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'Marie's thoughts'

Voldemort's thoughts


-8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 8888888888888-

'Nothing to it right?

I just have to stand directly in front of the evil dark lord who has wanted to kill me for seventeen years and let him kill me.



Wrong. There's no telling what that psychotic megalomaniac would do to me.'

Marie Potter was contemplating whether or not she should really sacrifice or not to Lord Voldemort and give up all that she had worked so hard for and to protect. She knows her friends can take care of themselves and all but that was not what she was so worried about.

She was worried about what Lord Voldemort would do and if he would really kill her or not.

Would he change his mind suddenly and decide to keep her as a pet instead?

Marie didn't know his sexuality but she was pretty sure he definitely had a thing for Bellatrix. There was a lot more in her dreams from their mental connection that she could see that she would NEVER EVERtell anyone that she saw. That was just too much of her enemy that she wanted to know. But seriously, who ever thought that the dark Lord Voldemort actually liked his sexual companion to be the dominate and on top?

She was currently in the forbidden forest walking to her doom. It wasn't even a few minutes ago that she had picked up the resurrection stone and talked to her parents, Sirius and Remus about dying. But why hadn't Snape appeared? Sure he hated her somewhat because of who her father was and all but wouldn't he want to be with her mother? After all, Snape wasn't a completely evil man. She was the bravest man she ever knew. After she dropped the stone and left it in the middle of the forest, she started walking without any idea where she was going.

Her feet were taking her to her fate.

Marie's scar started to burn a little and that's how she knew that she was close to him.

She was getting closer and he was getting angrier.

Marie quickly put on her invisibility cloak and kept walking.

Meanwhile . . .

"My Lord?"

Some random deatheater had dared to disturb their master.

Lord Voldemort slowly turned around to face the idiot and inclined his head slightly as a sign for the stupid deatheater to continue.

Encouraged, the deatheater spoke freely, "What if she doesn't come my Lord?"

The Dark Lord hissed, "She will come. But if by some off chance that she doesn't, we will resume the war and kill everyone in sight."

The deatheater smiled nastily, "My Lord, if she doesn't show and she is still at Hogwarts, can we punish her?"

"Punish her?" Voldemort inquired a little pissed off at the question. How dare he speak so freely! But he decided to humor the ignorant deatheater, "You mean after I am finished with her?"

"Yes my Lord."

"Explain what you mean by punishing Potter, Yaxley." Voldemort hissed demandingly.

Yaxley continued to smiled grossly, "I mean, can us deatheaters take turns on her, my lord?"

And suddenly, something in the dark lord's mind snapped, "No. You will not touch her in any way shape or form." He said dangerously.

"My Lord?" another deatheater asked, "My we ask why not?"

Voldemort rounded on them both and screamed, "Crucio!"

He held the curse on them for a few minutes before releasing them, leaving them panting and whimpering on the cold ground.

The Dark Lord's face was contorted with rage and a hint of sadistic pleasure as he spat at all of his deatheaters, "You know very well that I have already explained why Marie Potter will not be punished in that manner! She is mine to deal with! No one will interfere with our battle until she is DEAD, do you understand me?!"

Since the two deatheaters on the ground could not talk yet, they merely nodded their heads frantically in submission while the others bowed their heads and said in unison, "Yes, my Lord."

Voldemort took a few deep breathes to calm himself down and stared down at the two pathetic vermin at his feet, still shaking in pain. He kicked them, "Get up Yaxley! Lucius! You look pathetic!"

Once again, he turned around to face the forest, waiting for his enemy to show herself. It wasn't just that she was his to deal with, though. He never had liked sexual abuse in his presence. He just found it wrong despite killing hundreds of innocent people. No, raping and sexually molesting was a big no-no in his eyes. Not that he ever told anyone this. Telling one of his pycho deatheaters would be bad because they would see him as a weak leader who cannot stomach that sort of punishment.

He stood there with his eyes closed for another ten minutes until finally, it was past time that Marie Potter should have been there. Yaxley once again came up to him a few feet away and bowed his head in submission, "No sign of her, my Lord."

Voldemort caressed the elder wand in his hands unconsciously and opened his blood-red eyes.

He was shocked to say the least. It was indeed past the time when she should have arrived there to face her death. But she was a Gryffindor! Surely she would come to sacrifice herself for the ones she loved?

Voldemort wrinkled his non-existent nose in disgust at the word 'love' that stupidly he used in his head. He looked out into the forest one last time, hoping that Marie would finally show herself at the last minute but there was no one there.

"I thought that she would come." He hissed quietly almost to himself.

All of the deatheaters were ironically deathly quiet as they waited for Voldemort's order.

"I expected her to come. It seems that I . . . was wrong."

The deatheaters remained quiet, no one daring to utter a word in fear that they would encourage the dark lord's wrath upon them.

Slowly, the dark Lord turned around and Bellatrix looked almost in tears at her master's confession.

The Dark Lord was never wrong!

He opened his mouth slightly and was about to give the order to attack Hogwarts when a twig suddenly snapped a few yards away. Voldemort knew right away that it wasn't any of his deatheaters as they were all in front of him. He turned around again to cautiously face the forest where he heard the twig snap and his deatheaters followed his gaze.

But they saw nothing. Not even a shadow.

Voldemort's hairless eyebrows furrowed in confusion until he sensed her presence with their strange mind connection.

Not a second later that he discovered who it was did the girl finally show herself under the cloak.

"You weren't wrong." Voldemort could hear her soft voice, scratched with sorrow and fear. Normally, Voldemort loved this type of voice but this was a different occasion. This was Marie Potter he was about to kill. He felt a strange twinge in his cold heart as he raised his wand at the girl as she got closer. Finally, they were only three feet apart and Voldemort could see her more properly.

She was covered in dirt, dust and blood. She was sweating profusely and was panting in exhaustion and fear. Voldemort decided that he wanted to know what she was thinking and delved into her mind a little to what she was thinking about earlier. She didn't even try to stop him, but of course she was probably too tired to do so.

Voldemort smirked at her when he found out what she was fearing he would do to her instead of killing her. Why would he do that though? It would be so much easier and more amusing for him to woo her first, instead of forcibly claiming her as his pet.

"You have nothing to fear, child. You will die tonight and that shall be all. We have both suffered enough through this war." He whispered the last part to her so softly and in Parseltongue that his deatheaters couldn't hear him but Marie could understand him perfectly.

Marie visibly relaxed and this amused Voldemort even more that she was so willing to die now that she knew she would not be tormented further. Voldemort chuckled and raised his wand to her chest.

Marie backed off a little but only a few inches so he wasn't jabbing the wand in her chest, trying to stab her with it.

It was as if they were the only ones in the forest now, waiting for everything to end.

It was then, though, that Marie noticed Hagrid in chains a few meters away, shouting at her to run away. But Yaxley silenced him with a hex. Marie looked back into Voldemort's eyes to see no more cold amusement or anger, even. She only saw indifference. It was liked he just rebooted his emotions so he wouldn't feel anything when he killed her.

"The girl who lived." He said, almost mocking her as she just stood there, waiting for her death. Voldemort watched her curiously, "Come to die."

Marie closed her eyes, as if giving off a signal that Voldemort acknowledged.

"Avada Kedavra!" he screamed, making a bright green light blast out form his wand to her chest.

But something was going wrong and neither one knew it until it happened.

A bright dome surrounded them like in Marie's fourth year in the grave yard at Voldemort's resurrection. It was the Priori Incantatum!

But wasn't that supposed to just be within their wands so they couldn't kill each other?

Neither Lord Voldemort nor Marie knew what to do as they stared around them in shock.

The bright dome constricted around them and spun faster and faster until a bolt of lightning crashed into the dome and the dome was gone, taking Marie Potter and Lord Voldemort with it.

Little did the deatheaters know that the two destined enemies had left the year of 1998 behind.