It's been forever since I've uploaded anything due to life and writer's block. So I figure I'd try my hand at some Doctor Who fanfiction.

Just a little thing I wrote in like 10 minutes to help my muse. Believe it or not, it was supposed to be completely different. Oh well.


There was a man in a blue box that was bigger on the inside. This man was a very lonely soul, seeing as no one stayed with him for a long period of time. A few people would stay, but eventually they would leave him, just the same. When they left, the man felt the same, like a heavy sadness draped itself over his hearts, which were always torn in two. Though the man never had a constant companion, he did like he always would. With his seemingly magical box, he'd fly through space and time, willing to lend a hand wherever it was needed. Occasionally he'd pick someone up to take with him on his mystical journeys, and it would be all in good fun, for at least a little while. Yet something would always make it so the man would be all alone once again.

The man was a Doctor of sorts, in a loose meaning of the word. He took pleasure in helping others in their plights, that he simply took the name. His own name being something, no one should know, or even be able to comprehend. So he took the title as his name, as a courtesy to others. Not only that, but because Doctors help people, no matter the ailment. With his two hearts, there was always more than enough room for love and compassion. Though in a sick twist of fate, those who could help him the most, were always spirited away. He'd travel the universe, almost always alone. At first with his new friends, but always wary towards the end, not wanting them to fade. For the Doctor, things always seemed to fizzle and fade away, always before their time. Even his home, in which he could never return.

There once was a Doctor in a little box that was bigger on the inside. They say he's an odd man who always changed his face. People would always ask "Doctor Who?" Not many know about him, or where he came from. But those who did know, they knew why his little box was always so blue. Because there's a sad, lonely mad inside with both hearts torn in two.