Tezuka had always wanted to play against the Rikkaidai captain again. He wasn't just fully convinced that this time is the right time.

Yet he made the decision; the same decision that placed Tezuka on this risky and compromising spot against the child of god.

"Game and match, Yukimura Seiichi, seven games to three!" shouted the umpire a second after the bluenette's last shot landed on Tezuka's feet.

Oishi shut his eyes tight and clinched his fists, biting his inner lip and stopping the urge to get in the court…..

….even after Tezuka fell down on his knees, clutching his left shoulder with his right hand…

Inui did the favor for him.

Sanada gave an annoyed growl at the loud banging on the door.

"Just….open it…." Tezuka said breathlessly, trail of sweat running down his forehead.

Sanada frowned at him. "No way. If he finds out I'm here, I'm dead."

"We share the same room. Fuji will understand."

"I'm….we're not yet done."

Tezuka made a pained sigh, before he grabbed his shirt and carefully put it back on. He stood up, but Sanada grabbed his wrist, stopping him from making his way to the door.

"Fine. Stay here." He commanded. "Don't move. You'll hurt yourself even more."

Sanada stood up from his kneeling position in front of Tezuka and headed for the door. He opened it an inch and frowned at the lithe figure he saw at the opposite side.

"What do you want." Sanada demanded, refusing to move away from his position in blocking the doorway.

Fuji looked at him , half amused, half annoyed. "You're really that dense, are you?"

Sanada gripped the knob tighter and pulled the door open, enough for Fuji to pass. The stoic vice captain started to warn him not to strain Tezuka too much, yet before he even finished his spiel, Fuji had already pulled his boyfriend close for a hug. Tezuka cringed at the contact, feeling the sudden jolt of pain on his shoulders.

Sanada gave a sharp sigh, but decided to stay still.

Really, if only Fuji was not Tezuka's boyfriend, he would've dragged him out of the room.

"I should've known."

"No Fuji. I'm fine. I did play too much, but that's all."

Fuji pulled away from their hug and regarded Tezuka with indifference. "Inui made the changes on that devil's demand, I can't just let that-"

"Watch your mouth." Sanada cut him off, knowing that it was his captain whom Fuji was referring to by 'devil'.

Fuji turned to his direction and threw him a glare. "You watch yourself. One more word trying to protect him and I'll kill you."

"Fuji.." Tezuka warned.

"And besides, " Fuji started. "What are you doing here?"

Sanada smirked. Fuji frowned in question, but eventually remembered that this was Tezuka and Sanada's room. He cleared his throat, and faced his boyfriend.

"Don't do this again."

Tezuka hesitated but nodded. Fuji smiled and stared at Tezuka's bandaged shoulder. He sighed when the situation finally dawned on him.

"Thanks." he muttered, addressing the remark to Sanada without turning.

Sanada looked at Tezuka. When the latter gave him a nod, he went out.

"He did it on purpose, and we both know that."

"I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt should he try to defend himself. Intentional or not, Seiichi's good enough to do much damage."

"That's bullshit." Fuji muttered, sitting down beside Tezuka on the edge of the bed. He placed a hand on Tezuka's shoulder and caressed it. "…and you're too reckless…."

"I couldn't let the opportunity pass."

Fuji snickered. "Right. Because you've been always wanting to play against him again. Sure. Very valid."


"No Tezuka. I won't let this pass just because you're fine with it." Fuji insisted, removing his hand away from Tezuka's shoulder and placing it on his knee. "You agreed to have a decent game not to get hurt along the way. That devil obviously went beyond that."

Tezuka placed a hand over Fuji's.

"Alright. For argument's sake let's say hurting me was his intention. Now what? You'll avenge me and have a game with him?"

Fuji frowned and looked at his boyfriend like he just said something stupid.

"I might be angry as hell, but I still have my brain. I know I can't win. At least for now."

Tezuka nodded. Somehow he admired Fuji's reasoning. He half expected him to burst into pure anger and march straight right in front of Yukimura's door to punch him straight on the face. Good thing Fuji proved him wrong.

"Let's leave things as they are for now."

Fuji smiled and pecked a kiss on Tezuka's lips. He frowned in surprise when the other held his nape and drew him closer to deepen the kiss. Tezuka's lips felt cold against his, but he didn't care. It was not an everyday occurrence that you get the chance to have the stoic captain initiate the kiss so why bother?

Fuji pulled away when Tezuka's tongue started to invade his mouth.

"I don't trust my self control so I hope you're aware of what you're doing." he said, caressing Tezuka's lips with his thumb.

Tezuka's response was no more than a smirk.

"You really should learn how to stop seducing me." Fuji said with a sigh.

"I'd have to say the same."

"I can get rough."

Tezuka nodded. "I'll manage."

With a smile bordering from victory and desire, Fuji leaned forward and pushed Tezuka back on bed, pinning his arms with his hands. Tezuka winced at the pain on his shoulder.

"I warned you."

Tezuka sighed. "The pain feels good." he said in a strained voice and for once Fuji thought he should remove his hand off Tezuka's arm. "But…you really should do something with the pain…..down there."

Fuji gaped and blinked several times before his faces turned into a beautiful shade of crimson. While he has all the idea on what his boyfriend meant, hearing something suggestive from Tezuka's mouth still wasn't tightly wounded on his mentality. Not especially when he could feel his boyfriend's hard on pressing against his thigh.

Fuji started to pull away, not wanting to do anything unless he's sure of himself on how exactly to proceed. Sure, he wanted to take control, make use of the given situation to his advantage, and show Tezuka just how exactly he'd imagined their first time on bed together would be. He's long been dreaming about it after all.

But faced under an all too submissive Kunimitsu Tezuka, Fuji ironically felt vulnerable himself.

When he's settled on a sitting position on bed, and had ceased all of his advances, Tezuka caressed his arm.

"What is it?"

Fuji shook his head. "Nothing…..I'm just…..thinking.."


The tennis genius blinked away the second wave of blush from his face and cleared his throat. "About us…this…I mean…" he sighed. "I don't really…..know how to top."

Perhaps out of surprise and amusement, Tezuka's brows arched along with a soft, contained giggle which he immediately fend off by clearing his own throat. He propped himself up on bed with his uninjured elbow, and looked at Fuji.

"And here I am thinking, that I'll finally get my reward."

Fuji frowned and suspicion. The look his boyfriend was giving him told him that something has happened; something he missed despite how intent he was on monitoring Tezuka's activities ever since he had his scheduled meeting with Yukimura weeks ago.

"Am I missing something here?" he asked, frown never leaving his face.

Tezuka sighed, reached out for his hand and played along with his fingers. Somehow within that gesture, uneasiness crept on Fuji's gut. So something did happen.

"Atobe…..asked me out."

Ah. So that's it. Atobe the diva asked- wait, Atobe did what?!

Fuji stared in horror and disbelief at his boyfriend, who was now finding Fuji's fingernails interesting, and was literally examining them. Tezuka's nonchalance angered, and slightly horrified Fuji. Horrified at the thought that it involved Atobe, the rich monkey king of Hyotei who just can't get enough of everything and who was born to make his love life miserable. As to how and why he came up with the definition, he didn't know. Atobe is Atobe. The name speaks for every single ingredient of disaster.


"He called yesterday…asked if I'm free and if I could come over to his house for tea…and I was free-"

"You're free and you agreed to see him?!" Fuji freaked, wondering himself what's freaking him out. It's not like Tezuka and Atobe slept together or something.

"No. I did not for the sake of world peace."

Tezuka tried to sound sarcastic, but it went unnoticed by Fuji who seemed to be really taking the matter seriously. The stoic captain knew it was over acting, but understood how his boyfriend felt. He couldn't blame him. Atobe has 'that' reputation after all.


"No. I refuse to hear anything." Fuji said. He leaned closer and pushed Tezuka's back on bed. He settled by lying next to him, his head on his captain's chest. "…and that is why you deserve a reward?...Really…you could've just ask."

"And you'll give me what I want?"

Fuji raised his head and looked at Tezuka in annoyance. "That's a very stupid question."

Tezuka shrugged. "Just making sure."

"If you want to have sex you can just knock on my door and say it. I'm sure Niou wouldn't mind swapping rooms with you."

Tezuka mentally rolled his eyes. It's more like Niou can't refuse. Not when it's Fuji.

"Anyway…." Tezuka started, groping few strands of Fuji's hair and gently entangling it with his fingers. "…I believe you've now gained your needed confidence. Now why don't we start off from the top."

Though still uncertain, Fuji managed a smile as he adjusted himself and clashed their lips in a hungry kiss.

So what if he doesn't know how to top?

He bet it wouldn't matter once they start getting naked.

Outside the room, Yukimura's hand stayed frozen in midair.

He was about to knock on the door when he overheard the conversation from the opposite side. Not that the room has thin walls. He just has super sharp hearing skills that could catch murmurs even from the opposite side of a sound proof room.

The giggles and soft groans that followed the conversation told him that he should leave. But a certain part of his hyperactive hypothalamus craved to kick the door open so he'll see exactly what he already knew was going on inside.

Whether it's to satisfy his masochistic tendencies or just out of plain curiosity, Yukimura found no harm in giving in to the demand of the currently dominant part of his brain. He clinched his fist before gripping the door knob tight.

The next thing he knew, an equally strong grip held his wrist, preventing him from pushing, not to mention breaking or to regally put it, destroying the door open. Yukimura glared at the hand on his wrist.

"Let go." he commanded, gentle voice contrasting his cold tone.

The grip tightened even more.

"You're defying my orders?"

"We're outside the courts." came the reply.

Yukimura let go of his hand from the knob and faced his vice-captain. "I've not yet conceded defeat."

"You're fighting a losing battle to begin with Seiichi. You're not going to win, and whatever you do will not change anything."

Yukimura smirk. "You're wrong. I get what I want. All the time."

Sanada held his stoic expression though he shivered inside. Yukimura looked frail, calm and serene. But what he said sent jabs directly to his body that made Sanada once again aware at who he was talking to; his captain, Rikkaidai's child of god. True. If Yukimura wants something, he'll get it no matter what.

The question is, will Fuji ever allow him?

But then again it's not for the tensai to decide. Once the bluenette has set his mind to something, he'll go as far as knocking on the gates of hell just to have his way on things. That's how it always worked. It's frustrating but equally reassuring.

"It's two against one." Sanada said, not wanting his statement to sound like a warning, but hoping that Yukimura was 'that' sensitive to read between the lines.

He knew he can't refuse if his captain asked for his help. Still, he had the slightest hope that Yukimura would consider rethinking his course of action. What he planned might not have ways on turning back, and it wouldn't just hurt Tezuka, Fuji and he. It would hurt the team in the long run. And that's what Sanada was trying to prevent.

"I trust myself to do what's needed." Yukimura replied.

If only Sanada can do something. …..Right. He sighed and summoned the most domineering presence he's capable of inflicting.

"I'm sorry Seiichi. But I can't allow your actions this time."

Amused, Yukimura snickered. How dare his vice-captain say that in front of him when he's not doing any kind of help.

"And just in case you're not aware, I don't need your permission on anything Sanada. I've got everything under control."

"No Seiichi. There's only one dominant issue here and that's all we need to fix."



"Funny because it seemed to me that you're the only one who knows about that issue."

Sanada focused all his mental energy to stay calm. He'll take control this time. For Yukimura, for the team. With a long drawn out sigh, he said,

"You're sexually frustrated, Seiichi." he started, refusing to look straight at his captain, half expecting to die that very instant. When he felt himself still breathing and the gravity still planting him on ground, he continued, "You're just not getting enough sex, and it's making you overreact and over think on trivial matters as getting involved in Fuji and Tezuka's relationship."

Sanada could now feel the temperature slowly dropping to a dangerous negative degree with Yukimura's glares. Still, he refused to get overwhelmed.

"I understand the pressures and stress you've been going through, since I also have the same issues to deal with. But being the captain of the team puts you in a lot of strained situations….and lately…..I know you've been…seeking pleasure with-"

"And how exactly did you arrive with those assumptions." Yukimura demanded, still on his gentle voice, though his tone promised a no-sleep later on.

Sanada swallowed hard. "I overheard…..you and….Niou…at….."

The Rikkaidai vice-captain trailed off when Yukimura's glare as sharp as thunder struck him hard and warned him of the unwanted intrusion he was making.

"And how do you suggest to settle this issue Genichirou Sanada." Yukimura taunted, like that of a lion revealing his fangs on its prey.

Sanada swallowed hard. This is a break or make it situation. All be damned but he has to do it. Tezuka should be thankful.

"Let's have sex."



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