Jasmine's Day Off-Chapter 67

Female cop: "I think I have a good idea who the mean girl is and I'm sure she means well." *finishes up the bottle and tosses it aside, then grabs another bottle* "You see what I just did? Tossing the bottle I just finished with and grabbing a new one? Yeah that happened to each of us sweetie."

Radiologist: "Hey I didn't get tossed aside… he just found somebody better that's all."

Female cop: "Don't try sugar coating it sweetie, you were tossed aside plain and simple." *opens the second bottle and chugs it, all of its contents going down her throat* "Love shucks"

Radiologist: "You mean love sucks and how the hell did you drink all of that… better yet, why did you drink all of that?"

Female cop: "Yeah that's wat I said and I did it cause I can, so ha!"

Model: *giggles* "You're drunk."

Female cop: "No I'm just buzzzzz, you'll know when I'm drunk." *looks at the model's body slowly moving her own head up and down* "Oh yeah, I'll have lotsa fun with you."

Radiologist: "Buzzed. Okay you're making buzzing noises and lewdly looking at a girl that is pretty damn nervous around you right now… you are drunk, back away and I won't have to hurt you."

Female cop: *backs away from the model and raises her hands* "Whoa, whoa, I'm not gonna hurt nobody… I just want the pretty girl to lay down on her back with her head 'tween your legs." *does a handstand and watches the model lay down her head between the radiologist's legs* "Mmm, that's perrrfect. Now you move your butt a little bit closer to me… yeah that's right, you have your legs spread over the model's face now?"

Radiologist: "Yeah, but why did you-"

Female cop: *she finishes her handstand and lets her legs land on the radiologist's shoulders and her face is right between the model's legs* "Start lickin' like your future depends on it… because it does." *she starts licking between the model's legs and quickly finds the perfect spot to make the model moan uncontrollably*

Radiologist: "Oh come on, she get's the professional and I get the… ooh, her moans are causing… ahh, vibrations down there… ohh, and they feel so good." *she continues moaning and starts licking the female cop between her legs, soon finding that sweet spot that feels so good*

Female cop, radiologist, and model: *the triangle of tongues is complete and they each keep licking until the female cop finally makes the model scream in ecstasy, that scream causes vibrations that make the radiologist lose control, her tongue starts moving more erratically and it goes deeper into the female cop who climaxes as well, then the radiologist falls sideways and the triangle has now collapsed; panting and enjoying the sweet taste in their mouths* "That… was… awesome." *with that they all drift to sleep, right after the female cop and the radiologist take out their adrenaline-filled I.V.'s*

Model: *wakes up a few hours later, but notices something weird; thinking to self* "I can't move my mouth? Okay, that's weird… and I can't move my hands and feet either? Now I'm getting worried, I can't move at all! Oh no, did I… die? No that's absolutely silly if I was dead I'd be in a place full of light right? Unless… no! This can't be hell." *finally notices something that has been constantly moving between her legs* "I can't move and something's between my legs… aww, why did it have to be hell? I've been a good girl, haven't I? Oh right, the lesbian threesome and accidentally making somebody's life miserable, but I did try to make things right… it's just that every attempt was met with a swift 'no' or the sound of a phone hanging up. Hmm, maybe I should just accept that I suck and accept an eternity of what I deserve… no I deserve better than this. All my life I have been told what to do and the one person that let me feel like I matter is being taken away from me… well she won't get him that easily. *struggles to escape*

Neurologist: "Hah, you think you can escape that easily?" *starts laughing*

Model: *the neurologist's cruel laughter is all she can hear in her head as she tries to escape from the darkness* "Mmhm!"

Doctor: *blushing* "Okay that's enough." *uses a scalpel to cut the ropes that bound the model to the bed*

Neurologist: "You're no fun… it was just getting good too." *she reluctantly pulls out the 'toys' out of the model's holes, pulls off the tape on the model's mouth, and happily yanks off the tape on the model's breasts that were holding the 'eggs' in place*

Model: *moans out*

Doctor: *blushing* "Haven't you done enough to her already? She already proved herself back when-"

Neurologist: "Only one more thing to do and then we'll be done. How was the entertainment?"

Doctor: *still blushing* "My face is still a little red from listening to all of that. I heard each lick and every moan that they made and it is still driving me wild. How long do I have to wait?"

Neurologist: "Not much longer… hey!"

Model: *snaps out of her blissful daze* "Huh?"

Neurologist: "Ready for another threesome?"