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'Marie's thoughts'

Voldemort's thoughts


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Back in the future, all of the deatheaters who saw the flash of light were astonished. Where had their Lord and the enemy gone?

Bellatrix Lestrange ran to the spot where her Lord had left and cried pathetically on the ground while Lucius and Narcissa tried to leave from the back of the group when an eerie laughter sounded not far away.

The smell of cold death was in the air.

However, by the crooked gates of Hogwarts, another flash of light appeared and the two enemies had returned to the future.

Voldemort took the time turner off of them and stomped it to the ground, breaking it into many pieces.

"What if we need to go back?" Marie glared at him and Voldemort just frowned at the girl.

"Voldemort?" Marie asked him but the Dark Lord still said nothing to her and raised his wand to her chest.

"Voldemort, what are you doing?! I thought-" Marie pleaded.

"Thought what?! That I would just mindlessly stop the war? That I wouldn't kill you?" Voldemort interrupted her in a laugh, "Well you're right about one thing. Since you are still my Horcrux, I cannot and will not kill you. But you need to get out of here."

His eyes softened as he saw her fear, "You must leave the magical world and never come back. It's the only way you'll be protected. It's the only way that I can help you."

Marie then understood but shook her head, "I can't do that, Voldemort but I must know. Did Tom kill the Vampire?"

Voldemort licked his chapped lips, "Yes. Yes he did. You must go-"

"No. My friends are in Hogwarts right now. I have lost everything and many that I care about. Fred, Remus, Tonks . . .Snape and even Lavender Brown! I will not leave the friends that I have left to die by your hand just so you can gloat about how you killed the great Marie Potter!"

"I wasn't going to go on a rampage, Potter. Maybe crucio a few, but I know that will piss you off as well. Sigh. . . Fine then. You don't want to leave, then you can come with me to explain to my deatheaters why I can't kill you. You know they won't believe you." The Dark Lord was angry with her.

"Fine! Let's go find your precious deatheaters so we can let them know that their amazing and all powerful Dark Lord is still alive and well!" Marie was angry.

"Fine!" Voldemort shouted back at her and they trotted into the forbidden forest.

Voldemort mumbled to himself about stupid girls and time traveling when they had reached the spot.

Voldemort stopped abruptly with Marie close behind him, "Where are they?" asked Marie.

The clearing was empty. Somehow the deatheaters had either disappeared or left.

"How fear did we time travel back?" asked Marie again.

"Fifty something years."

"Fifty SOMETHING?!" yelled Marie, "So you're telling me that we could be a few years before or after the time we were in before in the future?"

Voldemort nodded, "Possibly."

"Dammit Voldemort!"

"What?! It's not my fault that time turners don't have exact time measurements!"

"Oh, Whatever! You know this is just great! What are we going to do now?!"

"You can shut up for one thing." Voldemort tested her.

But just when Marie was about to shout back again, a horribly familiar voice rung in their heads.

Come to me

Come to the Great Hall of Hogwarts

Or everyone you ever knew will die before your eyes

You know who I am and you know I won't hesitate in killing them all if you don't come

Then the voice stopped and Marie shivered, "That voice. . . It sounded very familiar."

"Too familiar" Voldemort agreed but then realized who it belonged to, "Lazarus. He must have faked his death somehow and waited for us."

"So he wants us to go to Hogwarts or everyone we know will die. I say we go." Marie suggested but Voldemort hissed at her.

"Are you mad?!" he shouted, "If we go, then he'll kill us for sure! We must leave. Together we can go away far away-"

"Now who's mad? Just a while ago you said I had to leave alone so you could rule the wizarding world! Now you want us to leave together? And besides, he can't kill you. You still have two Horcruxes left."

Voldemort looked away from her, closing his red eyes and touched his serpentine face, "Potter. . . He'll kill us. Lazarus is immune to magic. He can very well kill me and everyone he sees fit."

This was news to Marie, "But that's impossible! I read that Vampires were just as susceptible to magic as anyone!"

"Well the book was wrong! I faced him! I know what he is capable of! I say we leave! Please!" Voldemort was practically begging the girl.

"If you won't face him like a man, then I'll go alone." Marie frowned at Voldemort and started walking towards the castle.

Voldemort clawed at his skull and groaned, shaking his head from side to side, "Idiot!"

The Dark Lord went after her, knowing that at this point now, there was no changing her mind.

When they reached the gates once more, they walked through the broken castle. As Marie looked and wondered, she realized that it was almost dawn, "Voldemort, can Lazarus stand the sunlight?"

The Dark Lord smirked at her, "He can but his followers can't. If he has his army in there with him, they are just like any other Vampire. But Lazarus is different."

"How can he be killed?" she asked.

"Years ago when I killed him for real, I used the basilisk."

Marie was stunned, "The basilisk?! How?"

"It let me take its fang. It does anything I tell it to do. Or did anyways."

"No, I caught that. I mean how did you use the basilisk fang to kill a Vampire?" corrected Marie.

"I pierced its cold dead heart with it, of course."

"Is that the only way to kill Lazarus?" asked Marie. They needed as much information as they could.


Marie nodded her head in understanding as they finally reached the Great Hall. All that they had to do was go inside. There wasn't even really a door left since it was broken in most places.

"Marie I just wanted to let you know" Voldemort touched her shoulder gently to grasp her attention, "That whatever happens. . . I'm sorry for everything."

Marie couldn't even find the words and she jumped into his arms, hugging him tightly, "Thank you so much, Tom."

The Dark Lord smiled and kissed her forehead, "Now let's go in then shall we?"

Marie nodded and they opened the doors wide, letting themselves in. But what greeted them, terrified them to no end. They found everyone, dark and light forces, completely surrounded by Vampires in the middle of the hall. A few Vampires were scattered in other places while, as Marie and Voldemort looked around, they saw the familiar red haired Vampire standing over by the Headmaster's table.

His cold eyes welcomed them, "Greetings!" he shouted happily, "It's so lovely to see you two here! I told you I was a patient man but your dear counterpart didn't quite understand that, Voldemort, did he? Tom wasn't too bright when he didn't even bother to check if I was still alive or not. Can you believe he tried to use a basilisk fang on me?"

Lazarus smiled as he came towards Marie and Voldemort, "Too bad he only pierced my lung, though. He almost had me."

He laughed chillingly and his laughter echoed through the great hall. Marie looked around at the captives to see that her friends were still alive. They hadn't tried anything stupid. Ron and Hermione looked at Marie in terror. They must think that she joined Voldemort. Oh the story she had to tell them!

"But enough about me" Lazarus, "I want you, Potter. I have been waiting for you for over 55 years. Now you are finally mine."

"You're wrong." Marie challenged him, "I belong to no one. Especially not to you."

"Hahah! You'll soon realize how wrong you are child! I have marked you! And once a vampire marks a mate, she is theirs for the taking!" the icy eyes laughed at her.

Voldemort growled, "What do you mean you have marked her?"

Lazarus glanced at the dark Lord, "Well Snake praiser, I'm happy you asked. I marked her mind. Abraxas continually gave me his memories of you, dear Potter. Therefore, I concentrated more and more form our distance apart until I could finally reach your mind myself. Then I marked your mind, engraving my name into your soul."

"I don't belong to you!" Marie shouted at him in fury, "I belong to Tom!"

Everyone was shocked into silence and Lazarus had seemed to lose his amusement.

The Vampire Lord's aura seemed to dark even more and cold winds blew around the room, giving everyone chills, "You are mistaken, girl. You belong to me and you will face that fact or else."

"Or else what?" Marie dared to ask.

"Or else I'll kill everyone who is alive in this room. I'll drain their blood one by one and make you watch as I turn them into my own kind. Damned to walk the Earth as a blood-sucking monster. Just. Like. Me."

"Why do you want me?" Marie asked the million dollar question and Lazarus smiled.

"I've met only one other woman like you, dear. So full of light and scars. Haunted memories. She was my last mate. However, she ended up killing herself to try to make me feel sorry for killing her family. Of course that didn't faze me. I don't have a heart after all. Mine's dead. And then I saw you."

He came closer to her and touched his sharp nails to her cheek, "And then I knew that her reincarnated spirit must have found another host body. You are her. But I won't let you go now. No. You are mine now. Now and forever you'll never leave me again!"

Marie gulped as the Vampire backed off slightly, "Now what is it that you choose? Shall I kill everyone? Hmm? Or will you become my mate once again forever?"

Marie looked up to Voldemort who was shaking his head at her to answer 'no'.

Marie felt a twinge in her heart as she snapped to look over at all of her remaining friends.

They were also shaking their heads at her. They didn't want her to sacrifice herself for them. But then Marie noticed something peculiar that Ron was holding. It was yellow and almost shaped like a banana but pointed more at the end of it.

The Basilisk fang!

Marie felt a flutter of hop deep in her gut and looked back at Lazarus, "How about we make a deal? If Voldemort can take on and kill all of your Vampire followers, then I'll become your mate willingly."

Voldemort's eyes widened comically at what Marie had suggested and pulled her to him, "Are you insane? You know I can't take on all of them!"

"Sure you can" she hissed in Parseltongue, "Just buy me some time so I can go and get that basilisk fang from Ron."

"Damn kid." Voldemort grumbled, "Fine then. But you had better hurry up about it"

Lazarus looked on in wonder, "How amazing your language is. Too bad this is the last time you'll be able to use it when your precious Tom Riddle dies."

Marie gulped but Lazarus said, "Go over to your friends and say your goodbyes while your Riddle dies a slow death, my dear."

Marie sighed and began walking over to Ron and Hermione who just looked even more perplexed.

Ron and Hermione hugged her tightly, as did some other of the Gryffindors, "Where have you been?" Hermione asked, "We've been worried sick about you!"

"Yeah and what the bloody hell are you doing with You-know-who?!"

Marie smiled but said, "Look, it's a long story but I promise to tell you guys later okay? Ron, I need that basilisk fang real quick."

"Sure but what for?"

Hermione was slowly piecing information together in her head but asked, "Isn't Voldemort with the Vampires?"

"No. He isn't. He's on our side kind of now." Marie supplied as Ron gave her the fang.

"On our side! Bloody hell! Next you're going to say you two are best friends or lovers or something!" Ron practically yelled but Marie shut his mouth with her hand.

Marie looked over to see that Voldemort had started to fight the Vampires, evading their fangs.

"Shut up! I have to sneak over to him now so I can kill the Vampire Lord. Stay here."

Hermione grabbed her shoulder, "No way Marie. He'll suspect something's up. We'll distract him and then you go and kill him."

"He's over a thousand years old, Hermione. I doubt much can distract him anymore."

"This'll work. Trust me" Hermione then brought out a knife and cut her wrist, making fresh blood ooze out from the wound. Suddenly, a few Vampires snapped their heads round to see where the fresh blood was coming from. But they didn't' dare to move if Lazarus would punish them for their stupidity.

Draco came up to them, "What are you guys doing? Trying to get yourselves killed?"

"Oh hey, Malfoy. Come to thank me for saving your life earlier? However, we are doing exactly the opposite Draco. We need to distract Lazarus so we can kill him and save Voldemort." Marie said and everyone who could hear her in the group looked at her as if she were crazy.

"Just trust me on this, okay?"

Draco watched her for a moment before grabbing the knife from Hermione's hand and he slit his own wrist. Draco handed the knife to his friends, "Come on. Our Lord needs our help."

That was all that he had to say for them to do the same. Now all of the heads were turned and most of Lazarus' followers were stalking towards them in blood lust and hunger, licking their fangs in apprehension. Lazarus seemed to notice this as the other Vampires fighting Voldemort stopped to go towards the group of other humans.

"Stop!" Lazarus commanded, "I commanded you all to fight Voldemort! Do as I say!"

Lazarus, however, was ignored and the Vampires were closing in on Marie and her friends. Lazarus didn't want anything to happen to his new prize so he jumped into action and ran to break them all apart.

"I said get out of my way!" he screeched and burst into the middle of them all to disperse them, "They are all mine! No one can have them! Mine!"

The Vampire Lord bared his long and sharp fangs, making them drool with blood and venom. The Vampires slowly backed off and let their leader through. Lazarus bulldozed through them only to find that Marie wasn't there anymore. Where did she go?

Marie helped Voldemort as the Vampires had hurt him pretty badly. Even if they couldn't' bite or scratch him, they could hit and toss him around, giving him many bruises and his robes were almost tore up, "What are you doing? You need to stab him. Now."

Marie let him lean on her shoulder and Voldemort used her to hold himself up. Even though the Dark Lord had a newer body, he was quite frail as the body wasn't meant for physical violence. Only magical.

"That's your job. You killed him in the past. You have to do it. It's your destiny, not mine."

Voldemort glared at the girl, "Bitch. Fine. Give me that stupid thing."

"There you are!" Lazarus yelled at her and Marie quickly hid the fang in Voldemort's robes.

"So you thought that you could cheat me?" The Vampire Lord laughed, "Well you were wrong! I will kill you! I'll kill him first though! I know you two fucked! I saw it all in your head! You love him! Well I'm about to kill them and then you'll love me!" he pointed to Voldemort and the Dark Lord held Marie close to him.

"You are all mine! Mine to do with as I please! I marked you! I'll have you! In life or death, you are mine!" Lazarus bounded towards them in anger, aiming his power at Voldemort who just stood there, unable to really move at the moment .

Lazarus was only a few inches away though until Voldemort surprised everyone.

The movement was so quick and fast that it was barely seen but Marie saw the whole thing. At the last second, Voldemort used all of his energy into that one quick stab to the heart.

"You will never touch her again. Meet your truth death." Voldemort growled at the Vampire.

Lazarus gasped in fear as the area around the wound began to darken into black and his cold dead flesh began to crumble into ash. Lazarus screamed in fury and in pain until there was nothing left of him. The ash blew away in the slight wind.

And with the death or the Lord Vampire, came the death of all of his followers as well. Once a Lord Vampire is dead, then all of the followers that he had turned himself, die as well.

Marie looked over at Voldemort and smiled. But the Dark Lord did not smile and instead, Voldemort dropped to the floor in exhaustion.

"Voldemort!" Marie gasped, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah." He wheezed, "I'll be fine. I just need some rest."

The serpentine Dark Lord coughed a bit and tried to sit up, Marie helping him. Voldemort looked at Marie and smiled, "I lied when I said that I like you more than I probably should, Potter."

Voldemort began to heal himself.

"Isn't that a surprise?" Marie shrugged but on the inside, she felt her heart break a little.

But that all went away when Voldemort grabbed her hair and pulled her into a passionate kiss. He pressed his lips against hers lovingly and caressed her cheek, licking her lips.

But then Voldemort pulled away and said, "I love you."

Marie's heart practically exploded with excitement but that all floated away again when she heard noise behind them. They turned around to find that everyone in the Great Hall was staring at them in confusion. It was a look that said, 'WHAT THE FUCK?!'

Marie blushed and Voldemort pulled them up to stand, "Many of you might be wondering why I kissed Marie."

The crowd of dark and light just stared at the two.

"Me and Marie time traveled. Let's just say that we had quite the adventure and learned a lot about each other and how to get along. I command that my forces stand down. I want peace between us."

Bellatrix came up to her Lord and dropped to her knees, looking quite pathetic, "My Lord? Why have you made this decision? Are you sure that you feel alright? My Lord?"

The Dark army waited for Voldemort's answer with apprehension.

"I feel fine. The two of us have gone through a lot. She is not an enemy. So there will be no more war between dark and light. Simple as that."

Bellatrix glared at Marie, "My Lord, she must have brainwashed you or something. She must have cursed you!"

"Why you bloody bitch-" Marie started but Voldemort stopped her.

"Stop now. Go to your friends and talk to them and I'll convince my side."

Marie sighed, "Fine."

Marie walked over to her friends and was prepared for hell. She got it.

"What the bloody hell was that?" Seamus asked.

"When did you two ever have a thing together?!" Hermione screeched at her.

"Young lady, this is absolutely indescribable!" Molly Weasley said.

"Bloody hell" was all Ron kept repeating.

"I thought it was kind of sweet" said Luna and everyone was silent after that comment.

Hermione took over the questioning, "Look Marie. It's great that Voldemort doesn't want to fight anymore but why doesn't he? And why did you two kiss? No offense but it was kind of disgusting."

Marie smirked and began to tell them the story, "Well you see . . ."

Everyone was waiting expectantly for her to continue until Voldemort came over. Marie looked at him in surprise, "Well that was quick." She commented.

"Through some crucios and yell and they stop arguing with you. And it doesn't hurt to look like a snake either."

Voldemort smirked at Marie and Marie smiled back. However, Voldemort's smirk only made everyone else scared of him even more.

"I believe that you were going to tell them the story, love."

"Love?!"Shouted Ron, "Bloody hell" he repeated.

"Right" Marie scratched at her head and told the story in her short story versions, "Well at first I went into the forbidden forest to die. But when Voldemort shot the curse at me, we somehow time traveled fifty something years into the past where his past counterpart was at Hogwarts. We made an agreement to help each other get back here and then we would try and kill each other again. But then Tom Riddle noticed us and tried to get along. That didn't work. Let's see. . . We had to go to Voldemort's orphanage for the winter break and then when we came back to Hogwarts, a creepy Vampire started watching us through the memories of Abraxas Malfoy. Then Tom found out who we were and helped us by getting us into the ministry and stealing a time turner. But Lazarus was there but then he left. Then Voldemort obliviated Tom and everyone else. Now we're here. Ta-Da!"

Everyone just stared in astonishment.

Finally Hermione asked, "How did you two work together exactly if you were in Gryffindor and he was in Slytherin?"

"Yes, Marie" Voldemort told her, "You left quite a lot out of the story actually."

"Shut up Voldemort!" Marie elbowed his gut making him grunt but he kept talking.

"She got sorted into Slytherin house with me and we made up a story. I said we were engaged. We obviously had to make out in public a few times. But then she had an affair with me on me so I told her she had to break up with me and be with me only. Tom didn't take it too well and tried to rape her once or twice. I admit that I, too, had my fair share of trying to take advantage of her. Oh! And we also had to share a room and bed together since I made up the story that we were engaged!"

This time when Voldemort finished, Ron and Neville promptly fainted.

"Bloody hell" Ron mumbled in his fainted state.

The Dark Lord's followers didn't know quite what to say but the light wasn't any better.

"Did you two have sex and aren't telling us? My Lord?" Draco tried to pry politely and Lucius and Narcissa slapped his head, scolding him for such rude behavior.


Voldemort said just when Marie was about to say no.

"Yes we did" Voldemort repeated, "Actually it was more of a threesome since me and Tom were involved. I don't know what you would really call it. It was kinky though."

Marie glared at him, "I'm gonna-"

"Bend over again?" Voldemort smirked making everyone gasp in disgust.

"Okay I think we get the idea here" said Kingsley, "Lord Voldemort I would lie to discuss with you terms of peace if you are truly serious about it."

"Why of course. Marie will be present as well if you don't mind."

Kingsley nodded and Marie twiddled her thumbs, "Umm guys? IF you don't mind, I'd like to speak with Voldemort alone? We'll go outside"

Marie quickly grabbed Voldemort's hand and led him outside.

"Okay we are out here. What do you want?"

"I didn't think that you had been serious. About the war ending."

Voldemort smiled, "I can't hurt someone I care for. Hurting your friends would hurt you."

Marie smiled and brought herself closer to him putting her hands on his chest, "Thank you Tom"

Voldemort wrapped his hands around her back, "Thank you Potter for believing that there was still good in me at all. I even thought that my soul was still broken. That I was not able to love."

"That brings us to another subject. What are we going to do now? I'm still your Horcrux, after all."

"So? To destroy the Horcrux, I would have to kill you. I'm not doing that. I love you."

Marie smiled and kissed his lips, "I love you too."

Marie curled her arms around his neck and let Voldemort peck her lips repeatedly until he finally just dove in for the kill and stuck his tongue in her mouth. They made out for a good half of an hour before Marie's hair looked sexed up. But that's just what Voldemort wanted her to look like so he could tease her.

"Mmm" Voldemort moaned, "Will you be mine Marie? Will you live with me and be with me forever? I think that's a fair trade for peace don't you think?" he teased her and Marie smiled.

"Sure. But if you ever tell me to bend over in front of my friends again, I'll rip your testicles off." She teased back making Voldemort gulp somewhat in fear until smiling.


Weeks went by until the treaty was signed and months went by until Hogwarts was finally rebuilt with pride. Voldemort and Marie worked together to bring balance back to the wizarding world and they were successful in bringing together dark and light magics.

Marie and Voldemort never married but lived together in Voldemort's manner. Together, they had one child. A little girl named Snow Riddle.

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